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Last week, Hubby Chewy and I had the honour to be invited to an influencer event where we were treated to an exquisite dinner specially prepared by the award-winning culinary team of Stellar @ 1-Altitude. We were seated right next to the window and this amazing view left us gaping in awe. We were very lucky because we had the opportunity to enjoy the scenic view while savoring the delectable dishes with a glass of wine. 😀


Stellar on level 62 is a restaurant that serves modern cuisine focusing on artisanal methods of preparation. Stellar’s kitchen is a culinary workshop where the highest degree of attention is paid to sourcing the best seasonal produce and refining recipes, allowing ingredients to speak for themselves.


The focal point is a multi-concept open kitchen where guests are presented with a dazzling display of variety.


The night started off with a glass of Mojito for yours truly.


Me and my handsome date. Hehehe 😛


Fellow bloggers Jacob (cooksnapeatlove) and Shi Ting (lobsterpaints) were seated across us! 😀


Next to us were Derrick (dashtaz) and his girlfriend! As you can see, we were quite on time. The seats behind us were still unoccupied.



Prior to this influencer event, we were requested to bring along our iPhone or iPad as part of the dinner would require us to place our “order” via an iOS device.

1 - Open screen


In between courses, we were being introduced to The Good Life app by Standard Chartered. I will tell you more in my next blog post! 🙂


First came the Amuse Bouche which was Poached lobster with mango salsa. I have never tasted anything like this before and I can’t quite put a word to it. The mango salsa was a lovely and harmonious blend of pistachio, sesame and mango.


Everyone had the same appetizer, the Crab & Sevruga Caviar which was specially created for that night. There were various tastes and textures in this one. My favorite? The Sevruga Caviar of course!


When it came to the mains, we had a peek at the choices via The Good Life app, which can be downloaded free at the App Store. Both Jacob and Derrick’s partner had the Wagyu Rib Eye as their main course.


We decided to something different from one another so that we could try a bit of everything and so, misterchewy ordered the Slow Roasted Suckling Pig with iberico jamon and Fig Stuffing paired with a glass of red wine.


The slow roasted suckling pig was just so juicy and tender beyond words that every bite was sheer delight.


I noticed that misterchewy was uncomfortable with the kurobuta pork because it appeared fatty and he began fumbling with his fork and knife. I knew I just had to patient before he sliced up parts of the meat for me. One of the best kurobuta pork I have ever tasted. Its texture exquisite and supple, flavor rich and sweet.



Yours truly went for the Cod Fillet, another main course specially created for the night.


Served with grilled artichoke, truffle, parsnip puree, tomato salsa and lemon foam, the cod fillet was moist and rich with a buttery flavor and its texture was firm.


Needless to say, we had to end the awesome meal with an equally awesome dessert. We were first served the White Chocolate Bomb with Lemon Verbena Pannacotta and shortly afterwards, Hot Citron Sauce was drizzled on top of the white chocolate.


The end result revealed the Lemon Verbena Pannacotta within the White Chocolate Bomb, which tasted pretty much like natural yogurt. The white chocolate was really sweet and not many could finish it, but misterchewy and I did so with ease!


We rounded off the lovely evening with some drinks at 1-Altitude – the world’s highest al fresco bar located 282m above sea level!









Want to enjoy The Good Life? Well, find out more in my next blog post! Cheers to a marvelous week ahead! 🙂
Many thanks to Wild Interactive and Standard Chartered for the invitation and wonderful hospitality.

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