Mother’s Day Dinner at Shima Japanese Restaurant


Happy Mother’s Day to all amazing and selfless mummies out there! Being a mother is definitely very rewarding and of course tiring but at the end of the day, we know that the blood, sweat and tears are all worth it. As a full-time working mum, I’m always half dead by the time I reach home from work. More often than not, I fall asleep with the girls while the hubs and I shush-pat them to sleep (actually it’s just Cayla), which can be a good thing cuz it means I get to sleep early before 10pm BUT I would have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to wash and sterilise milk bottles etc. The entire cycle repeats from Monday to Friday and I find that I’m just going through the motions everyday. It’s like there’s no meaning to life? Looks like I have to do something about it soon! 😉


So anyway, the hubs and I seldom have our own couple time but things are getting slightly better lately! He proposed a Mother’s Day dinner celebration after work on Friday for just the two of us and he managed to make childcare arrangements with both my mother and mother-in-law. To be honest, I felt like cancelling on him cuz I was really tired after a long week of craziness at home (both kids were sick) and at work but decided it wouldn’t be fair to him since he had made the effort to find a nice place (I assumed! LOL) for dinner. To cut the long story short, the surprise dinner location was Tatsuya at Goodwood Park Hotel but there was a large group booking which took up the entire indoor seating area. I was disappointed when we were ushered to a table outdoors, by the road side, where it was dark and pretty humid. We then decided to walk over to Shima instead! Good thing there’s another Japanese restaurant at Goodwood Park!


My mood was instantly lifted when we stepped into the air-conditioned restaurant. HAHA. I can’t live without aircon la. Took a glance at the menu and prices seemed pretty reasonable. The hubs ordered the Sakura set ($80) while I settled for the Unagi set ($90) so that we could try different dishes! We actually ordered another Sashimi Moriawase to share but the chef and waitress pointed out that it is also included in one of our sets and advised that we cancel our order because it might sashimi overload for us. Love the thickly cut slices of fish which was really fresh and succulent!


The Tempura features prawns, brinjal and green capsicum. Crispy and piping hot!


I love tucking into a Unagi Don every now and then. Not sure if it’s an acquired taste but I had to persuade misterchewy to give it a try during our dating days and I can’t say he’s a fan of unagi. During my second pregnancy, I craved unagi most of the time! The unagi at Shima was really good but I left most of my rice untouched cuz too full!


SUSHI GOALS like seriously?! Every piece of Sushi is like a pretty work of art! Totally blown away by the Chef’s choice of sushi here. This is part of misterchewy’s Sakura set.


Tiny flower petals on a sushi! And yes, the floral scent was pretty discernible.


The Chicken Katsu was quite tender, although I felt that the skin was a little too tough for a couple of pieces. The hubs felt that it was alright so it was probably just the ones that I picked.


Soup in a tea pot! We thought the waitress forgot our bowls and it turned out that the cups are placed on top of the pot. Haha! The soup is available for both our sets.


We squeezed the slice of lime into the soup, which contained some ingredients like shiitake mushroom, ginkgo, and bamboo shoot.


Soup was savoury yet refreshing!


Warabi Mochi on the house, courtesy of the Chef! Hehe not sure is it because he saw us taking plenty of photos of every single dish from start to end. LOL! It was chilled and chewy but it was a pity that we didn’t really like the taste of it.


Fresh cut fruits to end our marvelous meal!


On the overall, the food at Shima kept our bellies full, warm and happy! Total damage was slightly over $200, inclusive of refillable iced green tea at $4 each. Hehe I guess we should do this more often! 😛

Shima Japanese Restaurant
Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: +65 6734 6281

Opening Hours:
12pm – 3pm (Lunch)
6pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Neo Garden!


Mother’s Day is coming! Fellow mummies, what are your plans? Or rather, have your hubbies planned anything yet? Haha! To be honest, I kinda dread celebrating Mother’s Day on the actual day because everywhere is gonna be just so packed! I would actually prefer having a cosy and intimate celebration at home with my loved ones, away from the crowd! Over the weekend, we had a Mother’s Day Party Set delivered to us from Neo Garden.

Mother's Day menu

You don’t need to have large numbers in order to enjoy buffet catering. Neo Garden’s mini buffet/mini party set option is perfect for 8 to 10 pax! What’s more? The food is served in microwavable containers with full set of disposable wares and serviettes provided, which makes cleaning a breeze! Three Mother’s Day menus are available and they come with free Lychee Rose cake.
Click the image or visit to view the food options. Do take note that Mother’s Day Delight ($168) is available for self-collection only. For the other menus, there is a delivery charge of $30 (w/GST $32.10) per order, additional surcharge is applicable for delivery to offshore area and central areas.


Sin Chow Mee Hoon


Breaded Scallop


Fish Fillet with Wasabi Mayo


Mushroom Broccoli


Mum’s Favorite Curry Chicken


Snow Fungus Soup with Gingko Nuts


Enjoy the Carnation Table Bouquet at a special price of $28 and if you are a Neo Celebrates member, you will get to enjoy it at just $20!


Neo Garden’s Mother Day’s menus are available till 14 May 2017. More details on terms & conditions can be found here: Visit or call 68967757 to order!

Capture Selfie-free Holiday Moments with WanderSnap


WOW. I find it kinda hard to believe that it has been a little more than a month since we got back from our Bali trip! I will definitely be blogging about our very first vacation with two little ones in tow since I already have a number of requests coming in, but for now, let’s kick things off with our experience with WanderSnap! When misterchewy and I embarked on our three-week long honeymoon trip to Europe in March 2013, we the husband lugged our DSLR and tripod everywhere we went. We got pretty nice pictures at the end of the trip, but it was at the expense of the hubs suffering from muscle strains and backaches! Not forgetting the fact that it was quite a hassle and also time consuming having to set up the tripod and place the camera on self-timer mode!


Now that we have a baby and a toddler, our aim is to travel light! Bringing our DSLR and tripod is definitely not an option, even though it is quite tempting because of the quality of photos a DSLR can give. I felt worried initially, that we might need to resort to taking boring selfies and end up with poor quality pictures for the entire trip! Luckily for us, we got to know about WanderSnap a couple of weeks before flying to Bali. In a nutshell, WanderSnap is Asia’s marketplace for connecting travellers with local snappers to capture selfie-free moments.


As of today, there are over 250 snappers across 30 Asian destinations on WanderSnap. Through this platform, I viewed works by various photographers and made my selection based on our travel period, destination, type of camera gear used, and price! For each successful booking, $5 actually goes towards teaching photography to low-opportunity youth so they too can create art for a living!

WanderSnap Selfie

Why WanderSnap? It is a safe and trustworthy platform for travellers to engage local snappers to capture their holiday moments at an affordable price. Every snapper has their own styles, and by viewing their galleries, you can select your desired snapper if his or her style resonates with you. You can expect to receive about 10 to 30 edited photos per hour of shoot, which is certainly very reasonable. Online payment is hassle-free and the money will only be released to the snapper after the photos have been provided to the traveller.


A few days before our trip, I decided to engage Sasha because I really love the photos that she had posted on her gallery. Her photos have a nice rustic feel and more importantly, Sahsa seem to have plenty of experience photographing families with young children!


3rd of March was our 4th traditional wedding anniversary, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to have our precious family holiday photos taken in a natural and candid way! I was in charge of our travel itinerary and had planned an entire day of sightseeing that day. We had a local driver to take us to places we wanted to see and Tanah Lot was our last sightseeing destination before returning to our resort.


I chose to have our photoshoot at Tanah Lot in the evening because I heard that the sunset at Tanah Lot is incredibly beautiful! I think we were supposed to meet Sasha at 4pm to commence our 2-hour shoot but unfortunately, our driver was half an hour late in picking us up in the morning. Plus, the bad traffic conditions made the travel duration longer than expected and I had to text Sasha to postpone the timing of the shoot.


Thankfully, Sasha was very kind and understanding enough, so we agreed to meet an hour later at the ticketing entrance of Tanah Lot. We didn’t have any problems locating each other and chatted along the way to the temple. The hubs and I were quite surprised to learn that Sasha is a Russian living in Canggu (South of Bali). In fact, she had stayed in Sri Lanka and Thailand for a few years previously. Sounds pretty adventurous to me!


One thing great about having a local snapper help capture our photos is that we could free ourselves from having to fumble with cameras and selfie sticks. Taking photos of the kids out of the baby carriers would be difficult, especially for Cayla’s case since she’s still a baby. With a photographer to follow us around, we could leave the baby carriers and stroller in the car. It was splendid because there were finally plenty of full body shots of the kids, instead of them partially hidden in the carriers. LOL.


While some photos were posed, misterchewy and I are glad that Sasha managed to snap candid photos of our little family. As we had a long day, all of us were sweaty, sticky and tired! While it was slightly easier for misterchewy and I to keep smiling for the camera, the girls were a little cranky and not very willing to cooperate. It was tough to get them to smile because both of them wanted to sleep. Haha.


It was really great that Sasha was being extremely patient and cheerful throughout the shoot. Plus she was really enthusiastic in engaging the girls. Her calm and positive demeanor certainly impressed us!


Despite having to deal with uncooperative and unsmiling kids during the shoot, the hubs and I are surprised that the photos turned out better than expected! These photos portray what travelling with young children is like and when we look at them again many years down the road, we will definitely be teasing the kids for being so whiny and cranky during the shoot. Haha! Anyway, enjoy the photos and let me know what you think! 🙂 Also, scroll to the end of this post for a special discount code!



















Get $50 credit simply by creating an account with WanderSnap via this link during signup! Till 30th June 2017! Thanks WanderSnap and also Sasha for these beautiful holiday memories of our family!

Like in a fairy tale: the magic places in Europe that are worth a visit


Did you love fairy tales when you were a child? Maybe you were fond of epic sagas about the Medieval kingdoms and their heroes? Maybe all of that things are interesting to you today? If you answered in the affirmative at least one of these questions, then our article is for you. We will tell you where to go to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fabulous Europe and to get an unforgettable experience. Believe me, there are many such places there. And they are all worth your attention, so do not waste time, choose the first city or country from the list and enjoy your adventure! With these information shared girls from Take a look!

Norwegian fjords

You are unlikely to believe If we say that one Scandinavian country is the best place for meditations in the world. But you are wrong! The beauty and grandeur of the Norwegian fjords amaze the imagination. Giant ancient rocks, rising directly from the cold waters, green forests and mild climate have a very appeasing effect. Looking at all this beauty will get you rid of all the problems, trivial insults and hecticness while. The harsh Vikings lived there centuries ago. If you like books or films about these fearless warriors, you should visit the Norwegian fjords. This will give you an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of old Scandinavian legends, which has remained in these places till present days.


Chamonix, France

Chamonix is ​​a small French town. It seems like it has appeared from the pages of an old fairy tale or a novel to give us the opportunity to be closer to miracles. Chamonix is ​​located in a very special place. It is situated in the shadow of Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the harsh Alps. There is a pleasant climate, picturesque landscapes and friendly people. Do not be frightened because of its location: a quiet, rural life in Chamonix peacefully coexists with the benefits of modern civilization. By the way, the first winter Olympic Games were held in this fabulous town!


Lake Annecy, France

This is an ideal place for those who are looking for opportunities to swim in water skiing while admiring the incredible landscapes. Lake Annecy is considered the cleanest lake in Europe, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Despite such an activity on the part of foreigners, the terrain does not lose its attractiveness. After all, exclusively intelligent people come here and they are very concerned about the welfare of this beautiful place.


Santorini, Greece

Postcards and posters depicting this place are well known all over the world. But not everyone knows that these snow-white houses and the blue sea are not an invention of the artist, since they are completely real! It is the Santorini island, which was almost completely destroyed thousands of years ago due to one of the largest volcanic eruptions in human history. Today it attracts tourists from all over the world due to it`s unique Mediterranean atmosphere and a relaxed rhythm of life. Do not forget to bring a good camera with you. You will definitely want to take away the memory of this amazing place, with its picturesque sunsets and cozy snow-white houses with blue roofs, not only in your head, but also as beautiful pictures.

Cayla’s Mini Easter Photoshoot by The ALP Studio


Back in August last year, we had the wonderful opportunity of working with Ashley and her assistant, Samantha, for Cayla’s newborn photoshoot when she was 7 days old. It was an eye-opening experience watching the baby whisperers working their magic and the photos turned out really wonderful. This time, Samantha, who had been trained by Ashley, took over the reins (and camera) at The ALP Studio, which is a subsidiary of Ashley Low Photography, to produce these cute images of Cayla as part of the mini Easter photoshoot session!


I really adore their cute and dainty setups. So much thought and effort must have gone into these!


Hehe Cayla woke up early that day and yet, didn’t manage to nap at all on our way to the studio. At her age, she’s easily distracted by her surroundings and I think she was also listening to the conversation that I was having with my BFF the entire car journey! It was a pity that we couldn’t get Cayla’s signature smile because she was obviously too sleepy despite the 30 minute power nap in the studio. But it’s ok, the photos turned out really cute nonetheless!


Haha love her innocent expression!



The mini session is 30 minutes long and includes up to two different setups. Limited slots are available so hurry! Adults get to enjoy some easter chocolates and snacks too! Do check out The ALP Studio on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

Kenjo Hair Salon: Olaplex Treatment and Davines Hair Color


Before our trip to Bali, I scheduled an appointment with Justin from Kenjo Hair Salon because a good amount of my black roots were showing and I also wanted a new hair color for a change! I know that I can always count on Kenjo salon to make me feel pampered and deliver only the best each time I spend hours in the cosy salon!


Here’s a “Before” photo of my hair. Apart from the black roots, I would say that my hair was still in quite good shape? Must be due to the 3-step Mucota Scena+ hair treatment which I did earlier! Long hair is always very hard to manage. It takes an awfully long time to dry and gets entangled easily! But then again, I cant see myself with short hair at all. For ladies who share the same sentiments, do give one of the treatments at Kenjo salon a try!


I told Justin that I wanted to try a cooler ash color for a softer look and he recommended something along the lines of 7A. If we were to attempt a very light color like 9A, we would probably need some very serious bleaching! Even so, Justin advised that bleaching was still necessary for my case to achieve the ash effect and he assured me that Kenjo uses good quality products that would not harm customer’s tresses! This time, I was introduced to Davines hair color which is absolutely free of ammonia and is very gentle on the hair and sculpt!


It seems like bleaching and Olaplex go hand in hand because Olaplex rebuilds and strengthens the bonds in your hair, making it stronger and healthier! We all know all the effects of bleaching, so by incorporating Olaplex treatment during the bleaching process, it actually negates the damaging effects of hair bleaching!


After first round of bleaching, Justin decided that we should go for another round!


My hair is considerably bleached after two rounds of bleaching! I don’t think I would dare to walk out of the salon like this. Hahaha.


Oh did I mention how thrilled I was when Justin asked what crazy colors would I like to go with my ash hair?! I picked blue and violet because I can’t imagine myself with green, yellow or orange hair…yet!


I have always loved the hair washes at Kenjo because the temperate of the water is just right, and they provide long thick blankets! So hard to not fall asleep! 😛


After blow drying my hair, here’s a little sneak peak of the ash grey, violet and blue colors in my hair!


Mad love for my new hair! The effect was subtle and not over-the-top, and yet there was a slight wildness to it!


This photo was taken by my colleague the very next day. A pity that the curls were not permanent! Boohoo. Anyway, I was still very happy with my new hair colors!


Very blessed indeed to have Kenjo salon pamper me with only the best! I brought home these MELU shampoo and conditioner by Davines, which can help hair color last longer and is also a real treat for the hair! It has a mild minty smell and also has a slight cooling effect when applied to the tresses! I have been using it consistently for almost a month now and I have nothing but praises for these!


The soft ash colors are still retained after so long! Looking forward to my next pampering treat at Kenjo! If you are planning to visit Kenjo for the very first time, feel free to quote “MISSUSCHEWY” for an amazing 15% off any hair service or treatment when you call 62388083 to book an appointment! Look for my stylist, Justin Teo! 🙂

Kenjo Salon
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6238 8083 (New customers quote “Missuschewy’ for 15% off)

Opening Hours:
11am to 8pm (including Public Holidays)

Little misschewy’s Third Birthday Party!


Little misschewy turned THREE on 18th March! We held a mini celebration for her in school one day before her actual birthday! Two weeks ago, we told her that we would let her celebrate her birthday with her friends and she had been feeding information to her teachers about her “Peppa Pig birthday cake”! The day finally came and she was so excited that she began skipping and running towards her school. The hubs and I warned her incessantly to stop running because the road is uneven and we couldn’t hold her hand because we had the cake and gifts to carry with both hands. Poor girl fell and grazed her knees -_- Her teachers and auntie cleaner helped to clean her wound, and when she saw her classmates, she exclaimed, “Today is Chanelle’s Peppa Pig birthday party!” LOL. All her friends were jumping up and down (like how Peppa and family loved jumping up and down in muddy puddles HAHAHA) in excitement. So cute really! 😀


Big hugs and thank you to our favourite BakeAvenue for sponsoring Chanelle’s Peppa Pig birthday cake! Not only does Irene of BakeAvenue bake birthday cakes, Irene also bakes giant cupcakes, macarons, pushpops, Chinese New Year goodies, as well as conduct baking classes! The baking classes are held in a home environment at Hougang Avenue 3 and are great for teambuilding sessions and hen parties. BakeAvenue has been doing very well and they now have their own physical bakery at Blk 6 Hougang Ave 3 #01-66!


I ordered some Peppa Pig coloring books and crayons for the children but shipment was delayed! Good thing my mum helped me to get two different types of Peppa cookies and some gummy candies as party favors!


Chanelle’s customised Peppa Pig party hat and Peppa dress arrived just in time for her party! Blur mummy ordered the wrong dress design for her! I didn’t even realise until I snapped a photo and sent it to my mum, and she was the one who pointed this out to me! We had previously agreed on which design to get. Hehe.


I ordered size 2-3Y but the dress turned out to be way too short for her! Dug out another white tutu skirt for her and luckily they match quite well!


Group photo with all her friends before cake cutting!


Chanelle wasn’t the only one who was excited about her cake. Actually, the rest of their kids couldn’t keep their hands off the cake too and their laoshi had to remind them to stay away and remain seated while she helped to light the candles. Haha!


Laoshi switched off the lights before all of them sang the birthday song and the kids were all clapping in glee.


I wonder what Chanelle wished for? Hahaha her expression!



LOL don’t know what’s so funny?! Chanelle was like super high! Hahaha.



The chocolate sponge cake was really fluffy and moist, while the cream was light and airy. Peppa Pig came in the form of a chocolate macaron. How adorable! Hehe. And I was amazed that the kids are such good eaters! Almost all of them went for a second helping of the cake! :O Luckily, there was enough for all the teachers and staff too! For more info, check out BakeAvenue at! They also have a Facebook and Instagram account!


Come to think of it, this was Chanelle’s first time celebrating her birthday in school as we were in Japan last March with Cayla in my tummy! I was looking through our photos and realised that Chanelle has grown so much over the past year! She no longer looks like a little boy now. Hahaha! Ok, now I need to start planning Cayla’s party! 😀