London Fat Duck at Scotts Square Review

20150812_203933 (1)-001

HOHO! Long time no meet misstamchiak! The last we met was at Chanelle’s one year old party in March. This woman is very busy lol but I’m touched that she remembered my birthday although she wished me one day earlier. *ahem* Ok la I better stop saying that she’s busy if not she will strangle me. Hahaha. Maureen asked me to pick a place and I chose London Fat Duck, knowing that she has not tried the food there!


London Fat Duck is a Hong Kong-style restaurant, serving roast duck like the ones made famous by restaurants such as Four Seasons and Gold Mine in Bayswater, London. Using the best Irish Duck famous for its quality, the Signature London Roast Duck ($48.80 whole, $26 half, $12.80 regular) is also affectionately known as “Wagyu of Ducks”. Enhanced with their Hong Kong chef’s secret duck roasting technique and heritage recipe, the duck meat is tender and succulent but what really stole the show was that thick layer of fat underneath the thin crispy skin.


Basically, we were there to whack their signature dishes so we ordered the London Roast Duck Noodle ($7.80) as well, even though we were already having half a roast duck. Over here, a roast duck drumstick is served together with thin springy noodles.


Don’t you agree that these Crispy London Duck Snow Buns ($4.80 for 3 pcs) look similar to Tim Ho Wan’s char siew buns? The buns were generously filled with juicy chunks of duck meat laden with sweet gravy.


These slices of Barbeque Pork with Honey Sauce ($14.80) were also pretty tender with a slightly crisp exterior. I liked that there was a slight smokiness to it.


I wouldn’t have thought of trying out the Signature Steamed Chee Cheong Fun ($5.80) if not for Maureen’s suggestion. Thankfully, the fried prawn rolls encased in steamed rice rolls turned out to be quite good! My only complaint is that they were too stingy with the sauce. Lol.


I definitely wouldn’t recommend the London Duck Dumpling ($12.80) because it tasted way too weird. I couldn’t even make out what I was eating.

IMG_5316 (1)

Thanks Maureen for the cakes from Chock Full of Beans and also, the generous birthday dinner treat!


Please note that London Fat Duck does not accept reservations at the moment. Also, a table will be assigned to you only if everyone in your group is present.
Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

London Fat Duck
6 Scott Road
Scotts Square
Singapore 228209
Tel: +65 6443 7866

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri
11am – 10pm
Weekend & PH
10am – 10pm

Bloggers + Foodies Get Together Dinner @ High Society Mansion


Helloooo chewy chewy friends! How did your weekend go? Both misterchewy and I had a very enjoyable time at the Bloggers + Foodies Get Together Dinner at High Society Mansion on Saturday night! It was organized by Maureen and Derrick and the invitation was sent out a few weeks back. Being the supportive friends that we are, the hubby and I RSVPed immediately 😛 Dinner was at 7.30pm and it started pouring only about an hour before that and we chose to cab there. The rain certainly dampened my spirit but I was all smiles the moment I saw my blogger and twitter friends. They were like sunshineeee in the pouring rain~~ 😀 😀 😀

The Chewys OOTD_High Society Mansion Dinner

The Chewys’ OOTD! We didn’t plan this way in advance, I swear. The hubs picked out this denim shirt that I bought for him and I was like “Hey! I think I might have something similar in my wardrobe..” 😛 I was wearing a dark blue chiffon maxi dress with light denim pockets across my chest. As for misterchewy, I pinned a mini white bowtie with black polka dots on his shirt to play up his outfit 😀


Ok I shall be honest that all the interior shots of High Society Mansion were taken AFTER the dinner, i.e when everybody had cleared the area. I kinda regret not taking photos earlier when it was full house but it was like the moment we found our seats and settled down, my butt refused to budge. LOL. And of course, I was busy talking to the lovely people seated at my table! 😀



I was at Table 5, together with Charleen. Next to our table was Table 6, where Calvin and some other foodies sat. Table 5 and 6 in the private room YO! It could have been more private if we had drawn the curtains. Hahaha!


Here’s a shot of misterchewy and I in the private room :)


And here’s my favorite Maureen dearest! 😀


I have no idea what Maureen and Derrick went through, but they got all of us a very good deal at just $35 nett per person for soup, main, 6 tasting dishes and dessert. However, most of us felt that the food served was not really up to standard. The dishes that I felt were not bad or pretty good were braised lamb shank, seafood laksa spaghetti and duck confit. My choice of Norwegian Haddock was a terrible one.



Minestrone Soup


Mixed Mushroom Spaghetti perfumed with truffles scented cream sauce


Norwegian Haddock in tempura batter and fries with air flown garden leaves


Braised Lamb Shanks with red wine and tomato


Crab Caesar Salad


Cajun baby chicken with chestnuts, brussel sprouts and bacon


Pork Knuckle with sauerkraut, mashed potato and brown sauce


Seafood Spaghetti Laksa with pan seared Canadian scallops and tiger prawns


Duck Confit with mix mesclun, carrot puree and seasonal vegetables


Assorted High Society cupcakes, macarons and cake




Met a few new faces and I’m so glad to have finally been formally introduced to one of my favorite PR consultants, Faith! Very blessed to be able to work with her over the past few months. Faith turned out to be very chatty and animated in person! :)




A group photo of Tables 5 and 6 in the private room! We got Keropokman to help us with the shots and he was very cheeky ah.. Snapped and snapped non stop! LOL!




A big thank you to our wonderful organizers! 😉

Onion Restaurant and Bar: Birthday Treat from MissTamChiak


This is gonna be my final birthday post for this year, I promise! 😛 Was supposed to go on an exclusive romantic date with Maureen but she was kind enough to ‘insist’ that misterchewy join us too. She let me choose the location but I really had a long list of to-go places so it was kinda hard to come to a final decision! We agreed on Onion Restaurant and Bar in the end because we passed by it when we went for the ZESRPI kiwifruit dinner earlier on. It’s actually along the same stretch. My cousin, Sharon had recommended this restaurant to me so this was a good opportunity 😀


Don’t ask me why the restaurant is called ‘Onion’ when they specialize in tapas, oysters and wine! Does anybody know? Hehe.


Amuse bouche.


Not sure if this is considered another amuse bouche. LOL. This gigantic oyster was served shortly after we whipped out our DSLRs.



I had the honour of polishing off this delicacy because Maureen and misterchewy don’t like the taste of oysters! Hahaha lucky me! 😀


Seriously, one is just not enough.


The three of us ordered two soups to share. The Lobster Bisque ($12.80) was thick, creamy and full of that delicious crustacean flavor.


I was quite disappointed with the Clear French Onion Soup ($11.80) though, after reading quite a few reviews that seem to sing praises for it. Felt that something was lacking and it didn’t really pack a punch.


We asked for some recommendations and the waiter suggested that we try the Gambas al Ajillo ($10.80). It was well-flavored with Spanish garlic and I reckon that garlic lovers would truly love this dish.


Another much raved about dish was the Duck Confit on Mushroom Stew ($14.80). The shredded chunks of duck were very tender and were served with stewed oyster mushrooms. The combination was perfect and you should only attempt to eat this with the fluffy pita bread.





Each of us had a main to ourselves. I chose the Spicy Crabmeat Spaghetti with Caviar ($16.80) with sweet and spicy tomato sauce. I don’t usually go for tomato sauce based pastas but this had the right amount of sweetness and the sauce wasn’t too thick. I wish they had given me more crabmeat and caviar though! 😛


Maureen wanted to order the same but she went for the Roasted Lamb Rack with Fresh Herbs ($25.80) so that we could try different dishes. I really thought that the lamb rack tasted as good as it looked. It had a slightly smoked gamey flavor which was enough to tantalize the taste buds. A pity that they served only a few miserable slices!



*GASP* Maureen baked me a Frou Frou cake! What a pleasant surprise! It is essentially a cake made using raspberries and dessicated coconut, among other ingredients :) The chef was kind enough to plate it. It was Maureen’s first attempt baking this and it was pure success! This girl is a baking genius!






Thank you misstamchiak for the lovely birthday treat and for baking me the sweetest cake ever! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my primary school bestie Adelene for the present and birthday dinner at Paradise Dynasty as well as my bunch of secondary school buddies for the awesome dinner at Hungry Chimps. You guys rock! 😀

Onion Restaurant and Bar
791 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269764
Tel: 6763 0398

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thu
5.30 – 10.30pm
5.30 – 11pm
10.30am – 3pm
5.30 – 11pm
10.30am – 3pm
5.30 – 10.30pm

JB Organic Farm and Durian Buffet Trip with MissTamChiak!

JB Organic Farm & Durian Buffet Trip

Hello my chewy chewy friends! It’s finally Friday! 😀 Just to share with you, my company organized two trips to Johor Bahru over two consecutive Saturdays in July. The response was overwhelming for the first trip, so the recreation committee decided to have another one the following week. I was trying hard to contain my excitment when I saw the words “Eat All You Can Durian Buffet Feast“.

on bus

There were limited spaces so we had to go through a balloting process and I managed to get misstamchiak to join me on this one day trip! We enjoyed subsidized rates of $20 for me and $35 for her, which included transportation, organic farm visit, lunch, durian buffet and dinner! There were about 40 of us but I couldn’t really recognize anyone because they were from other entities and departments. Kinda like joining a tour group and it didn’t feel like a company thing for me if you get what I mean 😛

Breakfast place in jb

I woke up at 4.30am that morning because we were supposed to set off at around 6.45am. We were very hungry by the time we crossed customs and reached our first stopover for breakfast!

JB breakfast place

Honestly, Maureen felt like a big sister because she took care of me throughout the trip! It was probably also due to the fact that I had *just* recovered from sore throat, or maybe not quite. Wasn’t feeling very well actually. I guai guai sat there while Maureen went to order our food.

Fried wanton noodles

misstamchiak at work

Must take photos before we eat. It’s a ritual for us of course. Not using DSLR also nevermind.

Dim Sum

We shared dim sum too! If I didn’t remember wrongly, it works up to about $3.30 for these 3. Cheap cheap!

Breakfast finally!


After an hour’s bus journey, we reached our next stop. Zenxin Organic Park is the first opened-to public organic farm in Malaysia, combining educational and recreational purposes.


This scenic 100-acre park mainly composes of greenhouse area (vegetable farm) and a dragon fruit farm. Other crops consist of tropical fruits such as passion fruit, papaya, pineapple, etc. More than 100 types of herbs can also be found.

us at organic farm


Can you believe it? This is a dragon fruit tree! Yup look closely and you will be able to see the fruit that’s being wrapped in the blue plastic bag.


Maybe I should be a farmer and work in a Happy Farm someday! Haha 😛





Oooooh~ Just look at ’em long ones. Lol!


Looking at this gorgeous sunflower brightens up one’s mood immediately! 😀


The sun was shining right into my eyes but I couldn’t leave without taking a photo with the sunflower 😛


Wispy clouds like cotton candy against a bright blue sky, lovely plants and greenery, and fresh clean air!




These rabbits are just too adorable and there are so many of them! :)



Another shot of Zenxin Organic Park.


us at zenxin




Heart-shaped leaves! For misterchewy~~ 😛



Another stopover at Yong Peng. Nothing much for me to buy. My parents-in-law are coffee drinkers so I bought green tea coffee for them.


A different type of huat kueh!


And finallyyyy, it was time for durians! 😀


The tour guide suggested that we should grab a bit of food because durians are gassy and we shouldn’t be eating them on an empty stomach. But I don’t understand why they had to serve fried beehoon and curry chicken?! Curry chicken + durians sound like a very heaty and deadly combination.




durian buffet


We took 4 small durians but one was totally inedible la. The durian meat had already hardened!


Can you see the joy on our faces? Overall, it was a very fun durian buffet experience!


All that was left when everyone cleared the area. LOL.


We were given about 2 hours to shop at Tebrau City Shopping Centre! The mall is quite huge but nothing really caught my fancy. Bought two pairs of berms for misterchewy! I bet they would cost me at least double of what I paid if I were to go to Bugis or Far East Plaza.


I first had my very first Hokkaido cake when my MIL bought them back when she went to JB and that was quite some time back. I recalled eating one immediately after taking it out from the refrigerator. Surprisingly, it was still very soft and moist!


Dinner was included too! But the food wasn’t appetizing at all..










I wonder when would my next trip to JB be! Dressed in t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. Left my dslr and iPad at home for obvious reasons. We were so afraid that we would be robbed or abducted if we brought them along. Haha! Alrighty~ Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)

Go on a Japanese Gourmet Journey & Redeem Sushi Cushions @ Liang Court till 29 July 2012!

-Sponsored Post-


Hello friends, I bet you guys are looking forward to the weekend already! Fret not if you don’t have any plans yet because missuschewy strongly urges everyone to go on a Gourmet Journey in Japanese style at Liang Court. Besides a host of gourmet choices and yummy treats, there are many entertaining and exciting activities such as cooking demonstrations, authentic Japanese performances and gourmet challenges that people of all ages can take part in and also win fantastic prizes at the same time! Why spend your precious weekend wandering aimlessly along the streets of Orchard Road? Come on down to Liang Court and immerse in the wonderful Japanese culture! :)


The kind folks at AsiaMalls Management sponsored us some shopping and dining vouchers. Grabbed Celes, Derrick and his partner along to check out the host of activities at the mall last Sunday!


If you crave for Japanese cuisine, the best place to head to is of course Liang Court! Isn’t it obvious? Haha. My favorite restaurant at Liang Court is Tampopo. There are many others like the famous Marutama Ra-men, Botejyu Okonomiyaki, and Saizeriya that you can choose from too! We decided to have a quick lunch at the relatively new Dulcet & Studio which is also under the Tampopo group.


I like Dulcet & Studio for its relaxed and laidback vibe. Will definitely pop by again for more cakes and tea!








After lunch, we wanted to catch the Japanese Lion Dance with Mask performance at the main atrium and spotted the performers while we were making our way there!



All the performances, gourmet challenges and cooking workshops are held on weekends so the next one would be on 21 and 22 July from 1 to 6pm.


This little boy is all prepared for the Japanese Gourmet Journey too!





I must really hand it to the performers for giving their best shot in the Japanese lion dance with mask show. Everyone stopped in their tracks to watch the performance and we all learned a thing or two about the Japanese culture. Next weekend, there will be a Special MIYAKE DAIKO performance and Japanese Folk Dance performance so watch out for them!


Next up was the Subway Tasters Challenge where shoppers who spend a minimum of $20 in a single receipt will be eligible to put their taste buds to the test! The first to guess correctly the most number of sauces and fillings on their Subway sandwiches will walk away with the most number of prizes!


Spot anyone familiar up on the stage? LOL.


Not sure what that look from misterchewy meant. Probably a little caught off guard?




Good thing this wasn’t a eating competition in terms of who can eat the most, if not the atmosphere would be a tensed one! The contestants seemed to be enjoying their Subs! 😀


I must say that misterchewy had been very courageous to take part in this tasting challenge because the only Sub that he eats is Subway Melt!



All participants will definitely go home with some prizes. The higher your ranking, you get to draw more prizes! The Subway Tasters Challenge will take place again on 22 July, next Sunday at 2pm.


Yay! The boy won a lovely Japanese sake set! I think it’s a sign that we should start stocking up on sake. Heh 😛


The Japanese fair features a wide range of food products and simple kitchen appliances, etc.


Keep the little ones happy with the Gourmet Journey Coloring Book for Kids! It is also a good way for them to learn about the different Japanese food such as sushi, ramen, bento, etc.


Having passed by many shops, the one that intrigued me the most was LALU. Its interior is so 1980s and many of the pretty frocks are very feminine!


The fashion collection consists of the White Romance Collection, Dress with an Edge Collection and Glam Chic Collection. Depending on your mood and style, you will definitely find something you like!






For easy, one-stop shopping for the entire family, I suggest that you check out Miki Outlet Store (M.O.S). Not only can you find clothes for the adult male and female, there are clothes for kids and teens as well!


This looks like a two-piece but it’s actually a dress! Perfect for casual outings. I bought not one but two dresses at M.O.S 😛


Yup and this was the other dress that I chose. Really flatters my figure! Hehehe! :PPP


After shopping, we settled our dinner at Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant.











It was our first time trying Okinawan food and we liked it very much! Felt that it wasn’t distinctly Japanese and the pork belly dishes gave us the impression that there had been some Chinese influence on Okinawan dishes. The total bill came up to about $120 which is very reasonable.


If you spend $120 in a maximum of 2 same-day receipts, you can redeem for an adorable Sushi Cushion, while stocks last! Terms and condition apply so do check with the customer service staff at level 2.


I’m loving my Ebi Sushi cushion! It’s so soft and huggable! <3 Next in the series are Sushi Roll from 18 July and Maki Sushi from 24 July. A word of caution: They might be fully redeemed really quickly!


Click here for a comprehensive listing of the programme highlights that will be taking place this weekend!
The Chewys had an awesome weekend at Liang Court and we hope you will too! Have fun everyone! 😀 😀 😀

A big thank you to AsiaMalls Management for the vouchers.

MissTamChiak’s Birthday Surprise @ Akari Japanese Dining & Bar

Akari Japanese Dining and Bar

Our dear misstamchiak turned a year older recently! Initially, my plan was to give her a dinner treat, and it was supposed to just the two of us. Romantic right! LOL. We had agreed to dine at a particular Spanish restaurant but in the end, we settled for Akari Japanese Dining and Bar at Marina Bay Link Mall. And not only that, dinner between two ladies turned out to be a group of eight foodie friends! 😀

Photo credit: Nadia

Ok the story goes like this. I was one of the lucky three winners of the new iPad following the Standard Chartered’s The Good Life contest. Haha shall not elaborate on the contest here. The date to collect the iPad at Marina Bay Financial Centre had been set and yes, it coincided with my dinner date with misstamchiak! Told her that we can either postpone it or dine somewhere around MBFC so that she doesn’t have to wait too long. Since Derrick won himself an iPad too, Maureen said that he can join us if he wants to. Just nice Celes asked me if I wanted to join in for a dinner surprise for Maureen and I told her about our plans. Hence, we asked the others along!


Celes made reservations and we were given a private dining room with 8 seats, and Maureen was clearly suspicious! LOL. While waiting for the others to spring their surprise on Maureen, I tried to buy time by asking her to accompany me to the washroom. When we were back, they were still waiting for Jiayi! So we took some photos in the private room.


Maureen and Derrick.


This is Derrick’s gf! So for those of his females readers out there who think he’s single and available, please give up already. HAHA! Kidding~~


Before we could stop Maureen, she went out of the private dining room and began snapping pictures in the restaurant. When the rest of the group arrived, she was backfacing them and Celes gave her a scare from behind! That was when we heard a loud shrill~~ Lol.


It’s very difficult to order food in a large group especially when everyone goes, “Anything. Anything.” I’m glad we ordered sashimi because it’s my favorite! The Salmon Zukushi ($58) is a 3-kind salmon sashimi platter consisting of salmon, salmon belly and salmon roe. I love the salmon belly because it’s loaded with fat!





This has got to be one of the most expensive sushi platter I have eaten in my 2X years of life. The Tokusyou Nigiri 12 Syu ($64) featured 12 types of premium sushi. We ordered 2 sets to be shared among everyone. All I can say is that the raw fish were firm and fresh.


Whoever ordered this must love rice a lot. LOL. The Kaisen Sansyoku Wan ($38) was 3-kinds mini rice bowls with sea urchin & salmon roe, yellowtail & sesame sauce, seasoned tuna red meat. Much to my *ahem* delight, nobody except for Jiayi and I wanted to eat the sea urchin. And I was like, “This is good stuff! Why nobody eat?!” The combination of melt-in-the-mouth texture and briny taste is something I found heavenly!




We ordered two types of fish, one of which was the Gindara Saikyo Yaki ($26). The cod fish was well marinated with sweet miso sauce and its moisture was retained even after grilling. I have always liked cod fish for its oily, flaky texture.


I didn’t really fancy the Madai Yaki Anchovy Flavour ($24) because it had this mild fishy taste but the red chilli pepper and anchovy paste helped to cover it up a little. Perhaps we should have squeezed some lemon over it! Haha.


Strangely, the Buta Shiro Kakuni ($18) reminded me of the canned Narcissus Stewed Pork Chop. *shudders*


It was a good thing that we also ordered the Kurobuta Miso Yaki ($26). The marinated black pork was grilled to perfection with homemade miso sauce. It was very succulent with a slight buttery flavor which I enjoyed thoroughly.


With Jiayi and Rae!


Maureen and I started the ball rolling for a series of crazy wacky shots! We wanted a proper picture first and we banged into each other on the head! Quite painful lor! Anyway, some of the following photos are koped from Maureen. Don’t say I never give credit ah. Hahaha!


And then Derrick became trigger happy and started snapping non-stop!





Maureen and Yan Cai.


Celes and Maureen are about to start a cat fight. LOL.









Ending this post with a candid shot! Byeeeee! 😀

Akari Dining & Bar
8A Marina Boulevard,
GP #01-02
Marina Bay Link Mall
Tel: 6634 0100

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat
12pm – 3pm (Lunch)
6pm – 10pm (Dinner)

Hai Siang Joo Seafood Restaurant with the Food Bloggers!

Group photo
Photo credit: Maureen

I must say that I’m glad to be part of this close-knit bunch of food blogger friends who.. well, share the same hobby as misterchewy and I! Eating! Despite our busy schedules, we try to meet up once a month or every two months on average. Recently, some of us went to check out Lisa’s dad’s Hai Siang Joo Seafood Restaurant at Tuas! To many, if not all of us, the place is extremely ulu! We split up into groups of 3 and took a cab from Boon Lay. While travelling along Tuas, it felt as though we were on our way to Malaysia lor! Haha 😛

Fish Maw Soup @ $4/bowl

First up was a bowl of Fish Maw Soup ($4) to warm the tummy and whet our appetite for the yummy dishes to come! Anyway, I was really glad that this isn’t shark’s fin soup. This soup with fish maw, prawns, mushroom and bean sprouts tasted fantastic with a dash of vinegar!

XO Sauce Seafood Crystal Kway Teow @ $8, $12, $16

Because of my post-surgery dietary restriction, I wasn’t able to eat most dishes such as prawns and crab. Therefore, I shall now proclaim that the XO Sauce Seafood Crystal Kway Teow ($8, $12, $16) is my favoritest (haha) dish! This translucent kway teow, otherwise known as 粉皮 or bean flour sheet, has a slightly chewy texture and nice bite. There’s a hint of wok hei fragrance and the XO sauce made the dish very savoury and addictive. When I revisit in future, I think I can just eat this on its own, without prawns! 😀

Sweet & Sour Shell-less Prawns @ $24, $30, $40

I didn’t eat the Sweet & Sour Shell-less Prawns ($24, $30, $40) so please read Celes’ and Maureen’s reviews to find out more.

Braised Pork Ribs

Flat Buns

Special Braised Pork Ribs with Flat Buns @ $12, $24

Ummm I think most ladies will scream (silently inside) and (try not to) run away at the sight of this Special Braised Pork Ribs with Flat Buns ($12, $24). Not for us and definitely not for me! I’ve been living on pork fats since young. Hurhur. I even help misterchewy eat them when we order kway chap. So when I saw this, I was thrilled! The pork ribs are braised for 4 hours and there is no way it can be anything faster than that. So rest assured that you will get a very tender and flavorful chunk of pork rib to go with a piece of flat bun! My second favorite dish at Hai Siang Joo.

Kung Pao Shell-less Prawns @ $24, $30, $40

The Kung Pao Shell-less Prawns ($24, $30) looked very tempting but uh-uh, I’m disciplined. Again, please read the ladies’ reviews!

Steamed Pomfret with Nonya Sauce @ $6 per 100 grams

I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry when I saw the Steamed Pomfret with Nonya Sauce ($16 per 100grams). I love steamed pomfret but I wasn’t supposed to eat that kinda sauce yet. *sigh* But but but, misterchewy scraped off the sauce for me so that I could still eat the fish. Play cheat a bit la. 😛

Stir-fried Dou Miao $12, $18, $24

Honestly, I didn’t know that dou miao could look like this too! These are from Taiwan! I like the simple taste and slightly crunchy texture of the Stir-fried Dou Miao ($12, $18, $24).

Black Pepper Crab @ $4.50 per 100 grams

OMG I think I suffered from a mild case of depression just by watching the rest stuff their faces into the Black Pepper Crab ($4.50 per 100grams). The fragrance was enough to make me go crazy. :(



Cupcake from Ugly Cake Shop

To end the night, I had a very delicious Dark Chocolate and Nutella cupcake baked by Lisa from The Ugly Cake Shop! It was pure decadence! 😀

Hai Siang Joo Seafood Restaurant
29 Tuas West Avenue
Pioneer Food Village
Singapore 638427
Tel: 6863 3615/2

Opening Hours
11am – 2.30pm
5pm – 10pm