frei öl® the Oil Experts


Juggling a day job, taking care of the children and handling household chores is no mean feat. Do you know what makes it even harder? Looking good and well-maintained despite all that! Many people have this idea that mothers are out-of-shape zombies because they head out of the house without any makeup and also do not have time for any form of exercise. Over the past couple of months, an increasing number of friends and readers have been asking me to share how I manage to stay in shape and look good, despite so much going on in my life. Of course, I’m no superwoman and I count myself very lucky to have assistance from the husband and also from our parents. That aside, I have recently been introduced to this skincare brand which I want to share with everyone! My secret is no secret! 😉


Mothers deserve only the best when it comes to skincare and I’m really thrilled that frei öl® is finally here in Singapore! frei öl® is one of the highest quality skincare brands that develop and produce face and body care products in Germany. The products are derived from vegetable oil with the addition of nourishing vitamins. frei öl® products are not only beneficial for women, but they have become men’s favourite skincare too! frei öl® meets the highest standards of quality, effectiveness and skin-friendliness, supporting the skin at all stages of life. Do you know that frei öl® carries the No. 1 skincare oil for all skin types and massage oil for pregnant women in German pharmacies? And now, they are available in Singapore too! WHOOHOO! frei öl® features a wide range of products but ultimately, it is known as OIL EXPERTS, with products containing precious natural oils which help to nurture and support the skin with individually selected active ingredients tailored to different skin needs. Doesn’t that sound amazing!


I don’t know about you but I’m always bumping or knocking into something due to my clumsiness. Most of the time, I’m not even aware until the hubs or my colleagues point out a bruise or scar! To reduce all these unsightly scars and uneven skin tone, I swear by frei öl®’s Skincare Oil which I make it a habit to apply after every shower! The Skincare Oil indulges and regenerates, while supporting cell renewal with vitamin A. After each application, my dry skin feels smooth, soft and supple! I also notice that scars and uneven skin tone are reduced after two weeks!


I’m most excited about frei öl®’s Shaping Oil because it helps to shape and firm the my body, while I continue to indulge in my hawker food! The Shaping Oil contains red poppy seed extract which activates lypolysis 10 times more effectively than caffeine, which helps to reduce nasty and unsightly cellulite from common problem areas. I apply the Shaping Oil on my tummy and thighs, while making sure to spend a few minutes each time massaging the oil into my skin for best results! The natural shea and oat oils in the Shaping Oil also contain omega fatty acids which nourishes the skin. I personally like the light floral fragrance of the Shaping Oil too!


Finally, frei öl® also has a Massage Oil for Pregnant Women! Having gone through two pregnancies, I do know that the tummy experiences substantial stretching, especially during the last trimester. While I’m blessed without a single stretch mark, my tummy often felt itchy and I find myself scratching ever so often! If only frei öl®’s Massage Oil was available back then! This special oil has a formula which has been tested over many years and has proven to be able to effectively prevent stretch marks while increasing skin elasticity with vitamin E. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from natural oils nutures the skin intensively, and bisabolol from chamomile calms stressed skin. It is definitely a must-have skincare product for all pregnant mothers!


For more info on frei öl® and the hero oils mentioned, visit! frei öl® products are sold exclusively at Guardian health and beauty stores, and also selected online retailers such as Maimee’s Corner, Red Mart and Lazada.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Mumpreneur in Singapore


Mumpreneurs are becoming the in thing these days, with countless books available about how to balance both being a mother and an entrepreneur. Here in Singapore there are plenty of opportunities to become a successful mumpreneur working from home, whatever area you are interested in. Whether you want to set up an online retail business, consultancy, blog or anything else, there are various tips you should use in order to make sure your mumpreneur career is a success in Singapore.

Use Your Parenting Skills

Firstly, if you’re already a mother to at least one child then you will possess many vital skills for running your own business as well. Mothers are often highly adept when it comes to timekeeping, organisation and running on low energy levels. Multitasking is essential, as you will be balancing looking after your children with running a business, no matter how small. If you can feed, bathe, play with and generally look after a child and take care of all its needs, then there’s little reason why you can’t do the same for a small business.


Be Tech Savvy

If you’re working from home then it’s likely you’ll be using various forms of technology. This can be incredibly useful for speeding up processes, online marketing of your firm, recording data and more. As Singapore is a limited market, many mumpreneurs will eventually want to expand further, and the internet provides such an opportunity. Whether you’re trading with an MT4 platform or setting up a blog, being familiar with technology is vital.

Find a Niche

There are already many mumpreneurs out there, running their own businesses in lots of different sectors. As renowned mumpreneur Annabel Karmel states: “It’s very important to look for a gap in the market. Do something that is slightly different.” While there are already mumpreneurs in Singapore, one advantage is that due to the country’s small size, if you have a unique idea then it’s less likely to have been done in Singapore.

Build Relationships

Even though you will be setting out on your own, it’s important to build relationships to improve the chances of success for your mumpreneurship. Whether it’s speaking to current mumpreneurs for advice or growing your business by networking with contacts within Singapore or abroad who could be helpful, building relationships is advisable. Plus, having a good relationship with clients and customers should result in positive feedback and help your business grow.

If you’re thinking about setting out as a mumpreneur in Singapore, then following these tips should get you off on the right foot.

My #LittlePioneer


Have you ever wondered how do children develop? Children are curious little creatures who spend every waking moment exploring and learning new things. They learn like sponges – soaking up all the information around them. Isn’t it amazing that learning begins so early on in life? Did you know that as much as 90% of the brain is developed by the time a child turns five? That means the first 5 years of your child’s life are crucial for their physical development and cognitive growth, as all those brain connections are forming at a faster rate during these years than at any other time(1).

I feel that one of the best decisions I made for Chanelle was to send her to preschool at the tender age of 18 months old. As a mummy with a full-time job, I do not have the means and capacity to teach and guide Chanelle on weekdays. It would be unfair to deprive her of learning and achieving her potential, so I leave her to the professionals in her school to nurture her.

As much as I hope for Chanelle to achieve her developmental milestones at least within the average range, I also wish that she would acquire qualities such as altruism, responsibility, patience and empathy in time to come. So far, I’m satisfied that she’s achieving all her developmental milestones (cognitive, motor, emotional and communication) and I’m glad that she’s a child who loves asking questions. I hope that my #LittlePioneer will always remain inquisitive and have this desire to keep on learning.


Besides sensory stimulation, proper nutrition is just as important in helping growing minds develop. To support my #LittlePioneer’s continuous learning, I make sure that she receives sufficient nutrition throughout the day, like DHA which is an important block for brain and eye development. Together, stimulation and nutrition help to develop 4 different key skill areas – Cognitive, Motor, Emotional and Communication.


Some people have this misconception that milk is only for babies and children should stop drinking milk once they enter toddlerhood. I like to think otherwise. Even though Chanelle is on two solid meals a day, she gets her bottle of Enfagrow A+ three times a day (morning, before her nap, and at night before her bed time). It is formulated to help meet the recommendation for daily DHA intake(2) to help support my #LittlePioneer’s exploring and learning on a daily basis. It also contains Wellmune® Yeast Beta Glucan as well as a unique blend of Dietary Fiber (Polydextrose) and Prebiotic (GOS) which work in tandem to promote the growth of good bacteria and digestive health!


As a mother, it is my duty to provide my children with good nutrition and stimulation to support their growth. Find out how Enfagrow A+ can support your #LittlePioneer’s continuous learning too at and feel free to request a sample!

1. Dekaban, A. S. and Sadowsky, D. (1978), Changes in brain weights during the span of human life: Relation of brain weights to body heights and body weights. Ann Neurol., 4: 345–356. doi:10.1002/ana.41004041

2. FAO/WHO recommends daily dietary DHA intake of 10-12mg/kg body weight for children 12-24 months or 100-150mg DHA+EPA for children 2 years old and above. Reference: FAO 2010. Fats and fatty acids in human nutrition. Report of an expert consultation. FAO Food and Nutrition Paper no. 91. FAO:Rome.

Little misschewy’s Growth Diary


Chanelle turned 3 recently and when we posted photos of her online, many friends commented that she is such a big girl now. It wasn’t just that she had grown physically, she just seems so much more grown up. It got me thinking about how our children grow in more ways than we can imagine! Have you ever wondered how do our children’s brains develop? I did some research about it and found that 90% of the brain development occurs in the first five years. Apparently 1000 trillion synapses are built through their experiences during the early years – that density is almost twice that of the adult brain!


Lifelong learning starts the moment we are born. The early years are a period of intense learning and development, when tremendous changes occur in a child’s mental and physical aspects over a short period of time.



Bearing all this in mind, I decided to do a quick recap of Chanelle’s developmental milestones after she turned one in March 2015.


In a span of three years, Chanelle has certainly advanced quite a bit in these four developmental areas! It’s so amazing to be able to look back at how much she has grown.


It certainly helps that Chanelle has also been drinking Enfagrow A+ from the start! As a mother, I strongly believe in helping my children reach their full potential by providing the best that’s available.
Enfagrow A+ is the brand that I have placed my trust in for years! It contains a unique blend of nutrients like DHA, Wellmune® Yeast Beta-Glucan, Dietary Fiber (Polydextrose) and Prebiotic (GOS). In fact, DHA is an important building block for brain and eye development. I am happy that Chanelle is getting the essential nutrients to help support her overall mental and physical development. Think of it as a tree that needs nutrients to grow well – a child needs the essential nutrients to grow and develop too!
Mummies, be sure to check out this link to find out more about how Enfagrow A+ can help your little one make the most of every potential learning moment, and request a free sample too!

The Chewys’ Family Photoshoot in Bali by Bali Elegance Photography


Hello! How’s everyone doing? I can’t believe we are passing the half-year mark really soon! Before I procrastinate any further, I’m gonna share the beautiful photos of our family that were taken on the second last day of our Bali trip in March this year. Our photos were taken by a local professional photographer, Gede Suwardana of Bali Elegance Photography, who has plenty of experience and specialises in shooting weddings, engagements, family portraiture, events, and also video productions!


A few weeks prior our trip, we managed to lock down the date of the photoshoot with Gede. Thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult and to think that I was initially worried since we only had a few days in Bali. A little bit of shuffling of our itinerary did the trick! I’m happy to say that Gede was very prompt in his replies and it was a pleasure communicating with him via email.


We had agreed to have the photoshoot within the resort premises but after checking into Four Points by Sheraton, Kuta, I felt that there were not many nice spots for photo-taking and texted Gede if we should change location, like to the nearby beach or something. Gede maintained that he would still want to swing by to have a look, and also it might not be such a good idea to head to the beach as the weather was quite hot. Plus, there was practically no shade at the beach for us to seek shelter if the sun became too blazing hot.


Gede and his assistant reached earlier than the agreed timing and were waiting for us at the lobby area. After a brief hello, Gede suggested that we start the photoshoot at the rooftop of the resort before slowly making our way down. He reasoned that since it was still quite cool at 9am, the rooftop would be a good place to start off with before the sun became too hot. It was a simple suggestion but I felt really grateful to Gede for being so considerate!


Gede and his assistant were quick in setting up their camera gear and got into action. It’s very important as children have very short attention span and also, they get tired easily. Like in photography, there is also a “golden hour” to photograph kids and I say it’s best to photograph them early in the morning when they are at their happiest, and when they are full of energy.


Just look at Little misschewy! She was really cheerful and energetic, not forgetting pretty cooperative too!


It is also evident in these photos provided by Gede that he was well-prepared with a variety of camera gear which allowed him to produce a dynamic set of photos for us! Gede managed to capture our precious family holiday moments from different interesting angles which misterchewy and I find very impressive.


Honestly, I didn’t think much about these old school swings but we plonked ourselves there as per Gede’s suggestion and I’m pleasantly surprised by how the swing series of photos turned out! Gede managed to capture the essence of a fun-loving family like ours who love to laugh together over the slightest things.





Mini misschewy was still a bit young to be able to fully appreciate our humour. Hahaha.


“Give me 3 more months”, she says!


So much love between these two!




It’s really nice that there is a kids indoor playground situated within our resort and it’s air-conditioned too! Little misschewy’s face lit up even more when she saw the ball pit!




Someone really enjoyed herself in the ball pit!


Hehe in the meantime, Mini misschewy fell alseep comfortably in misterchewy’s arms.







Love shots like this!




Check out the coconuts! They were stamped with Four Points by Sheraton’s logo! Cute huh?


Just chillin’ by the pool~







A big thank you to Bali Elegance Photography for the precious photos of our first family holiday trip as a party of four! Do also check out Bali Elegance’s Facebook page for more of their works! If you are looking for a Bali photographer for your special events like weddings or proposal, etc, drop Gede an email at! I believe his works speak for themselves 🙂

Bali Elegance Photography
Address: Pura Pengulapan I/5A, Ungasan, Kuta Selatan, Bali 80364
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