Fern & Kiwi: A Taste of New Zealand Cuisine in Singapore

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Named after two of New Zealand’s greatest icons, Fern & Kiwi Bar and Eatery is Clarke Quay’s newest addition to the F&B scene that promises the best New Zealand has to offer. Expect only the freshest produce, excellent beer, famous wines, smooth coffee, friendly service and awesome live entertainment from Fern & Kiwi.

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The husband and I were invited to try their food and we decided to pop in on a Sunday afternoon 🙂

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Fern & Kiwi is the international branch of successful New Zealand restaurant chain, Lone Star, famous for providing quality food in quantity. This Singapore venture is the company’s first step to sharing the best of New Zealand food, beverage and service with Asia, and the world.

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Fern & Kiwi is split into two levels, with the first level featuring the bar area, while the restaurant is on the second level. More photos of the restaurant can be seen towards the end of this post.

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We were seated on the first floor, at the bar area because it was lunch time. Seats were pretty comfy and we liked the laidback atmosphere.

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I wasn’t able to find this on the menu but their New Zealand Ozone Coffee Roasters is highly recommended.

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A bottle of Steinlager Pure (NZ) 330ml ($11) for the hubs.

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I went for the Steinlager Super Cold 414ml ($12) which was an absolute godsend in that hot sticky weather.

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Excited to sample their menu!

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The Pizza Flatbread ($15) with caramelized onions, gruyere cheese and rock salt was a great appetizer for sharing. The caramelized onions had a nice, deep and sweet flavor. I thought it was very doughy and filled us up so quickly that we decided not to polish off the last two slices.

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If you like healthy and great tasting salads, the Manuka Smoked Snapper Salad ($18.50) would probably work well for you. Nothing can go wrong with fresh flaked snapper pieces tossed through spinach, rocket and cos lettuce, avocado, julienned tomatoes and a light lemony vinaigrette.

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While the snapper salad was too safe for us, the Slow Poached Bartlett Pear ($15) was really something different with roasted walnuts and Puhoi blue cheese tossed through rocket and finished with a lemon and balsamic vinaigrette. The blue cheese obviously stole the limelight, being very creamy and rich.

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The ‘Lady Claire’ Potato Fries ($9) was a very interesting side dish because the fries were mildly salty, sweet and spicy, all at the same time. The taste of potato was also notably stronger than the typical fries.

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We heard that the Sea Salt and Pepper Squid ($16.50) is a must-try dish. It felt as though I was eating fried calamari in rojak sauce. There was lemon, sweet soy, coriandor and chilli in the dressing that came with the lightly battered squid. And yes, it’s a must-try!

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I don’t know about you but I call these mini burgers. They are so tiny that I can finish one off in 3 bites. Because we don’t eat beef, we only tried the Cajun Kingfish Sliders ($17.50) which were served in toasted garlic petite brioche buns with a homemade tartare sauce. It was perfect and I had never felt so happy eating a mini burger like this.

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The Classic Pork Spare Ribs ($18.50) were pretty good and they were fall off the bone tender. The ribs come in 4, 8 and 12 if I didn’t remember wrongly.

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It was quite a feat having to finish these on top of the pizza and salads!

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Couldn’t have been happier to see these good ol’ ice cream cones! Fern & Kiwi’s Trio of Mini Ice Cream Cones ($14) were filled with classic ice cream flavours, such as chocolate mint, vanilla and pineapple! Loved the pineapple one best. It was oh-so-refreshing!

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A quick search on the web reveals that the pavlova is a popular dessert and an important part of New Zealand’s cuisine. These Miniature Pavlovas ($12) were each filled with diced kiwifruit and passion fruit with chantilly and were very very sweet. They had a crisp and crusty exterior but were slightly soft and very chewy inside. I’m sure all kids will love this!

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We took a little tour around the restaurant after lunch. You can kinda check out the kitchen on the second floor. Cool stuff!

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Don’t forget to swing by Fern & Kiwi for a taste of New Zealand cuisine in Singapore! 😉
Thank you Fern & Kiwi and Mutant Communications for the invitation.

Fern & Kiwi
The Cannery, Clarke Quay
3C River Valley Road
Tel: 6336 2271

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thu
4pm – 2am
4pm – 4am
Sat & Sun
12pm – 4am

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