The Chewys’ Valentine’s Day 2017


The hubs and I celebrated our 7th Valentine’s Day together this year! We didn’t celebrate on the actual day and instead, we took leave from work on Friday that same week to have lunch together. It was a good move because we avoided the ridiculous prices that most restaurants were charging for their Vday set menu and also every other couple who were celebrating the occasion! I suggested having lunch at CreatureS because I wanted to try the food there for the longest time and it was a good opportunity to do so without the kids! We ordered two dishes from the Sharing menu and two other Mains. Food was quite good! The sharing items were way better than the mains though.


Hainanese Chicken Rice Roll ($20)


Kong Ba Pau ($22)


Garden and Crab Risotto ($34)


Rendang Lamb Shank ($34)



After our meal, we adjourned to Foxhole Café for dessert! Not that we were not full. I just wanted to check out this pretty café!



Just a simple update on our Valentine’s Day celebration! 🙂 Have a great week!

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