Little misschewy’s Growth Diary


Chanelle turned 3 recently and when we posted photos of her online, many friends commented that she is such a big girl now. It wasn’t just that she had grown physically, she just seems so much more grown up. It got me thinking about how our children grow in more ways than we can imagine! Have you ever wondered how do our children’s brains develop? I did some research about it and found that 90% of the brain development occurs in the first five years. Apparently 1000 trillion synapses are built through their experiences during the early years – that density is almost twice that of the adult brain!


Lifelong learning starts the moment we are born. The early years are a period of intense learning and development, when tremendous changes occur in a child’s mental and physical aspects over a short period of time.



Bearing all this in mind, I decided to do a quick recap of Chanelle’s developmental milestones after she turned one in March 2015.


In a span of three years, Chanelle has certainly advanced quite a bit in these four developmental areas! It’s so amazing to be able to look back at how much she has grown.


It certainly helps that Chanelle has also been drinking Enfagrow A+ from the start! As a mother, I strongly believe in helping my children reach their full potential by providing the best that’s available.
Enfagrow A+ is the brand that I have placed my trust in for years! It contains a unique blend of nutrients like DHA, Wellmune® Yeast Beta-Glucan, Dietary Fiber (Polydextrose) and Prebiotic (GOS). In fact, DHA is an important building block for brain and eye development. I am happy that Chanelle is getting the essential nutrients to help support her overall mental and physical development. Think of it as a tree that needs nutrients to grow well – a child needs the essential nutrients to grow and develop too!
Mummies, be sure to check out this link to find out more about how Enfagrow A+ can help your little one make the most of every potential learning moment, and request a free sample too!

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