Cayla’s Newborn Shoot by Ashley Low Photography


Hello chewy chewy friends! I’m finally ready to share Cayla’s newborn photos that were taken by Ashley when Cayla was 7 days old! Ashley is the only photographer in Ashley Low Photography which was started about 4.5 years ago, specialising in Newborn and Baby Photography. She has undergone specialised Newborn Photography training both in UK 2013 and subsequently, in Australia 2015. Besides that, Ashley also provides photography services for maternity, babies (3-12 months old), and family.


Prior my delivery, I received very detailed preparation guidelines pertaining to the newborn shoot so that I know what is provided by the studio, the duration of the session, what to bring along to the studio, and what to expect after the photoshoot. I was certainly very impressed by all the concise details given in the guidelines and this made me feel at ease before the photoshoot. I didn’t have to ask a hundred and one questions and I definitely didn’t feel lost when we reached the studio. Ashley’s studio is located at Oxley BizHub, and it’s clean, cosy and spacious. It felt as though I walked right into someone’s home!


Ashley’s studio is very well-equipped and super baby-friendly. There’s a diaper changing station, complete with wet wipes and diapers sponsored by Merries! Parents need not panic if they forget to bring or run out of diapers at any point of the photoshoot. There’s also a private area for nursing, as well as hot water boiled in an airpot every morning, if you need to warm up or prepare milk for your little ones.


A pantry that is well-stocked with snacks and drinks!



Look at that huge array of props! It is also a nice area for children to get warmed up before a shoot. It didn’t take long for Chanelle to help herself to the toys!


Ashley was building rapport with Chanelle and that made Chanelle less shy during the siblings and family shoot.


According to Ashley, the best time to conduct a newborn photoshoot is when your baby is around 5 to 12 days old because they spend most of their time sleeping and hence, it’s easier to position them in various poses. Not forgetting putting on the cute outfits and accessories too! I was a little worried at first because Cayla was unusually awake at the studio even after her milk feed. To think I had told Ashley that Cayla could sleep hours on end at home! Haha looked like the little one was trying to prove something else! However, my fears were unfounded. It was an eye-opening experience watching how Ashley and Samantha (one of Ashley’s assistants) shush Cayla to sleep by gently rocking her and playing white noise that mimics the womb’s rumbly sounds. Takes plenty of patience too and that’s definitely one of the most important and inherent qualities of an amazing newborn and baby photographer.


Much to my relief, Chanelle was pretty cooperative during the shoot, despite going through the Terrible Twos stage. Hurhur. I’m also very glad that Ashley managed to make Chanelle smile genuinely, which made the siblings shots turn out extra nice!


Before the shoot, Ashley had also informed us that if Cayla was unsettled or showed signs of discomfort, she would not attempt to push the poses and would just move on and do what Cayla was comfortable with. It was evident that throughout the shoot, Ashley placed emphasis on Cayla’s well-being and safety, while striving to get the perfect shots at the same time. Despite Cayla staying awake for the first half of the shoot, the photos turned out much better than I had expected and I believe the following photos speak for themselves!


With the wide variety of props and setups available, Ashley aims to change up to 5 different sets/concepts for each newborn shoot. If you have any preference towards floral, prints, neutral or pastel colors, etc, you can always let Ashley and her team know at least one day prior the shoot so that they can get everything ready and start the shoot pronto. Setup wise, Ashley provides a variety such as fabrics, baskets, beds, beanbags, and themes.


Fabric setup. Love the bright sunshine yellow colors in this one!


Hahaha omg Cayla looks 100% like misterchewy here! XD

ALP_0070 option

Basket setup. This is definitely my favorite setup of all! So heart-meltingly sweet and there’s a whimsical feel to it.


I brought the name banner and donuts along because of the Donutella character and Ashley managed to incorporate them nicely!


Bed setup. Awww I could just sit and gaze at sleeping babies all day.





Theme setup. This was pretty impromptu and I borrowed the Singapore flag from my MIL when we picked Chanelle up for the shoot. Whenever I look at this photo, it will remind me of Cayla’s birth story!


We had our Family shoot to wrap things up! Chanelle is generally a very smiley and cheerful girl but it’s wonderful how Ashley captured her playful side through all her cheeky expressions! It really brightens up my day just by looking at these photos!




Our experience with Ashley Low Photography was nothing short of amazing! For more info on Ashley’s photography services, click here and also follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

*Mention MISSUSCHEWY and get $50 off the session fee for any shoots! Valid for full priced session only. Offer is till 30 June 2017.*

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Afternoon Tea


Confinement over lo! Hahaha I was supposed to do 40 days of confinement but the agency mistakenly assigned me a nanny who could only do 28 days. Not complaining though! On 9 Sept, we celebrated misterchewy’s birthday and our 5th ROM anniversary. We had a last minute change of plans due to some reasons and I decided we should check out Pompompurin Cafe at Orchard Central!


The cafe does not accept reservations but we were there on Friday, at a pretty odd timing, thus the place was relatively empty.


Pompompurin at every table!


Pompompurin fans will be pleased to know that Pompompurin merchandise is available for purchase at the cafe.


Took some photos while waiting for the food to arrive, which took waaaay too long! Little misschewy wasn’t very keen to pose for photos and we had to cajole her.


Our high tea set is here, like FINALLY! We didn’t eat lunch before that and was a little shocked to see what was offered. Ok la my fault for not scrutinising the photo on the menu before ordering. But I don’t think it’s justifiable that the set costs $50! If you are keen to try, it’s only available from Mondays to Fridays, 2pm to 5pm.

FullSizeRender (1)

So hard to take a proper photo now. Hahaha. Look at Little misschewy’s expression!


The high tea set looks cute but taste wise, it was only mediocre at best. Maybe we should have tried other items instead! Shall let the remaining photos speak for themselves!







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Pompompurin Cafe
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6509 8672

Opening Hours:
11am – 10.30pm

Jara Petit Baby Shower Dessert Table Set Up


Another milestone achieved! Baby Cayla is turning one month old on 9 September, which happens to be misterchewy’s birthday, as well as our ROM anniversary! Due to Chinese traditions, people usually hold a full month party a little before a newborn actually turns a month old, and not after. Since it had to be on a weekend, we held a small party for Mini misschewy last Sunday at Warren Golf and Country Club. Really appreciate all the sponsors who have stepped forward after I announced my pregnancy to the whole wide world. LOL. One of them are the very sweet girls, Jia Hui and Cara from Jara Petit, who contacted me even before I delivered! I blogged about their Baby Shower Packages (Cheesecups) before and they have expanded their menu ever since!


We had a bigger venue this time, so we opted for a Dessert Table Set Up since it will liven up the party! The dessert table can be customised to individual’s preferences and is suitable for baby showers, weddings and parties of 30 persons and above. Ours was a Dessert Table for 30 pax ($330) which includes 30 assorted Cheesecups, 15 assorted Cheesecake Jars, 1 Classic Mini Whole Cheesecake and 20 customised toppers. Price is inclusive of decorations, set up and collection. You can also add on red eggs and ang ku kueh at a fee. Jara Petit also caters for 50, 80 and 100 pax.


TADAH!! This is the completed look of our dessert table! We ordered the balloons elsewhere and the frames with our photographs were decorated by my mum. I re-used the name banner which I ordered for Cayla’s newborn shoot. If you wanna know more, just go to my Instagram or drop me an email la. Haha. Everything else was from Jara Petit! Ok la except for the table and gold skirting which were provided by the club. I wanted the theme of the dessert table to revolve around Donutella, a Tokidoki character, and the decorations impressed me! Too cute for words!



This is Donutella. She’s so cute that she deserves a solo shot. LOL. Many of my friends asked if this is Chanelle’s favorite cartoon character. No la not hers but her mummy’s favorite character. For now. Hahaha.


Do you know that the secret to Jara Petit’s success lies in the fact that their Cheesecups are hand-baked daily, using only premium cream cheese and fresh ingredients? Quality is definitely not compromised here. Also, there isn’t any preservatives or artificial flavouring in their baked goodies. As Jara Petit’s Cheesecups do not contain gelatine or pork derived ingredients, they are suitable for vegetarians and Muslims as well.


Jara Petit’s Cheesecups are made up of three layers – the wheatmeal biscuit crust, cheesecake and toppings, and the flavours are specially created to suit our local tastebuds. They are now available in as many as TEN awesome flavours – Classic, Blueberry, Lemon, Durian, Matcha, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Banoffee, Lavender and Double Chocolate! To avoid messy fingers, small little plastic spoons are provided. How thoughtful!



These were all the different flavours of Cheesecups and Cheesecake Jars that were available at Cayla’s full month party, which is basically all ten flavours that Jara Petit currently offers. You don’t have to choose all flavours, can even just stick to durian flavour for instance, if you are a huge durian lover!


Only the Classic Mini Whole Cheesecake is offered for the dessert table package. However, if you are keen to try their cheesecakes, the Floral Wreath Cheesecake and Paddlepop Cheesecake sure look interesting! Apart from round shape, Jara Petit’s cheesecakes come in sweetheart shape too! The mini cheesecakes are rich in texture and light in flavour; definitely one of the best in Singapore!


The Cheesecake Jars were also a hit with both the adults and children. These are deconstructed cheesecakes made of alternating layers of cheese, crushed cookies and assorted toppings such as Milo, Smores, Mocha and Peach. If you are eating it layer by layer, you are doing it all wrong! The different textures of these layers complement each other perfectly, so yes, do-nut be shy and dig in through the layers using the little plastic spoon!


These Cheesecake Jars also make great gifts because they are so convenient to carry around!


Apart from Dessert Table Set Up, Jara Petit also offers Cheesecups and Cheesecake Jars packages for various occasions. For more info, do visit Jara Petit’s website. Jara Petit’s physical shop is located at Dhoby Ghaut Xchange, near exit B of the MRT Station.


A big THANK YOU to Cara and mum for such a lovely job done, and also Jia Hui for coordinating! 🙂

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Jara Petit
11 Orchard Road
Dhoby Xchange
Tel: 6338 9335

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat
11.30am – 9pm
(Closed on Sundays except for collection and delivery)

How To Ensure You’re Making Enough Money To Fund Your Singapore Lifestyle

shutterstock_258312164 (2)

How To Ensure You’re Making Enough Money To Fund Your Singapore Lifestyle

Money matters a lot in Singapore. It’s the nation’s close relationship with finance that gives it its reputation and standing in the world, after all. But what about your own finances? How much do you need to be earning to make it here?

The cost of living in Singapore

The first thing to consider is the cost of living here. The Expatistan contains a highly valuable resource to help with this, having accumulated a comprehensive list of typical costs of products and services for those living in Singapore.

The list covers food, housing, entertainment, transport, personal care and clothes. Some key points to consider are:

*you can expect to pay about $2-3,000 rent, depending on the size of your accommodation and the quality of the area you choose to live
*utility bills are roughly $129
*public transport can cost $91 a month
*a typical lunch in the business district costs $12

What you need to earn

So, with those costs in mind, what do you need to earn to be able to afford all of this?

The Heart Truths did an interesting analysis of the amount people need to earn to survive in Singapore. It looked at the typical incomes of those in Singapore and the amount they need to spend on retirement (CPF), food, transport, rent and bills.

It concluded that singles needed to aim for a starting salary of about $2,000 and couples had to try to earn $3,500.

This, of course, depends on how much disposable income you aspire to have or whether you want to get a mansion on Paterson Hill, for example. The blog was also put together a couple of years ago now so you can safely assume that the costs have only gone up in the meantime.

shutterstock_131825981 (2)

The best paid jobs in Singapore

But it’s all well and good knowing how much it costs and what you need to earn to be able to keep up with that pace, but how do you ensure that you can then achieve that?

The best way is to search out the jobs that deliver the best pay in Singapore.

A recent report by Straits Times highlighted the five highest paying sectors and each of these can comfortably support the Singapore lifestyle. The top five were:

*IT – with senior figures earning up to $22,000 a month
*Accounting – in which senior finance officers are paid up to $20,000 a month
*Sales, marketing and advertising – with digital marketers able to command salaries of up to $10,000
*Banking and finance – with a vast range of positions in more than 700 institutions paying wages of up to $17,000
*Health and life science – with Government support this sector is flourishing and able to pay research and development directors up to $15,000

The way forward

It’s important to consider your own circumstances carefully. Use the information out there to consider your lifestyle and the amount you need to earn to afford that. Then you can target the jobs that will deliver the salary you need to make this work.

Consider your strengths and aim for the sectors that are providing the best jobs in Singapore right now. Whether you know your trading terms inside out and fancy flourishing in finance or have the expertise to ride the crest of the wave in the health and life sciences sector once the $19-billion Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 Plan kicks in – these are the key industries to deliver the money you need for the life you want.

*In collaboration with Sophie Davidson.

Floral Garage Singapore

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Premium Terrarium DIY Kit 001

Floral Garage Singapore, a two year old florist and gift company has recently launched its new product category, the Terrarium. There are three types of Terrariums for consumers to choose from, Succulent/Cacti Terrariums, Other Terrariums and DIY Terrarium Kits. If you are a hands-on person, the DIY Terrarium Kit ($79.90 – $89.90) or Premium DIY Terrarium Kit ($159.90) is highly recommended as it allows your creative juices to flow while you create your very own unique work of art!

Premium Terrarium Kit

The Premium DIY Terrarium Kit consists of the following:

Six plants
Two Glass Jars
One Spray Bottle
Gardening Tools
1.5 kg of Premium Terrarium Mix
1.25 kg of Gravel
250g of Activated Charcoal
Three packets of Decorative Pebbles, 800g each

Rainforest 1

Here are some simple steps to create your terrarium:

Step 1 – Wash the gravels and drain off excess water.
Step 2 – Place approximately 0.5cm to 1cm of gravels in the glass jar.
Step 3 – Lay a thin layer of activated charcoal.
Step 4 – Remove the plants from the pots. Loosen the soil and trim the roots to fit the jar.
Step 5 – Place the plants in and backfill with the premium terrarium mix.
Step 6 – Put in the decorative pebbles.
Step 7 – Mist the terrarium using the spray bottle.

And now you have your very own DIY Terrarium!



Floral Garage has an amazing variety of beautiful blooms and they have been categorized by the types of flowers to make your shopping easier! If you are shopping for a party, there are party packages, party decor, floral decor, balloons, pinata and party ware too! Thanks Floral Garage for the lovely flower arrangement for our outdoor maternity shoot.

From now till 31 December 2016, enjoy 10% off when you quote “MISSUSCHEWY10”.
Happy shopping!