Meet Our New Baby, the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser!


Here’s introducing the latest addition to our family! Hahaha nope we are not having another baby but this is Spencer, our water dispenser and he is indispensable! Ever since Spencer’s arrival, our kitchen is so much neater and more importantly, it is now really convenient whenever we want hot, room temperature or icy cold water! I vividly remember that when we first moved into our new place, we couldn’t get used to the small kitchen area (HDB flats getting smaller leh!) and had to limit the number of kitchen appliances just because there was simply not enough space for everything! Apart from the microwave oven, our other kitchen necessities included an electric kettle, thermal flask and large water pitcher. Life in the past was complicated because whenever we wanted to make a hot beverage or prepare milk for Little misschewy, we had to first boil water using the electric kettle and then transfer some of the hot water into the thermal flask (so that we didn’t have to boil water again if we require hot water in the next couple of hours), and when the remaining water in the kettle had somewhat cooled down, we would then transfer it to the large water pitcher. It was also a hassle having to keep monitoring the water level in the large water pitcher because sometimes we just happily drink and forget to boil enough water! There were many occasions when we realised there’s not enough water in the water pitcher and had to rush to boil water and then wait for it to cool down which can take ages. *SIGH* Drink water only why so complicated?!


Our lives took a turn for the better, thanks to Spencer, our 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser! Eh Spencer is I call one, because he is really a part of our family! With Spencer around, there’s no more boiling water, cooling down water, and transferring water madness in our house! You know, when both parents are working and have active young human beings to take care of after a long day, you really don’t want to add “water logistics” into your everyday must-do task. Besides, our kitchen is now rid of all the unsightly barang barang and looks sleek and tidy! The best part? When friends and relatives come over to visit, they are impressed by Spencer and can’t resist pressing his buttons. Oops! Ok must clarify, press buttons to get water la! Even my MIL commented that the water from Spencer tastes nice! I mean, water is water, but I have drank water with weird metallic taste so I know what my MIL is saying. Spencer uses a miniaturised 3M filter based on proven filtration technology with more than 75 years of history, ensuring that water we drink is of highest quality!


I really cannot emphasize enough the convenience of having Spencer around. Hot water at the touch of a button? YES PLEASE! When I want to indulge in my tea, I go to Spencer and press his button. For those with young kids at home, fret not! Spencer comes with a hot water safety lock feature which prevents accidental scalding!


All parents know the importance of BPA-free products and yup, Spencer is also BPA-free! It’s basically the same feature to look out for in milk and water bottles. Additionally, Spencer comes with UV sterilisation, which helps to reduce bacteria and viruses found in potable water.


Hungry? Spencer to the rescue! Instant noodles at the touch of a button! SO CONVENIENT! Apart from making hot beverages and instant noodles, we have dispensed hot water to sterilise milk bottle teats and pacifiers too! Imagine having to boil a kettle of water just to sterilise your baby’s pacifier?! Haha!


Misterchewy really loves Spencer! He has been drinking more water because icy cold water is readily available 24/7! Because of the hot weather at times, misterchewy used to grab a can of beer from the fridge but now, he has no excuse to do so! The naggy wife tells him to save money and drink icy cold water from Spencer. LOL. Good for health too!


As for the kids, we don’t give them cold water, but room temperature water. Just by tapping the button, ambient water (green light) instead of cold water (blue light) is dispensed!


We also like that the bottom catchment is removable, thus making it possible to fill tall water bottles up to 25cm in height!


We used to have a hard time getting Little misschewy to drink water but now, she would request to refill her own water bottle!


Based on our experience, installation of the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser by 3M authorised distributor Jestac was done in less than one hour! All you need is a power point and nearby water source (e.g. under the sink or washing machine tap) ideally on the same side of the dispenser. The direct piped-in installation ensures a continuous supply of water to the dispenser, with no need for manual refilling.
The water dispenser is available in black and white. We picked black to match our fridge and cabinets in our kitchen!


As with most appliances, Spencer requires maintenance too! Fortunately, Spencer is very low-maintenance and doesn’t cost much to maintain! It is recommended by 3M to replace your filter cartridge once every 6 months and it costs only $120 to do so. Super affordable! Besides, all it takes to change the filter is just a simple twist motion, don’t need misterchewy to help me! But I will get him to help me purchase the filter cartridge directly from 3M authorised distributor Jestac or from the nearest Selffix store (so that I don’t have to pay. LOL)!


For the whole month of November & December, the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser retails at only $1,488 (U.P. $1,888) and includes a FREE filter (worth $120)! The first 20 customers to sign up via this link will get to enjoy an additional $50 OFF the current promotion price! Offer ends 31 December 2017! Price comes with delivery and standard installation.

Visit Jestac’s showroom to test out the features of the dispenser and try a cup of 3M filtered water!

Jestac Pte Ltd
Tel: 6288 8290
WhatsApp: 8722 1727
Showroom: 2 Kim Chuan Drive #02-06 CSI Distribution Centre Singapore 537080
(Nearest MRT: Tai Seng)

Other than buying directly from Jestac, the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser can be conveniently purchased from all Selffix stores islandwide as well as selected Home-Fix and Best Denki stores. Click here for the full list of retail stores.

Save While Grocery Shopping on FairPrice Online!


“So many things yet so little time!” Does this resonate with you? As working parents, misterchewy and I only have time on weekends to bond as a family and engage in activities together like heading to the park for a picnic, or bringing our kids to an indoor playground. Grocery shopping? Haha! Ain’t nobody got time (or energy) for that! We used to make weekly visits to our favourite FairPrice supermarket and the kids love it too.


However, having to lug home heavy items such as bags of rice, formula milk tins and various baby food is gradually taking a toll on misterchewy and I as we already have our hands full with both kids. In the past, misterchewy always had to make another trip back to our car to bring home all the groceries which is really too much of a hassle. I’m sure most parents with young children will be able to identify with us!


With FairPrice Online, the husband and I now enjoy shopping for groceries in the comfort of our own home! FairPrice Online is the official online shopping portal of NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Ltd, the largest grocery retailer in Singapore. When I first browsed FairPrice Online, I was really impressed by the wide range of groceries available, from fresh produce to electronics! Also, I can be assured that all my needs are met, be it looking for motherhood products, or even restocking the office pantry!


We love shopping on FairPrice Online because all it takes is just a few simple clicks of a mouse which is really effortless. From browsing to purchasing, we find that the entire online shopping journey on FairPrice Online is seamless and the website is definitely easy to navigate. Products are all nicely categorised so shoppers can simply search under “Baby & Child” or “Baking & Cooking” for instance, if there’s something they have in mind. Also, there is a search bar on FairPrice Online for shoppers to key in a specific product or brand.

Fairprice banner

Here are more reasons to shop on FairPrice Online! With a minimum spend of $150 on Baby & Child products, get $15 off with the promo code BABY15! You can also enjoy up to 80% savings with over 40 brands! How amazing is that! Parents who shop on the go would be glad to know that there is also a mobile app for users to access the same wide selection of products and also, be updated of the latest promotions so that you won’t miss out on savings and discounts! Visit or download the FairPrice Online app on your mobile phone!


Just the other day, I wanted to stock up on Chanelle’s formula milk powder as supply was running low and I chanced upon FairPrice’s newly launched housebrand baby milk powder, FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula. It is made from 100% Australia Cow’s milk and is manufactured according to standards set by Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ), in a Pharmaceutical Grade facility specifically designed for Infant Formula production, and has been HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified. Muslim babies and children can also consume FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula as it is Halal certified.


The milk formula also contains DHA, AA, Lutein, GOS-Prebiotic and Nucleotides, which are building blocks for growing kids like Chanelle! At a fraction of the price of other formula milk brands, FairPrice Gold Infant Milk Formula is going to be a hit with many parents out there! Even Chanelle is thrilled! Haha!


Apart from making new formula milk powder discoveries, we also stumbled upon great diaper deals and new baby food products while on FairPrice Online. Out of the many brands that I saw, Huggies diapers come with high absorbency, keeping your baby’s bum fresh and dry! No more worrying about wet nights for your baby anymore! FairPrice is also giving away free baby wipes worth $4.95 when you spend $40 worth of FairPrice baby milk powder, baby wipes and baby diapers. So convenient to be able to find these baby essentials in one place, so why not just grab everything? Haha!


Chanelle and Cayla absolutely love the new range of Nestle Gerbers organic puffs and cookies that they got our hands on recently! These organic puffs are so light and fluffy which makes it really safe and easy to consume!


Grocery shopping is such a breeze now thanks to FairPrice Online! I’m also confident that prices are kept competitive with all the discounts across so many brands! Take a look at and you will be amazed too!

Mucota Scena Plus Treatment Promotion at Kenjo Korean Hair Salon


We had our family photoshoot recently because Cayla was turning one back then. Because my hair was in need of a change in color before the shoot, I decided to pay Kenjo salon a visit!


I told Justin that I’m hoping for rose gold colored hair but without having to subject my hair to further bleaching again and this was the outcome! What can I say? I love it! The color is very warm with a very subtle reddish tint.


Thanks to Justin, my hair was given the Mucota Scena Plus treatment which helped to restore moisture and shine to my hair!


I highly recommend the Mucota Scena Plus treatment to everyone! My hair is definitely more manageable and looked a lot healthier after the treatment! Check out the special rates by Kenjo and don’t miss out on this promo!


I brought home these goodies to further pamper my hair! I use the Olaplex Hair Perfector twice a week. Before my shower, I apply a generous amount to damp hair and wait for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. The Olaplex Hair Perfector is a take home treatment which helps to strengthen hair. I’m currently using the Mucota Aire+ Shampoo and Mucota Aire+ Treatment Moisture. Really love this combination of hair products as my hair tends not to be frizzy and dry as the hair mask is able to retain moisture in hair effectively! I find that just a dollop is sufficient to work wonders!


Glad the photos from our photoshoot turned our really well! Cannot stop admiring my healthy-looking hair, thanks to Justin and Kenjo salon! To book your appointment, call 6238 8083 and quote “MISSUSCHEWY” for 15% off ALL hair services for your first visit at Kenjo!

Kenjo Salon
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6238 8083

Opening Hours:
11am to 8pm (including Public Holidays)

Playdate Snack Attack Ideas

Part of the fun of being a mum to young children is having their friends round to play. Playdates often become a regular feature on many young families’ weekly planners.

playdate” (CC BY 2.0) by Krynop

They’re great for helping children learn to play with others and understanding how to share their toys nicely. OK, the house might have toys strewn everywhere by the end of the afternoon, but if you’re smart, you’ll factor in some tidy-up time at the end of the playdate and see if you can get the kids to give you a hand.
To make any playdate go smoothly, have some snacks on hand to keep energy levels up and moods good.

DIY toddler snacks

What toddler doesn’t like to get involved in food prep? While you might not appreciate sticky-fingered helpers for every meal you prepare in the kitchen, making snacks like chocolate fruit balls can be a fun activity during a playdate.
Add a cup each of prunes and almonds along with half a cup each of oats and chocolate chips to a food processor. Pulse the ingredients into a sticky mass. Now the kids can get involved; divide up the mix and let them roll small amounts of the mixture into 2-inch balls. These sticky treats can be eaten straightaway or stored for up to four weeks in the fridge.

Time to cool down

There’s often a time when the kids get overexcited and need a little time out during a playdate. Frozen fruit smoothie lollies are always great for the kids to cool down with when they’ve been running around and got a bit hot and bothered. They can be prepared in bulk and stored as popsicles so you have them to hand whenever you need them. The easiest way is to blend together a banana and some frozen berries with a cup of milk. Divide into popsicle moulds and store in the freezer.

Source: Gloomkitty’s Crafts and Kitchen Korner via Facebook

Parents get hungry too

What about food for the parents when they bring their kids over to play? While just offering a cookie with a coffee is always a fail-safe option, why not make pick-up time a time for a treat for both you and your guests. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen baking though – services like Deliveroo bring dessert to your door and you can choose from desserts as varied as Krispy Kreme donuts through to fancy French tea cakes from Patisserie Glace in Republic Plaza.

Fun faces


Source: Food Faces For Friends via Facebook

You’ll earn brownie points with the parents of your little guests if you get them to eat some fruit and veggies when they’re visiting. Here’s an easy way – prepare a selection of fruit and vegetables and ask the kids to create some funny faces. And when they’ve demonstrated their artistic flair on the plates, they can eat their creations and enjoy a snack packed full of vitamins and fibre.

Of course, food is only part of a successful playdate, but having a few kid-friendly snack ideas on hand is always a good idea.

RWS S.E.A Aquarium Celebrates SG52!


Yay! School’s out! Parents who are planning holiday activities for your children, it’s time to include a visit to S.E.A Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa in your list! To commemorate SG52, two S.E.A. Aquarium Adult One-Day Tickets are going for only $52 now (U.P $68)! That’s like a savings of $16, which you can use to purchase extra snacks or souvenirs! 😀 Our very first visit as a family of four was last Christmas. Cayla was about 4 months old then and she was sleeping soundly in the Tula!


My brother and his gf joined us this time and also helped to take care of the kids! Hehe.


Big fish small fish everywhere! The girls were so distracted by the different fishes swimming around the tank and just wouldn’t look at the camera. Lol.


Chanelle was initially afraid of the sharks and other gigantic fishes but her fear soon turned into fascination!



Love the beautiful marine life. I picked up scuba diving during my undergraduate days with the NUS Dive Club and went on a few dive trips after that. It’s a pity misterchewy doesnt know how to scuba dive! I sure miss diving!





Cayla was hungry so instead of looking for the baby room, I thought it would be easier if I sat in corner to feed her.


Chanelle wanted a photo with”Nemo”! Hahaha many Nemos in fact!


Most visitors like to gather here, in front of the Open Ocean Habitat, for a magnificent view of the various marine life.


We chose to park ourselves at the Ocean Dome before feeding time instead.


You can also check out some art works by children who took part in the Ocean Conservation Art Competition.




Do you know that S.E.A Aquarium has its own mascot? It’s Mai the manta ray! He appears at the Ocean Dome daily at two timings – 2.45pm and 3.45pm! Remember to queue if you want a photograph with Mai!




Currently, there is no published schedule for fish feedings but when we were there, the feeding time was at 4pm.







Another not-to-be-missed highlight is the Discovery Touch Pool! Kids of all ages will love it because they get to touch and feel sea cucumber, starfish, and the like.



At the end of your visit, stop by the souvenir section and pick up some cute merchandise!


Don’t miss out on this wonderful SG52 promo where two adult tickets are only priced at $52, until 30 September 2017! Book your tickets here!

Cayla’s Safari Themed First Birthday Party


Children grow up very quickly and it’s hard to believe that Mini misschewy just turned one recently! You know how people always say that parents are more chill after they have their first child. I think it’s quite true you know! LOL! I actually prefer that because I don’t wanna be labelled as another “kanjiong parent” 😛 I reckon it’s cool to be chill (pun intended). If you are an avid reader or follower (THANK YOU!), you would know that Cayla was born on National Day! We held a small and cosy party for her on a Saturday afternoon before her actual birthday.


Thanks to my youngest brother-in-law who is in Singapore Air Force, we managed to secure a chalet at the SAF Changi Seaview Resort! The booking was priced at around $388 for 3 nights. Super reasonable! My in laws checked in on Friday and we joined them after work. It was quite a hectic affair as misterchewy and I rushed home after work to start packing everything into our small luggage before heading over. By the time we reached the chalet, it was close to 11pm!


SAF Changi Seaview Resort was quite tricky to locate but luckily we could rely on our GPS for directions. Felt very excited as we dragged our luggage towards our chalet! Really got the holiday feel! Hahaha!


See! Got BBQ pit somemore!


Before I give you a virtual tour, I must say that the ENTIRE PLACE IS AIR CONDITIONED! Really shiok! This is the first floor and I was impressed by how spacious it is! The living room, kitchen and toilet are located on the first floor.


Apart from the fridge, there’s also a chest freezer! The temperature of the fridge can be adjusted which is definitely very useful for breastfeeding mothers who need to store their milk. It was 7°C, so I brought it down to 2°C.



On the second floor, there are only two bedrooms (I was expecting three!) and this is the one which we stayed in. There’s a queen sized bed, dressing table, cupboard, TV, etc.


Another shot to show how spacious the room is.


The other room had two beds and a cupboard. I think my in laws brought along the extra mattress.


There’s also a common toilet on the second floor. Towels, soap and shampoo are provided. However, I would recommend you bring your own toiletries over to ensure you have sufficient to last you throughout your stay.


Only the three of us shared this cosy bed because Chanelle was with my parents. Cayla was really excited about the change in environment!


Woke up early the next day! The sea is right outside our chalet, that’s why it’s called seaview resort right!




At around 1pm, the guys from Neo Garden came to set up the thematic display for our buffet. More on that later!


Our helium balloons and other party decor from The Party Stuff arrived shortly after! I was so surprised that the helium filled alphabet and number balloons were so huge!


We started getting ready for the party which was scheduled to take place before 5pm.




Since Cayla was born in the year of the Monkey, we decided on a Safari theme with more emphasis placed on the monkey. TADAH! Our humble dessert table cum phototaking area setup with balloons and decor from The Party Stuff! Apart from the alphabet and number balloons, we also got a Truly Monkey Deeply in Love balloon cluster, Jungle Window Instaview, Mini Jungle Monkey Cutout, and Jungle Monkey Whirls.


Based on my experience, The Party Stuff is a one stop shop for me to get all the balloons and party decorations because they have a really wide selection of products and you can even narrow your search based on the type of product you are looking for, or the theme of your party! How convenient!



Cayla’s cute Cupcake Tree from Sweetest Moments! The cupcake tree was made up of a 6-inch fondant cake and 60 pieces of bite-sized cupcakes 5.5cm in diameter.


Such an adorable-looking monkey! Besides birthdays, Sweetest Moments also specialises in baby full month and weddings. Cakes are customizable too!


The mini monkey cupcakes were a hit, especially among the little kids!


Guests also helped themselves to the dainty animal macarons from BakeAvenue! The gigantic monkey macaron totally took me by surprise! Was definitely not expecting such a huge one! 😀


As usual, BakeAvenue never fails to impress! Love their macarons which were crumbly yet slightly chewy and not too sweet!


My mum also contributed to the dessert table by making some agar agar jellies in the shape of monkeys!


Monkey soft toys for our little guests.


We also handed out animal socks from The Hole in My Sock to the “big kids”!


Cute and quirky socks to keep everyone’s feet warm and happy!


The Hole in My Sock is a monthly sock subscription service that’s launching in October this year, so do sign up and stay tuned to the latest updates!


We just had to take a photo with the buffet setup by Neo Garden simply because it’s not just any ordinary setup! The husband and I grew up with Neo Garden and whenever we attended birthdays or housewarming parties, we were overjoyed when we saw that the buffet food was catered by Neo Garden 😛


Do you know that Neo Garden provides a wide range of thematic buffet setups to suit your party theme and occasion? All our guests were blown away by the Safari Playland setup!


Super nice for taking photos, just don’t bring the stuffed toys home!





Thai Pineapple Rice


Sin Chow Mee Hoon


Signature Curry Chicken


Mushroom Broccoli


Baked Dory Fish with Mango Salsa


Cereal Prawn (prawns hidden underneath LOL)


Spring Roll


Mini Chocolate Eclair


Almond Jelly Longan


One serving is not enough! Most of our guests went for extra helpings!


Neo Garden never disappoints! My favorite dish is their Signature Curry Chicken, as always! Actually, the baked dory was also very delicious!

Neo Garden Baby Promo

Taking “growing up with Neo Garden” to a whole new level! Parents who are fans of Neo Garden, don’t miss out on this amazing deal!


All photos in this post (unless watermarked) were taken by Wei Zhong from Truphotos! He specialises in photographing children’s birthday parties and baby shower celebrations in Singapore. I have nothing but praises for Wei Zhong as his photography works speak for themselves. I also like that Wei Zhong isn’t intrusive, so our guests were totally unaware that their photos were being captured. Of course, the photos turned out to be very natural and candid! Thumbs up! More information on Truphoto’s session pricing can be found here and to make a booking, simply fill up this form!






















A big thank you to all who contributed to Cayla’s first birthday party in one way or another! Couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support! 🙂

My Juvederm Dermal Fillers Experience with Halley Medical Aesthetics

Halley Medical Aesthetics Charlene Missuschewy 2

Being a mother of two young girls is no mean feat. Adding a full-time job and household chores into the mix makes me wonder how long can I keep up with this before losing my sanity! All the late nights have seriously taken a toll on me and I can’t help but feel that I have aged tremendously. Whenever I glance at myself in the mirror, I wish those eyebags would disappear and my face would be miraculously sharper. I decided it’s time to visit Halley Medical Aesthetics.

Halley Medical Aesthetics Charlene Missuschewy 5

Halley Medical Aesthetics is located in the heart of town, within Orchard Gateway shopping mall. I love the convenient location as it meant that my husband and kids could chill at a café or check out a toy store nearby while waiting for me.

Halley Medical Aesthetics Charlene Missuschewy 1

I had a consultation with Dr. Terence Tan and told him about my facial concerns. I felt that my face had gotten rounder with all the unhealthy snacking and my hollow eyes made me look a lot older.

Halley Medical Aesthetics Charlene Missuschewy 4

Also, I wish for sharper features to make myself look more attractive! I actually enjoyed my consultation session with Dr Terence Tan as he is very patient, approachable and has a great sense of humor! He also took time to explain and clear all the doubts which I had.

Halley Medical Aesthetics Charlene Missuschewy 3

At the end of the session, Dr Terence Tan recommended dermal fillers from Juvederm to enhance features such as tear trough, nose, chin and cheeks, as well as Botox to slim down my jawline. Dr Terence introduced Juvederm, which is the gold standard of dermal fillers, to me. There are various types of Juvederm fillers that will work best for different parts of the face.
In a nutshell, Dr Terence Tan recommended Juvederm Voluma (the firmest filler) for Chin and nose bridge, Juvederm Volift (mid-soft filler) for cheeks and Juvederm Vobella (the softest filler) for tear trough.

Halley Medical Aesthetics Charlene Missuschewy 6

I revisited Halley Medical Aesthetics a few weeks later for the treatment. My face was cleansed and some numbing cream was applied to my nose, tear trough and jaw. It wasn’t my first time getting fillers done for my face so I kinda knew what to expect. I was bracing myself for all the pain that would be bestowed upon me but was surprised that the procedure was swift and relatively painless!

Watch the video below for more!

I later learnt that Dr Terence Tan made use of the Magic Needle for injecting dermal fillers, which is actually a cannula specially designed with a rounded tip. The Magic Needle reduces the discomfort factor by up to 90%, thus making the procedure a lot more tolerable! I would say that the overall experience was not traumatising at all, plus the clinic assistant was very attentive in placing the ice packs on the treatment areas of my face before and after injecting of the fillers.

I could see that the effects were instantaneous! My nose bridge was visibly higher and my chin was slightly sharper. Also, my tear troughs were no longer hollow, and I definitely looked more alert and youthful.

Halley Medical Aesthetics Charlene Missuschewy 7

I would say that the change wasn’t too drastic and extreme, but just a subtle yet impactful enhancement here and there to make myself look better on the overall. There wasn’t downtime at all, except that there was a little puffiness for the next couple of hours but it went away really quickly. I could still wash my face and put on makeup as usual. The results actually got better with time and I could see that my jawline is much sharper now. On average, the fillers are expected to last about a year.

Visit Halley Medical Aesthetics at Orchard Gateway #03-15
6737 8233
FB & IG @halleymedicalaesthetics

Watch all videos
YouTube @HalleySGMedicalAesthetics