The Chewys’ Family Trip to Bangkok Day 5: Victory Monument Thai Boat Noodles and Home Sweet Home!


YOOHOO! We have finally come to our last day in Bangkok! When we booked our stay at Aloft Bangkok hotel, we didn’t know that the buffet breakfast is only for one. On the day we checked in, we were asked if we wanted to top up so that both misterchewy and I could both enjoy the breakfast. I rejected the offer because there is simply too much food to try in Bangkok, why confine ourselves to hotel breakfast everyday? Every morning, the hubs would eat a bit at the hotel since we already paid for it, while I shower Little misschewy in our room.


So here are some photos taken by the husband, showcasing some of the breakfast food available at Aloft Bangkok hotel.








Since our flight was around 3pm, we had a bit of time to do some last minute shopping at MBK Shopping Centre. Didn’t buy much for ourselves, just some cute magnets for our family and friends. Lunch was supposed to be at HERO Food and Gathering since it’s near our hotel but I know the hubs missed eating the Thai boat noodles that we had back in 2012 at Victory Monument. So I suggested taking a cab there instead.


Nothing much has changed and we sat at the exact same table where we sat three years ago, this time with a big baby in my arms. LOL.




Not sure if the photobomb was intentional but oh wells.. Haha.


We don’t take beef so we had the Noodles Thicken Soup with Pork (THB 12). Every mouthful was SO SO SO GOOD. The broth had been thickened and made more flavorful with pork blood. Noodles were thin and springy and the pork balls were full of bite.


It really isn’t easy eating while babywearing so you gotta be quick. Aim, kiap, and shove into mouth. LOL.


We ate a total of 12 bowls of boat noodles. Definitely could have stomached more but we didn’t wanna go overboard with ordering.


Rushed back to our hotel to do some last minute packing and it was time to check out! Booked a cab to the airport with the help of the GrabTaxi app.



That’s all for our Bangkok 5D4N trip! See you again soon! πŸ˜‰
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The Chewys’ Family Trip to Bangkok Day Four: Art in Paradise Museum, Unicorn Cafe, Alpaca View Farm & Cuisine and Chatuchak Weekend Market


Sawadee ka~~! I realized I made a mistake in my previous blog post. This isn’t my final update on our Bangkok trip because there’s still the last day of our trip but it’s gonna be a short and sweet concluding post, I promise! It was my birthday on our fourth day in Bangkok so needless to say, I was the Queen for the day! Lololol. We were dressed in my favorite colors, white and light blue! πŸ˜€ Here’s a quick wefie before we head out for the day! Wheeee!


As we were early for our visit to Art in Paradise, we went for breakfast at PunThai Coffee at a shopping centre nearby.




When in Thailand, drink Thai Iced Milk Tea! What else!


My Kurobuta Pork rice was fragrant and slightly spicy. However, the portion was too tiny!


Blogged about Art in Paradise museum separately because there are just too many photos to share. If you are keen, you may click here to read more about our experience!


After endless posing for shots at Art in Paradise museum, we took a cab to Unicorn Cafe! It’s the only place that I shortlisted for my birthday cake!


Simply love the interior of Unicorn Cafe!




This would be the ideal sofa set for our new home! My favorite shade of blue!


Please don’t let my photos fool you. Unicorn Cafe wasn’t empty when we visited. All tables were filled but I was lucky that there was enough time for me to snap photos when those people left their seats.





Little misschewy actually gave the blue unicorn a peck on the mouth. Hahaha.


My beautiful rainbow birthday cake! Almost couldn’t bear to eat it. Shared it with misterchewy and Little misschewy. Taste wise, nothing to shout about but I’m not complaining.





Thank you misterchewy and Little misschewy for the memorable birthday celebration! πŸ˜€

Unicorn Cafe Bangkok
Sathorn Soi 8,
44/1 Sathon 8 Alley,
Silom, Bang Rak,
Bangkok 10500
(Nearest BTS: Chong Nonsi)
Tel: +66 86 397 9262

Opening Hours:
Tue to Sun
12pm – 8pm
(Closed on Mondays)


Next, we went to Big C Supermarket opposite CentralWorld! Somehow, it feels similar to our Giant supermarket. We love shopping for snacks and bought so much for our family, colleagues, friends, and not forgetting the Nuffies! Because there were too many bags of food, we cabbed back to our hotel before going out for dinner.


Thanks to Little misschewy’s godma’s recommendation, we specially made a trip to Alpaca View Farm and Cuisine at Ladprao. The place is situated up north, quite close to Chatukchak I would say. If you wanna head there, plan these two places within the same day yeah!






Adorable little piglets!


Here’s the highlight – alpacas!



Close up shot of the alpacas. Prior to this, we had never seen an real alpaca before so it was pretty exciting for us. The only alpaca I came across was the alpaca plush toy. Hahaha. Anyway, I’m not sure what these two were doing. Any idea? LOL.












We chose to have our dinner indoors so that we could escape from the heat. For some strange reason which I can’t recall, we ordered fruit smoothies instead of beer. Haha.


Egg omelette


We tried the Pork Knuckle and to our surprise, it was really delicious! Damn, we should have ordered beer to go with it. It would be heavenly! The pieces of pork knuckle was crispy on the outside, yet wonderfully tender on the inside!


Doing a taste test on the fries to determine if it’s too salty for the little one.


Hehe Little misschewy was busy munching on her fries! She was wearing the dress that her godma Mag bought for her in Hua Hin!

Alpaca View Farm and Cuisine
11 Soi Ladprao-Wanghin 71,
Ladprao Rd,
Bangkok 10320
Tel: +66 81 406 6400

Opening Hours:
5pm – 1am


Since the night was still young, we hailed a cab to Chatuchak to see if it really opens on Friday night! Turns out to be true!


Not all the stalls were open though but it was quite good already I suppose.


Only bought a few souvenirs for friends and colleagues. Didn’t buy any clothes because we didn’t see anything that we liked :(


First time eating coconut ice cream! This wasn’t from the ‘legit’ stall because we couldn’t find it when we were there. I guess the stall only operates on Saturdays and Sundays. This was also quite good la!


Little misschewy fell asleep in the midst of all our coconut ice cream excitement. Hahaha. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
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The Chewys’ Family Trip to Bangkok Day Three: Karmakamet Diner, Kidzoona & Molly Fantasy, Eat Rice & Noodles, Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Train Market


Hellooo everybardy! Did anyone miss me? Hehehe. We moved into our new place a few weeks ago and were extremely busy handling almost everything on our own, with some help from both our parents. We are still trying to adapt to our new lifestyle! This also explains why we went MIA for a week. Haha sorry for the lack of updates! Can finally continue sharing our Bangkok itinerary with you guys. Thanks for being so patient! :)


Us on our third day in Bangkok! Every morning we would take the complimentary tuk tuk service by Aloft Bangkok hotel to Nana BTS station!


I planned our brunch at Karmakamet Diner. The place wasn’t too hard for us to find, with the help of Google maps of course. We reached slightly before 10am and had to sit outside for a bit before being ushered to a table. Upon stepping into Karmakamet Diner, I was blown away by its rustic charm.



The outdoor setting totally has this dreamy feel to it.


Haha but we didn’t want to be bitten by mozzies so we chose to sit indoors. Bangkok is really not a child-friendly country. There wasn’t a single cafe or restaurant we went to that had baby chairs. Luckily I did my homework by emailing or sending messages on FB to ask the F&B establishments on my list whether they provide baby chairs. To my horror, NONE. A kind mummy friend from my March edd group lent us her orange Sack’n Seat!


The Sack’n Seat acts like a portable high chair. Simply attach it to any chair with a backrest and your child will be securely restrained in his/her seat once the straps are fastened. Until he/she attempts to climb out of it of course.




I chose the Poached Duck Eggs with Gravlax on Karmakamet Ratatouille (THB 290) because it sounded promising but I was disappointed by its pathetic appearance. Taste wise, it was only mediocre.



When misterchewy’s Salmon Pattie Egg Benedict (THB 320) arrived, I immediately congratulated him on his choice. LOL. Why standard so different one?! This is like breakfast sent from heaven!


I think misterchewy must have sensed my jealousy, so he offered me some of his egg benedict. It was seriously good that I started to push away my poached duck eggs. Hahaha.




Huge ass cotton candy bigger than my face! Ok it’s actually called Strawberry in the Cloud (THB 390) and you have to wait at least 15 minutes if you order this. It’s super Instagram worthy and we ordered this mainly for photos πŸ˜›


Our cotton candy came in beautiful hues of pink and blue. We were busy eating it until…


One of the wait staff told us that there’s something underneath! LOL.


Karmakamet Diner is like the perfect place for some portrait shots!


After brunch, we headed to Ekamai Gateway Mall where Molly Fantasy & Kidzoona indoor playground is located. I had blogged about this separately and you may click here if you are keen to read more about it :)


Lunch was at EAT Rice & Noodles, by the same boss who set up EAT (Eat All Thai). Over here, we got to savor traditional Thai food with a modern take.



Thai Iced Milk Tea


Minced Pork Thai Basil with Fried Rice Noodles


Phad Thai with Fried Wonton


Mango Sticky Rice


Since it was still quite early, we returned to our hotel to rest and recharge before heading out again to check out Talad Rot Fai night market. We took the BTS to On Nut and hailed a cab from there. We are not sure why but many shops were not open that day, which was a pity.








It was pouring that night! Total bummer. But we already travelled all the way there, so the three of us shared one umbrella and braved the rain.




Spotted my favorite Thai dessert – Luk Chup! *squeals* BUY!!


Really cheap and good! They tasted way better than the ones we bought at the Thai airport in 2012.


Out of curiosity, we bought a box of Egg Fried Squid to try on the spot.


OMG let me tell you that it is seriously DAMN GOOD.


After we were done eating, we bought another box to bring back to our hotel for supper.



It was a pretty happening day for Little misschewy! LOL. Our next post will be the final update on the last day of our BKK trip! Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

The Chewys’ Family Trip to Bangkok Day One: Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 & Sukhumvit Soi 38 Street Food


Hellooo chewys! I wanted to blog about our Bangkok trip earlier while it was still fresh in my mind but unfortunately, the bombing took place at Erawan Shrine shortly after we got back and I thought it wasn’t such an appropriate time to share our travelogue so I decided to delay it for a bit. As I had mentioned briefly in my previous posts, this trip’s agenda was to celebrate our 5th dating anniversary as well as my birthday! I never had a birthday trip before so I was rather excited even though I had been to BKK a few times. Hehehe πŸ˜›


We booked an afternoon flight so that it wouldn’t be so rushed for us. With a little one around, be prepared to spend at least twice the amount of time than you normally would. We used to take about an hour at least before we could head out of the house but now we need to wake up extra early to start preparing! I’m also quite paranoid when it comes to packing because baby’s stuff are usually necessities. If I could say so myself, I think I almost brought the whole house to BKK. LOL XD


Much love to Changi Recommends for lending us one of their overseas Wi-Fi router. The Changi Recommends booths are located in all 3 terminals and are open 24/7. It was very convenient for us as we only had to pick up the Wi-Fi device after checking in our luggages. That saves us on delivery charges! Upon your return, simply return the device by dropping it off at the Changi Recommends booth at your arrival terminal. Now that’s hassle-free! The last thing you would want is to fret over the collection and returning of your Wi-Fi device, so I’m really glad that Changi Airport Group established this subsidiary in 2012 to save travellers all the unnecessary trouble while providing affordable internet access to keep us connected during our trips.


A shot with Little misschewy’s favorite durian before we wave goodbye to my in-laws!


Our third family trip this year! We travelled to Phuket in January and Hong Kong in March :)


A wefie before take off! I’m not sure if the monkey face by Little misschewy was intentional but I’m posting it up anyway!



I don’t know about you but I love plane food! Somehow, plane food makes me really happyyy! This was some fish spaghetti and it was quite good!


But we couldn’t really eat in peace with an active toddler who refuses to stay in her seat.


The hubs Tula-ed her and walked up and down the aisle a couple of times and she finally conked out. Zzz.. I think misterchewy looked sleepy too. Hey, nobody said parenthood would be easy πŸ˜‰


Sawadee ka~ Welcome to the Land of Smiles! πŸ˜€


We were desperately trying to hire a cab using the Grab Taxi app but to no avail. I guess the airport is too huge and the drivers ended up waiting elsewhere even though I had typed out the exact location where we were standing. Some drivers called but there was a communication breakdown and we were like argh ok nevermind forget it. Wasted my overseas call money! Lol. In the end, we decided to try our luck and went downstairs. Ahlamak! Should have just come here earlier la! Just get a printout from the machine and there will be a taxi car plate number stated on it. Plenty of taxi drivers waiting there!


A few hours without Internet connectivity made me feel uneasy so I switched on our Wi-Fi router as soon as we touched down. The hubs benefited from this as well since the router is able to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. If it wasn’t for this router, I couldn’t have posted so many photos during our trip on my Instagram and Facebook page πŸ˜›


Because of the traffic jam, it took us almost an hour to reach our choice of accommodation, Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, which is one of the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) properties. Hotel accommodation in Bangkok is fairly affordable across the board. We went ahead with Aloft because we could earn Starpoints and the hotel rates were really attractive. Plus, the hotel is located quite near Nana BTS Station, which is a pretty centralized location.


Aloft Hotel also provides complimentary tuk tuk service to and from Nana BTS station.


Aloft hotel has this very cool and artsy fartsy vibe which I think most youngsters would appreciate. Lol.


Our Aloft Room spans about 30 to 33 square meters – plenty of space for Little misschewy to roam around even with a playpen in the room. I love the layout of the room and also the idea of waking up to a nice view of the city upon waking up.


Our ultra-comfortable platform bed was topped with plush bedding.







The bathroom is also very spacious. There is a sliding door to separate the walk-in shower from the vanity sink.


In case you are wondering, that’s a bottle sterilizer which we requested from the hotel.



The floor can be very slippery for toddlers so please request for a baby bath tub!



The view from our room.


Hahaha failed wefie with the bubs because she just didn’t want to sit still on my lap even for 3 seconds.


I actually planned to go to HERO Food & Gathering for dinner but misterchewy, being a fuddy duddy, was more keen to check out Sukhumvit Soi 38. I mean most guys should be quite thrilled to be eating in a restaurant full of Marvel superheroes right? So Sukhumvit Soi 38 it was. We took a cab and it was a huge mistake because the jam was horrendous. Should have taken the BTS instead.


We found it strange that there were only a few stalls there. Little did we know that Sukhumvit Soi 38 was closing down and most stalls had relocated elsewhere.


We walked all the way to the end and started with the wanton noodle stall. This was not bad but the slices of char siew were pretty good stuff.



The phad thai was so damn good that we had to resist ordering another plate in order to save space to try other food.


We saw this stall selling sticks of meat and seafood. Basically, you pick out the sticks that you want and someone will barbecue the food for you. We tabao-ed some back for our supper.





Wanted to try more food but the little one was cranky already. Settled our dessert before heading back to our hotel.


The mango sticky rice was amazing! Very sweet and juicy mangoes and the glutinous rice was wonderfully soft and chewy.


That’s all for our first day in Bangkok! Keep a lookout for day two!
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Krabi: Ao Nang


Looking back on my short trip at Krabi, I can’t help but feel a slight tinge of disappointment because the weather was the opposite of what we had expected or rather, prayed for. The skies were gloomy, accompanied by occasional bouts of rain. And when it rains, it disrupts whatever plans you have set out for the trip. Basically, our first day at Ao Nang (after our stay at Phi Phi) was wasted hiding indoors and by the time the rain had stopped, it was far too late to sign up for any day tours. The second day was marvelous except that it rained during our third dive. -___-


Most of the bustling activities happen along the main street at Ao Nang. It is an extremely long street and you wouldn’t have any problems navigating because all you need to do is just walk up and down the street. We passed by about 3 or 4 such stalls. They actually converted a simple motorbike into a mobile stall. Now just how cool is that?


There are no tables, save for a few plastic chairs placed near the stall. PR and I were close to drooling at the pancakes that others were eating and decided to share one. We took quite a while to decide because all the choices for the pancakes are just as awesome as the next.


We finally settled for a Banana & Cheese Pancake (30 baht ~ $1.30) which I still think is a pretty weird combi :X Haha it’s just like eating goreng pisang with hot melted cheese. Sweet and salty at the same time! Under the crispy pancake layer lies soft pulpous banana. Not bad not bad.. On hindsight, we should have eaten it on the spot when it’s still hot instead of opting for takeaway.


I was really excited when we passed by Wanna’s Place while trying to hide from the rain on the first day. I read about this place in one of the guide books that I managed to get my hands on. PR and I made plans to come here the following night because we wanna have dinner at Wanna’s Place! Oops sorry I can’t help myself πŸ˜›


Wanna’s is on the front at Ao Nang beach and is very conveniently located. I don’t think anyone will be able to miss it. The menu is very extensive and not only do they serve Thai cuisine, there is Swiss food (200 to 300 baht ~ $8.50 to $13) too! And oh, one look at the breakfast menu can make your mouth water.


As usual, we took quite long to decide because there are no pictures in the menu. The Fried chicken with basil on rice (very spicy) (80 baht ~ $3.50) was one of our choices for that night because of the words very spicy. I love all my friends who can stomach spicy food. Haha! Yes we did taste a bit of spiciness but it wasn’t spicy enough to leave us gasping for iced water. One thing we noticed throughout our stay in Krabi is that the meat served is always in small chopped up bits. You can choose to replace the chicken with beef (for those who love your beef you know who you are!) or shrimps πŸ˜‰


It is unbelieveable but we only had our first Tom Yam Seafood soup (spicy) (110 baht ~ $4.80 includes rice) towards the end of our trip! Last dinner at Krabi to be exact. Although the soup is supposed to be just spicy, it was spicier (more spicy?) than the chicken and it definitely packed a punch. They were very generous with the seafood too!


I guess it’s really true that the seafood at Krabi is extremely cheap. Too bad there were just the two of us, if not we would have hopped over to the open air seafood eatery across the street. The Fish in Lemon boiled (spicy) (120 baht ~ $5.20 includes rice) is very fresh. The fact that it was a little sour and spicy gave it a nice twist.


I highly recommend Wanna’s Place if you are going to Krabi, Ao Nang!


Before transferring to the airport, we had brunch at The Massaman Restaurant & Bar which was about a 15 minute walk from Krabi Apartment, the place where we stayed.


Very small and simple eatery. This place offers breakfast too. Guess what I had?


Phad Thai!! What else?! I cannot remember the price for this one but it was around 80 baht ~ $3.50 max. I just couldn’t get enough of Phad Thai. In fact, I miss eating it very much! It is kinda like our Singapore version of Char Kway Teow except that it is not as oily and sinful. Ok maybe I’m just trying to comfort myself. Hehe.. πŸ˜›


This is also my last Coconut drink (40 baht ~ $1.70) which is twice the price of what you can get at the roadside drink stalls. The service is really good too. The uncle will offer to chop open the coconut once you are done so that you can eat the cool coconut flesh :)

Krabi: Koh Phi Phi


After a bit of procrastination, I have decided to post some photos from my recent Krabi trip! I stayed 2 nights at Phi Phi island and another 2 nights at Ao Nang. Phi Phi is relatively small and you can explore the entire place by foot. There are rows and rows of shops selling pretty much the same things and you can easily find cheap accommodation too.


After a total of about 5 hours on the plane and ferry, my travel partner, PR and I were tired and famished. After walking around a bit, our first lunch stop was at The Pizza Corner because it was situated by the beach and we wanted a good view :) Too bad, the service was really wols and we finished our drinks while waiting for our food.


Yay! After waiting and waiting and waiting.. πŸ˜› I find that whenever I’m in a foreign country, it’s quite difficult to decide on what to eat because I wanna try something which cannot be found here in Singapore. But everything looks the same in the menu, I really cannot differentiate one from the other.


Don’t laugh at me but in the end I ordered something that sounds boring, Noodle Soup with Chicken (80 baht ~ $3.50). Luckily, everything about it was awesome! From the delicious piping hot soup, to the silky smooth glass noodles. I’m a happy girl πŸ˜€


PR claimed that she wasn’t feeling hungry and proceeded to order the Chicken Burger with Fries (70 baht ~ $3) which puzzled me quite a bit. Burgers are supposed to be very filling right? Plus this burger is just huge.


The chicken fillet was crispy, albeit a little too salty for PR’s liking. I didn’t understand why she ordered a western dish in Thailand though. Comfort food I suppose?


And here’s the funny part. PR asked for chilli sauce to go with her burger and the waitress came back 5 minutes later.. “Here’s your chilli and sauce”. Hahaha!


This is where PR and I had our dinner. We figured that Pum Thai Restaurant & Cooking School is the best place to go to if we wanted authentic Thai cuisine. Pum emphasises simplicity, and even claims that they have simplified simplicity. Their dishes are based on traditional Thai cuisine adapted for a modern, fast paced world. The plus point was that Pum is also a cooking school. That in itself is testimony to good authentic Thai food! :)


Maybe it’s just me but I have always thought that lemongrass is only used to cook tomyam soup or stir fried with other vegetables. So when I saw the Nam Takrai (69 baht ~ $3) or Iced Lemongrass Drink, I just had to order it. It’s actually quite tasteless, just fragrant and refreshing.


Yup noodles again! The Phad Siewe (109 baht ~ $4.70) is lightly stir fried in sweet soy sauce. It was also a little spicy and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Anyway, I still can’t figure out the difference between this and Phad Thai. All other noodles dishes that I tried in Krabi are more or less the same! Can someone enlighten me on this? :)


On our way back to our room at Kinnaree House, we stopped by Pirates House for a nightcap. Very interesting theme for a restaurant! A pity the waiters weren’t dressed as Jack Sparrow.


Credits to PR. Didn’t know that she took a photo of me taking a photo of my drink πŸ˜›


Always my safest choice, Lime Margarita. Oops! Forgot to take down the prices. Heh..


PR’s Pirate’s Blood. Ooh scary. The paper umbrella reminds me of my childhood days!


Went diving with Princess Divers the next day! Bimbotic name but I like. πŸ˜›


See how much I love noodles? We were given a menu when we booked our dives the day before and I chose Phad Thai! This was with chicken to be exact. Phad Thai can also be served with beef, seafood and pork.


That’s all for Koh Phi Phi at Krabi! Next up, Ao Nang! πŸ˜‰