Wedding Update: Groomsmen Meeting @ Saveur French Restaurant


Hello chewy chewy friends! It’s me again! Not misterchewy yo. Aiya he’s supposed to be the one typing out this entire post but he’s reaaaally busy with work and wedding prep (not that I’m not doing anything) so this will be a pictorial post on his behalf. Introducing misterchewy’s gang of brothers cum groomsmen who were also his university mates! Aiseh.. Look like Backstreet Boys! The hubby treated them to dinner at Saveur which is a very popular French restaurant at Bugis. The food photos were taken by misterchewy himself. Not I want to praise my own husband but they are not bad considering I’m usually the one who takes the photos! 😛 Oh ok he just told me he can do an introduction on his xiongdis. So I’ll pass the typing over to him now! 😀


Duck Rillette ($7.90) – Cracker slices, Romaine lettuce, gherkin & pickled pearl onion.


Foie Gras ($9.90) – Pan-seared duck liver served with apple-infused port wine and vanilla bean.


Saveur’s Pasta ($4.90) – A signature of Saveur’s, pasta tossed with chili oil, fine-chopped Japanese konbu
& sakura ebi with minced pork sauce.


Duck Leg Confit ($10.90) – Duck leg confit, homemade mashed potato, sauté shiitake mushroom, orange segments and orange infused natural jus.


Name: Joel Ong
Alias: Muscle Ong
First impression of him: Combination of brawns and brains
Special Move: Bombastic engineering jargons at speed 12.5 words/sec. You do the math.
How I think he will protect me from jiemeis: 4.999/5


Name: Hong Ming
Alias: Arty Seow
First impression of him: Quiet Killer
Special Move: Paper cutting (his paper cutting skills is close to professional standard)
How I think he will protect me from jiemeis: 4.999/5


Name: Chengwei
Alias: Cheeko Fong
First impression of him: Guai guai boy (impression somehow changed along the way, hence the nick)
Special Move: Rap and cheekopek-ness
How I think he will protect me from jiemeis: 4.999/5


Name: Kaiyang
Alias: THAT John Lim
First impression of him: Haolian Bio student
Special Move: Act cute while doing R&B dance. Would be able to mesmerize the jiemei with those dance moves (read: cute moves).
How I think he will protect me from jiemeis: 4.999/5


Name: Kelvin
Alias: Kool Chia
First impression of him: Friendly and “speak righteous gas” (讲义气)
Special Move: BODY SLAM
How I think he will protect me from jiemeis: 4.999/5


Xiongdi’s unite! Look left look right, also no one more hamsum (not hamsup hor) than we are.


With an average protection score of 4.999, the groom, along with his brothers, are ready to face off the sisters. Thumbs up for the brave warriors.

5 Purvis Street,
Talib Court #01-04,
Singapore 188584
Tel: 6333 3121 (No reservations)

Opening Hours:
12pm – 2.15 pm
6pm – 9.15 pm

Takumi Tokyo: Romantic First Year Wedding Anniversary Dinner

9th September
Photo credit: Jenny Sun Photography
(Words by misterchewy, photos by missuschewy)

Hello all! This is misterchewy blogging about his birthday and first year wedding anniversary celebration with missuschewy on 9th September. The above was shot on an iPhone by Jenny Sun, the same photographer who took engagement and wedding shots for Jayesslee’s Sonia and her husband Andy. It’s such a coincidence the Jayesslee twins and I were born on 9 September, in the same year! 0909 is a nice date because it means 长长久久 which is why we tied the knot on my birthday last year :)

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 003

Rewind a few weeks earlier, we met up with the other foodies and caught Jiro Dreams of Sushi at VivoCity. The fantastic cinematograph totally whetted my appetite for some sushi and sashimi! Had been searching high and low for quality Japanese food for weeks. As a surprise, the wifey promptly made reservations at Takumi Tokyo Restaurant, located at the laid-back Keppel Bay. Come to think of it, she brought me here for an advanced mini birthday celebration at Prive two years ago!

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 009

Walking is our favorite mode of transportation when missuschewy isn’t wearing heels 😛 We were around town area and chose to take a leisurely stroll in after alighting at Harbourfront MRT Station. A stroll soon turned into brisk walking as we were famished!

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 017

I might not express it but I was excited and looking forward to the dinner. My wife certainly knows how to make me happy and excited. -gasps- Stop letting your mind wonder. A woman who knows the way to her man’s stomach will tie him down automatically. HAHA.

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 018

I think it was missuschewy’s first time wearing such a long dress to go paktor with me. So pretty lor 😛

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 090

Our stomachs could not take it anymore and we finally continued making our way to the restaurant which is located on level 2. Turn left upon exiting the lift and you will find Takumi Tokyo after passing by TCC.

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 083

Takumi Restaurant is said to be a fine-dining restaurant with interiors that create an ambience that complements the food and service for an authentic and unpretentious Japanese dining experience. It has a number of awards under its belt, such as Best Restaurant 2010, Singapore Tatler and Top 3 Japanese Restaurants, Singapore Press Holdings.

us @ takumi

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 021

Gosh! We were so hungry when we reached the restaurant. Didn’t know whether to go for the set menu or select ala carte dishes. In the end, we decided to go for a bit of everything from the ala carte menu. Apparently, Takumi Tokyo specializes in robatayaki and teppanyaki.

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 032

Shortly after placing our order, We were served Otoshi ($6), which we mistook as a complimentary appetizer.

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 034

We were pleasantly surprised when we ate the Pan Seared Foie Gras with Plum Wine Jelly ($35). The radish was sweet while the foie gras was nicely crisp on the outside and melt-in-the-mouth.

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 036

Like what missuschewy said on Instagram when she posted the picture: “Foie Gras so good I could have died and gone to heaven”. Yeah it was THAT good.

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 040

The Australian Kurobuta Pork Yuzu Pepper Sauce 120g ($30) came thinly sliced and was quite flavorful but we would prefer it to be more tender.

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 042

We wanted to order sashimi and Chirashi Sushi $38 but the restaurant manager advised us to go for either since both are highly similar, except that the latter comes with rice. There was quite a variety of raw fish and everything came in two slices, except for the prawn. Very value-for-money!

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 050-horz

We love sea urchin but the Hokkaido Scallops topped with Sea Urchin, Paprika Sauce ($28) didn’t wow us. The slightly sourish taste did not seem to fit in this dish.

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 059

Although the Grilled Lamb Rack Marinated with Apple Miso Sauce $25 was a bit salty, it was very tasty and was more tender than the Australian kurobuta pork.

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 053

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 055

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 067

We felt so shiok from eating the chirashi sushi that we decided to order the Assorted Sushi ($35) halfway through eating! The menu states that this features 7 pieces and 1 roll but it seems like we got an extra piece. Shiok! 😀

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 071

The chef deep-fried the prawn head from our chirashi sushi for us. Very crispy!

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 074

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 056

First Year Wedding Anniversary_Misterchewy Birthday 089

To my dear wife, thanks for putting in lots of effort to plan for my birthday and our anniversary. Can’t wait for part two updates! 😛 I really love the watch that you shipped over for me as birthday present and I will treasure it for a long long time. :) 在爱的幸福国度,你就是我唯一。我唯一爱的就是你。

Takumi Tokyo Restaurant
2 Keppel Bay Vista,
Marina at Keppel Bay
Singapore 098382
Tel: 6271 7414

Opening Hours:
12pm – 2.30pm (Lunch)
6pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家): A Taste of Heartwarming Homecooked Food

(Photos by missuschewy, words by misterchewy)

For the benefit of all readers, the direct translation for Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家) is “aunt’s place”. In this context, it should be “First aunt’s place” because Gu Ma, the owner of the restaurant, is the eldest among six siblings and has numerous nephews and nieces calling her “Gu Ma”. Gu Ma likes to cook, and on a regular basis, she would invite her siblings, nieces and nephews over for her homecooked meals. Prior to setting up this casual restaurant, Gu Ma has over ten years of experience in selling chicken rice and wanton noodles!


Gu Ma is a very jovial and hospitable woman who sat down and chatted with us while we were eating. I believe everybody would be curious as to why she came up with the name “Gu Ma Jia”. Initially, Gu Ma wanted to call her restaurant “我家” (My Place). However, it was not available for registration. Since her nieces and nephews called her Gu Ma, she decided to go ahead with Gu Ma Jia in the end.


Gu Ma told us that she selects her ingredients and seafood from the wet market daily to ensure that she picks only the best. Dedication, passion and her ability to whip up yummy dishes won her an award at the Singapore Food Festival 2010.


Figuring that we wouldn’t be able to finish so much food on our own, missuschewy got her bff to join us and also give some comments about the food at the same time :)



There are a number of drinks available but I would strongly recommend the Ice Jelly with Lime.


The drink was cool, refreshing and sweet with a tinge of sourness. You have to order this if you intend to try the Assam Fish Head, which you really have to order as well. The tadpole-like agar agar gives you something to chew.


When the first dish was served, we were a little surprised that the aluminium foil came enveloped in flames. No, not to worry! This is actually a highlight of the dish :)


At Gu Ma Jia, the Kyoto Pork Ribs ($20) are wrapped in aluminium foil and sprayed with a good amount of rose wine before being lit. The strong sweet aroma is then emitted as a result of the chemical reaction. That made us salivate and dug into it straight. It was actually my first time eating such tender soft and juicy pork ribs! A word of advice is to have it while it is will hot as it will stick to the aluminium foil after it is left to cool. We revisted Gu Ma Jia just last week with my family and we ordered this again.


Crispy Bean-jal ($12) is a unique dish in my opinion. The brinjals were thinly sliced and deep fried to crisp before coating with a layer of sweet sauce. It tasted so good that I couldn’t believe I was having brinjals. Similarly, please consume the fried brinjals while it is hot else it will lose its crispness.


Special Made Tofu with Lingzhi Mushroom ($12) is one of my favourite dish over at Gu Ma Jia. The homemade tofu had a crispy skin and silky texture. There were hints of egg in the tofu that enhanced its taste. We also ordered this during our revisit.


If you ask me what’s the signature dish of Gu Ma Jia, it is definitely the Assam Fish Head ($25, half head). The first thing that hit us was the fragrant smell of the Assam gravy. It is Gu Ma’s special recipe and consists of 13 different spices. The assam fish head is really spicy and slightly sour. This is where the ice jelly drink comes in. A must order at Gu Ma Jia.


Gu Ma’s daughter, Gwen, recommended the Cereal Sotong with Curry Flavour ($20). Since young, I have always loved the smell and taste of fried cereals. This time round, this dish did not let me down. The sotong was slightly battered such that I could taste the tenderness, and the curry flavour lingered on the tip of my tongue.


Eat this with Gu Ma’s special belachan which really stank in a good way. Would order this again and again.


Prior our revist with my family, my MIL headed to Gu Ma Jia with her mother and sisters for lunch and they like the food too! Best of all, there’s no service charge and GST. Also, if you check-in to Gu Ma Jia on Facebook on weekdays, you can get $20 off your total bill with a minimum spending of $100. Do check with the waitresses upon placing your order.

Thanks Gu Ma and Gwen for playing wonderful hosts to us.

Gu Ma Jia Food Pot (姑妈家)
45 Tai Thong Crescent
Sennett Estate
Singapore 347866
Tel: 6285 2023

Opening Hours
11am – 10pm (Closed 3.30pm – 5.00pm)

Outback Steakhouse: From A Non-Beef Eater’s Perspective


OpenRice organized a makan session for the foodies at Outback Steakhouse. Celes extended the invitation to us but I attended this event without my partner because she had to stay at home due to an eye infection. People with similar interests hit off very easily, as it was the case with Cheryl and Alexis. We had a round of ice breaking game to know the names of the attendees. Celes was so enthusiastic throughout the game and she helped everyone to solve the puzzle that was given to us.



Photo Credit: Celes

A group shot before we started the dinner proper. All of us were looking forward to the 4-course meal which we would be having.


Happy people and the dinner spread :)


We were treated to Cherry Lime-ade before the feasting started. It was essentially fresh cherry syrup mixed with lime and Sprite. A refreshing beverage which dispels all forms of fatigue upon consumption which sounds pretty much like a HP potion.


Freshly baked honey wholemeal Boston bread was served to us along with home made whipped butter that was made in house. The warmness of the bread coupled with the cooling butter was a perfect match and I liked it.


Ahi Tuna Chopped Salad was a combination of fresh iceberg lettuce mixed with cucumbers, tossed with wasabi vinaigrette and topped with sashimi-style, pan-seared tuna. The tuna was fresh and the pepper crust enhanced its taste. Very good starter to warm up the taste buds.


When the Combination Platter was brought forth to us, I was very excited as those were comfort food to me. I mean who does not like crispy fried mushrooms, Kookaburra Wings and Cheese fries? If only we could have some beer! Personally, I liked the fries most.


Another closer shot of the fried mushrooms.


Typhoon Bloom is a nice name but unfortunately, it did not blow us off our feet. I felt that the Cheese fries served earlier was better. If you are looking for bar bites, I would recommend the Combination Platter instead of the Typhoon Bloom.


Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla was a hit in my opinion. The grilled flour tortilla was crispy while the taste of the grilled chicken breast, sauteed mushroom and melted cheese complemented each other. It was so good that you do not need the honey mustard sauce to enhance its taste.


If you are a non-beef eater like me, you can consider ordering the Seafood Pasta. It contains shrimp, calamari and fish fillet with fettuccine tossed in homemade marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese. It was decent and provided an alternative for non-beef eaters.


Another dish that impressed me was the Ribs and Alice Springs Chicken. As for the 1/2 rack of ribs, the meat was tender and fell off the bone easily without much effort to cut up the meat. The barbecue sauce went well with the ribs. I felt the chicken was rather tough and too salty. I preferred the ribs to the chicken.



Please refer to the ladies’ reviews on the beef dishes. I was busy eating the ribs and fries while they are savoring the steaks.


Outback Steakhouse rolled out their Desserts Sample Trio for us towards the end of the dinner. Amongst the three, I thought that the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under was the best. It was a very sinful dessert with lots of whipped cream. The warm and moist brownie, together with ice-cream, is a combination that can never go wrong. If you are one who needs something sweet to end your meal, you can consider ordering it.


Thank you Celes for extending the invitation and OpenRice for hosting us.

Outback Steakhouse
9 Raffles Boulevard
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Tel : +65 6837 3242

Opening Hours:
11.30am – 10.30pm

Swensen’s Rolls Out New ‘Pirate’s Adventure Kid’s Meal’!


A big hello from misterchewy to all readers out there! Last week, I checked out Swensen’s new menu on behalf of missuschewy and I must say that Swensen’s sure had one good intention to make the children’s school holidays an extra special one when they launched the all new and exciting Pirate’s Adventure Kid’s Meal early this June! It comes with an entree, healthy side snack and a fruit juice for only $8.90.

Swensen's Pirate's Adventure Kid's Menu

There are seven main courses to choose from and each comes with a nutritious corn-in-cup plated up in an exclusive Pirate Ship. Yes you heard it right – a Pirate Ship souvenir! The kids will be so thrilled! I must say that Swensen’s have got it right by coming up with this Happy-meal styled promotion that will certainly appeal to many children.

Swensen's Pirate's Adventure Kid's Menu_Activity Sheet

Not just that, the Swensen’s team has also specially designed an activity sheet to keep the children entertained and occupied with solving the various puzzles while the parents enjoy a rare moment eating their meal in peace.


Presenting to you: Swensen’s very own Pirate Ship, helmed by Captain Snowie (answer to one of the puzzles) & friends!



We were given the opportunity to sample two of the mains from the Pirate’s Adventure Kids Meal. Chicken with Homemade BBQ Sauce is clearly the healthiest of all the choices. The chicken breast is steamed and then drizzled with Swensen’s home-made BBQ sauce. Served with mashed potato and a healthy portion of corn-in-cup, this will keep the kids satiated and contented.


Chick ‘N’ Chips comprises of crispy breaded chicken strips, mashed potato and a corn-in-cup. It tasted decent like how all fried food should. However, I felt that the mashed potato (same as the previous) would taste better if more sauce came with it.


On the same season, Swensen’s revamped their menu to include new delectable treats which are perfect for family dinners and gatherings with friends. The Tuna Ciabatta ($12.20) provided a refreshing bite with its tuna mayo and greens sandwiched between the soft crusty bread. The fries that accompanied the sandwich made me a happy boy as I’m a big fan of them.


The Swensen’s 88 Chicken Sandwich ($12.80) was rather ordinary to me. I felt that the chicken was not well-marinated enough.


The Spiced King Prawns & Chips ($16.50) is a must try for crustacean lovers. The prawns were big, fresh and not forgetting firm. The crispy batter was a result of Swensen’s very own spice recipe which did not disappoint. I would have enjoyed it more if they had Wasabi mayo to go along with it. Just a personal preference!


All the other mains were good but the Crabmeat Fried Rice ($13.90) stole the spotlight. Seldom do you associate local classics with Swensen’s, but the fried rice that Swensen’s served was fragrant and so homely such that it reminded me of the fried rice that my mum used to cook for me when I was young. Sumptuous ingredients include crabmeat, soft shell crab and shiitake mushroom which give an additional exciting bite to the fried rice. Definitely recommended by misterchewy.


Laksa Aglio Olio with King Prawns ($14.90) is a dish that impressed me with its name but not its taste. The only good thing I love about it is the fresh prawns that come with the pasta. Sadly, I was not able to taste the laksa-flavored pesto as the spiciness from the chilli padi could have overwhelmed it.


Finally, we are on to the desserts after all those hearty mains. The Rock ($8.20) reminded me of the legendary WWE wrestling star rather than an ice-cream. Like its name-sake, it made a flashy appearance before us with the sublimation of dry ice that was served with it. 3 ice -cream flavours namely Hazelnut, Cookies ‘N’ Cream and Rocky Road were garnished with marshmallow sauce, hot caramel and wafers from Italy.


I thought that the Ice Cream Sandwich OS of Swensen’s ($7.90) is cute because of the cookie robot. The Swensen’s personnel shared with us this dish was inspired by the Ice Cream Sandwich phone, running on the Android OS (Where is my iPhone 5 ice cream?!). I thought they were creative with having this on their dessert menu. For an awesome heavenly treat, it is strongly recommended that the vanilla ice cream sandwiched between handmade chocolate cookies are first dipped into the warm chocolate sauce before eating!


At the Swensen’s outlet in Ion, patrons will be able to indulge in a full day Ice Cream Buffet where there are over 50 ice cream flavours to choose from. Guaranteed to make you feel spoilt for choices. The buffet is priced at $18.90 per adult and $13.90 for kids aged 12 and below. With any of the mains ordered, the buffet will be at $12.90 instead. Try the Durian Gelato and be surprised! :)


There are over 40 toppings to choose from to go with the ice-cream. Maltesers, Rocky road, Kit Kat etc are some of which you can select.


There is even a Chop Chop station for you to mix and match the flavours and toppings that you prefer.


You can also have waffles to go with your ice-cream!


With two chocolate fondue fountains at Swensen’s, it’s going to be difficult for kids and chocolate loving adults to contain their excitement.


An assortment of cakes are also included in the ice-cream buffet. There are so many items available and it is really value for money.


I feel that Swensen’s have put in a lot of effort to revamp and introduce new elements into their menu to constantly surprise their customers. In my opinion, it was a pleasant experience for me and I am more than happy to share this with everyone.


Thank you Touch Communications and Swensen’s for the wonderful invite and for hosting us throughout the session.

Swensen’s Singapore
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn #B1-31
Tel: 6884 5967

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri
10.30am – 10.30pm
Sat, Sun & PH
8am – 10.30pm

Creation Cafe & Tom’s Palette: Laksa Pasta & Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream!


Most people suffer from Monday blues, but not for me! I woke up one Monday morning and was quite surprised to see a little note placed top of my iPhone. It was a simple note which made me feel loved and I appreciated the wife’s gesture before she left for work to make my day despite her (possibly) suffering from Monday blues.


That day, we arranged to go for a Magnificent Monday date night and to be spontaneous about it. It was interesting because we decided on the ice-cream place before searching for a dinner place nearby. The wife was excited about the salted egg yolk ice cream that Tom’s Palette offered and I was equally eager to try it! Hence we decided on Tom’s Palette and Creation Cafe which was located within Shaw Leisure Gallery at Bugis. All photos were taken with my Canon IXUS.


I first came across Creation Cafe a few years ago when my uni mate introduced this place to us. The food served was relatively ok and most importantly, it was very affordable with no service charge and GST. It is useful to know that payment can only be made by cash. Do not fret if you don’t have sufficient cash with you, as there is an ATM machine at the entrance of Shaw Leisure Gallery :)


With our stomachs growling, we hastily placed our orders before taking photos.



Both of us went for the set meal which comes with soup of the day and a drink to go with the mains that we ordered. Missuschewy was feeling adventurous as usual and went for the Seafood Linguine in Laksa Cream Sauce while I opted for the Linguine with Italian sausages in Tomato Herb Sauce.


Soup of the day was Cream of Broccoli which we felt was rather watered down.



The tomato herb sauce which I had was normal and the sausages were not crunchy. I felt some gel-like substance halfway and I had difficulty trying to finish it.



The laksa cream sauce on other hand was creamy and flavorful. The taste of the seafood was thick and the portion of seafood was generous, considering the price. Of course, please do not expect Katong Laksa kind of gravy. Bascially, it is a cream based sauce for the pasta. :)


After dinner, we went to Tom’s Palette for desserts. It was pretty packed for a Monday night. I guess everyone loves desserts after a hearty dinner.



The choice of ice cream flavors was easy. The wifey told me that i MUST at least sample the Salted Egg Yolk ice cream which i really liked. So, We went for the milk ice cream to balance out the taste of the salted egg ice cream.


It tastes exactly like a salted egg yoke and we loved it. I have a thing for savoury ice cream flavors like peanut butter, salted caramel, sea salt etc etc. I feel that it provides a different kind of zing and complements with to their sweet counterparts. There were chocolate chunks in the milk ice cream and it provides additional bites.



“I wished for nothing beyond her smile, and to walk with her thus, hand in hand, along a sun-warmed flower-bordered path” Andre Gide. Overall, the date was made special not because of the food, but because of you.

Creation Cafe
100 Beach Road
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702
Tel: 6391 8017

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat (Closed on Sun)
12pm – 9pm

Tom’s Palette Ice Cream
100 Beach Road
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702
Tel: 6296 5239 or 9070 7701

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thur
12pm – 9.30pm
Fri and Sat
12pm – 10pm
1pm -7pm (Closed on last Sunday of the month)

Cook Your Very Own Curry La Mian with Prima Taste!


One lazy Sunday afternoon, the Chewys decided to stay at home and whip up a simple meal in the kitchen. Usually we would choose to eat out because the thought of having to cook and then wash up afterwards is quite scary. We were given the opportunity to sample Prima Taste’s Curry La Mian quite some time back but we never got round to doing it. To be honest, I will never forget the tasty Laksa noodles that we had at Prima Taste Kitchen last year. The noodles were premium steam dried and are not those deep fried noodles that u can get in your typical pack of instant noodles.


Before I embarked on my mission, the missus proclaimed that she wanted to have a hard boiled egg to go along with her noodles so here’s one for each of us.


I followed the instructions stated on the pack closely! Rule of thumb: Do not add too much water if not the curry will end up too watery.



Pour in the Curry Paste first.


Followed by the Curry Premix.


At this point, it smelled heavenly already!



Depends on personal preference. I tend to peel the hard boiled eggs while waiting for the noodles to be cooked.


The missus and I decided to add crabmeat sticks and chicken meatballs too.



And here is The Chewys’ very own Prima Taste Curry La Mian! Does it look appetising? The curry gravy was intense with flavors and very lemak too! Of course, the missus kept silent throughout as she tucked in hungrily into her bowl of noodles and this served as a form of reaffirmation that Prima Taste’s Curry La Mian is something that everyone can easily cook in the comfort of their own kitchens!

Thank you Prima Taste and Ruby from Foreword Communications for the Curry La Mian.