Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Singapore Staycation Blog Review


Whoohoo! The husband and I were lucky enough to win a two-night stay on Sentosa Island after getting the most number of votes for an Instagram contest, thanks to the support from our friends and readers. It was our very first staycation at Sentosa, and also our first local hotel stay of 2013! 😀

The hotel was not revealed in the intial stage, but only after I won the contest. Was hoping W Hotel or Capella but I was also contented with Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa la! 😛 We chose to split our stay so we only stayed for one night. Will be going there again a couple of months later! We like how convenient it was because the hotel is located right next to the Sentosa Express monorail station. Highly recommend this hotel to all, especially tourists visiting Sentosa! You can also get to take tons of photos with our iconic Merlion YO!




The hotel reception was actually located downstairs and one of the female service staff promptly took our bags from us and led us the way to do our check-in at the counter.


We were given a room on the sixth floor, which is also the top floor.


Immediately after we putting down all our stuff, we headed to Tanjong Beach Club in our beach wear for some drinks and truffle fries. Oh yeah, all guests staying in Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa are given complimentary monorail passes in case you wanna get out of Sentosa during your stay. Appreciate the thoughtful gesture!


The only thing we did other than eat at Tanjong Beach Club was to fall asleep on the sand for about half an hour (believe me, it was not part of the plan) and then we returned to our room to shower and change. Didnt have time for other beach activities because we had a dinner tasting at about 6-ish.


Let me give you guys a little virtual tour of our hotel room! Ours was a 30sqm Deluxe Room with a king size bed, which felt reasonably spacious for the both of us, as evident in this photo. The room features natural wood furnishings and warm neutral colors which create a calm and tranquil atmosphere.



The LCD flat-screen television comes with Bluetooth connectivity but our only gripe is that wifi is chargeable.


The granite bathroom is equally spacious and has a contemporary vibe which I like.


With a see-through bathroom door like that, I think it’s gonna be awkward for non-couples to be staying together. At least there is a separate shower room (pictured above) but that would mean you have to change in and out of your clothes in the shower room which can be a tad inconvenient.


I find that granite is a good idea because its coarse-grained texture gives relatively more friction as compared to some bathroom floors.



Dim Sum in the toilet? No laaaa. It’s cute though! Guess what’s inside? :)


The bamboo steam baskets contain bathroom amenities like toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton bud, etc.


The loofah certainly came in handy in scrubbing away the suntan oil which we had applied earlier.


Besides the standard minibar and complimentary bottled water, there is also a Nespresso machine, a CitiZ 110 – Fire Engine Red, to be exact.


Pulling out the drawer reveals an array of drinking utensils. Nice to find wine glasses in there because you will need them if you are celebrating special occasions over a bottle of wine!


I’m not addicted to caffeine and coffee has absolutely no effect on me. Not sure if that’s a good thing but oh wells. Made a cup of coffee for the fun of it 😛


The yukata matches the bedroom slippers. Cute huh?


Featuring my OOTD! Bought this navy blue maxi dress sometime back but didn’t get the chance to wear it. There’s a peekaboo area around the small of my back. Hahaha. Since we’re on the topic on clothes, Zalora is having a GSS meltdown sale on over 8000 items, and up to 80% off! Often times, I find myself browsing through not just the women’s clothes collection but men’s as well because the clothes are really fashionable and trendy.


Not forgetting misterchewy’s OOTD! Love the color combination.



This is the view of the swimming pool that greeted us the moment we stepped out of our room and looked down. I immediately went, “Wah! So nice leh!”


And so, we went down to check out the swimming pool.




The gymnasium looks well-equipped.


We took one of the Sentosa feeder buses to Quayside Isle and it was our first time there! Kill two birds with one stone since we were already at Sentosa.


Such a pretty sight in the late evening! Kinda like Keppel Bay.


Our dinner tasting was at Museo, which will be featured separately in another blog post :)


Earlier in the day, we were toying with the idea of catching a late night movie at VivoCity but decided against it because old people wanna go back and sleep liao. LOL. Anyway, we thought that the Merlion looked kinda scary here! Hahaha! Wonder what would tourists think if they came here at night.



Was quite amazed that the Merlion changes into a myriad of different colors at night! This is my favourite color!




Showered and hit the sack! The husband and I slept really really soundly. Mine was quite extreme because I had a horrible nightmare. Shall not tell you what I dreamt about but I was crying in my sleep! Woke up and almost drowned in my own ocean of tears. I’m not exaggerating. On a positive note, it shows that the bed was really too comfy that I just continued crying and crying in my sleep, not being able to wake up earlier. LOL. The best part was waking up next to misterchewy and discussing if we should go for a swim or eat breakfast first.


We decided to eat breakfast first because the buffet closes at 10am! A copy of The Straits Times was found at our door. Can catch up on the news while having breakfast!


Breakfast buffet was at Mövenpick’s flagship restaurant, Tablescape.


The full International buffet includes an egg station and in keeping with the hotel’s promise to deliver the best of Swiss hospitality to guests, diners can also select from the Chef’s a la minute menu options.






The egg omelette was really good! We will definitely eat this again the next time!


Equally worthy of mention are the roasted potatoes, sausages and sautéed mushrooms! Mushrooms were so delicious that I had seconds!


The husband offered to take a photo of me but I refused because my eyes were kinda swollen from crying. FML. Later people think I siao. Go staycation should be happy why cry until like that. LOL. Ok la you will see some photos of me later 😛


Perfect weather for a morning swim! 😀


Towels are provided so you don’t have to bring along the towels from your hotel room.





No goggles also can swim! Don’t play play. I started learning how to swim when I was four years old and I have a National Survival Swimming Award (Gold). Ok la don’t haolian already 😛


Our staycation at Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa was quite a relaxing one although the next time round, I think I wanna go to Wave House Sentosa! Click here to read about our staycation reviews on Grand Park Orchard, Wanderlust Hotel, Oasia Hotel, Porcelain Hotel and Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel! :) July is gonna be awesome because we will be celebrating our 3rd year dating anniversary and my birthday!

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Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa
23 Beach View, Sentosa
(Next to Imbiah Station)
Tel: 6818 3388