Double-boiled ZESPRI Kiwifruit with White Fungus!


After two consecutive days of posting simple recipes of Seafood Fried Rice with ZESPRI Kiwifruit and Japanese Vegetable Curry Rice with ZESPRI Kiwifruit, I will be doing short post on making Double-boiled ZESPRI Kiwifruit with White Fungus!


– White fungus
– Wolfberries
– Red dates
– Rock sugar
– Pear
– ZESPRI Green Kiwifruit


Add all the ingredients into the double-boiler and double boil over simmering water in a pot for about an hour.


It’s so simple! You can choose to leave the double-boiler to cool before refrigerating it for a few hours prior to serving.


Don’t forget to visit ZESPRI’s website for really cool dessert recipes!

Infographic 2

Did you know that ZESPRI Green Kiwifruit has FIVE times the nutrition of apples? It is also an extremely rich source of Vitamin C! Hope this little fun fact helps to chase those Monday blues away 😉

Japanese Vegetable Curry Rice with ZESPRI Kiwifruit!

ZESPRI Kiwifruit Japanese Curry 004

Happy Sunday everyone! Yesterday, I shared a very simple recipe for Seafood Fried Rice for ZESPRI Kiwifruit and today, I will be blogging about Japanese Vegetable Curry Rice with ZESPRI kiwifruit! Yup, you heard me right! I posted a photo of the final product on Instagram and it seemed like not many could get used to the idea of eating kiwi with curry 😛

– Japanese Vegetable Curry
– Onion
– Potato
– Carrots
– ZESPRI Green Kiwifruits

ZESPRI Kiwifruit Japanese Curry 007

Slice/chop carrots, potato, onion and kiwifruits.

ZESPRI Kiwifruit Japanese Curry 011

Boil water and add a dash of salt and cooking oil. Boil carrots and potato for a few minutes.

ZESPRI Kiwifruit Japanese Curry 016

Drain away the water. Add Japanese vegetable curry and onion. Stir well.

ZESPRI Kiwifruit Japanese Curry 020

Add ZESPRI green kiwifruits and stir.

ZESPRI Kiwifruit Japanese Curry 021

ZESPRI Kiwifruit Japanese Curry 032

Here’s our Japanese vegetable curry rice with ZESPRI kiwifruit! You can choose to serve it separately from your steamed white rice. It’s really very simple to cook! :)

ZESPRI Kiwifruit Japanese Curry 043

Itadakimasu~ I personally like to mix the Japanese curry into my rice before eating. Anyway, this is a bit like assam sauce, minus the spiciness and sourness! Haha! For more recipes, visit ZESPRI’s website.

Seafood Fried Rice with ZESPRI Kiwifruit!


How do you get creative when you have boxes and boxes of ZESPRI kiwifruits? On National Day, my mum and I whipped up a storm in the kitchen. Ok, my mum did the cooking while I stood there photographing the entire process 😛 I’m gonna share a very simple recipe on Seafood Fried Rice with ZESPRI Kiwifruit today!

– Squid
– Crabmeat stick
– Prawns
– Eggs
– Steamed white rice
– Garlic
– Chicken stock
– ZESPRI Gold Kiwifruits

Quantity wise, I leave it all up to you! You can always add in more of the ingredients that you like 😛


Turn on stove and heat up the wok. Add a bit of cooking oil and fry in some garlic. As it sizzles, add prawns, squid and crabmeat stick. Give it a good fry!


For extra flavor, add in a dash of chicken stock.


Pour in steamed white rice.


Continue frying. Don’t forget to watch the fire and adjust accordingly to prevent burning the rice!


Lightly beat eggs and pour them in. Stir till they are lightly scrambled.


Now for the fun part! Add in diced ZESPRI kiwifruits and stir minimally.


Wheeeeee! Our seafood fried rice with ZESPRI kiwifruit is ready! How does it taste? Surprisingly, it tastes quite good! A bit like pineapple fried rice! 😉 Head to ZESPRI’s website to learn more about their recipes using ZESPRI kiwifruits!

Cook For Family: Power Packed Porridge with Cuttlefish, Fishcake, Chicken, Scallop & Peanuts

Cook For Family - Porridge

I have decided to jump on the Cook For Family bandwagon together with over 100 bloggers. Basically, this initiative promotes cooking for our family members. Those who know me would know that missuschewy does not cook. At all. You will never find her in the kitchen. Except when she raids the refrigerator of course.

Cook For Family 002

The whole idea of cooking for my family members does sound kinda fun and meaningful but let’s face it, I can only cook something simple and fuss-free. I thought of my favorite porridge that my mum makes every now and then. It’s something that I can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. True story! With that, my mum became my ‘Power Packed Porridge Consultant’. The porridge is ‘power packed’ because it has lotsa ingredients in it! There are slices of fried fish cake, cuttlefish, chicken fillet, scallops and peanuts.

Cook For Family 005

Cook For Family 006

Cook For Family 019

Preparation is very simple but I will still run through the process briefly over here. Shred chicken, fishcake and cuttlefish into slices. Marinate chicken fillet in sesame oil, oyster sauce and pepper.

Cook For Family 029

Soak rice grains with dried scallops in water for at least one hour.

Cook For Family 030

Boil half a kettle of hot water. Add boiled water into the slow cooker. Turn cooker to high heat.

Cook For Family 031

Half an hour later, add chicken fillet. Let it cook for another half an hour before adding cuttlefish and fishcake. Turn to low heat and let it simmer for one hour. Add hot water and stir when necessary. Finally, pour the whole can of peanuts into the pot. Don’t let the peanut sauce in the can go to waste. Pour it in too! It adds a sweet flavor to the porridge.

Cook For Family 046

Garnish the bowl of porridge with chopped spring onion and fried shallots. And tadaaaah~! That’s a bowl of power packed porridge for you!

Cook For Family 048

It’s a success! The porridge has a very nice sweet flavor and its texture is soft. Use only a slow cooker to cook the porridge!

Cook For Family 052

Glad to be part of this Cook For Family initiative! :)

Cook Your Very Own Curry La Mian with Prima Taste!


One lazy Sunday afternoon, the Chewys decided to stay at home and whip up a simple meal in the kitchen. Usually we would choose to eat out because the thought of having to cook and then wash up afterwards is quite scary. We were given the opportunity to sample Prima Taste’s Curry La Mian quite some time back but we never got round to doing it. To be honest, I will never forget the tasty Laksa noodles that we had at Prima Taste Kitchen last year. The noodles were premium steam dried and are not those deep fried noodles that u can get in your typical pack of instant noodles.


Before I embarked on my mission, the missus proclaimed that she wanted to have a hard boiled egg to go along with her noodles so here’s one for each of us.


I followed the instructions stated on the pack closely! Rule of thumb: Do not add too much water if not the curry will end up too watery.



Pour in the Curry Paste first.


Followed by the Curry Premix.


At this point, it smelled heavenly already!



Depends on personal preference. I tend to peel the hard boiled eggs while waiting for the noodles to be cooked.


The missus and I decided to add crabmeat sticks and chicken meatballs too.



And here is The Chewys’ very own Prima Taste Curry La Mian! Does it look appetising? The curry gravy was intense with flavors and very lemak too! Of course, the missus kept silent throughout as she tucked in hungrily into her bowl of noodles and this served as a form of reaffirmation that Prima Taste’s Curry La Mian is something that everyone can easily cook in the comfort of their own kitchens!

Thank you Prima Taste and Ruby from Foreword Communications for the Curry La Mian.

Bloggers’ Makan Session: He Cooked, We Snapped, Ate & Loved It!

Bloggers Makan Session

It was quite sometime ago when Jacob from Cook.Snap.Eat.Love tweeted if anyone of us would be keen on a makan session at his place. I follow Jacob’s blog very closely and have always marvelled at his culinary skills! I was very sure that he wanted to whip up something in his kitchen and indeed, he had that plan in mind. Jacob grows his own microgreens as seen in the above photo and used some to garnish the soup we had for dinner! Interesting, isn’t it? :)


Since misterchewy and I were the earliest (we reached on the dot while the rest were late!) we sneaked into Jacob’s kitchen and caught him when he was cooking the duck confit. In fact, he started preparations the week before! Don’t ask me how he did it but he did it. Oops sorry a bit of a spoiler there! Jacob’s girlfriend, Chloe, made these pretty Ispahan dessert for us! 😀 😀 😀


            Entrée – Cream of Mushroom Soup

First on the three course menu was Cream of Mushroom Soup. All of us oohed and ahhed over it, no kidding! What a superb starter it was! Jacob used a great variety of mushrooms but I can’t remember how many different types went in there. Portobello mushrooms, blue oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms and shitake were some! The texture of the soup was like that of puree – thick, creamy and chunky. I enjoyed every bit of it and it was a delight to not only be able to drink but ‘eat’ my soup at the same time!


            Main Course – Duck Confit

Cooking duck confit is a major project and it’s seriously an uphill task that not just any Tom, Dick or Harry can handle. Jacob got worried when all of us became quiet but that’s because we were too engrossed in eating! The skin of the duck was crispy and the meat was quite fork tender. I would consider Jacob’s version of duck confit to be somewhat leaner than those that I have tried.


          Dessert – Ispahan

Hardcore dessert and pastry lovers would know who Pierre Hermé is. The Ispahan is one of his signature creations, and it’s really delicate and exquisite. In shades of soft pink and red, complete with raspberries and a rose petal on top, this pastry is too dainty to be eaten. Crisp chewy macarons sandwiching a layer of raspberries on smooth rose buttercream, with a lychee in the center constitute the Ispahan. Chloe sure has potential! She was also thoughtful enough to make her Ispahan less sweet to suit Singaporean tastebuds.

Group Photo
Photo credit: Jacob

It was another awesome gathering with the bloggers. Fantastic food and lovely company I would say! :) Oh did I mention that misterchewy and I had another dinner to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday right after this? Hehe 😛

Our last meal for 2010 :)


Heyy, how’s everyone? It’s less than 2 hours to a brand new year! What did you have as your last meal for 2010? I’m sure it had some significance! For us, we had something simple. Soba! To be exact, we had Toshikoshi Soba, otherwise known as “Year End Soba” in Japan. It symbolizes longevity, prosperity and health :) Besides this simple dish, we had some sides to go along with.


Ngor Hiang made by Chewy Charles’ grandma


Fishballs and Fishcakes


Honey Glazed Chicken Wings


Spicy Drumlets


Here’s wishing everyone good health and good wealth! Hehe! Hope 2010’s been a great one for everyone and 2011 will be an awesome one! Cheers! 😀

Lotsa love from Charlene and Chewy Charles! <3