Buttercake n Cream: Love in the Desserts!

Buttercake n Cream

Once upon a time, misterchewy and I drove to Sunset Way for dinner after work. I had been to Buttercake n Cream in 2010, and fell in love with the really nice sundae that I had! Anyway, I finished writing this post more than a month ago but realized that I forgot to publish it! 😛

Sauteed Mushrooms

We wanted something to share and we chose Sauteed Mushrooms ($9.90) over the mushroom soup because this dish sounded more promising and it was indeed better than expected. The button mushrooms which were seasoned then sauteed in white wine, herbs and butter onions were bursting with flavor. Even though this wasn’t mushroom soup per se, the broth was very rich and flavorsome.

Seafood Aglio Olio

Hubby Chewy had the Seafood Aglio Olio ($13.90) which he claimed to be very gratifying. Besides the usual prawns and clams, there were also fat and juicy scallops. These fresh seafood ingredients, together with shiitake mushrooms and red chilli have been sauteed with spaghetti in olive oil.

Spicy Bacon Arrabiata

I prefer my pasta with some sauce on it, usually cream but I decided on having the Spicy Bacon Arrabiata ($12.90) that evening. It did not look like much but was surprisingly tasty. Smoked bacon tossed with shiitake mushrooms and red chilli in marinara sauce spells YUM.


If we had to use only one word to describe Buttercake’s Tiramisu ($5.50), it would definitely be ‘heavenly’. The best that I have had so far! Yes I have heard that Da Paolo’s tiramisu is unrivaled so it looks like I really have to try it for myself. The strawberry tiramisu which we had on Valentine’s Day was marvelous so I’m having high expectations! We also had the Warm Chocolate Pudding ($11) which made misterchewy weak in the knees.

misterchewy & missuschewy @ Buttercake n Cream

We will be back! 😀

Buttercake N Cream
106 Clementi Street 12
#01-52 (Sunset Way)
Singapore 120106
Tel: 6777 3477

Opening Hours
12pm – 11pm

4 thoughts on “Buttercake n Cream: Love in the Desserts!

  1. Yes! Please do try Da Paolo’s Tiramisu, you can get the tubs from their Gastronomia. If you are lazy to make Tiramisu, this would be the best solution to satisfy your tiramisu craving =)

  2. Hi! Wanted to eat at sunset way and your URL was the first under the search results.
    I found the food soso.
    Maybe i should try the dessert next time!

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