Cayla’s Mini Easter Photoshoot by The ALP Studio


Back in August last year, we had the wonderful opportunity of working with Ashley and her assistant, Samantha, for Cayla’s newborn photoshoot when she was 7 days old. It was an eye-opening experience watching the baby whisperers working their magic and the photos turned out really wonderful. This time, Samantha, who had been trained by Ashley, took over the reins (and camera) at The ALP Studio, which is a subsidiary of Ashley Low Photography, to produce these cute images of Cayla as part of the mini Easter photoshoot session!


I really adore their cute and dainty setups. So much thought and effort must have gone into these!


Hehe Cayla woke up early that day and yet, didn’t manage to nap at all on our way to the studio. At her age, she’s easily distracted by her surroundings and I think she was also listening to the conversation that I was having with my BFF the entire car journey! It was a pity that we couldn’t get Cayla’s signature smile because she was obviously too sleepy despite the 30 minute power nap in the studio. But it’s ok, the photos turned out really cute nonetheless!


Haha love her innocent expression!



The mini session is 30 minutes long and includes up to two different setups. Limited slots are available so hurry! Adults get to enjoy some easter chocolates and snacks too! Do check out The ALP Studio on Facebook and Instagram 🙂