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Juggling a day job, taking care of the children and handling household chores is no mean feat. Do you know what makes it even harder? Looking good and well-maintained despite all that! Many people have this idea that mothers are out-of-shape zombies because they head out of the house without any makeup and also do not have time for any form of exercise. Over the past couple of months, an increasing number of friends and readers have been asking me to share how I manage to stay in shape and look good, despite so much going on in my life. Of course, I’m no superwoman and I count myself very lucky to have assistance from the husband and also from our parents. That aside, I have recently been introduced to this skincare brand which I want to share with everyone! My secret is no secret! 😉


Mothers deserve only the best when it comes to skincare and I’m really thrilled that frei öl® is finally here in Singapore! frei öl® is one of the highest quality skincare brands that develop and produce face and body care products in Germany. The products are derived from vegetable oil with the addition of nourishing vitamins. frei öl® products are not only beneficial for women, but they have become men’s favourite skincare too! frei öl® meets the highest standards of quality, effectiveness and skin-friendliness, supporting the skin at all stages of life. Do you know that frei öl® carries the No. 1 skincare oil for all skin types and massage oil for pregnant women in German pharmacies? And now, they are available in Singapore too! WHOOHOO! frei öl® features a wide range of products but ultimately, it is known as OIL EXPERTS, with products containing precious natural oils which help to nurture and support the skin with individually selected active ingredients tailored to different skin needs. Doesn’t that sound amazing!


I don’t know about you but I’m always bumping or knocking into something due to my clumsiness. Most of the time, I’m not even aware until the hubs or my colleagues point out a bruise or scar! To reduce all these unsightly scars and uneven skin tone, I swear by frei öl®’s Skincare Oil which I make it a habit to apply after every shower! The Skincare Oil indulges and regenerates, while supporting cell renewal with vitamin A. After each application, my dry skin feels smooth, soft and supple! I also notice that scars and uneven skin tone are reduced after two weeks!


I’m most excited about frei öl®’s Shaping Oil because it helps to shape and firm the my body, while I continue to indulge in my hawker food! The Shaping Oil contains red poppy seed extract which activates lypolysis 10 times more effectively than caffeine, which helps to reduce nasty and unsightly cellulite from common problem areas. I apply the Shaping Oil on my tummy and thighs, while making sure to spend a few minutes each time massaging the oil into my skin for best results! The natural shea and oat oils in the Shaping Oil also contain omega fatty acids which nourishes the skin. I personally like the light floral fragrance of the Shaping Oil too!


Finally, frei öl® also has a Massage Oil for Pregnant Women! Having gone through two pregnancies, I do know that the tummy experiences substantial stretching, especially during the last trimester. While I’m blessed without a single stretch mark, my tummy often felt itchy and I find myself scratching ever so often! If only frei öl®’s Massage Oil was available back then! This special oil has a formula which has been tested over many years and has proven to be able to effectively prevent stretch marks while increasing skin elasticity with vitamin E. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from natural oils nutures the skin intensively, and bisabolol from chamomile calms stressed skin. It is definitely a must-have skincare product for all pregnant mothers!


For more info on frei öl® and the hero oils mentioned, visit! frei öl® products are sold exclusively at Guardian health and beauty stores, and also selected online retailers such as Maimee’s Corner, Red Mart and Lazada.

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