PS Cafe: P.S. I ___ You

PS Cafe 1

Never in my life had I dreamed that one day, someone would actually take me to PS Cafe. Yes! THE PS Cafe. I am kinda like a mountain tortoise, not having heard about PS Cafe only until my uni days (I’m graduating soon!).

PS Cafe 2

PS Cafe 3

And the common words associated with PS Cafe are “atas”, “expensive leh” and “wah.. that place..” All the more I was intrigued and thought that it is indeed a place that only the upper middle class can afford to go to.

PS Cafe 4

PS Cafe 5

So, when a friend offered to take me there for lunch, I readily agreed! I didnt expect PS Cafe to look like this but I kinda liked it because it resembles a greenhouse! :) We were there at 3pm and skimmed through the menu quickly because last orders’ at 4pm.

PS Cafe 7

PS Cafe 8

Portobello mushrooms are one of my favorite types of mushroom and so I settled for the Portobello Stack ($22).

PS Cafe 9

The poached eggs were a good complement for the saltiness of the bacon. Other than the portobello mushroom, I thoroughly enjoyed the creamy smoked cheddar potato gratin which was soft and chewy.

PS Cafe 6

My friend had the PS. Brunch Burger ($29). It certainly is no ordinary burger, judging by the looks of it. My, it sure was huge! Sandwiched between two toasted sesame buns were the homemade grilled wagyu & US chuck patty topped with camambert cheese, wilted spinach, crispy bacon, tomato, caramelized onion, herby mayo & fried egg. The fries that came with the burger were very thick too!

PS Cafe 10

Although my friend couldnt finish his toasted sesame buns, we proceeded with the Double Chocolate Blackout Cake ($14.90). I’m not sure if they were trying to clear stock but the serving was very big. The both of us have a sweet tooth so we dug into the more chocolate-ty part of the cake with glee. Eating the cake together with the vanilla ice cream was sheer heaven. We didnt finish the cake because we felt guilty eating it. Too sinful!

PS Cafe 11

I believe that I will be back to try the other dishes that PS Cafe has to offer. :)
As for my opening statement, it is actually quite affordable and not overly priced.

Total bill (inclusive of drinks) was about $98 after GST.

PS Cafe
28B Harding Road
Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road)
Tel: +65 6479 3343

Opening hours:
Mon to Fri
11.30am – 5pm (Lunch)
Sat and Sun
9.30am – 5pm (Brunch)
Mon to Thu and Sun
6.30pm – 12am (Dinner)
Fri and Sat
6.30pm – 2am (Dinner)

Heaven’s Loft: Heaven begins with desserts


I readily agreed to my friend’s suggestion of having dinner at Heaven’s Loft since I had not been there before and the name piqued my curiosity.


So up up up we went to Heaven…’s Loft. Yeah it is located on the top most level of Orchard Central. Surprise surprise.


All along I have been eating the usual kind of pasta and spaghetti, so when I saw the words “angel hair” I was naturally curious. Yes I’m a very curious being.


The Seafood Angel Hair ($24.90) was made up of tempura prawns, mussels and scallops in marinara sauce. Normally I’d prefer cream based pasta because I do not really fancy sourish food. But this is good. The consistency of the sauce is just right, not too watery and not too dry. The ingredients are also very fresh. One thing which disappointed me the most was the tempura prawns. They looked like small prawn fritters to me :(


My friend had the Salmon with Sundried Tomato ($23.90). Not sure how it tasted like but it sure looked normal to me. I think it’s a total rip-off for a small piece of salmon.


You cant get away without desserts over here! They have a separate dessert menu and serve a wide range of desserts!


We shared the Pear Temptation ($14.90) which is pear and almond cream wrapped in crispy puff pastry served warm with Ben & Jerry’s strawberry ice cream. Ooh! One bite and we went to heaven!



The puff pastry had a texture which was similar to that of a strudel. It wasnt sweet enough on its own so this is where the ice cream comes in. :)

My next visit to Heaven’s Loft would definitely be to try more of their desserts!

Total bill for 2 was about $80 (inclusive of drinks) after GST.

Heaven’s Loft
181 Orchard Road
#08-01 Orchard Central
Tel: +65 6884 9505

Opening hours:
Sun to Thu
11am – 11pm
Fri and Sat
11am – 1am