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Hola chewy chewy friends! The kind folks from Park Hotel Group invited misterchewy and I for a staycation experience review at Grand Park Orchard Hotel about two weeks ago! Guess what? This is our fourth staycation this year! πŸ˜€


Grand Park Orchard is situated in the heart of town, right smack in the middle of where all the bustling activity is! Its strategic location makes it a very popular hotel choice among locals and tourists because there are so many shopping centres nearby. Do you know that the hot and half naked bodies of the A&F guys are just downstairs?!


Lobby is on the 4th floor and Grand Park Orchard’s hotel ambassador had already positioned himself outside the lift, waiting to greet us with his dazzling smile. We were promptly showed to our room on level 9.


We were given an ultra swanky room with high speed Internet access simply by logging in with my name and the password written on the card.


Our 29 to 32sqm Premium Room was simply gorgeous! We love the floor-to-ceiling glass windows which gave the lofty room a more dramatic and posh feel. And not forgetting the artistic designer wall mural! <;3


A large glass window for your viewing pleasure. Oh no I meant that you could soak in the tub and watch TV at the same time! What a brilliant idea! πŸ˜‰


Can the hotel be any more generous than this?! It’s as though someone went grocery shopping at the supermarket and picked up every single variety of fruit that she saw. If you like fruits, good for you! If you don’t, I’m very sure there must be something on that plate that you will fancy.



A handwritten welcome card from the General Manager, which is a really nice gesture :)



The hubs was trying to use the hotel wifi while I continue snapping photos in our room.



Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion. All lavender! I like!


Just about everything that you need, it’s in there.


I was telling misterchewy that if the bath tub looks enticing enough, we could go shop for a nice shower gel for our bubble bath πŸ˜›




I knew I didn’t have to worry about misterchewy feeling bored about being left alone because the reclining sofa (not sure what’s the exact term for it) looked really comfortable and he was already glued to the LCD TV.


Oh let’s backtrack a bit. The hubs wore another set of clothing when we travelled to the hotel and he wanted to change into the set which I had picked out and packed for him. However, the shirt had some creases and I took the chance to use the iron and ironing board in our room to prove my caliber as a good wife. *AHEM*


A quick look at the mini bar. Only the bottled water, tea and coffee are complimentary.


The fridge certainly is very well-stocked with most of our favorite drinks in there!


Takashimaya Shopping Centre is just across the street! I told you Grand Park Orchard’s location is awesome, didn’t I?

Grand Park Orchard Premier Room

Photo taken by misterchewy using iPhone 5’s panorama function :)

The Chewys_Xmas tree

Our outfit of the day! Both our clothes were gotten during our recent trip to Bangkok. I wore a light yellow dip hem maxi dress and paired a metallic gold bangle to go along with it. Cheery colors! πŸ˜‰ The hubs is usually seen wearing jeans because he works as an engineer so I made him wear shorts this time. Totally love the white long sleeved shirt with navy blue anchor prints that I chose for him! πŸ˜€


We were totally famished and decided walk over to Mandarin Gallery for late lunch at Ippudo because misterchewy was craving for ramen.






We were walking around aimless and then misterchewy suggested that we go to *SCAPE to catch some toys! But nothing caught my eye :( Or am I too old for this? LOL.



*SCAPE is also one of the more popular locations for casual outdoor wedding photoshoot! I’m giving you people some ideas ok? πŸ˜› Oh yeah, misterchewy was carrying a Sephora paper bag because we bought a really sweeeeet smelling shower gel! πŸ˜‰


Was tired from all that walking and decided to head back to our hotel room for a short rest before dinner. Took a mini tour around first. The gym faces the swimming pool so if you need some motivation on the treadmill, there you have it! πŸ˜›


How nice and thoughtful of the hotel to supply gym goers with towels, bottled water and energy drinks. Yes the energy drinks are free!





Bar Canary is located right next to the pool.





I think I had stretched my walking limits and was really eager to head back. Sky was turning dark too, from what we see when we reached our room.




LOL! The hubs was already waiting for me to turn around when I was done with taking photos and was waving at me from the toilet. He then proceeded to act as though he was surprised. -_-



Besides the hotel stay, we were also welcome to try the dinner buffet at Open House Restaurant.



Here’s a sneak peek!


I will be sharing more about the dinner buffet at Open House in my next post πŸ˜‰


After dinner, we decided to take a long leisurely stroll outside Grand Park Orchard and soak in the Christmas atmosphere! The entire Orchard Road lights up beautifully at night.







At last! I’m as tall as misterchewy! Hahaha.









Time to chill out with some drinks at Bar Canary, which is located on the same floor as the lobby.



Shall tell you guys more about the drinks we had in the next post :)


Earlier in the day, we stopped by Sephora at Takashimaya and bought this Caramel Toffee bubble bath and shower gel. There were about 10 different ones for us to choose from. We smelled every single one and this is the one we liked best! Highly recommended if you and your partner like really sweet scent. A bottle costs only $15 and we used a third which was more than enough πŸ˜€


The hotel provides bedroom slippers and bathrobes too. So there’s no need for you to pack your pyjamas along for your staycation! The bedroom slippers are of really good quality and very comfy too.



Good morning sunshine! We were supposed to wake up at 8am but overslept and woke up at 9plus instead! :O By the time we got dressed and reached Open House downstairs, it was nearly 10am. Good thing the buffet line closes at 11am during weekends! Phew! Hey, we both agreed that our bed was really way too comfortable and we had a really good night’s sleep! πŸ˜€




Selection of bread and pastries are constantly being replenished. Everything is warm and toasty!









This was misterchewy’s favorite station! We had scrambled and poached eggs.


You can choose either plain or pork congee and various condiments are available.



Below are some of the a la carte buffet dishes that we had that morning. We were totally spoilt for choice and tried a bit from each station. My favorite dishes were the mee siam, eggs and waffles! πŸ˜€








After a hearty breakfast, we just wanted to laze in bed. Good thing it had been arranged for us to check out at 4pm instead! We borrowed Crazy Stupid Love DVD from the concierge at the lobby. There were many other movies but most were already loaned to other guests in the hotel. But it’s ok because I love romantic comedies! πŸ˜€


We had not watched Crazy Stupid Love before and had a really good laugh at some of the scenes. Ryan Gosling is sooooo suave and hawt! *Drools* πŸ˜›


The hubs continued to laze in bed and read soccer news on his iPad.


Made a cup of Gryphon Earl Grey Lavender tea from the mini bar for myself!


We found that a copy of The Sunday Times had been delivered to our room early in the morning. Decided to make myself comfortable on the reclining sofa and catch up on the news with my cup of hot tea in hand. :)

creating a gif

All in all, the husband and I had a pretty marvelous staycation at Grand Park Orchard and managed to spend quality time with each other over the precious weekend. Currently, Grand Park Orchard is having a Christmas Escapade promotion from 15th to 30th December. Receive your last night free simply by staying for 3 consecutive nights or more! There’s no better way to spend Christmas with your loved ones than a luxurious staycation at Grand Park Orchard. πŸ˜‰

Thank you Park Hotel Group for the kind invitation!

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