QV Skincare Body, Face & Baby Range Giveaway!



There are so many skincare products out there in the market and I’m happy to say that after much trial and error, I have finally found one particular brand that works well for me! I vividly remember that many years ago, before our year-end vacation to Harbin in China, my mum packed a tube of QV Cream along and it proved to be a lifesaver for our severely dry and itchy skin due to the cold, harsh weather! I didn’t think much about QV Skincare products until a few months back, when the condition of my skin took a turn for the worse and I believe those pregnancy hormones are responsible for it.


And there I was, feeling seriously overwhelmed by the various types of skincare products at the drugstore when a familiar looking brand managed to catch my eye. I was amazed by the huge range of products offered by QV, a gentle soap-free cleansing and moisturising range for every part of the body, sealing in moisture to ensure your skin feels its best all day. Isn’t it wonderful that there is a QV product specially formulated to cleanse or moisturise different severities of dry or sensitive skin?


Starting with QV Gentle Wash, it is a soap-free, non-drying body cleanser that maintains the skin’s hydration during cleansing to ensure the skin is left feeling soft and clean. The unique formulation of QV Gentle Wash is non-comedogenic so it will not block pores. It is pH balanced, and free from colour, lanolin, fragrance and propylene glycol. Not only is QV Gentle Wash suitable for all skin types, it can also be used by those who suffer from conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. It is an ideal cleanser for those with dry skin and is also suitable for acne prone skin, infants and the elderly.


This QV Cream is what I had mentioned earlier, that even in extremely cold and harsh weather conditions, our skins were effectively moisturised. QV Cream is a highly concentrated moisturising cream that helps prevent and relieve dry skin. Besides moisturising the skin, providing much needed re-hydration, QV Cream also helps seal in the skin’s own natural moisture by acting as a protective barrier. QV Cream is excellent for very dry areas of the skin such as the elbows, knees and hands. Rest assured that it will leave your skin feeling nourished and protected!

QV Face

Apart from the two QV body products mentioned, there is also a QV Face range! After removing my makeup, I cleanse my face with QV Face Gentle Cleanser. I like that it is fragrance-free and my skin does not feel tight after washing; a good sign that my skin has not been stripped of its natural oils! I follow up with QV Face Moisturising Day Cream in the morning and QV Face Nurturing Night Cream before I go to bed. I feel that both QV Face creams are quite thick, so a little does the trick! It is very important for me to lather on some moisturising cream on my face because of the air-conditioned environment that I’m exposed to on almost a daily basis. On days when my skin feels extra sensitive, I reach out for the QV Face Rescue Gel. I like its light and watery consistency, which refreshes, cools and tones the skin, while maintaining the skin’s hydration.


I was pleasantly surprised to find out that QV has also launched a QV Baby range! Children’s skin, especially babies’ and toddlers’, are extra sensitive and are more prone to developing skin problems. QV Baby range is free from soap and fragrance, and is specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin. It has also been dermatologically tested and is recommended by paediatricians. As part of baby’s everyday skincare routine, the QV Baby range works to gently cleanse, moisturise, protect and help restore suppleness and a healthy glow to the skin. While suitable to use as part of baby’s everyday skincare, the QV Baby range is also appropriate to use on babies suffering from eczema, dermatitis and other common baby skin issues.


Little misschewy’s skin was quite dry and flaky, probably due to the chlorine sensitivity when we take her out for her weekly swim. However, I find that the QV Baby Gentle Wash, QV Baby Bath Oil and QV Baby Moisturising Cream really help to relieve her skin’s dryness by hydrating and restoring its natural moisture. Now, her skin feels soft, smooth and supple again! I’m also quite generous with the QV Baby Barrier Cream as I find that it is highly effective in preventing nappy rash.

QV products are stocked at pharmacies. For more information on QV products, check out www.egopharm.com


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