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Staycation @ Wanderlust Hotel

Happy birthday to me! Over the weekend, my dear misterchewy planned a birthday surprise and he checked us into Wanderlust Hotel which was conceptualized by Singaporean boutique hotelier Loh Lik Peng. I really have to admit that after our staycations at Porcelain Hotel and Oasia Hotel, we are indeed hooked on to this whole staycation idea in Singapore! Additionally, it’s extremely fun to explore certain parts of Singapore that you are not familiar with. We cabbed around most of the time :)


Since the standard check-in time was at 2pm, we had a simple and light lunch at Plaza Singapura’s Itacho.






Wanderlust Hotel is located in Little India, more specifically along Dickson Road and it’s quite near Sim Lim Square. It is a boutique hotel which draws people like misterchewy and myself, who want a totally new and refreshing experience from their hotel stay. There are four thematic levels of 29 rooms. We stayed in a Whimsical room on level 4 and we strongly recommend this for a fantasy-filled experience! :) There are five varying themes, ‘Bling’ , ‘ASCII’, ‘Space’, ‘Tree’ and ‘Typewriter’.


Very cool-looking lobby!


Heart Chair

Took a couple of shots while waiting for the front desk personnel to be done with our paperwork.


Ohh, Cocoette is just beside the lift!


*GASP* It seemed like misterchewy had planned a bigger surprise for his wifey 😛


Later on (after much grilling), I found out that the hotel had earlier promised a birthday cake but when misterchewy emailed to confirm two days before we checked in, they could only provide a birthday cookie instead. Lol. The room decorations cost him quite a bit.



Philips iPhone/iPod docking station and Nespresso Essenza coffee making machine in our room. Getting more common these days?


Yuppp! Our room is a two-storey room! There’s a staircase like OMGEE. As mentioned earlier, we stayed in a Whimsical room on level 4. These rooms are about 20-32sqm. Our room is a Space themed one! It’s super nice and super romantic~~~! 😀 😀 😀




The stairs are a little narrow though! Plus the room is dark at night so you really gotta watch your step. Parents with young tots have to keep a close watch ya? :)



I can’t stop emphasizing how r-o-m-a-n-t-i-c the Space themed room is! There are even ‘twinkling stars’ in our room! 😀


The Sealy Posturepedic queen sized bed is up on the second floor.





There’s a red hot rocket in our room!



We spent quite a bit of time camwhoring in our room before moving off to our next destination which is at Hougang! We took a cab down and reached in about 15 minutes.


I thought I should be nice and give misterchewy a little break from too much planning so I signed both of us up for a Terrarium Workshop the day before our staycation. I know it’s very last minute arrangement but it was a perfect decision! I reckon it’s a very unique couple bonding and dating activity, so I will definitely be sharing more on this in a separate blog post :)


Since we had a couple of hours to kill before dinner, we decided to loiter around the area so that we didn’t have to travel too much. Dinner would be at Chinatown :)


And yeah, what other dating activities are there besides eating, shopping and watching movies?! We headed to K Ki and shared two slices of cakes! 😀 It was misterchewy’s first visit and he loved the souffle cheescake :) The chocolate cake was good too!


I’m back here again after two years 😀 The owner, Delphine, told us that her baby girl is 15 months old now!


Did more walking up and down Ann Siang Hill to burn off the extra calories. Hahaha!


Lovely dinner at Senso Ristorante & Bar along Club Street. There will be a separate post for this too!



Before returning to our room, we went to level 2 to check out the jacuzzi. Look look see see only because we didn’t bring swimwear.


A quick look at the standard bath amenities before we took our bubble bath.


Rain shower. The bath amenities provided are from Kiehl’s. The hubby liked the fragrance from the Kiehl’s shampoo and shower gel so maybe it’s time for me to pamper him huh? Haha. And nope, we are not showing pics of us enjoying our bubble bath this time 😛


Wheeeeeee~ Making sure that our terrariums are doing ok before we go to bed.


The view of the room at night and in the morning is actually similar since the curtains are drawn shut. So, we fell asleep to a night sky full of stars and woke up seeing stars. A very very lovely experience I would say! :))


The next morning, we went down to Cocotte on level 1 for breakfast. Room rates are inclusive of semi-buffet breakfast over here.







After breakfast, we prepared to check out of our room and spent the last 30 minutes doing some last minute camwhoring. LOL.













Yay! One last shot before checking out! 😛

Birthday lunch @ Pollen

This is a photo collage done by misterchewy on his iPad, using the photos he posted on Instagram :) And yes, he treated me to lunch at the renowned Pollen at Gardens by the Bay! Will share more about Pollen and Flower Dome in another post! 😀 😀 😀




Some sneak peeks at the photos we took at Flower Dome! Hehehe.


Posted this on our Facebook page last night! This uncle totally photobomb us man..


Thank you misterchewy for making my birthday so extra special and for making me feel like a princess! Hehe! Lub chew! <3 <3 <3

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