Like in a fairy tale: the magic places in Europe that are worth a visit


Did you love fairy tales when you were a child? Maybe you were fond of epic sagas about the Medieval kingdoms and their heroes? Maybe all of that things are interesting to you today? If you answered in the affirmative at least one of these questions, then our article is for you. We will tell you where to go to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fabulous Europe and to get an unforgettable experience. Believe me, there are many such places there. And they are all worth your attention, so do not waste time, choose the first city or country from the list and enjoy your adventure! With these information shared girls from Take a look!

Norwegian fjords

You are unlikely to believe If we say that one Scandinavian country is the best place for meditations in the world. But you are wrong! The beauty and grandeur of the Norwegian fjords amaze the imagination. Giant ancient rocks, rising directly from the cold waters, green forests and mild climate have a very appeasing effect. Looking at all this beauty will get you rid of all the problems, trivial insults and hecticness while. The harsh Vikings lived there centuries ago. If you like books or films about these fearless warriors, you should visit the Norwegian fjords. This will give you an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of old Scandinavian legends, which has remained in these places till present days.


Chamonix, France

Chamonix is ​​a small French town. It seems like it has appeared from the pages of an old fairy tale or a novel to give us the opportunity to be closer to miracles. Chamonix is ​​located in a very special place. It is situated in the shadow of Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the harsh Alps. There is a pleasant climate, picturesque landscapes and friendly people. Do not be frightened because of its location: a quiet, rural life in Chamonix peacefully coexists with the benefits of modern civilization. By the way, the first winter Olympic Games were held in this fabulous town!


Lake Annecy, France

This is an ideal place for those who are looking for opportunities to swim in water skiing while admiring the incredible landscapes. Lake Annecy is considered the cleanest lake in Europe, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Despite such an activity on the part of foreigners, the terrain does not lose its attractiveness. After all, exclusively intelligent people come here and they are very concerned about the welfare of this beautiful place.


Santorini, Greece

Postcards and posters depicting this place are well known all over the world. But not everyone knows that these snow-white houses and the blue sea are not an invention of the artist, since they are completely real! It is the Santorini island, which was almost completely destroyed thousands of years ago due to one of the largest volcanic eruptions in human history. Today it attracts tourists from all over the world due to it`s unique Mediterranean atmosphere and a relaxed rhythm of life. Do not forget to bring a good camera with you. You will definitely want to take away the memory of this amazing place, with its picturesque sunsets and cozy snow-white houses with blue roofs, not only in your head, but also as beautiful pictures.

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