Bangkok for Kids: Bangkok Sea Life Siam Ocean World


Helloooo daddies and mummies! Here’s our second of three-part series on things to do in Bangkok with kids! If you have missed our earlier post on Kidzoona and Molly Fantasy, click here to read it. You know how it’s kinda funny when misterchewy and I look back on our last trip to Bangkok in 2012.. We were trying to decide if we should visit Bangkok Sea Life Siam Ocean World while we were at Siam Paragon. After much deliberation, we both agreed to take our kid there the next time we visit Bangkok. Three years later.. HERE WE ARE! 😀


Little misschewy had not been to the S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa so we reckon this would be an eye-opening and engaging experience for her. Furthermore, she knows what a fish is so we thought it would be interesting to introduce different forms of marine life to her. The tickets are priced at 990 baht for adults and 790 baht for children 3-11 years old. We only needed to purchase a pair of adult tickets which worked out to be around SGD 80! We managed to save a bit by getting the Weekday Early Bird rate at 745 baht for adults, which is about SGD 60 for a pair. We saved $20! However, the small catch is that you have to enter before noon on a weekday! With proper planning, it wasn’t difficult at all.


Indeed, from the moment we stepped into Siam Ocean World, Little misschewy was so enthralled by all the different types of fishes that we spent quite a fair bit of time before moving on to the next species.




This Octopus is really ginormous!


Lionfish! Reminds me of my scuba diving days. I wanna go diving again! :(


We stepped onto a glass panel and watched various sharks swim underneath us. Pretty cool!


This seems to be meant for kids and it’s sooo cute!


Little misschewy was initially afraid and clung on to misterchewy tightly. But after awhile, she refused to leave! LOL.


Heyyy fishie fishie!


Now, that’s a different kind of ‘fish’! Hahaha.


The otters were just lazing around!


This is the part where visitors get to touch and feel marine life such as starfish and sea cucumber.




Going on board the Ocean Feeding Boat allows one to get up close and personal with sharks, stingrays and a great variety of fish. SEA LIFE staff will provide an insightful introduction while feeding the fish by hand. It costs 180 baht per person and this activity is available from 10.30am to 8pm.



Adorable penguins!


Some of them were just standing still for so long and I actually wondered if they were real. Haha.





There’s a mini playground within Siam Ocean World!




This part of Siam Ocean World took our breaths away. It’s really magnificent plus the music that was being played had that mysterious mood to it. Watching all these gigantic sharks swim around was such an amazing experience!



As compared to our very own S.E.A Aquarium, I would say that Bangkok Sealife Siam Ocean World wins hands down in more ways than one. If you have a young toddler like us, a visit to Siam Ocean World is highly recommended! 😉
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Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World
B1-B2 Floor, Siam Paragon,
991 Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand.
(Nearest BTS: Siam)
Tel: 662 687 2000

Opening Hours:
10am – 9pm

Introduction to Sparkanauts Plus Trial Passes Giveaway!

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Earlier last month, we started Little misschewy on lessons at Sparkanauts. It was never our intention to send her to such classes as we believe that all children develop at their own pace; it doesn’t matter if they start walking at 10 months or are still crawling at 15 months. When they are ready to walk, they WILL walk. Little misschewy started to take her first few independent steps when she was around 15 months but most of the time, she had a strong preference to crawl. Honestly, it was kinda amusing to see a toddler crawl on all fours but we didn’t have an issue with that. We soon realized that the problem lies with Chanelle not being confident enough to walk without any forms of support and therefore, she chose not to walk but would crawl instead. I’m very thankful that Mama Liz introduced us to Steven from Sparkanauts as misterchewy and I were clueless about how we could instill confidence in Little misschewy and get her to walk independently without resorting to having to crawling.


Sparkanauts aims to give each child an intellectual, physical and social edge in life and learning through specially design programmes that combine fun activities and research-backed teaching methods. Children learn best through play and this is exactly what Sparkanauts promote – holistic development through play. Steven proposed that Little misschewy attend the Cadet class which is targetted at toddlers between 12 months to 18 months of age. Every activity that we went through in class is designed to stimulate our child’s brains, while refining their physical abilities to move ahead. After attending a handful of sessions at Sparkanauts, I like how structured and well-organized the classes are. Chanelle is always fully engaged during the sessions which are 75 minutes long, inclusive of a 10-minute sharing session at the end of the class.


Kids like routine and it’s comforting to see that Chanelle is able to adapt well to the classes conducted and led by Teacher Rachel, assisted by Teacher Beatrice. Each week, we start off with a boisterous welcome song and a round of flash cards to get warmed up.



Chanelle is being introduced a different theme each week. So far, she had been exposed to Meal Time, Shower, My Neighborhood, Swimming and Playground. Kids get to learn about things that are related to a particular theme. In the case of “Shower” for instance, Chanelle had been presented with flash cards with words and pictures of bath tub, shampoo, diaper, towel, powder, etc.


There is never a dull moment at Sparkanauts!





During the circuit trainings, Chanelle got to walk up and down the ramps, climb up and down small steps, balance on the beam and crawl through tunnels. It is definitely a great and fun way to sharpen her balance and locomotor skills!


Fine motor skills are also being worked on during each class.


Chanelle’s favorite activity at Sparkanauts! Trapeze time!




Interesting use of puppets to teach Chanelle how to jump left, right, up and down.


Gym Ball


For this relay activity, Chanelle had to pick up a piece of plastic fruit or vegetable one at a time, and walk to the other end to deposit it into another container.



This activity targets various areas of development such as hand-eye coordination, walking and balancing with a toy in one hand, bending down and getting up.


The items in the Mystery Box differs each week.



During this particular session, Chanelle was tasked to pinch some plasticine and place the pieces on each tooth. Afterwards, she had to brush them off using a toothbrush. We didn’t manage to complete this activity as Chanelle was uncomfortable with the texture of plasticine and kept avoiding it when we waved the ball of plasticine in front of her. Teacher Rachel noticed that Chanelle is only comfortable with handling smooth surfaces but when it came to sticky or rough surfaces, she would cringe and turn away. Therefore, we had to expose her to more textures!


Our term with Sparkanauts has not ended yet but misterchewy and I have started to see great improvements in Chanelle especially with regards to her physical development. If you are keen to experience what Sparkanauts has to offer, do take part in our giveaway contest! Sparkanauts is offering FREE trial sessions worth $58 each to two readers of missuschewy’s blog!
Simply follow the steps below to qualify. Good luck! :)

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SAFRA Toa Payoh
293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Singapore 319387
Tel: 62590307

Opening Hours:
9am – 5pm

Koobits Singapore Math Portal


During my school days, I had a love-hate relationship with mathematics. Thankfully, I had competent tutors to turn to and of course, practice makes perfect! I have not been in touch with the current curriculum and syllabus being taught in schools and honestly, the seemingly difficult and impossible to crack Mathematics questions that have gone viral online makes me feel very worried that as a parent, I might not be able to guide Chanelle in her studies, especially when she enters primary school in future.

Koobits 1 in 5

I found out about KooBits ProblemSums online portal, which is currently used by 1 in 5 primary school students to help improve their mathematics. I have nieces and nephews who are in primary school, so I thought I would recommend KooBits to them if I really find it useful!

Pri 1 topics

Here’s taking a glance at the Primary 1 mathematics topics.


From the dashboard, users can select “Self Practice”, “Homework” or “Challenge”. Parents can also register and view their child’s performance report and also get alerted on their child’s homework.

P1 mechanical sums

Within “Self Practice”, there are mechanical sums, problem sums and high ability questions to complete.

Self practice 1

Students can zoom in on areas that they are particularly weak in and keep practicing until they feel confident about moving on. I reckon it’s really cool that there are short and concise videos which are supposed to help children retain information in a more efficient manner.

Self practice 2

Questions are labelled according to their level of difficulty. There is also a video tutorial for every question that serves as a step-by-step guide. I feel that this is very conducive in promoting self-learning in children.

Homework March 2015

Apart from homework created automatically by KooBits, teachers and parents can also log into the Maths portal and create new homework for the children!

Create Homework

Homework creation seems like a no-brainer!

Daily Challenge

I believe most kids will enjoy the KooBits Challenge! Besides the daily challenges that they can participate in, students can also challenge their friends and win prizes.

Watch this video and find out more about KooBits and how it can benefit your child!

Parents, feel free to make the best out of the 6 months FREE trial offered by KooBits by clicking here

Toozo Town: Starring Your Child in Songs and Stories!


Toozo Town

In this day and age, we find it increasingly difficult to function without technology. I will have to admit that I absolutely cannot live without my smartphone. I rely on it so much that when I’m with Chanelle, I find it impossible to put my phone away even for a few minutes. I think it’s because of this, Chanelle finds my phone more attractive than all her other toys and books. Sometimes I play nursery rhymes via YouTube but Chanelle doesn’t sit still for more than 2 minutes, thus leaving me at my wits’ end.

A world of joyful learning

Recently, I was introduced to Kloneworld, a group of storytellers with a twist. Kloneworld passes on stories that inspired and entertained us when we were kids, onto the next generation by using a mix of technology and creativity. Instead of plain books and videos, Kloneworld puts us inside the movies, animations, comic books and toys we enjoy. When we can actually see ourselves star in our own movies and comics, we enjoy an unmatched personalized storytelling experience like no other! Sounds interesting? You bet! The Chewys had a wonderful time bonding over the unique, fun and educational Kloneworld ToozoTown, a virtual world where kids can see their avatars come to life.

How to take a good photo

To get started, simply download Kloneworld for FREE and sign up for an account. In order to start making your Klones, you need to upload passport type photos for best results. Ideally, there should be even light without shadow on face, face should be looking at camera with mouth closed and forehead visible.

Manage Klones

Tadah! Here are The Chewys’ Klones! It was very tough to take a proper photo of Little misschewy who refused to keep still and look straight at the camera. Thank goodness her avatar turned out to be irresistibly adorable!

Kloneworld Videos

Everyone starts off with 1000 koins upon signing up. Some of the content are free, while others can be redeemed with koins.


The very first product that we created was the “Welcome to Toozo Town” video. The content took only a couple of minutes to be generated and a notification will be sent to your email account.

We are very impressed by how realistic our avatars are! Kloneworld cleverly makes the Klones perform a wide range of expressions and actions such as blinking, smiling, talking, singing, and dancing, etc.

Chanelle loves the videos that I had created for her! I think it was probably her 5th or 6th time watching the Welcome to Toozo Town video but she was so captivated by her own avatar that she kept her eyes glued to the screen and was seen ‘dancing’ to the music.

123 father daughter

I am especially fond of the videos that put mummy/daddy and child together!

Cuteness overload! Even misterchewy couldn’t resist replaying the video a few times!


Besides videos, you can also create books.



Kloneworld Toozo Town is not all about fun and games. There is also an educational aspect that imparts moral values through traditional stores like The Fox & The Crow, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Kloneworld Printed Books

You know what’s really cool? You have the option of purchasing the printed version of the book which you created! At just SGD9.99, you get a paperback A4 sized color printed book with your very own Klone in it!

Have Fun!

After two weeks of playing around with Kloneworld Toozo Town, I am convinced that kids will benefit from this educational app through knowledge and values imparted by the various stories. Kloneworld is a Singaporean company, launching its first product exclusively in Singapore, and then the rest of the world. You may download the FREE app HERE! Some of the paid content can be redeemed with koins, which you can earn by inviting friends to use the app. Have fun!


Signing off with a photo taken with Gaju the elephant! 😉