The Chewys’ Hong Kong Trip Video!

During our recent trip to Hong Kong, we took some videos just for the fun of it and decided to compile the snippets together to depict our entire vacation! Both misterchewy and I don’t have any prior experience with video editing and stuff, so it took us quite a while to figure things out. Hehehe please bear with us because we know that this video is very amateurish but we reckon it’s a nice change to be able to document our trip in a different manner. Having said that, do look out for the photos that we will still be posting on this space soon!

Recently I was invited to try a website called ShopBack, which is a cashback website that gives you rebates for buying through them. When you buy through their website, they get commission from the brands, which they split with you as cash rebates! It’s pretty useful because they have websites like Expedia and Agoda, which means I can get cashback rebates for hotels or flights next time. Enjoy and happy hump day! :)

Chanelle’s First Lunar Birthday Celebration


Hello chewys! The hubs and I took leave from work on Monday because it was Little misschewy’s first lunar birthday! It didn’t feel very long ago when we celebrated her lunar 4th month by letting her lick a chicken drumstick, etc. You can read about it here and also compare how much she has grown! First things first, we helped Chanelle put on a pair of new shoes before letting her step on two giant ang ku kuehs. The Chinese believe that this ensures a smooth journey in life.




This is not just for first lunar birthday. In fact, my family has this tradition of eating mee swa with hard boiled egg on the day of our lunar birthday every year.


Candid moment caught on camera by misterchewy. Hehe.



And now, for the fun part! Apparently, Zhua Zhou (抓周) is one of the most important traditional customs on a child’s first lunar birthday in China, which supposedly helps to predict his/her future, depending on the item picked. Here are the items we laid out: Ruler, Chicken drumstick, Seal, Book, Dollar note, Calculator and Stethoscope.


Chanelle went straight for the dollar note and she couldn’t quite make up her mind as she picked up other items as well.


She finally settled for the calculator!


According to Chinese traditions, baby’s maternal grandmother is supposed to give the child a pair of shoes. So here’s a very lovely pair of Melissa shoes from my mum to Chanelle.

Check out the short video that we made for Chanelle’s first lunar birthday celebration! Enjoy! 😀