Sheraton Towers Singapore Staycation 2016


We booked a two-night stay with Sheraton Towers Singapore on a whim recently because I’m due in about a month! Thought we should enjoy as much as we can now before the new baby arrives! Also, SPG is having a Triple Up promotion till end July for Sheraton properties so it was something we didn’t wanna miss! Our first time staying at Sheraton was last Valentine’s Day, and I had blogged about it briefly here.


Since I had my camera with me, I took a few photos of our room. I think it’s still the same as last year, but we got a room on a much higher floor this time. Very simple but spacious and comfortable room.



If I’m not wrong, the Handy smartphone is new. Didn’t see this last year. It is a complimentary smartphone service for guests to enjoy unlimited 3G internet and local calls. How awesome is that, especially for overseas guests!




I’m not sure who what where when why and how BUT we were so surprised when someone sent up a platter of desserts and a framed photograph taken during our Japan holiday. Coincidentally, it’s the photo that I use for my laptop’s wallpaper!


I was wearing the Lace Overlay Dress from Jump Eat Cry. The color and design are just so unique!


We wanted to enjoy one day of peace and quiet, so Little misschewy joined us only on the second day. LOL. After brunch and looking at some rabbits in the East, we basically nua-ed the whole day in our room and ordered food via Deliveroo.


So engrossed in the cartoon!



It will be a party of four for our next staycation! 😀

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