The Chewys’ Family Trip to Hong Kong Day 4


The Chewys went for an outdoor photoshoot early in the morning on the 4th day of our Hong Kong trip. Will be sharing some of the photos in another post!


After the shoot, we were kinda tired and headed back to Hotel Jen to freshen up. We took a short break in our room before going for lunch at Café Malacca, courtesy of the hotel. Café Malacca has been named a Bib Gourmand restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide 2014 & 2015. The wide variety of dishes offered are from Malaysia and Singapore; just what we needed after days of feasting on Hong Kong cuisine!


We browsed through the menu and in no time, decided on the dishes we wanted to try because we were kinda craving for them! We had some Otak Otak which was spicy and delicious enough to whet our appetite for the other dishes to come!


These sticks of Satay smelled so good! We had the chicken and mutton ones which were tender on the inside and tasted mildly sweet.


I like my Hokkien Mee to be slightly wet with gravy. What about you? The stock was well-flavored which was nicely soaked up by the slim noodles. It would be great if the hokkien noodles had some charred bits for that wok hei flavor!


We were starting to feel a little full but the delicious tangy taste of the Assam Laksa kept us going! The gravy was a little on the watery side but was flavorful nevertheless. We also found generous chunks of fish in it!




After a heavy lunch, we made our way to Wong Tai Sin Temple. Dedicated to the Great Immortal Wong, Wong Tai Sin Temple is a popular major tourist attraction in Hong Kong.


Whenever we travel abroad, we try our best to visit the temples there to pay our respects and to offer our prayers.




The weather was scorching hot and Chanelle started to protest because she was wrapped up in the carrier :(


We didn’t have any other plans after our visit to Wong Tai Sin Temple, so we decided to travel to Prince Edward area for dim sum.


One Dim Sum is a One Michelin Star dim sum eatery which is affordable and opens till late.



Steamed Rib Bone Rice with Chicken Paw (HK$24)


Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (HK$36)


Dried Squid with Curry Sauce (HK$19)




More eating awaits us at Hotel Jen’s Club Lounge which offers free drinks and snacks all day long!




We were very impressed by the food offered during evening cocktail hour! We were not that hungry but we couldn’t stop eating. LOL! Loved the smoked salmon, potato salad and curry fish balls!


Best of all.. Free flow beer! Whoohoo!



I stayed in our room with Chanelle while the hubs went to hunt for my Cookies & Cream Vitasoy and also bought back some dinner since we were going to stay up till late to pack our luggages. Confirm will be hungry! Hahaha.



Yay! Mak’s Noodles for dinner! It converts to about SGD$7 which is pretty expensive for such a small bowl. Popularly known as best wanton noodles in Hong Kong, we found that it didn’t live up to the hype. The soup was quite tasty though!


Swaddled Little misschewy like a newborn after her shower the next morning. Hahaha.


For the past few days, we had been heading out for breakfast so we decided to try the breakfast at Hotel Jen on our last day in Hong Kong. The breakfast spread at the Club Lounge certainly looked very appetizing!







Before checking out, we went upstairs to take a look at the swimming pool. It was a pity that the pool was still under maintenance when we were there.




We had an amazing stay at Hotel Jen Hong Kong and it was time for us to return home!
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The Chewys’ Family Trip to Hong Kong Day Three


As opposed to Australian Dairy Company which had been featured in my previous post, I was quite keen to try Capital Cafe at Wan Chai! This place also seems very popular and has garnered more positive reviews online.


We arrived pretty early and got a table almost immediately.




Scrambled eggs with black truffle! It was a pretty generous amount of black truffle shavings and the scrambled eggs were very creamy! It’s seriously damn good la.


We also ordered the Condensed Milk Bun which was very sweet but we like!


Next up we went for dim sum at two Michelin star Sun Tung Lok at Miramar Shopping Centre. We were not that hungry so we only ordered a few dishes to share.





Spent some time shopping at Harbour City! Seriously all the super atas brands are there!



At Toys R Us!


Afternoon tea at Intercontinental Hong Kong! They don’t accept reservations but we managed to get a table. Be there extra early if you want a table that gives you unobstructed view of the harbour! It’s really lovely! This is the Afternoon Tea Set for Two that we had. About SGD$130 to $140. We don’t usually spend money like this back in Singapore but since we are travelling, must enjoy right!








We saved a couple of scones for Little misschewy because she loves them.



We wanted to try Star Cafe and thanks to the help we found online, all we had to do was to look out for this neon signboard that says Dadol Hotel.


Walk straight ahead and take the stairs down.




I tried the Tomato noodles with pork chop. The tomato gravy was a bit watered down but the taste was still quite robust. This proved to be quite a comforting bowl nevertheless! Highly recommended!


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The Chewys’ Family Trip to Hong Kong Day Two


Little misschewy’s birthday coincided with the second day of our Hong Kong trip and we had planned an entire day of non-stop eating! Headed to Jordon first thing in the morning!


I wasn’t too keen on breakfast at Australian Dairy Company because I read reviews that this place is quite overrated but the hubs mentioned it’s on his must-try list. Ok la must give and take in a relationship 😛


We stared at the menu for a few minutes without knowing what to order. LOL. In the end we looked around and ordered whatever others were having.


Macaroni with ham was mediocre.




We also ordered the Steamed Egg Pudding and Steamed Milk Pudding which Chanelle loved.


As we were going to have dim sum in less than a couple of hour’s time, we decided to walk to International Commerce Centre. It was a damn long walk and I think we took at least 20 to 30 minutes to get there. Really no joke because I was babywearing Chanelle and felt like my lower back was gonna break. Haha.



Chanelle needs her breakfast too so off to the nursing room we went!


We were so impressed by the nursing rooms in Hong Kong. They have almost everything in there! Weighing scale, high chair, wet wipes, bottle warmer etc.


Clean and comfortable nursing room.


Tin Lung Heen is a two Michelin-star restaurant located on the 102nd level of The Ritz Carlton.


The view. Too bad it was rather hazy that day!






Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig (HK$308)


Deep-fried turnip cake with X.O. chilli sauce (HK$88)


Steamed golden shrimp dumpling with bamboo shoot and asparagus (HK$88)


Steamed barbecued Iberian pork buns (HK$88)


Soup dumpling with fish maw in superior stock (HK$112)




Petit fours were served and I really liked the osmanthus jelly!


It was a really wonderful dining experience at Tin Lung Heen and everyone should try the dim sum there when they visit Hong Kong!



After lunch, we went to a few shopping malls.


Took a break by having desserts at the popular Hui Lau Shan but it was so so.


I posted a photo on my FB page and a reader commented, “I just returned from HKG too. You gotta try the Kai Kee (at Tsim Sha Tsui) deep fried head of fish balls and deep fried cuttlefish balls. SUPER GOOD.” And so, we did just that. Problem was, we found TWO Kai Kee restaurants and none of them sold deep fried balls! It was kinda awkward and we randomly settled for toasted bun with condensed milk and iced milk tea.


Shortly after that, we passed by Wah Kee Snacks just 200m down and I thought maybe this is the one! The reader probably got the name wrong and it should be Wah Kee instead of Kai Kee. Plus Wah Kee Snacks specialize in a wide assortment of deep fried balls!


We tried the squid balls and prawn balls which were coated with some delicious spicy sauce which is their secret recipe. SO DAMN GOOD! We even went back after dinner to buy some back for supper! Hahaha.



But guess what? The reader said it’s not this. LOLOL. But nvm, we discovered a gem!


Another Instagram follower suggested that we try the peking duck at Spring Deer Restaurant, also at Tsim Sha Tsui. The restaurant had a pretty old school feel. As we were still feeling quite full, we only ordered Peking Duck (HK$300) to share.


The hubs looked around us and declared we should have a bottle of Tsingtao beer to go with our duck meat! >_< DSCF6486

Super shiok!


We bought a small sweet potato cake for Chanelle from the bakery below our hotel and we sang a birthday song for her. Hope she had an enjoyable time!
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The Chewys’ Family Trip to Hong Kong Day One


PHEW! I managed to get everything else out of the way so that I can focus on blogging about our second trip of 2015! Back in mid March, The Chewys flew to Hong Kong for a 5D4N stay which was planned as Chanelle’s first birthday trip! Come to think of it, it was also a way to reward misterchewy and I for surviving our first year of parenthood. LOL. Of course, parenthood is not without its ups and downs, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our family members, who have been very helpful and forthcoming. We truly appreciate it! Ok back to the story. I have been toying with the idea of a birthday trip for the little one for quite some time but was put off by the exorbitant prices probably because her birthday falls in the same week as the March school holidays. Yeah but in the end, we went ahead with the plan because we wanted some time to ourselves!


We flew with Singapore Airlines and the airfare alone cost us about $1.2K. We did feel the pinch of course, with our home renovation underway and all. But it’s ok. Let’s enjoy first! Hahaha. Catching our flight early in the morning!


Happy Chewys on the plane! Can you spot Little misschewy’s first tooth sprouting at the bottom? XD


I think we booked our tickets in January, right after returning from our trip to Phuket, and hence we managed to secure the bassinet seats. The bassinet failed to serve us well because Chanelle only slept like 5 minutes in it and she was wide awake throughout the flight. The husband and I didn’t get to watch Penguins of Madagascar. Boohoo.


It was an energy zapping 4-hour journey for us! Hahaha.


After touching down at Hong Kong International Airport and collecting our luggages, we couldn’t be more relieved to meet our driver who was patiently waiting for us, holding up a placard with my name on it. He promptly took over our luggages and led us to our vehicle.


Really lucky and grateful to have Blacklane sponsoring our airport transfer both ways! Blacklane provides professional ground transportation at the lowest rates in over 180 cities all over the world. The steps to booking your ride is extremely simple. Via Blacklane’s website or app, enter the following details: Pickup and Dropoff locations OR the number of hours you wish to book the a car and driver for and your desired pick up time. After which, you get to select the car class which best suits your needs and budget! We selected the Business Class vehicle which allows a maximum capacity of 3 passengers and 2 luggages.


After booking, I received two emails. The first email was to acknowledge my booking and the second email was sent as soon as a suitable driver had been assigned to handle my ride request. When I switched on my mobile phone at the airport, I received email and SMS updates informing me that our car is on its way, and a second one as soon as our driver has arrived at the pickup location. It was a very pleasant feeling to be reassured a few times, knowing that you have got a reliable driver waiting to pick you up!


Bottled water to keep us hydrated throughout the 30-minute ride.


Loving the Mercedes E-Class!


Gotta thank Hotel Jen Hong Kong for the complimentary two nights and special rates for the remaining two! We really love the convenient location of the hotel. Hong Kong University MTR station is a mere 3-minute walk from the hotel! We stayed at Kowloon the previous few times we visited Hong Kong separately. This was our first time staying at Hong Kong Island but it wasn’t a hassle at all when we wanted to get to Kowloon. Also, Hotel Jen provides complimentary shuttle service to certain areas at various timings throughout the day.


We were thrilled to check into this lovely Club Harbour View room which offered us a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour. At 24sqm in size, our room was reasonably spacious for the 3 of us.


Our room came with free WiFi, full sized Executive writing desk, cable television, movie channels, electronic safe, steam iron and ironing board, amongst many other amenities.


We were impressed by the smart en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower! Also, the toiletries provided by Hotel Jen were adequate.


As usual, Little misschewy had the honor of testing the comfy bed.


Cheeky girl grabbed her pants and tried to escape after I changed her diaper. Haha.


We were famished but it was too early for dinner. Afternoon tea at Mandarin Oriental’s Clipper Lounge it was!



Not wanting to ruin the dinner plans we had in mind, we ordered the Afternoon Tea for One (HK$278 + 10%) to share.






Plain and raisin scones!


Devon clotted cream and rose petal jam. Both were so goooood!


The afternoon tea items were great but I found the service somewhat aloof. Well, I can still close one eye. Hahaha.




Actually this trip was mainly an eat and eat and eat trip! I must warn my readers first. LOL. Within the next two hours, we settled our dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant at Central (Wellington branch). They have quite a few branches all over Hong Kong.


Iced Milk Tea.


Hainanese Chicken Rice was surprisingly delicious!


The best time to eat in a cramped cafe or restaurant is when the baby is asleep.



Pork cutlet burger which was tender and oily in a good way!


When communicating with the reservation team via email, I told them we probably wouldn’t need the baby cot as Little misschewy co-sleeps with us. However we changed our mind after checking in. Having a baby cot is the best way to contain her so that she doesn’t fall off the bed if we are not looking. And the baby cot is so cute!


“Let me out if not this bunny is gonna get hurt real bad!”


Surprise birthday cake specially arranged by the hotel! Chanelle’s birthday wasn’t until the next day but it was a really nice and sweet gesture!


We have come to the end of our post on our first day in Hong Kong! Stay tuned for more!
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The Chewys’ Hong Kong Trip Video!

During our recent trip to Hong Kong, we took some videos just for the fun of it and decided to compile the snippets together to depict our entire vacation! Both misterchewy and I don’t have any prior experience with video editing and stuff, so it took us quite a while to figure things out. Hehehe please bear with us because we know that this video is very amateurish but we reckon it’s a nice change to be able to document our trip in a different manner. Having said that, do look out for the photos that we will still be posting on this space soon!

Recently I was invited to try a website called ShopBack, which is a cashback website that gives you rebates for buying through them. When you buy through their website, they get commission from the brands, which they split with you as cash rebates! It’s pretty useful because they have websites like Expedia and Agoda, which means I can get cashback rebates for hotels or flights next time. Enjoy and happy hump day! :)