Tips for Becoming a Successful Mumpreneur in Singapore


Mumpreneurs are becoming the in thing these days, with countless books available about how to balance both being a mother and an entrepreneur. Here in Singapore there are plenty of opportunities to become a successful mumpreneur working from home, whatever area you are interested in. Whether you want to set up an online retail business, consultancy, blog or anything else, there are various tips you should use in order to make sure your mumpreneur career is a success in Singapore.

Use Your Parenting Skills

Firstly, if you’re already a mother to at least one child then you will possess many vital skills for running your own business as well. Mothers are often highly adept when it comes to timekeeping, organisation and running on low energy levels. Multitasking is essential, as you will be balancing looking after your children with running a business, no matter how small. If you can feed, bathe, play with and generally look after a child and take care of all its needs, then there’s little reason why you can’t do the same for a small business.


Be Tech Savvy

If you’re working from home then it’s likely you’ll be using various forms of technology. This can be incredibly useful for speeding up processes, online marketing of your firm, recording data and more. As Singapore is a limited market, many mumpreneurs will eventually want to expand further, and the internet provides such an opportunity. Whether you’re trading with an MT4 platform or setting up a blog, being familiar with technology is vital.

Find a Niche

There are already many mumpreneurs out there, running their own businesses in lots of different sectors. As renowned mumpreneur Annabel Karmel states: “It’s very important to look for a gap in the market. Do something that is slightly different.” While there are already mumpreneurs in Singapore, one advantage is that due to the country’s small size, if you have a unique idea then it’s less likely to have been done in Singapore.

Build Relationships

Even though you will be setting out on your own, it’s important to build relationships to improve the chances of success for your mumpreneurship. Whether it’s speaking to current mumpreneurs for advice or growing your business by networking with contacts within Singapore or abroad who could be helpful, building relationships is advisable. Plus, having a good relationship with clients and customers should result in positive feedback and help your business grow.

If you’re thinking about setting out as a mumpreneur in Singapore, then following these tips should get you off on the right foot.

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