Toozo Town: Starring Your Child in Songs and Stories!

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Toozo Town

In this day and age, we find it increasingly difficult to function without technology. I will have to admit that I absolutely cannot live without my smartphone. I rely on it so much that when I’m with Chanelle, I find it impossible to put my phone away even for a few minutes. I think it’s because of this, Chanelle finds my phone more attractive than all her other toys and books. Sometimes I play nursery rhymes via YouTube but Chanelle doesn’t sit still for more than 2 minutes, thus leaving me at my wits’ end.

A world of joyful learning

Recently, I was introduced to Kloneworld, a group of storytellers with a twist. Kloneworld passes on stories that inspired and entertained us when we were kids, onto the next generation by using a mix of technology and creativity. Instead of plain books and videos, Kloneworld puts us inside the movies, animations, comic books and toys we enjoy. When we can actually see ourselves star in our own movies and comics, we enjoy an unmatched personalized storytelling experience like no other! Sounds interesting? You bet! The Chewys had a wonderful time bonding over the unique, fun and educational Kloneworld ToozoTown, a virtual world where kids can see their avatars come to life.

How to take a good photo

To get started, simply download Kloneworld for FREE and sign up for an account. In order to start making your Klones, you need to upload passport type photos for best results. Ideally, there should be even light without shadow on face, face should be looking at camera with mouth closed and forehead visible.

Manage Klones

Tadah! Here are The Chewys’ Klones! It was very tough to take a proper photo of Little misschewy who refused to keep still and look straight at the camera. Thank goodness her avatar turned out to be irresistibly adorable!

Kloneworld Videos

Everyone starts off with 1000 koins upon signing up. Some of the content are free, while others can be redeemed with koins.


The very first product that we created was the “Welcome to Toozo Town” video. The content took only a couple of minutes to be generated and a notification will be sent to your email account.

We are very impressed by how realistic our avatars are! Kloneworld cleverly makes the Klones perform a wide range of expressions and actions such as blinking, smiling, talking, singing, and dancing, etc.

Chanelle loves the videos that I had created for her! I think it was probably her 5th or 6th time watching the Welcome to Toozo Town video but she was so captivated by her own avatar that she kept her eyes glued to the screen and was seen ‘dancing’ to the music.

123 father daughter

I am especially fond of the videos that put mummy/daddy and child together!

Cuteness overload! Even misterchewy couldn’t resist replaying the video a few times!


Besides videos, you can also create books.



Kloneworld Toozo Town is not all about fun and games. There is also an educational aspect that imparts moral values through traditional stores like The Fox & The Crow, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Kloneworld Printed Books

You know what’s really cool? You have the option of purchasing the printed version of the book which you created! At just SGD9.99, you get a paperback A4 sized color printed book with your very own Klone in it!

Have Fun!

After two weeks of playing around with Kloneworld Toozo Town, I am convinced that kids will benefit from this educational app through knowledge and values imparted by the various stories. Kloneworld is a Singaporean company, launching its first product exclusively in Singapore, and then the rest of the world. You may download the FREE app HERE! Some of the paid content can be redeemed with koins, which you can earn by inviting friends to use the app. Have fun!


Signing off with a photo taken with Gaju the elephant! ;)

OSIM uMagic: The World’s First Magic Hands Technology

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I’m not afraid to admit that I cannot live without my iPhone. It’s the first thing I greet every morning and the last before I go to bed at night. It has to be with me 24/7 (except when I’m taking a shower of course) and I find myself constantly texting friends and loved ones, replying tons of emails and also checking out social media updates on Facebook and Instagram. Alarm bells started to ring when I realized my fingers becoming numb after excessive usage of my phone! It was then that I knew I had to give my fingers a break. It was quite worrying, so I decided to find out more about it online.


Apparently, I was suffering from ‘Text Neck’, a global epidemic resulting from widespread overuse of handheld devices, causing repeated stress on your neck while looking down at the screens! I was shocked that the strain on my neck actually travelled all the way down to my fingers! Not only that, I face the computer for hours on end at work. I know that instead of adopting a good sitting posture, I’m so used to hunching over, which further strains the muscles on my neck and shoulders. At times, I go home with a bad headache, or neck and back pain. To further aggravate my problem, I have to take care of Chanelle when I reach home from work and she weighs about 10kg now! She’s not even learning how to walk yet, so I have to carry her in my arms and boy, I can really feel the additional strain on my back and shoulders! Sometimes I find myself lamenting to misterchewy that I seriously need to sign up for a massage package and beat myself back into shape but who am I kidding? I cannot stand some stranger touching me, let alone give me a massage for 60 minutes. I tried getting misterchewy to massage my shoulders but obviously, he’s not trained to do good job (hehe.. sorry hubby!).

Application Shot_06

After years of innovative massage technology, OSIM’s latest massage chair, uMagic, is the perfect solution to ease the tight and tense muscles around our head and shoulders. OSIM uMagic offers massage movements similar to a masseur’s hands with finger pressure and grip to relieve aching neck and shoulders.


I put uMagic’s signature ‘Magic Moments’ program to the test and viola! If I’m not allowed to use the word SHIOK, I would say that it feels MAGICAL. Why magical? I was treated to a powerful, deep-tissue massage with life-like hand movements by OSIM uMagic! The patented hand-grip massage is the world’s first Magic Hands massage technology, designed to extract and relieve deep-seated muscle aches and tension especially around the neck and shoulders with its 7 levels of protrusion.


I also tried another uMagic’s signature program, ‘Shoulder Delight’, which is specially designed for quick relief of neck and shoulder ache by devoting 80% of uMagic’s unique hand-grip massage technique attending to the neck and shoulders and 20% for loosening tension and stiffness on the lower back. Unlike the conventional massage chairs that massages the bones of the shoulder blades without providing much relief, which is pretty much superficial, I could really feel the uMagic easing the tension of the muscles of my neck and shoulders. After 15 minutes on the uMagic, I walked away feeling liberated!


Besides the above mentioned signature programs, the OSIM uMagic also has an extensive suite of Lifestyle Massage Programs that are tailored to satisfy the diverse needs and well-being of the family. For instance, ‘Chill Out’ provides head-to-toe pampering to unwind and relax the body and mind, ‘Lumbar Care’ maintains a healthy back by loosening lower back tension, while ‘Sports Recovery’ promotes relaxation and recovery of muscles used in sports, and many more. As you can see, the types of massages provided are very diverse and there is something for everyone!

Application Shot_08

I was deeply impressed upon learning that users can even download new massage programs into the OSIM Massage Chair App on their devices and transfer them into the OSIM uMagic! This is certainly very value for money!

Beauty Shot_03 with Cropping Guide

One other thing which struck me was how elegant and sophisticated the OSIM uMagic is. Prior to this, I was under the impression that massage chairs were bulky, dull and boring; something which I would never want to have in my house. The uMagic exudes classiness and is incredibly sexy, with its streamlined design and polished chrome plated curvatures. Gotta love the quilted and modern weave inspired leatherette. I would say that the uMagic is certainly a beautiful piece of art! Apart from that, the foot massager can be fully retracted under the seat to provide more living space. When extended completely, it can be used as a calves-ankles-feet massager for a more holistic massage. Impressive!


If you are like me, who suffer from neck and back aches all the time, I urge you to experience OSIM’s Magic Hands massage technology at any OSIM outlet! Your muscles will thank me, or rather the OSIM uMagic after that ;)
The OSIM uMagic retails at a special introductory price of $4988 (UP $5288). It is available at all OSIM outlets, road shows and online at

The Chewys’ Hong Kong Trip Video!

During our recent trip to Hong Kong, we took some videos just for the fun of it and decided to compile the snippets together to depict our entire vacation! Both misterchewy and I don’t have any prior experience with video editing and stuff, so it took us quite a while to figure things out. Hehehe please bear with us because we know that this video is very amateurish but we reckon it’s a nice change to be able to document our trip in a different manner. Having said that, do look out for the photos that we will still be posting on this space soon! Enjoy and happy hump day! :)

Chanelle’s First Lunar Birthday Celebration


Hello chewys! The hubs and I took leave from work on Monday because it was Little misschewy’s first lunar birthday! It didn’t feel very long ago when we celebrated her lunar 4th month by letting her lick a chicken drumstick, etc. You can read about it here and also compare how much she has grown! First things first, we helped Chanelle put on a pair of new shoes before letting her step on two giant ang ku kuehs. The Chinese believe that this ensures a smooth journey in life.




This is not just for first lunar birthday. In fact, my family has this tradition of eating mee swa with hard boiled egg on the day of our lunar birthday every year.


Candid moment caught on camera by misterchewy. Hehe.



And now, for the fun part! Apparently, Zhua Zhou (抓周) is one of the most important traditional customs on a child’s first lunar birthday in China, which supposedly helps to predict his/her future, depending on the item picked. Here are the items we laid out: Ruler, Chicken drumstick, Seal, Book, Dollar note, Calculator and Stethoscope.


Chanelle went straight for the dollar note and she couldn’t quite make up her mind as she picked up other items as well.


She finally settled for the calculator!


According to Chinese traditions, baby’s maternal grandmother is supposed to give the child a pair of shoes. So here’s a very lovely pair of Melissa shoes from my mum to Chanelle.

Check out the short video that we made for Chanelle’s first lunar birthday celebration! Enjoy! :D

Win a 5D4N Japan Trip for 2 with Ayataka Green Tea!

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Konnichiwa~! Want to win a 5D4N trip for two to Japan? Read on!

I am a huge fan of Japanese green tea and ever since I was given the opportunity to sample Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea back in the middle of 2013, I am truly a convert and have never looked back!

Before my experience with Ayataka, I was mainly drinking Japanese green tea in the form of powder (matcha) or tea bags. I was intrigued by Ayataka not only because it comes in cans and bottles, but also due to the amazing fact that Ayataka Japanese Green Tea is brewed using carefully selected tea leaves, contains no preservatives, and is both sugar free and calorie free!


Besides that, Ayataka is not your ordinary ready-to-drink green tea. Do you know that Ayataka contains matcha powder and a unique blend of natural ingredients which creates distinct cloudiness just like authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea! The cloudiness can be seen just by gently swirling the bottle before drinking and you can enjoy the experience of drinking traditional green tea anywhere and everywhere!

Just to share, in a taste test conducted in Kyoto, Japan, with 100 maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha), Ayataka emerged amongst other leading Japanese green tea brands in Singapore as the closest to authentic Japanese teapot brewed tea, as well as the best tasting Japanese green tea!


I reckon that Ayataka Japanese Green Tea goes extremely well with just about any type of food! However, I’m more inclined to pair it with my favorite Japanese cuisine and I personally find that Ayataka Japanese Green Tea tastes best when it is chilled!


Win a 5D4N trip for two to Japan with Ayataka! Show us how you best enjoy the authentic taste of Ayataka, the ready-to-drink Japanese green tea that tastes closest to teapot-brewed tea. $100 vouchers to Yoshinoya will also be awarded to one chosen entry each week. Stay tuned!

1. Join Heaven and Earth Tea Facebook Page

2. Share a photo of how you best enjoy the authentic #ayatakateapot taste on either Instagram, Twitter or in the comments section below the contest post on Facebook

3. Hashtag #ayatakateapot and tag a friend (remember to set your account to “public”!)

Contest ends 25 April 2015.

Find out more about the #ayatakateapot contest here
Click here for Terms and Conditions:

I know this is very exciting, but KEEP CALM AND DRINK AYATAKA! :D