Kenjo Korean Hair Salon Review & Discount Code!


Hello chewy friends! If you have been following me closely on Instagram and Facebook, you would know that I had a hair makeover a couple of weeks back! During my last trimester of pregnancy, my hair was in bad shape and not wanting to sit in a salon for hours with a humongous tummy, aching back and swollen feet, I randomly picked a hair dye off the shelves at NTUC and dyed my hair at home, hoping to cover up my black roots that had started to show. It was only a temporary measure because my previous hair colour was quite light, making the black roots very obvious, and I didn’t want to look awful for our family photoshoot that I had scheduled to take place after my delivery.


After my confinement, I was invited by Joseph Foo, Founder & Director of Kenjo Salon to try out their professional hair services. Kenjo Salon, located at the new wing of Plaza Singapura, is set against a sleek and modern ambience with a combination of local and Korean stylists. The salon has been around for about 2 years and keeps up-to-date by offering their valued customers numerous hair services such as Mucota colour, volume rebonding, omega oil therapy treatment perm and a whole lot more! When I walked into Kenjo Salon, I knew my hair would be in good hands!


I was shown to my seat and was immediately offered something to drink. Kenjo Salon has their own drinks menu with a wide selection of hot and cold beverages! There is also complimentary Wi-Fi so customers need not worry about exceeding their data plan while keeping themselves occupied at the salon!


Senior Stylist Justin Teo was assigned to take care of my hair. Obviously, DIY hair colouring was a very bad idea on my part! My hair looked like a total disaster! Although I had a hundred and one things I wished I could do to my hair, my top priority was getting a cut and colour. I didn’t know my hair was THAT long! How did I survive confinement with such long hair?!


Before getting down to business, Justin and I had a pretty in-depth discussion as to how we should go about achieving the hair colour that I want. Initially, I wanted to try ash colours but Justin informed me that bleaching is required to achieve optimal results. Also, bleaching would cause my hair to become as dry as hay and the aftercare maintenance is not something I think I can afford to invest time and effort in at this point in time. Another push factor is that the colour would probably last only about 2 weeks max, which in my opinion, is not worth the agony of sitting through 10 hours in the salon. We finally settled for 10-FB as the base color and 10-PG as the highlights. I really appreciated that Justin took time to explain, which helped me make an informed decision about picking the final colours for my hair.


As Justin snipped off a few inches of my hair, he could tell that I hadn’t trimmed my hair in a very long time. For a low maintenance mother, I had always thought that long hair is the way to go as I don’t have to keep visiting the salon to trim my hair. Justin taught me that it is important to blow dry my hair thoroughly especially the roots, while it is ok to leave the ends to dry on its own.


The colour for my highlights was applied first and Justin explained that the machine (in the middle photo) used has an ability to distribute heat evenly, thus enabling better colour absorption. Finally, the base colour was applied.


After more than 5 hours, we are done! Thank you Justin!


Stepped out of Kenjo Salon with smooth and silky hair!



Justin reminded me to use colour shampoo and try not to use hot water to wash my hair if possible. This is supposed to help hair colour last longer. I totally love how my new hair color looks under the sun!


Once again, a big thank you to Justin and Kenjo Salon! Quote “MISSUSCHEWY” and get 15% off your first visit at Kenjo Salon! Call 62388083 to make an appointment!

Kenjo Salon
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6238 8083

Opening Hours:
11am to 8pm (including Public Holidays)