Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery by Arch Angel Brow


My very first eyebrow embroidery experience was in December 2014, and since it was semi-permanent, the effect lasted about 2 years. After which, I had been using eyebrow mascara for another year or so, until I tried out the latest Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery technique by Arch Angel Brow, a beauty specialist which first opened its doors in July 2015 at 321 Clementi.

Photo credit: Arch Angel Brow

Founders Kelly and Eileen have a wealth of experience in the beauty industry and Arch Angel Brow uses only state-of-the-art technology and beauty techniques imported from Korea. What sets Arch Angel Brow apart from the many beauty salons in Singapore, you may ask? Arch Angel Brow is the FIRST to introduce Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore.

Arch Angel Brow Interior
Photo credit: Arch Angel Brow

I had my brows done by the beautiful and friendly Eileen, and we had a good chat during the session. Why did I not continue with another eyebrow embroidery service after the effect wore off? Honestly, I was afraid of the bleeding involved (not a lot though), the downtime, and the troublesome aftercare required. I vividly remember having to get transparent waterproof plasters from Watsons and sticking them onto my eyebrows before entering the shower for the first week. It was really such a hassle and weekday mornings are already such a rush!


I was impressed to learn that Arch Angel Brow practices a semi-permanent technique to design and create natural-looking brows that complement your facial features using only 100% natural botanical pigments from Korea, and most importantly, for the Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery, there is absolutely NO downtime (brow color will not darken after a week, thus making you look like Crayon Shin-chan), NO aftercare required (hurray!), and NO interruption to your regular beauty regime!


Sorry if I scared you LOL but these were how my brows looked like without any eyebrow mascara. I have very uneven and sparse eyebrows. From far, I actually looked like I dont have any brows la.


The eyebrow embroidery session consists of a consultation and drawing of eyebrows. You can let the artist know what type of eyebrows you like, the color and thickness and of course, the artist will give you advice based on your face shape and features. Eileen asked if I preferred a slight arch at the end of my brows but I opted for flatter brows for a ulzzang look (omg is this still in? LOL). I also told Eileen that I wanted slightly thicker and darker brows.


Obviously, Eileen is a perfectionist, as she kept taking a step back to see how she could improve on the shape of my eyebrows. We finally agreed on something and numbing cream was applied next!


I had the numbing cream on for about 20 minutes.


Happy to report that the entire procedure was PAINLESS! It merely felt like eyebrow tweezing la seriously. Haha! How do you like my eyebrows? I received compliments from my friends and readers about my very natural looking brows! And I’m so in love with them that I couldn’t peel myself away from the mirror. Hahaha!


I took a video for my Insta-story and can you see I had eyelash extensions done too? MAJOR LOVE!! Wow it has been more than 2 weeks now and even my colleagues commented that the lashes are still holding up so well! Highly recommended!!


Even Jong Suk oppa told me I look yeppo and requested for a wefie with me when I visited him in Hong Kong! Best decision ever because I didnt have to bother about drawing my brows and sticking falsies during my trip!


Thank you Arch Angel Brow and dear Eileen for giving me a confidence boost with my new eyebrows and eyelashes!! Can’t wait to do touchup soon!
Ladies, wait no further! First 20 customers who quote “Charlene” when booking an appointment for Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery will be entitled to Arch Angel Brow’s signature facial worth S$188.

Website: www.archangelbrow.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/archangel.brow/
Instagram: @archangelbrow
Address: 321 Clementi, #01-18 (New mall near Clementi MRT Station)
Tel Number: 6250 1151

The Chewy’s Bali Trip 2017 (Part Two)


Helloooo! We are back with the second part of our Bali trip! Since we were travelling with kids, we decided to spend a day at the Bali Safari and Marine Park! We took a cab from our hotel and the journey was about an hour or so.


One of the major highlights of Bali Safari and Marine Park is its Safari Journey! You will see why soon!



The air-conditioned tram took us through the habitats of Indonesia, India and Africa. We got to see many wildlife up close!


Cayla was excited too!



It was really scary to be able to see the lions up close! Like they might suddenly pounce on us or something! LOL.


Did the lion smile for the camera too? Or was he licking his lips?




The ride was really enjoyable because our guide was jovial and informative.



Shhhh.. Do not disturb the tigers!




The boat ride was kinda exciting too! Cayla fell asleep though! Hahaha.


There’s a huge water play area!






This funny girl was asking how do elephants dig their noses!


Yes this photo says it all. The petting zoo is SMELLY!





We returned to our hotel for a swim! Just misterchewy and Little misschewy since I had to take care of Mini misschewy!







We hailed a Blue Bird taxi and went out for some shopping!


Bought some souvenirs at the nearby shopping mall.


Ordered room service when we got back!






This marks our very first trip with our two kids! 🙂

The Chewy’s Bali Trip 2017 (Part One)


HEHEHE! Here comes a super long overdue post on our Bali trip back in March this year! Procrastination game strong. Hurhur! 😛 Suddenly very motivated to get this up on the blog because we are going to Hong Kong next week! LOL. Also, it was Cayla’s very first overseas holiday trip at 7 months old, so I must blog about it!


As far as I could remember, the girls were quite well-behaved on the flight. Anyway it was just a short 3-hour journey! When we touched down at Denpasar International Airport, our driver was already waiting to pick us up. We booked our airport transfer via Klook and the prices vary according to location. Our hotel is situated at Kuta which is nearer the airport compared to the other areas.


Four Points by Sheraton, Kuta was our choice of accommodation because it’s a Starwood hotel and also relatively new. Plus, prices are very reasonable!



After climbing the short flight of steps, we were welcomed with ice popsicles! I think they were mango-flavored. Check-in was swift and smooth!


Our room was located on the ground floor because I booked a room with lagoon access, which means you can simply jump straight into the pool from your room balcony!


I wouldn’t say that our room was exactly very spacious but there was sufficient room for a baby cot, two luggages and a stroller.


The view from our balcony! It made all of us so excited lol!




Prior our trip, I registered Chanelle for the P.I.M.P (Papa! I Made a Pizza) class. It costs only IDR 100,000++ for kids under 12 and if adults want to join in, they may do so at IDR 200,000++. The pizza is yours to eat after the session and the price is inclusive of a soft drink and gelato too.


Definitely a great experience and bonding activity for parents and children.









The pizza tasted really yummy actually!


After lunch, we checked out the hotel’s indoor playground! Very impressed by how clean and sophisticated it looked!





Decided to head to the nearby shopping mall in the evening. LOL both kids were too tired by then.


Did a bit of shopping and stopped by A&W! Look at Cayla eyeing my root beer float! LOL.





When in Bali, drink Bintang beer! 😛



Oh yes! We were celebrating our 4th customary wedding anniversary and the hotel surprised us with a slice of chocolate cake when we returned to our room after dinner 🙂


All ready for our adventure the next morning!


We rented a stroller from Bali Baby for our entire trip. No need to bring a stroller along which can be quite a hassle! Rates are affordable and they offer delivery to your hotel.


Our private driver picked us up around 10.30am and the journey to our first destination took about an hour!


Finally reached Taman Ayun temple and the weather was scorching hot. We didn’t manage to take many photos there because Chanelle decided to do her big business there and also refused to cooperate. Lol.






Next stop was Jatiluwih rice terrace! Supposedly a very nice place but then the sky was very dark and gloomy! Erratic weather in Bali!


Quick lunch at the restaurant. They were trying to promote their buffet but we werent exactly very hungry.













Our third and final stop of the day was Tanah Lot, where we had a photoshoot! Haha it was a pity the kids were very tired and cranky by then! Anyway, you can read about our experience here 🙂




Settled our dinner at the hotel!






Part Two of our Bali trip coming next! 🙂

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe at Changi Airport Terminal 3


MEOW! Hahaha we have not done food reviews in a long time and today, we are back with one! On Deepavali, misterchewy and I took the girls out for brunch at Hello Kitty Orchid Garden at Changi Airport Terminal 3. It was actually a pretty impromptu decision after I did a poll on my IG stories on whether we should visit Changi Airport or Gardens by the Bay. We visited both since the results were really close and also because we had an entire day to spare!


So first up, gotta fuel ourselves for the long day ahead with some food! Although I’m a sucker for themed cafes especially cartoon character cafes, I will never queue for hours to enter one. I think it has been quite some time since the hype for Hello Kitty Orchid Garden died down but I went ahead to make reservations via Chope just to be safe. Yes, can reserve now and earn Chope-Dollars too!


Hello Kitty holding a bouquet of Orchid flowers! Can’t find this anywhere else! 😉


We were ushered to a table right at the back, which made photo opportunities with Hello Kitty aplenty!


The hubs and I prefer cold drinks so he chose a Dracula Latte from the Halloween menu (available for the month of October) while I had a Cucumbernade. Love my fizzy drink because it was sweet and really refreshing!


The entire Hello Kitty Orchid Garden menu is also available online. If you want an ultimate breakfast for champs, go for the Big Breakfast Surprise! Nobody can resist a Hello Kitty waffle topped with cheese, with creamy scrambled eggs, shiitake mushrooms and smoked duck slices on the side.


The Leaning Tower of Kitty is no tall order for the kitchen crew at Hello Kitty Orchid Garden! Everything turned out purrrfect! The toasted Japanese bread was crispy with tender smoked salmon, heavenly melted cheese, crisp Arugula, juicy tomatoes and Japanese cucumber, with homemade mustard mayonnaise.


Our brunch spread for the day!




Perhaps we will try the desserts and other sweet treats next time!


There is also a section where you can purchase Hello Kitty merchandise that is sold exclusively at Hello Kitty Orchid Garden.


How many kitties do you see? 😛


We received many compliments on the girls’ dresses! Just sharing that they are from Angelibebe under the Sonia Rykiel Enfant range! 🙂


Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween! Stay tuned for our next post!

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden
65 Airport Boulevard
Singapore Changi Airport
Terminal 3 Arrival Meeting Hall Central
Singapore 819663
Tel: 6241 6127

Opening Hours
24 hours

Why Parents Need to Take a Break Every Once in a While

It’s called self-care, and a lot of parents either don’t know what it is, or believe they don’t need it. There are a lot of ways to define self-care but basically, this is the act of simply caring for one’s health and well-being. Many people see self-care as a selfish act, but taking a few minutes or hours off from parenting can do a lot for mothers and fathers. You will be amazed at how just a few minutes of “logging off” from parent duties can give you much-needed energy to do your chores at home with less stress and a better attitude.

Aimee Danielson of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is director of the Women’s Mental Health Program. She says that there is indeed very little time for parents to have fun and relax given their day-to-day responsibilities, and this can cause burnout. While one would think that not taking a day off makes him or her a better parent, this apparently is quite the opposite. Without allocating time off from work and chores at home, you will likely be unable to appreciate the joys of parenthood. You will be so tired and stressed all the time that everything will just seem to be about completing tasks.

You might be thinking, “What do I do?” Well, many of us are asking the same question! Since we are used to only taking care of our kids and spouse, we eventually forget the things that we actually want for ourselves. If you have no idea what you can do during your time off, here are a few suggestions.

Source: Pixabay


When was the last time you had a full eight hours of sleep? It has probably been quite a while, huh? Well, this is your chance to get recharged! Whether you have an hour, two, or the whole day for yourself or your spouse, sleeping is a great way to spend it. You’ve earned it and you need it. If you have the whole day off, go to a nice hotel nearby and get a massage before you sleep. That will make you sleep much better and feel more relaxed when you wake up.

Source: Pixabay

Start a New Hobby

Do something you love for a change! Even adults can have fun, too. Go get a gym membership, enrol in a dance class, or sign up for an art workshop. If your schedule is too hectic and you can only spare an hour or less a few days every week, you can start a new hobby you can easily do at home like sketching, gardening, playing online games, or doing yoga. With the internet, you can learn to do almost anything from online references and YouTube. A quick online search will reveal that you can play online games without having to pay for them. There are a lot of activities that you can also do virtually, like slot machines, and not only do these online options offer convenience and time efficiency, they also offer a lot of incentives.

Go Out and Get Some Sunshine

Source: Pixabay

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of sunshine. Try allocating at least 15 minutes of alone time outside every day to just walk, or jog. If you have the time, go out to the park or go camping over the weekend, getting out there under the sun will do your body and soul a hell of a lot of good. You will notice that your mood will improve and you will even be able to sleep more soundly. Just be sure to go out before ten in the morning or after four in the afternoon as the hours in between are when the ultraviolet rays are at their highest level.

It is essential for parents to make time for themselves if they want to be able to spend better quality time with their family. You can ask a family member, close friend, or hire a babysitter to look after your kids for a few hours or a day so that you can unwind and do the things you want. If this is not possible, you can take turns with your spouse on getting an hour or two to simply rest and do something to make you feel good and get back to your role with a smile. You will be surprised at how just a couple of hours can completely change the way you handle things at home.

Meet Our New Baby, the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser!


Here’s introducing the latest addition to our family! Hahaha nope we are not having another baby but this is Spencer, our water dispenser and he is indispensable! Ever since Spencer’s arrival, our kitchen is so much neater and more importantly, it is now really convenient whenever we want hot, room temperature or icy cold water! I vividly remember that when we first moved into our new place, we couldn’t get used to the small kitchen area (HDB flats getting smaller leh!) and had to limit the number of kitchen appliances just because there was simply not enough space for everything! Apart from the microwave oven, our other kitchen necessities included an electric kettle, thermal flask and large water pitcher. Life in the past was complicated because whenever we wanted to make a hot beverage or prepare milk for Little misschewy, we had to first boil water using the electric kettle and then transfer some of the hot water into the thermal flask (so that we didn’t have to boil water again if we require hot water in the next couple of hours), and when the remaining water in the kettle had somewhat cooled down, we would then transfer it to the large water pitcher. It was also a hassle having to keep monitoring the water level in the large water pitcher because sometimes we just happily drink and forget to boil enough water! There were many occasions when we realised there’s not enough water in the water pitcher and had to rush to boil water and then wait for it to cool down which can take ages. *SIGH* Drink water only why so complicated?!


Our lives took a turn for the better, thanks to Spencer, our 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser! Eh Spencer is I call one, because he is really a part of our family! With Spencer around, there’s no more boiling water, cooling down water, and transferring water madness in our house! You know, when both parents are working and have active young human beings to take care of after a long day, you really don’t want to add “water logistics” into your everyday must-do task. Besides, our kitchen is now rid of all the unsightly barang barang and looks sleek and tidy! The best part? When friends and relatives come over to visit, they are impressed by Spencer and can’t resist pressing his buttons. Oops! Ok must clarify, press buttons to get water la! Even my MIL commented that the water from Spencer tastes nice! I mean, water is water, but I have drank water with weird metallic taste so I know what my MIL is saying. Spencer uses a miniaturised 3M filter based on proven filtration technology with more than 75 years of history, ensuring that water we drink is of highest quality!


I really cannot emphasize enough the convenience of having Spencer around. Hot water at the touch of a button? YES PLEASE! When I want to indulge in my tea, I go to Spencer and press his button. For those with young kids at home, fret not! Spencer comes with a hot water safety lock feature which prevents accidental scalding!


All parents know the importance of BPA-free products and yup, Spencer is also BPA-free! It’s basically the same feature to look out for in milk and water bottles. Additionally, Spencer comes with UV sterilisation, which helps to reduce bacteria and viruses found in potable water.


Hungry? Spencer to the rescue! Instant noodles at the touch of a button! SO CONVENIENT! Apart from making hot beverages and instant noodles, we have dispensed hot water to sterilise milk bottle teats and pacifiers too! Imagine having to boil a kettle of water just to sterilise your baby’s pacifier?! Haha!


Misterchewy really loves Spencer! He has been drinking more water because icy cold water is readily available 24/7! Because of the hot weather at times, misterchewy used to grab a can of beer from the fridge but now, he has no excuse to do so! The naggy wife tells him to save money and drink icy cold water from Spencer. LOL. Good for health too!


As for the kids, we don’t give them cold water, but room temperature water. Just by tapping the button, ambient water (green light) instead of cold water (blue light) is dispensed!


We also like that the bottom catchment is removable, thus making it possible to fill tall water bottles up to 25cm in height!


We used to have a hard time getting Little misschewy to drink water but now, she would request to refill her own water bottle!


Based on our experience, installation of the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser by 3M authorised distributor Jestac was done in less than one hour! All you need is a power point and nearby water source (e.g. under the sink or washing machine tap) ideally on the same side of the dispenser. The direct piped-in installation ensures a continuous supply of water to the dispenser, with no need for manual refilling.
The water dispenser is available in black and white. We picked black to match our fridge and cabinets in our kitchen!


As with most appliances, Spencer requires maintenance too! Fortunately, Spencer is very low-maintenance and doesn’t cost much to maintain! It is recommended by 3M to replace your filter cartridge once every 6 months and it costs only $120 to do so. Super affordable! Besides, all it takes to change the filter is just a simple twist motion, don’t need misterchewy to help me! But I will get him to help me purchase the filter cartridge directly from 3M authorised distributor Jestac or from the nearest Selffix store (so that I don’t have to pay. LOL)!


For the whole month of November & December, the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser retails at only $1,488 (U.P. $1,888) and includes a FREE filter (worth $120)! The first 20 customers to sign up via this link http://bit.ly/2xwcisa will get to enjoy an additional $50 OFF the current promotion price! Offer ends 31 December 2017! Price comes with delivery and standard installation.

Visit Jestac’s showroom to test out the features of the dispenser and try a cup of 3M filtered water!

Jestac Pte Ltd
Tel: 6288 8290
WhatsApp: 8722 1727
E-mail: sales@jestac.com.sg
Showroom: 2 Kim Chuan Drive #02-06 CSI Distribution Centre Singapore 537080
(Nearest MRT: Tai Seng)

Other than buying directly from Jestac, the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser can be conveniently purchased from all Selffix stores islandwide as well as selected Home-Fix and Best Denki stores. Click here for the full list of retail stores.

Save While Grocery Shopping on FairPrice Online!


“So many things yet so little time!” Does this resonate with you? As working parents, misterchewy and I only have time on weekends to bond as a family and engage in activities together like heading to the park for a picnic, or bringing our kids to an indoor playground. Grocery shopping? Haha! Ain’t nobody got time (or energy) for that! We used to make weekly visits to our favourite FairPrice supermarket and the kids love it too.


However, having to lug home heavy items such as bags of rice, formula milk tins and various baby food is gradually taking a toll on misterchewy and I as we already have our hands full with both kids. In the past, misterchewy always had to make another trip back to our car to bring home all the groceries which is really too much of a hassle. I’m sure most parents with young children will be able to identify with us!


With FairPrice Online, the husband and I now enjoy shopping for groceries in the comfort of our own home! FairPrice Online is the official online shopping portal of NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Ltd, the largest grocery retailer in Singapore. When I first browsed FairPrice Online, I was really impressed by the wide range of groceries available, from fresh produce to electronics! Also, I can be assured that all my needs are met, be it looking for motherhood products, or even restocking the office pantry!


We love shopping on FairPrice Online because all it takes is just a few simple clicks of a mouse which is really effortless. From browsing to purchasing, we find that the entire online shopping journey on FairPrice Online is seamless and the website is definitely easy to navigate. Products are all nicely categorised so shoppers can simply search under “Baby & Child” or “Baking & Cooking” for instance, if there’s something they have in mind. Also, there is a search bar on FairPrice Online for shoppers to key in a specific product or brand.

Fairprice banner

Here are more reasons to shop on FairPrice Online! With a minimum spend of $150 on Baby & Child products, get $15 off with the promo code BABY15! You can also enjoy up to 80% savings with over 40 brands! How amazing is that! Parents who shop on the go would be glad to know that there is also a mobile app for users to access the same wide selection of products and also, be updated of the latest promotions so that you won’t miss out on savings and discounts! Visit https://goo.gl/MNoYop or download the FairPrice Online app on your mobile phone!


Just the other day, I wanted to stock up on Chanelle’s formula milk powder as supply was running low and I chanced upon FairPrice’s newly launched housebrand baby milk powder, FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula. It is made from 100% Australia Cow’s milk and is manufactured according to standards set by Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ), in a Pharmaceutical Grade facility specifically designed for Infant Formula production, and has been HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified. Muslim babies and children can also consume FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula as it is Halal certified.


The milk formula also contains DHA, AA, Lutein, GOS-Prebiotic and Nucleotides, which are building blocks for growing kids like Chanelle! At a fraction of the price of other formula milk brands, FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula is going to be a hit with many parents out there! Even Chanelle is thrilled! Haha!


Apart from making new formula milk powder discoveries, we also stumbled upon great diaper deals and new baby food products while on FairPrice Online. Out of the many brands that I saw, Huggies diapers come with high absorbency, keeping your baby’s bum fresh and dry! No more worrying about wet nights for your baby anymore! FairPrice is also giving away free baby wipes worth $4.95 when you spend $40 worth of FairPrice baby milk powder, baby wipes and baby diapers. So convenient to be able to find these baby essentials in one place, so why not just grab everything? Haha!


Chanelle and Cayla absolutely love the new range of Nestle Gerbers organic puffs and cookies that they got our hands on recently! These organic puffs are so light and fluffy which makes it really safe and easy to consume!


Grocery shopping is such a breeze now thanks to FairPrice Online! I’m also confident that prices are kept competitive with all the discounts across so many brands! Take a look at http://fairprice.com.sg and you will be amazed too!