5 Common Excuses for Not Getting a Mammogram

Breast Cancer Awareness

Growing up, I was blessed to be raised in an environment filled with strong women. My mom, sister, aunts, and cousins – they give meaning to the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.

But the unfortunate truth remains that breast cancer continues to take the lives of many women here in Singapore. And the number increases with each year.

These women were someone’s mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and niece, and so on. They probably meant the world to someone.

We hear about breast cancer so much – in the news, on TV, even in Korean dramas! – but how many of us are actually concerned about it?

You know the answer.

Many of us take it for granted that we will never be that ‘unlucky’ one. In fact, we don’t even think for a minute that there might be a minute chance we’d end up with breast cancer. So we take it lightly, even as it goes around claiming the lives of our fellowmen.

Breast cancer is a real concern and we can do something about it.

As with most medical conditions, early diagnosis and treatment can allow infected women to lead normal, healthy lives. So it is with good reason that we should encourage our loved female family and friends. Women above the age of 40 are advised to go for screenings regularly. And by regularly, I mean once a year for those aged 40 and above, and twice a year for those aged 50 and above.

The most effective detection method of breast cancer is mammograms – an X-ray examination of the breasts. Courtesy of my mom, I now know that mammogram is a painful and uncomfortable process for most women but it is one worth the awkwardness! Because when cancer is detected early enough, chances are it is smaller and confined to one area.

This means there is a higher chance of cure and more available treatment options to choose from (if required). There is also lesser chance for the need to undergo chemotherapy (no hair loss!) and removal of the breast(s).

But the harsh truth is many of us are guilty of delaying detection. Correction: Many of us don’t even schedule an appointment with a gynaecologist! We make up excuses all the time!

I am way too busy

No, you are never too busy for your own health! A mammogram only takes about 3 to 5 minutes and the entire session can be over in an hour. Besides, the service is highly available islandwide so enquire at the nearest clinic.

Mammograms are too painful

Do you avoid a flu vaccination just because injections sting like a bee? Nope!

Not many women find mammograms painful, though some may experience some sort of discomfort. Even if you do feel some pain, be rest assured that it is temporary.

Look at the bigger picture: That momentary discomfort or pain will eventually benefit you in the long run!

I feel good and healthy

No one expects themselves to be infected by cancer but breast cancer is known to befall women who lead seemingly healthy lives. So you think you’re healthy? Well, think again.

I don’t have any symptoms

Breast cancer often occurs with no obvious symptoms at all. If you wait till symptoms start showing before going for screening, you are sabotaging your opportunities of detecting cancer early.

I am afraid. What if I do have breast cancer?

I can’t tell you not to be afraid because finding out you have cancer is surely scary, but take heart that you’re discovering it early and securing your chances for recovery! Don’t let cancer tear down your life.

Late detection and treatment of breast cancer would give the cancer cells time to spread to other parts of the body. By that stage, treatment becomes more difficult and there are also lesser treatment options available. (You should also know that by this point, the chances of surviving the next 5 years become significantly lower.)

Now, that definitely doesn’t sound like good news.

If you know of someone who should go for a mammogram, encourage her to go for it. Go with her if possible. The support she gets during a mammogram scan works magic to comfort her during the entire process.

Or if you fit the bill yourself, you already know what to do.

For a first-timer, to ease your anxieties, find out what you can expect during a mammogram.

SuperMom Baby Fair 17 to 19 February 2017


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Kenjo Hair Salon: Mucota Scena+ Hair Treatment & Discount Code


Maintaining a healthy head of hair takes more than just regular shampooing and conditioning. Do you know that our hair becomes coarse, dry and brittle not only through daily wear and tear, but is further worsened by heat treatment, UV radiation and chemical treatment? It is important that we allow our hair to undergo treatment regularly in order to strengthen our hair, put back its moisture, as well as restore its natural balance.


I had the luxury of returning to Kenjo Hair Salon for the award-winning 3-step Mucota Scena+ hair treatment earlier this month before our Christmas photoshoot. As usual, I was promptly showed to my seat and then asked if I would like a drink. Biscuits were served along with orange juice! The hair assistant proceeded to give me a pampering hair wash and head massage which felt very invigorating.


Before beginning the treatment proper, a special machine was used to spray distilled water all over my hair. The machine is powered by nano technology which allows tiny water molecules to penetrate the hair follicles more effectively for better absorption of the Mucota Scena+ later on.


Using advances in material-sciences and biotechnology, Scena+ restores and protects hair by focusing on replacing important natural elements that make up the intercellular components in hair. Scena+ is a new exquisite treatment from Mucota that restores hair internally using ingredients found in hair itself.


First step: Adel – Moisture Base Treatment

Adel contains a mixture of 4 kinds of ceramides, cholesterol and phytosphingosine that can be found in natural ceramide. It is applied to freshly shampooed hair and then rinsed off. This step creates ideal conditions for treatment by deep hydration and restoration of natural hair elements, making hair soft and hydrated.

Second step: Brava – Intensive Hair Repair

Brava contains 5 different hair repair elements to target different kinds of damage to hair. A net-like structure in hair is created that prevents essential elements from flowing out and improves texture at the same time.

Third step: Calore – Lustre Protect and Seal

Finally, Calore protects hair cuticle by restoring its hydrophobic surface. It prolongs treatment effects in hair via super lipidure; coating the outer cuticle with a 7-layered lamellar liquid crystal nano-structure and creating a pseudo-cuticle, keeping hair shiny, smooth and silky.


Heat is applied to ensure that the goodness of the treatment products get absorbed into my hair! I went for a final hair wash after about 15 minutes.


I felt like a different person as I stepped out of Kenjo salon. My hair was no longer dry and lifeless. Instead, it was so smooth, silky and bouncy that I could not resist touching my hair every now and then!


Kenjo Hair Salon has been running its Christmas promotion consisting of specially selected Mucota AIRE products which you can use in the comfort of your own home! Both packages even come with a free mini styling iron! Definitely something you would want to bring along for your overseas trips! For more info on the individual products and its functions, please refer here. HURRY! Only a few sets left!


I would definitely recommend the Mucota Scena+ hair treatment as a regular treatment to pamper your tresses and what’s really awesome is that it takes only about an hour, so you can even consider popping by Kenjo salon during your lunch time! For new customers, call 62388083 to make an appointment and don’t forget to quote “Missuschewy” to enjoy 15% off all hair services at Kenjo!

Kenjo Salon
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6238 8083 (New customers quote “Missuschewy’ for 15% off)
Email: kenjosalon@singnet.com.sg

Opening Hours:
11am to 8pm (including Public Holidays)

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer Eliminates Various Stains!



“What’s that?”, you ask. It’s a really cool gadget that all mummies need to get their hands on! This is especially true if you find yourself having to deal with tons of stains day in and day out. Food stains, coffee stains, makeup stains, poop stains, and the list doesn’t end here! There were at least a couple of occasions where I actually had to toss out stained clothings because they were beyond hope. Such a waste right? I know! However, with my latest toy, the SHARP Ultrasonic Washer has proven itself to be effective against various stains!


SHARP Ultrasonic Washer introduces a revolutionary new way to treat spots stains on clothing without damaging fabrics. It looks really sleek and it is also portable.


By producing ultrasonic vibration up to 38,000 strokes per second via the tip of the washer, various types of stains can be eliminated in just THREE simple steps – Soak, Trace and Rinse! No more incessant rubbing is needed! I first tried the washer on the girls’ clothes, and was pleasantly surprised to see how the SHARP Ultrasonic Washer works like magic! Yellowish stains were gone in a jiffy and the previously stained clothes now look as good as new!


Just to show you how the SHARP Ultrasonic Washer works, I smeared some makeup foundation on a piece of towel.


Step One: Soak

Stained fabrics MUST be first soaked in a fair amount of water for the washer to work.


Step Two: Trace

When turned on, the tip of the washer will start to generate ultrasonic vibration, which in turn causes cavitation bubbles inside the water. During the tracing step, the bubble implosion has high energy to remove stains.


Step Three: Rinse

After most of the stain has been removed, the last step is to rinse the fabric!


The stain has been removed! Perfect for pre-treating stains before machine washing! You may also check out my video on IG and FB on the stain removal using SHARP Ultrasonic Washer!


I love how portable the SHARP Ultrasonic Washer is! It operates on USB rechargeable battery and doesn’t require the use of cables attached to a fixed electrical supply, making it extremely convenient! SHARP Ultrasonic Washer is currently available at any SHARP authorized dealer shops. For enquiries, please contact SHARP Singapore.

Baby Cayla’s Lunar 4th Month Traditional Celebration


Hola chewy friends! It has been more than a week since we celebrated Mini misschewy’s lunar 4th month! Since it was on a Monday, misterchewy and I took leave just for this. The hubs sent Little misschewy to school in the morning and bought chicken drumstick on his way home. Over the weekend, my mum passed us the Marie biscuits and chives, and also angbao for Cayla! This time, we didn’t trim Cayla’s hair and if you are keen, you can read about Chanelle’s lunar 4th month celebration back in 2014!


1) Chives (Gu Chye)

Chives play a essential role in baby’s lunar 4th month celebration as older folks believe that rubbing chives along baby’s gums signifies a smooth sailing and painless teething journey. We didn’t boil the chives but simply soak the stalk in water for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it under running water. Not all supermarkets sell chives so do your homework early and buy the chives as near the celebration as possible to ensure its freshness!


2) Chicken Drumstick

I took a video of the hubs showing Cayla the drumstick and caught her swallowing her saliva as she eyed the piece of meat! Hahaha.


Oh yeah~ Looks like someone enjoyed licking the drumstick! This signifies that baby will be blessed with an abundance of good food! Two more months to your first taste of solids, Cayla! Hehehe.


3) String of 12 biscuits

During Chanelle’s time, we used 8 big Marie biscuits and for Cayla, we had 12 small ones. My mum said, “One of each month of the year!” The hubs asked me, “Why Marie biscuits?” Honestly, I don’t know but gave him a lame reply that there are many holes to string the biscuits together lol. Once again, Cayla was caught trying to stuff all the biscuits into her mouth! LOL.


The hubs touched Cayla’s lips with each biscuit, while reciting “qit ta ta” (wipe dry). This is believed to minimise drooling in babies! Daddies and Mummies, don’t forget to eat all the biscuits to complete this ritual! The hubs and I split the share equally. Haha.


4) Red Packet (Ang Bao)

Cayla also received angbao from both grandmothers as a blessing! Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay connected with us on Instagram @missuschewy and on Facebook www.facebook.com/missuschewy 🙂