Chinese New Year 2016

chanelle cny 2016

Happy Year of the Monkey, everyone! Psst.. I’m typing this post in the living room at 8 in the morning while misterchewy and Little misschewy are still asleep. I actually woke up at around 7am, no thanks to a toddler who kept whining for milk. So now that I’m wide awake and can’t get back to sleep, I decided to sterilize all the milk bottles and dump our load of bedsheet into the washing machine. Moving into our own place has kept us very occupied with nothing but household chores everyday! LOL! Even the simple task of folding clothes can take up quite a bit of your time and by the time we are done with everything, it’s time for bed. Haha!

chewys cny 2016

The hubs and I felt that the CNY atmosphere is somehow lacking this year.. Perhaps we should place some pussy willows around the house and blast CNY music next year la! But this year’s CNY is more enjoyable because Little misschewy is a toddler now and never fails to make us laugh with her silly antics! Here’s a photo of us on the first day of CNY. It just so happened that we were color coordinated! I wanted to wear something red or yellow this year but I ended up with dark colors when shopping on Zalora. See! Really no time to even shop outside. Haha. Online shopping is too convenient! 😛 Ok, gotta go iron clothes now. Tata! 😀

Mucota Dyna C-Curl by Headlines Hairdressing


Hello! Haha I don’t mean to be rude by showing you the back of my head at the start of this blog post but I just wanted to share that my tresses were in pretty bad shape after more than half a year of not managing it well. My hair felt dry and limp, the ends were damaged and black roots were showing. Yikes! And with Chinese New Year just around the corner, I knew I had to visit my trusted hairstylist (who is a hair lifesaver btw), Charles of Headlines Hairdressing Salon!


Charles looked on disapprovingly at my pathetic hair while ideas started to run through his head. First things first, to touch up those roots!


I definitely swear by the Mucota Dyna Argan Oil hair treatment which I had raved about in my earlier blog posts. You may read about it here and here.


It helps to reduce frizzy hair and injects new life into dull, damaged hair. The effects are quite lasting, which is also the reason why I can tahan not having to visit the salon for more than half a year before things get really out of hand. LOL.



Treatment done! Time for a hair cut! I didn’t realize my hair was that long until one of my colleagues remarked, “Wah your hair very long liao hor! Going to touch your hips already!” OMG. So instead of the standard one or two inches that I would normally ask for my hair to be trimmed, I 敢敢 told Charles I wanted medium length hair this time for a refreshing change!


Final touching up after my hair was blown dry and I also requested Charles to trim my fringe for me.


Ok la I know I got b*tcy resting face. Even the husband says so.


Yayyyy! So happy that my hair is smooth and bouncy again! And I love how naturally the ends curl in :)


A big THANK YOU to Charles and the rest of the amazing team at Headlines Hairdressing! Look for Charles and quote ‘Charlene Missuschewy’ to enjoy special discounts off all regular-priced hair services and treatment at Headlines Hairdressing! Happy CNY to all! 😀

Headlines Hairdressing
18 Cross Street
China Square Central
Telephone: +65 6221 6866

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri
10.30am – 8.30pm
10.30am – 7pm
Sun & PH
11am – 5pm

Share Your Special #MyMandai Moments and WIN Vouchers!



Through my growing up years, I had made numerous trips to the Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park. There is always so much to see and do at these nature attractions that it really never gets old! Apart from the occasional trips with my parents and younger brother, excursions organized by my primary school teachers were equally fun-filled. One of #MyMandai moments is riding on this adorable little pony at the Singapore Zoo when I was about 5 or 6 years old! I was excited yet nervous at the same time, hence the slightly awkward smile. Hehe. Check out the full story behind this picture here!

Sally & John at zoo

When misterchewy and I started dating in mid 2010, I was a little surprised when he suggested a trip to the Singapore Zoo so that we could both relive our childhood memories together. Haha I guess that is what most newly dating couples like to do! Look, we even brought Sally and John along!

ZH at zoo

It was during our zoo trip that we discovered our common passion for photography. I also vividly remember that it started to pour midway and we ran to the nearest cafe to seek shelter. It was when we chatted endlessly and took random selfies while waiting for the rain to stop. This has got to be our unforgettable #MyMandai moment!


I’m glad our relationship took off from there and now that we are parents, it is only natural that we want Little misschewy to experience the same joy and excitement as we did visiting Mandai’s wildlife parks during our younger days. Since one of her first words is “bird”, we decided to take her to Jurong Bird Park where she could be charmed by a plethora of birds! She was 16 months old at that time and it has been a good six months since our last visit!


I bet she didn’t know that penguins are not like all the other birds; they can’t fly but they can swim. Just look at her face. She’s probably thinking, “You guys gotta be kidding me right? Are those birds or fishes?!” LOL. Marvelling at the penguins swimming gracefully could be Little misschewy’s #MyMandai moment!


Looking back, the Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park certainly played a special and significant role in my life. I’m proud to say that I’m one of the many Singaporeans who grew up with these nature attractions and it was nostalgic recollecting #MyMandai moments. In January 2015, it was announced that the Mandai area will be rejuvenated into a nature precinct. There are also plans to add more nature attractions in the Mandai area which is really an exciting piece of news for us!

Do you have a special #MyMandai moment too? It’s time to start digging out old photo albums and take a trip down memory lane!


The Mandai Team has launched a photosourcing campaign last December to call for the public to send in their earliest or best memories of Mandai’s wildlife parks. I had a great time browsing memories from other contributors too.

Share your personal special #MyMandai moment at! By sending in your best #MyMandai moments, you can see your memories being brought to life in the growing digital mural over the next two months. See the grand reveal at the Singapore Zoo entrance from 29 January 2016 onwards or check here to see the digital mural grow! It could be at any of these wildlife parks — Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and Night Safari. Receive a $10 F&B voucher from Wildlife Reserves Singapore for the first 1000 memories submitted and $100 F&B voucher from Wildlife Reserves Singapore for the most moving memory of the week!

Dim Sum at Wan Hao, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel


Helloooo! It’s been awhile.. And yup, I’m still trying to keep myself motivated when it comes to blogging. These days, I don’t even feel like switching on my laptop. Haha ok but I really do feel bad for neglecting this space so here are some photos of the dim sum that we had at Wan Hao, Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel when we met up with Misstamchiak late last year!


Crispy pork belly


Har Gau


Siew Mai


Char Siew Sou


Pan-fried carrot cake


Steamed pork dumplings


Salted egg yolk buns

Food was generally quite good. It was a pity we couldnt find congee on the menu as we wanted to order that for Little misschewy. Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy, @misterchewy and @little_miss_chewy :)

Happy 2016!

2016 first photo

HAPPY 2016 EVERYBARDY! Omg I can’t believe it has been two weeks since I last posted something here! I guess I felt a little jaded towards the end of 2015 and I just wasn’t in the mood to blog at all. Well, I actually contemplated not blogging over the next few months but of course I don’t have the heart to do so la. Hahaha. Anyway I’m too lazy to do a recap of 2015, all I can say is that it was a pretty good year for The Chewys, with plenty of travels and we moved into our new home in September. Will 2016 be an even better year? Let’s work to make it happen! 😉

Give Your Loved Ones That Dentist Clean Feeling with Oral B This Christmas!



The husband and I, we have been married for a few years now. Every year, we agree not to spend money buying Christmas presents for each other but we still end up hunting for a practical gift for the other party. I suppose misterchewy knows that giving and receiving gifts is my primary love language. Hehehe. This year is no different and I have already prepared the perfect Christmas gift for him! It is none other than the Oral B Power Toothbrush – Professional Care 3000!


Oral B Power Toothbrush – Professional Care 3000’s unique and outstanding features include:

– 3D Technology: Oscillating / Rotating + Pulsating
– 8,800 Oscillations Per Minute
– 40,000 Pulsations Per Minute
– Visual Pressure Sensor help reduce brushing force when you are pressing too hard!
– 3 Brushing Modes – Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish


Do you know that Oral-B’s Professional Care 3000 removes 100% more plague than manual toothbrushes? They do so by its cupping each tooth, oscillating, rotating and pulsating (AKA. 3D technology) to give a dentist clean feeling every day at home! The Oral B Professional Care 3000 also features a pressure sensor that helps reduce unnecessary brushing force that is exerted on your teeth and gums!


The hubs has been using manual toothbrushes his entire life and was thrilled when I surprised him with this Oral-B power brush. Ok I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I couldn’t contain my excitement and I also didn’t know where I should hide such a big box. LOL! Needless to say, misterchewy adores the Oral-B power brush! According to him, he is addicted to how ridiculously slick and smooth his tooth surfaces feel, plus that refreshed squeaky clean feeling in his mouth makes him feel like he’s stepped out of the dentist’s! Yes, Oral-B’s power brushes give you that dentist clean feeling everyday!


This Christmas, surprise your loved ones with a dentist clean feeling everyday with Oral-B power brush! For the best deals, shop away at Qoo10! You could also purchase from the stores now and receive free gift-wrapping & delivery services! To find out more about this limited-time offer, click here.

How To Match Your Prom Dress with Your Hairstyle


With prom season upon us, or always in the back of our mind, it’s never too early to finalize your entire look for the special occasion. Aside from finding the perfect dress and a handsome date whether he’s your best friend or boyfriend, your hairstyle is another one of the very important elements to consider.

Considering just how many photographs are going to be taken and posted on all sorts of social media, the look you decide on for prom night is bound to be immortalized. That’s why it’s so important to take the necessary steps to choose the best hairstyle you can.

To try and make things a little easier, we’ve put together 10 great tips on how to match the style of your gorgeous prom dress to the perfect hairstyle. Beauty trends aside, it’s essential that you feel beautiful as well as comfortable on your prom night. We hope this guide will help you pull the look together effortlessly.

1. A Lace Dress and a Romantic, Loose Up-Do
With trendy La Femme prom dresses in lace, keeping your hairdo passionate and romantic brings it from “just a dress” to an incredible ensemble.

2. A Deep V-Neck Calls for a Fake Wavy Bob
If you’re wearing a dress with a stylish shoulder design, balance it out by styling your tresses into a kind of fake long bob and loads of weaves parted to one side.

3. Halter Dresses and Fishtail Braids
Don’t be afraid to wear hair extensions for prom. If your tresses aren’t long enough to get it into a beautiful braided ponytail, go ahead and pair your stunning halter dress with a faux ponytail to achieve this look. Check out Peaches Boutique collection of gorgeous halter dresses so you have an idea how to style your hair with this kind of dress.

4. Mermaid Dresses and Side-Swept Waves
Try pairing a figure-fitted mermaid prom dress with a soft side-swept waves hairdo.

5. Thin, Strappy Dresses and Chignon Hairstyle

It’s hard to find a more feminine dress than a chiffon number complete with slim straps. It’s the ultimate romantic look, so complete it with a low, elegant chignon.

6. Backless Dresses and Bombshell Waves
If you’re opting for this kind of dress, keep your hairdo simple but sultry. Go for voluminous waves to make a subtle statement.

7. One-Shouldered Gowns and Giant Ballerina Buns
If you’ve gone for a gown where emphasis is on one shoulder, make sure your hair is away from your neck to keep attention on the dress. Go for a high and rather large ballerina bun.

8. Turtleneck Gowns Call For Sleek Ponytails
If you’ve chosen a turtleneck dress, tie your hair up into a simple but sleek ponytail to draw attention to your sexy neck.

9. Strapless Dresses Equals Volumized Low Buns
Strapless dresses call for statement necklaces, dangly earrings, and a volumized low bun that balances the entire look out.

10. A Sweetheart Neckline and Tousled Up Ponytail
Whether you have a sweetheart neckline on a sleek floor length dress or a gorgeous ball gown, a tousled up ponytail will turn the ensemble it elegant-rocker-chic all in one.

These 10 tips should guide you towards the perfect hairstyle for your perfect prom dress.