Grand Copthorne Waterfront: Spending Our First Night Together As Mr & Mrs Chew :)


The weekend passed by in a flash, with the actual solemnization at Grand Copthorne Waterfront and solemnization party for another group of relatives at Home TeamNS Pasir Ris chalet occurring over two successive nights. I will be posting the photos taken on 9 Sept here as soon as our photographer is done!
9 September is also misterchewy’s birthday, which makes our wedding extra special πŸ™‚


We rolled into bed way past midnight and were feeling lazy to get dressed for the buffet breakfast the next morning πŸ˜› Tried our luck by calling room service and they agreed to take our orders for breakfast even though we should have done so before 6am I think. I’m not sure if we had this special privilege because we were “The Wedding Couple” but we were appreciative of all nice gestures.


Our American Breakfast spread! Not forgetting our beloved Tofu Oyako toys which accompanied us throughout our pre-marital journey πŸ˜€


Mr Chew and I chose poached eggs with chicken sausages, bacon and hash brown. While eating, the both of us realized that there wasn’t any hollandaise sauce! Hahaha πŸ˜›


Our bread basket which consisted of muffins, croissant, and danish pastries. It was a pity that it was largely untouched because we were feeling rather full from our half eaten bowl of cereal and hot chocolate.


Here’s a sneak peak for the celebration that took place the next day at the chalet! This is the only photo that turned out grainy after some adjustments but the rest were ok πŸ˜› Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned! Lovely Monday, everyone! πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Grand Copthorne Waterfront: Spending Our First Night Together As Mr & Mrs Chew :)

  1. “we should have done so before 6am I think” Highly unlikely!

    I think “ordering by 6am” by hanging your breakfast order chit on the door knob is more of a convenience to guests to not have to wait for their breakfast orders by having it prepared and delivered to the door at a specific time.

    Anyway, Congratulations once again!

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