The Lawn @ Biopolis: Customize Your Salad with Grilled Meats!


Salads. Salads. Salads. Hoo boy whoever said salads are plain and boring are so so wrong. To be honest, I was one myself. I could never imagine myself having a salad for lunch or dinner but thanks to The Lawn Grill & Salad Café, now I can! I don’t like to call myself a meat person but I have to stop living in self-denial because yours truly can’t survive more than 24 hours without meat! At The Lawn, the idea of creating your own salad with delicious grilled cuts such as chicken breast with herb infusion, salsa duck, garlic prawns, and many more, is simply too irresistable. As The Lawn puts it, “meat your greens”! 😀 😀 😀


Launched in November 2011 at Biopolis, The Lawn is the latest addition to the salad scene in Singapore. Catering to busy working professionals, students and anyone who wants a more delicious alternative to healthy food, The Lawn has a steady and ever increasing flow of customers, most of whom are regular patrons!


When owner Jonathan Lim was working in California, he chanced upon a place with a huge barbecue grill in front of the shop and assumed that it was a grilled meats shop. To his surprise, it turned out to be a salad place that paired grilled meat with salad and he was left impressed because he didn’t know that salads could taste so good. He then brought back the concept to Singapore and set up The Lawn together with business partner Sarah Ang. She believes that The Lawn is the only salad cafe in Singapore to offer fresh premium grilled meat as part of the standard order package.


Placing your order at the counter is easy once you get the hang of it after the first time! Basically there are two serving sizes to choose from – Pot – 2 Grills + 6 Toppings + Greens ($10.90) or Bowl – 1 Grill + 4 Toppings + Greens ($8.90). Next you choose your grills from either the Classic or Premium range. Each of the premium grills are an additional $1 or $2 which is still very much worth the price. Now comes the interesting part, selecting your toppings and dressings! If you think ordering at Subway is difficult, wait till you try The Lawn. Their range of toppings is incredibly wide! Broccoli, tofu, raisins, fusilli pasta, eggs, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, bacon bits and the list goes on.


Derrick jio-ed invited us to join him for a tasting and here we are, all eager to try out the grills, and not forgetting the greens! Of course, photos first! 😛


Pictured above is the bowl serving. We had the Char-grilled Garlic Prawns which were deliciously juicy and they gave a crunch with every bite. As for the toppings, we opted for fusilli pasta for that extra carbo boost, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled egg. Red Island is one of their recommended dressings which I found very creamy and zesty!


I strongly urge you to go for the pot serving if you have a vivacious appetite. Otherwise, you can always share your food with a friend. The enhanced menu had just been put in place when we were there, so we took this opportunity to try the Grilled Salsa Duck and Butter Seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub, both of which were moist and tender! Again, we chose fusilli pasta amongst other toppings such as baby potatoes and parmesan cheese. I particularly liked the Me So Spicy dressing which gave a slight fiery sensation lingering at the tip of my tongue. Wasabi lovers should try the Wasahonie which is a mild, sweetened version of wasabi itself. I’m in love with The Lawn’s salads! You should seriously give it a try soon! 😀


Thank you The Lawn for giving us the opportunity to meat our greens!

The Lawn
31 Biopolis Way
Singapore 138869
Tel: +65 64789739

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri
9am – 9pm

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  1. Thanks Missus CHewy for the awesome review too =) Come back soon! we’ll give you more red island and prawns haha

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