Tokyo Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth

Tokyo Disneyland

OHAIYOU! It has been two weeks since we got back from our Japan trip and we are still suffering the post-holiday blues! Before we share more about our Japan itinerary as highly requested already by a number of readers, we will first be doing a series of short posts on certain places of interests. Of course, we will kick things off by sharing our trip to Tokyo Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth! This was my third visit, misterchewy’s second and Little misschewy’s first!


Little misschewy’s birthday was on a Friday but after much deliberation, we decided to go to Disneyland a day earlier to avoid the weekend crowd. A few weeks before, we bought our tickets via Tokyo Disneyland’s website, which in our opinion, is a highly recommended move if you want to get into the theme park as swiftly as possible! WHEEE! WE ARE READY! 😀


We went straight for the Castle Carrousel ride at Fantasyland!



Spinning teacups and saucers at Alice’s Tea Party!




Fly on a pirate ship to Never Land at Peter Pan’s Flight!


This is nice but be prepared to queue at least an hour!


Dumbo the Flying Elephant!


Somehow, I was quite amused by the sight of all these parked strollers. Haha.


Little misshewy actually ran towards the Castle Carrousel and gave us a cheeky smile, indicating that she wanted to go on the ride again.



We managed to catch the colorful Daytime Parade, “Happiness is Here”!


This colorful parade filled with fun will make your heart thrill with happiness. Goofy leads the parade followed by a float designed with a huge Mickey Mouse toy. And there’s a float that expresses the vibrant, lovely world of the Disney princesses and fairies, and lots more. The parade presents all kinds of happiness for you to experience.














After all the excitement, we took a short break by stopping at one of the restaurants at Disneyland for lunch. As expected, the food was overpriced and tasted mediocre. But we really needed to rest our legs plus the little one was sleeping in the Tula.


Pooh’s Hunny Hunt at Toon Town!


HAHAHA Little misschewy was frightened by the weird lightings and loud noises from the honey shooting game.




I think Little misschewy adores Donald Duck as much as I do! She was shouting “Nonald Nuck! Nonald Nuck!” but it was a pity they stopped allowing people to queue for photos with Donald :(




We saw many kids and teenage schoolgirls with popcorn buckets slung around their necks and couldn’t resist getting one for Little misschewy as well. Actually, there are plenty of other designs but we were too lazy to scout for them. This is one of the popular designs featuring characters from Frozen.


We got the normal Caramel flavoured popcorn but if you are popcorn connoisseur like one of our neighbours, you can also try the other flavours such as Salt, Curry, Chocolate, Honey, Strawberry and Soy Sauce & Butter! You can’t get all flavours at one location, so check the map!


This girl really very happy leh!


We managed to get one miserable Fast Pass at Tomorrowland and we used it for Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!




It was quite a run ride and our first time on it!


After Little misschewy’s diaper change and milk feed at the Baby Center, we headed to one of the shops and these caught my attention!


If you refer to the photo of our lunch earlier, you will notice that this is a mini replica of our pork katsu bun!





I bought the miniature Donald Duck popcorn bucket but now I kinda regret not getting the pork katsu bun and Mickey pancake!


I think it was about 7pm when we sat and joined the crowd for the Nighttime Parade, “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights”.


The Disney stars are literally sparkling in this nighttime parade of lights and music. With Mickey and his pals, including characters from Aladdin, Toy Story and other Disney films, appearing on colorful floats, nighttime in the Park is even more fantasy-filled.











After the intriguing Electrical Parade, we rushed off to It’s A Small World at Fantasyland. As children of the world sing, enjoy the “happiest cruise that ever sailed”. This is one of my favourite rides in Tokyo Disneyland and I love to experience this all over again each time I visit the park.



Fireworks were cancelled so we decided to leave as it had been a long and fruitful day for us!




Last minute souvenir shopping!


Here’s a brief outline of our itinerary which we promise to share in greater detail!

(Tokyo – Osaka – Kyoto – Kanazawa – Shirakawago)

Day 1: Singapore to Narita Airport > JR Narita Express to Tokyo > Check into Airbnb at Kita-Ikebukuro > Asakusa Temple & Shopping Street > Shopping and dinner at Sunshine City

Day 2: Tokyo Disneyland

Day 3: Tsukiji Fish Market > Ueno Park > Shopping at Ameya-Yokocho Market > Tea at Fujiya Peko-chan Milky Restaurant > Pokemon Centre at Sunshine City > Dinner at Ichiran

Day 4: Tokyo Disneysea

Day 5: Fujiko•F•Fujio Museum (Doraemon Museum) > Shopping and dinner at Harajuku

Day 6: Shinkasen from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka > Check into Airbnb at Shin-Osaka > Osaka Castle > Dinner at Dotonburi (Namba station, Midosuji line)

Day 7: Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Kyoto > Kiyomizu-dera Temple > Kimono rental and outdoor photoshoot > Dinner at Kichi-Kichi Omurice > Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka

Day 8: Thunderbird Limited Express from Shin-Osaka to Kanazawa > Check into Hotel Nikko Kanazawa > Kenroku-en Garden > Kanazawa Castle > Lunch at Sushi Zanmai > Omicho Market > Higashi Chaya District > Tonkatsu dinner at Tomikinton (富金豚)

Day 9: Nouhi bus from Kanazawa to Shirakawa-go > Sightseeing around Shirakawa-go > Nouhi bus from Shirakawa-go to Kanazawa > Thunderbird Limited Express from Kanazawa to Shin-Osaka > Dinner at Dotonburi (Namba station, Midosuji line)

Day 10: Kansai Airport Limited Express “Haruka” from Shin-Osaka to Kansai Airport > HOME SWEET HOME

We will be covering more on our Japan trip, so do stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy for more updates! :)

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Uchino Towels and Embroidery Service



Have you ever wondered how a towel can make or break your day? I have had my fair share of having to deal with mediocre quality towels that either do not absorb water very well or they shed fluff onto my skin. And this is not the worst part. I once committed a horrible mistake of throwing our clothes and towels into the washing machine, instead of washing them separately and ended up with our clothes all covered in fluff. GASP! I have since learned my lesson but was also bent on investing in better quality towels for the entire household. I’m so glad that I found Uchino because it certainly changed our lives for the better!


Uchino is a Japanese brand that is known for its dedication in its desire to create the world’s finest towels and towel wear with quality materials according to Uchino quality standard. Uchino believes that quality towels should begin with the start of life. Great emphasis has been placed on the manufacturing process, and the towels have acquired Oeko-Tex® Class 1 (for infants) Certification, which is the most stringent quality standard for the towel industry. This means that the items are pleasant to use and can be trusted even when coming into contact with babies’ mouths.


My husband and I got our hands on the Uchino Air Waffle towels in pink for me and blue for him. Like its name suggests, the texture of the towel is pleasantly light and airy, with a unique waffle weave design. I’m not sure about you but it is definitely my first time coming across such a towel! The material is 100% cotton and made of hollow fibre. It is now my favorite towel of the lot because it is soft, breathable, absorbent and light weight! I have bad experiences with towels getting ridiculously damp after just one use but the Uchino Air Waffle dries in no time! Super like!


Uchino also has a wide range of towel products that cater to babies and young children.


The Accototo range features really adorable designs like marine life, safari animals and farm animals!


Besides sleep wear and towels, there are also small handkerchiefs and bibs.


Apart from the Accototo kids range, Uchino also has Hello Kitty and Disney themed towels. I really had a hard time choosing and finally decided on the Minnie Mouse towels for Little misschewy! I’m sure she loves her new towels as she excitedly went, “Mao! Mao!” (Which means ‘mouse’. LOL), and also “Chanelle 的!” Yes, that’s Chanelle’s names being embroidered on all her towels!


If you like personalizing your stuff, you would be glad that Uchino provides this awesome embroidery service! However, embroidery service is not available for the Uchino Air Waffle range as it is too thin to be embroidered. I selected the cursive fonts B in 2cm for Little misschewy’s bath towel and 1cm for her face and hand towels.


These are just some of the many icons that are available and they are optional.


The Uchino staff at the store let me have a preview of the final artwork before the real work began!


I was impressed by this embroidery machine. It is very high tech and Chanelle’s towels were all embroidered at lightning speed! I would say it took only about 10 minutes per towel!


Fresh out of the embroidery machine!



The embroidery adds a nice personalized touch to the towels and I reckon it makes a really great gift!


Don’t you think that this is really cool? You can even turn your drawings into embroidery on towels!



Getting all warm and snuggly in her new towel after her bath!



Join us as one of Uchino’s satisfied consumers today! Uchino products are available at major departmental stores such as Takashimaya, Isetan, and Tangs.

Revelry Waffle Specialty Cafe Singapore Review


The day after we got back from our Japan trip, we woke up early to run some errands and had local breakfast before heading back home to unpack all our luggages. It sure felt good to have so much accomplished in one day and we just had to reward ourselves by indulging in brunch in the late afternoon! I was googling for cafes in the West and Revelry was one of the cafes which sparked my interest. Revelry is a relatively new waffle specialty cafe located at Lorong Kilat, which is just a 15-minute drive from our place.


Besides its specialty in serving up sweet and savoury waffles, Revelry is a circus themed cafe which boasts very colorful and lively decor and paintings. Entering the cafe makes me happy already!


Youngest diner in the house!


I was surprised when these were handed to us. Not your usual menu! Apart from their extensive selection of waffles, they also serve other sides, pastas, desserts, etc.



Haha as usual, I took a loooong time deciding on which waffle to try. I always end up having the same thing though — smoked salmon and eggs! No regrets there as the Waffle Royale ($17.50) was really good! Loved the waffle which was crisp on the outside while buttery soft inside. I plan to try the O.K Waffle Pizza on my next visit! Otah, kai lan and mozzarella sounds divine!


The husband ordered the Chicken and Waffles ($17) which seem to be one of the more popular items. It’s hard to resist fried food, isn’t it? Hehe. Well, no calories were wasted! The fried chicken was really tender, juicy, and you end up with a layer of grease on your lips.


We were tempted to try their sweet waffles but decided to save it for our next visit. If you are planning to drop by soon, do note that parking is free after 5pm on weekdays and Saturdays, and free all day on Sundays. Stay connected with us on and on Instagram @missuschewy :)

21 Lorong Kilat,
Singapore 598123 (opposite Beauty World)
Tel: +65 9278 0466

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed & Thur
11am – 10pm
11am -11pm
10am – 11pm
10am – 10pm
(Closed on Tuesdays)

Rise and Grind Coffee Co. Singapore Food Review

Invited Tasting


RISE AND GRIND! Isn’t that pretty much what most of us do everyday? Haha. Prior to my first visit to Rise and Grind Coffee Co. at Bukit Timah Plaza, I had walked past this cafe once and found it interesting that the cafe is not exactly located within the shopping centre but right outside, on its own. If I hadn’t passed by Rise and Grind Coffee Co. before, I think I would have a hard time finding it!


I’m a fan of green tea, so I ordered the Iced Matcha Latte ($6.50) which was full-bodied and pretty good stuff! Just make sure you don’t take too long to finish your drink as it will become diluted when the ice starts to melt.


Rise and Grind Coffee Co. serves breakfast and brunch till 3pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends. I chose Ocean’s Thirteen ($17) because of the movie and also, I love smoked salmon! Poached eggs and smoked salmon are always a winning combination and this time was no different. The poached eggs were just perfect, with its molten yolk oozing out when our knives cut through them. I couldn’t really taste the yuzu in the yuzu hollandaise but nevertheless, it was light and refreshing when combined with the beetroot yogurt.


We have a thing for mentaiko and it was our first time eating Sweet Potato Fries with Mentaiko Mayonnaise Sauce ($10). Initially, we didn’t quite know what to expect since sweet potato is sweet and mentaiko is salty. We were pleasantly surprised that both flavors went really well together!


Little misschewy couldn’t resist her favorite fries and reached out for some.


Thumbs up!


We were also recommended the RGC Honey Wings ($9) which seem to be one of their more popular items on the menu. I really liked how crispy the skin was, while its meat was tender and juicy. The sticky sweet honey wings definitely make a great dish for sharing among friends!



Rise and Grind Coffee Co. offers a wide variety of mains and we certainly had a tough time choosing. We finally decided on Tom Yam Seafood Pasta ($17) which proved to be a great choice! We had tried the tom yam seafood pasta at 49 Seats previously, and found it ridiculously salty. The one at Rise and Grind Coffee Co. tastes so much better! The creamy tom yam sauce was flavorful and easy to stomach as it wasn’t overly rich or creamy. We also found a decent amount of prawns, squid and mussels in our pasta! Now I know where to head to when the tom yam pasta craving hits!


We were feeling quite full so we chose a smaller dessert for sharing. Homaigawd the sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream screams awesomeness please. It was really one of the BEST sticky date puddings we have tried so far, if not THE BEST. Sticky date pudding served warm and moist, and topped with vanilla ice cream, this is really heaven.


Do check out Rise and Grind Coffee Co. if you haven’t! Everything on the menu is less than $20! :)
Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy

Rise and Grind Coffee Co.
Bukit Timah Plaza
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
#L1-CA1, (Opposite DBS bank)
Singapore 588996

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thu and Sun
9am – 9pm
9am – 4.30pm
Fri and Sat
9am – 10pm

Celevenus Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic



Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and while I do consider myself rather lucky for being married to a man who firmly believes he snagged a beautiful wife, I think he needs to get his eyes checked. Hahaha jokes aside, I was never confident about my appearance. Even though I had lost some weight after my pregnancy, I still look plump because of my perpetually round face. This photo was taken during our Phuket trip in January 2015. This was my face at its roundest! :O

20150320 -

Photo taken during our Hong Kong trip in March 2015.

Apart from my round face, I really dislike how flat my nose was. My nose bridge is totally non-existent! The hubs used to tease me endlessly about my ‘cute’ nose and about how funny my side profile looked because I don’t have a nose bridge.


Many a time I found myself contemplating going under the knife to enhance my nose but I just didn’t have the guts to do so. I sounded my parents and misterchewy out by casually lamenting about my flat nose and how a nose job would solve my problem, only to have poor Michael Jackson dragged into the picture. Lol.


Photo taken during our Bangkok trip in July 2015.

Hahaha ok this is not the most glamorous photo of us but can you see my nose bridge! Yes I finally have one! 😀


Like WHOA. Suddenly my nose is as sharp as misterchewy’s! No teasing from him anymore! I didn’t go for any plastic surgery but chose to undergo an aesthetic procedure that is extremely safe and non-invasive!


I visited Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic sometime around end May last year. Celevenus is Singapore’s premier aesthetic clinic which offers an extensive range of the latest cosmetic technologies and professional treatments, targeting various parts of the body such as face, neck, eye, hair and scalp.


During my first visit, I had a thorough consultation with Dr Dylan Chau, one of the leaders in his field and also a Sculptra trainer for doctors. Needless to say, the first thing Dr Chau pointed out was my nose. He then went on to discuss about working on my other imperfections like round lower face contour, square jaw, and hollow tear troughs. Sounds like a plan!


My first session took place about two weeks after my consultation with Dr Chau and I was nervous as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, yet excited about the prospect of finally having a nose bridge. Dr Chau shared with me that PDO (polydioxanone) Thread Lifting is an effective facial augmenting and skin tightening procedure that has been very popular in Korea due to its safe, fast and effective results. When the PDO threads are inserted into the skin, they act as a structure in supporting, shaping and lifting the face. At the same time, the threads will also stimulate skin tissue to create new tissue fibroblasts and collagen, which produces a tightening effect from inside out. As these threads are biodegradable, they are gradually absorbed by the body, leaving nothing behind but only the integrated tissue structure under the skin due to collagen synthesis, and it will continue to hold for up to 24 months.


PDO Thread Lift can be applied to anywhere on the body, including the face, eye corners, cheeks, double chin, neck, forehead, laugh lines, forearm and abdomen. The PDO threads are so versatile that they can also be used to heighten the nose bridge, giving it a natural elevated look. The latest PDO threads can even used to enhance the nose tip! This is something that cannot be done with dermal filler injection. It can potentially last 2 years as compared to fillers which only last for 6 to 12 months. What I feel is most important is that the result is a more natural-looking, structured nose!


The husband was with me throughout the procedure and immediately after the PDO threads were inserted through my nose, he expressed his bewilderment with the instant results right before his very eyes. Looking at this photo, I’m amazed too!


Like I mentioned earlier, PDO threads are very versatile and they were also used to sharpen my lower face contour for that highly sought after ‘V-shaped’ face. Apart from my nose and lower face contour, Dr Chau injected Sculptra into my hollow tear troughs to create volume to those sunken areas. Hollow tear troughs worsen the appearance of my dark eye circles, making me look tired and older than I really am. Sculptra was also injected into my cheeks to give them more volume. Fuller cheeks make one look so much younger! Sculptra is a kind of liquid face lift which boosts the skin’s own collagen production for facial volume at desired areas, creating a more natural look as the results are gradual and improve with time.


I think I was quite garang to have so many procedures done all at once to my face because my face swelled up like a chipmunk’s that night! However, I didn’t regret my decision because I wanted to see the vast effects clearly. This selfie was taken about two weeks after my face had completely recovered and when there was no more swelling.


A few weeks later, I went back to Dr Chau for my square jaw reduction procedure. Even though PDO threads had been inserted to create a sharper lower face contour, Dr Chau suggested enhancing it by injecting Dysport (Botulinum toxin) to relax the jaw muscles, making them exercise less. To top it all off, Dr Chau even went a step further to inject dermal filler to my chin to make it more prominent, resulting in an even sharper V shaped face!



IMG_3800 (2)

I didn’t know how different I look until I compared my Before and After photos. Many friends actually came up to me and complimented that I look really good now but so far, I haven’t been asked if I did anything to my face. I only shared about the above non-invasive aesthetic procedures with a group of friends when one of them asked which photo editing app do I use to enhance my features! This blog post is for all the ladies (and gentlemen) who would love to enhance their facial features and achieving that natural, soft look! If you are keen to know more, head over to or schedule a consultation with Dr Chau soon!

Be At Your Best with Anlene Concentrate!



As I’m fast approaching my 30s, I find myself worrying about my bone health and running the risk of Osteoporosis due to insufficient calcium intake and poor absorption. Although we may be agile and physically mobile in our youth, we should not take our bone health for granted. It is only a matter of time that our everyday mobility will be compromised in the later stages of our lives if we do not take in enough calcium in our younger days.


I like to get my calcium from milk and with so many types of milk in the market, the first brand that comes to my mind is Anlene, the Number #1 Adult Milk Powder brand in Singapore. I first got acquainted with the brand during my primary school days as I had seen my grandmother consuming powdered Anlene. In fact, Anlene has an impressive 20-year track record as the leading bone health product in Asia, with a mission to raise awareness of the importance of bone health to retain our mobility, in order to pursue our passions and live life to the fullest! Anlene is not just available in the powder form and a brand for the elderly. It is available in a convenient ready-to-drink form for all adults, especially for busy full time working mothers like me!


Not many people are aware that besides the consumption of sufficient calcium, it is equally crucial that our bones are able to absorb the calcium we consume. If our bones’ ability to absorb calcium is poor, we need to take in an even greater amount of calcium to compensate what is not being absorbed. Of course, there’s only this much calcium that one can consume on a daily basis! Now here’s the good news. Anlene products are enriched with a scientifically-formulated mix of calcium and other essential bone nutrients which include vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium to ensure enhanced calcium absorption and bone strength!


Out of all the Anlene products, I would personally recommend Anlene Concentrate as it contains 4 times the amount of calcium of regular fresh milk. Simply put, instead of having to gulp down 4 glasses of fresh milk, you only need to drink 1 packet of Anlene Concentrate for the same calcium intake! Based on Health Promotion Board Food Composition Guide Singapore, we need to consume about 800mg to 1000mg of calcium daily. That’s 8 glasses of fresh milk a day! Since each pack of Anlene Concentrate provides 500mg of calcium per pack, consuming 2 packs of Anlene Concentrate will help meet our bodies’ daily calcium needs!


So much goodness in a small packet of Anlene Concentrate milk, so full of win! I cannot imagine having to lug a carton of fresh milk with me everywhere I go, just to make sure I meet my daily calcium needs. Anlene Concentrate is compact and fits nicely into my bag, and all I need is only two packs a day! Anlene Concentrate is available in 4 delicious flavours at all leading supermarkets islandwide – Black Sesame, Chocolate, Fat Free with Collagen and Vanilla! I have a strong preference towards anything black sesame in general; think I’m going to enjoy the black sesame one too!


Remember, our bones start to deteriorate from 30 years old, so don’t neglect your daily calcium intake and put your future mobility at risk until it is too late! Milk up, and your bones will thank you later. Bone health is wealth!


anlene carnival poster

On 22nd March 2016, from 12pm to 2pm, experience being At Your Best with Anlene Concentrate at Chevron House Stage Area and also find out more about Anlene products!
Check out for more info!