La Petite Cuisine: Casual French Restaurant

La Petite Cuisine

No experience whatsoever with French cuisine, we decided to go to somewhere that isn’t too intimidating. Got to know about La Petite Cuisine since I used to pass by Serene Centre quite often. A small and modest French restaurant that places its tables at unbelievably awkward corners, I suppose some people would close an eye because there’s no GST and service charge here 😛


Looking through the menu, Escargots on Croissant ($13) seemed like a good choice for our starter. It might sound a little gross but the snails did taste a little raw even though it was marinated with herbs and garlic. Kinda felt as though we were eating snails straight out of their shells. Loved the croissant idea though!

Dory with rice

We are not sure how French this is but the Dory with Rice ($12) was quite decent. The fish was pan-fried till its crisp at the sides. Butter rice was very fragrant.

Duck Confit

Since it was my first time eating a Confit de Canard ($16.50), I honestly don’t know what to expect. Haha. Ok anyway I found the skin of the duck confit slightly crisp on the outside and it was remarkably tender on the inside. As for the duck meat, some parts were a little too dry. Apart from that, it was fine.

Us at La Petite Cuisine

Definitely not an intimidating experience for us. La Petite Cuisine is the place to go to for reasonably priced French cuisine!

La Petite Cuisine
10 Jalan Serene
#01-05 Serene Centre
Tel: 6314 3173

Opening Hours:
Tue to Sun
11.30am – 2.30pm (Lunch)
5.30pm – 9.30pm (Dinner)
(Closed on Mon)

7 thoughts on “La Petite Cuisine: Casual French Restaurant

    • the food is good but the service is terrible! we request for a spoon and a serving plate for my toddler and the waitress was not happy about it. no friendly smile and an obliging attitude. Also the double expresso on the menu costs $4 and they charge me $6. i paid $6 and the cashier did not inform me the price on the menu has been changed. i checked the bill and i confronted the french chef. the chef asked the waiter and the waiter said that the price on the menu has been changed. the waitress returned me the $2 change with a unpleasant attitude.

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