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“So many things yet so little time!” Does this resonate with you? As working parents, misterchewy and I only have time on weekends to bond as a family and engage in activities together like heading to the park for a picnic, or bringing our kids to an indoor playground. Grocery shopping? Haha! Ain’t nobody got time (or energy) for that! We used to make weekly visits to our favourite FairPrice supermarket and the kids love it too.


However, having to lug home heavy items such as bags of rice, formula milk tins and various baby food is gradually taking a toll on misterchewy and I as we already have our hands full with both kids. In the past, misterchewy always had to make another trip back to our car to bring home all the groceries which is really too much of a hassle. I’m sure most parents with young children will be able to identify with us!


With FairPrice Online, the husband and I now enjoy shopping for groceries in the comfort of our own home! FairPrice Online is the official online shopping portal of NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Ltd, the largest grocery retailer in Singapore. When I first browsed FairPrice Online, I was really impressed by the wide range of groceries available, from fresh produce to electronics! Also, I can be assured that all my needs are met, be it looking for motherhood products, or even restocking the office pantry!


We love shopping on FairPrice Online because all it takes is just a few simple clicks of a mouse which is really effortless. From browsing to purchasing, we find that the entire online shopping journey on FairPrice Online is seamless and the website is definitely easy to navigate. Products are all nicely categorised so shoppers can simply search under “Baby & Child” or “Baking & Cooking” for instance, if there’s something they have in mind. Also, there is a search bar on FairPrice Online for shoppers to key in a specific product or brand.

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Here are more reasons to shop on FairPrice Online! With a minimum spend of $150 on Baby & Child products, get $15 off with the promo code BABY15! You can also enjoy up to 80% savings with over 40 brands! How amazing is that! Parents who shop on the go would be glad to know that there is also a mobile app for users to access the same wide selection of products and also, be updated of the latest promotions so that you won’t miss out on savings and discounts! Visit or download the FairPrice Online app on your mobile phone!


Just the other day, I wanted to stock up on Chanelle’s formula milk powder as supply was running low and I chanced upon FairPrice’s newly launched housebrand baby milk powder, FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula. It is made from 100% Australia Cow’s milk and is manufactured according to standards set by Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ), in a Pharmaceutical Grade facility specifically designed for Infant Formula production, and has been HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified. Muslim babies and children can also consume FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula as it is Halal certified.


The milk formula also contains DHA, AA, Lutein, GOS-Prebiotic and Nucleotides, which are building blocks for growing kids like Chanelle! At a fraction of the price of other formula milk brands, FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula is going to be a hit with many parents out there! Even Chanelle is thrilled! Haha!


Apart from making new formula milk powder discoveries, we also stumbled upon great diaper deals and new baby food products while on FairPrice Online. Out of the many brands that I saw, Huggies diapers come with high absorbency, keeping your baby’s bum fresh and dry! No more worrying about wet nights for your baby anymore! FairPrice is also giving away free baby wipes worth $4.95 when you spend $40 worth of FairPrice baby milk powder, baby wipes and baby diapers. So convenient to be able to find these baby essentials in one place, so why not just grab everything? Haha!


Chanelle and Cayla absolutely love the new range of Nestle Gerbers organic puffs and cookies that they got our hands on recently! These organic puffs are so light and fluffy which makes it really safe and easy to consume!


Grocery shopping is such a breeze now thanks to FairPrice Online! I’m also confident that prices are kept competitive with all the discounts across so many brands! Take a look at and you will be amazed too!

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