Dulcolax: Providing Effective Relief for Constipation!



Ask any new mother what are some of the challenges that she faces after child birth and rarely will you hear constipation being listed as one of them. Constipation is a widespread and common problem but most people are embarrassed to talk about it and instead, choose to brush this issue aside. In most cases, it is difficult to pinpoint a single cause as constipation is caused by a combination of things that have a negative impact on the digestive system.


Some of the symptoms of constipation include:

When travelling
Our bodies are creatures of habit, and so a change in your normal daily routine can affect your toilet habits. Sometimes even going to unfamiliar toilets might have effect on your bowel movement. Or, if you’ve been worrying about using the loos on a plane, or a long car journey, it can have an effect. New places, eating different types of food or getting dehydrated when you’re abroad can leave you constipated too.

Feeling a bit stressed out lately? It might be affecting your gut. If you’re struggling with work datelines, money worries, relationship dramas or going through a big change in your life, it can have a knock on effect on your digestive system, as can long term stress.

A lot of women say they get a bit constipated just before their period every month. Is that you?


I’m sure many of you have had your fair share of experience with constipation at some point in your life and wondered what is the best or most effective way of treating this seemingly embarrassing problem. The best news is.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Also, there is nothing to be embarrassed about as it is a common problem that can happen to anyone and everyone, babies included especially if they are formula fed.

Apart from babies, constipation can also occur to their mothers, which explains the whole objective of my blog post today, that is to share about my experience with postpartum constipation when I was a new mum myself last year. Actually, some mothers might experience constipation during pregnancy as the pregnancy hormones relaxes and slows down the movement of food through the intestines. As pregnancy progresses, the baby gets bigger and increased downward pressure on the pelvic area makes constipation more likely to occur.


Towards the end of my third trimester, I began to feel a little constipated and things didn’t improve even after I delivered. I guess it was also because of all the pain and stitching after a natural vaginal birth that made me extra apprehensive about trying to move my bowels in the hospital. I mean, wouldn’t it be scary if your stitches rip apart?! The thought of it is enough to turn my legs into jelly. I remember confiding in my gynae that I was worried about not being able to empty my bowels before I was being discharged and she readily got a nurse to administer a rectal suppository for me.


Despite having a confinement nanny, my first two weeks being a new mother was a stressful period and I was in great pain most of the time. Instead of light exercises like walking or swimming which I used to do when I was pregnant, I was in bed all the time, except when I had to eat or visit the bathroom. As for my diet, confinement foods are known to be slightly on the heaty side as mothers are supposed to avoid cooling foods during confinement. In addition to this, I was also taking iron supplements. I believe all these factors contributed to my postpartum constipation in one way or another, and when a fellow mummy told me to give Dulcolax Laxative Tablets a try, I thought why not?


Upon hearing the brand “Dulcolax”, I thought it rings a bell and later found out that Dulcolax is the World’s number 1 laxative being around in the market for more than 60 years, providing effective relief for constipation in more than 50 countries worldwide. Also, it is readily available in all leading pharmacies such as Watsons, Guardian and Unity, which probably explains why Dulcolax sounded so familiar to me. The brand must have been registered in my mind subconsciously when I was browsing shelves upon shelves in the pharmacies!


When I first got my hands on a box of Dulcolax Laxative Tablets, I was a little doubtful that these tablets would get the job done. They are sooo tiny! But really, do not judge the effectiveness of a laxative tablet by its size. I later found out for myself that these tablets are minuscule but powerful! Dulcolax is a gentle laxative and is gentle on the stomach because it acts only when it is needed, at the bowel. Dulcolax laxative tablets must be swallowed whole with water and must not be chewed or crushed because these tablets have a special ‘enteric coating’ which prevents the active ingredient from being released until it reaches the part of the intestines where it is needed to work.


Whenever I feel constipated, I use Dulcolax Laxative Tablets about 30 minutes to an hour before my bedtime as it takes about 8 to 12 hours to work. This laxative is safe, providing gentle yet effective overnight relief. Although constipation is a common problem, most people tend to delay seeking relief with laxatives because of the many myths and misconceptions surrounding constipation and laxatives which are not evidence based. Having tried and tested these Dulcolax Laxative Tablets myself, I find it really work for me! As a breastfeeding mother, I know most mums would be concerned if the active or derivative components of the laxatives get passed into mother’s milk and the answer is NO for Dulcolax! They have a proven study to support this.


I’m glad to have found an effective solution for my constipation! In the past, I was not comfortable of taking laxative because I thought it would be addictive and harsh. Thanks to Dulcolax Tablets for solving my constipation problem, improving my quality of life!

If you are not entirely sure if you are suffering from constipation, feel free to take a simple quiz or share your own experience with constipation here http://www.myconstipationrelief.com/get_your_solution/symptom_checker.html
Lastly, let’s remember to treat constipation during its early stages before things turn complicated! Dulcolax Laxative Tablets can be found in all leading pharmacies.

Cool De Sac Indoor Playground


A couple of months back, misterchewy and I took Little misschewy to Cool De Sac at Suntec City. I almost forgot that this draft is sitting somewhere so here I am trying to complete it. LOL. I’m sure Cool De Sac is not new to most parents since its opening early 2014.



Unlike Happy Willow which we had reviewed earlier, Cool De Sac has lockers for rent at about $7, of which $5 is refundable upon returning the key.


The baby changing area is clean and well-maintained but I personally feel that this area is quite open as there is no door and anyone can walk in freely. We took Little misschewy to the baby changing room outside Cool De Sac instead.


It happened to be the last day of school holidays and the indoor playground was quite packed with excited screaming kids.


Father and daughter going down the slide together! Little misschewy’s expression is epic la.


She liked it and wanted to go on the slide again!


There is a small play area for younger kids and we spent most of our time there.










This mini slide is so cute!






Look at her excited face! Hahaha.





Kids can also work on art and craft. Simply grab some crayons and papers!



Little misschewy certainly had an enjoyable time at Cool De Sac! Stay connected with us on Facebook www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Cool De Sac
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours:
Sun to Thu
10am – 8pm
Fri & Sat
10am – 10pm

Mon – Fri
Children under 6 months: FREE
Children under 3 years old: $10.70
Children from 3-12 years old: $21.40

Sat, Sun, Public and School Holidays
Children under 6 months: FREE
Children under 3 years old: $13.90
Children from 3-12 years old: $27.80

The Benjamins Singapore Food Review


If you have not heard of The Benjamins at Forum The Shopping Mall, then shame on you. Hahaha ok la just kidding. BUT seriously, if you are active on Instagram, it’s really quite impossible to not be bombarded with photos of these ridiculously colorful and over-the-top milkshakes that are currently available at The Benjamins, previously known as Benjamin Browns Bistro and Bakery. These milkshakes have taken social media by storm and during our visit last week, every table had at least one of these milkshakes.


The cafe is very small and seats no more than 30. Luckily I arrived early and managed to get a table while waiting for Mag. A crazy long queue started forming after 7.30pm and I could almost feel death stares in our direction as we were taking our own sweet time taking photos. LOL. #sorrynotsorry Everyone around us were also busying Instagramming the milkshakes lor!


When I first took a quick glance at the menu, I realized the food at The Benjamins is quite expensive! Anyway, I went ahead to order the 200g Canadian Pork Chop ($25) because it was calling out to me. I must say that it didn’t disappoint as it was very succulent, just that it could be a little bit more tender!


Mag had the 400g Duck Confit ($32) but wasn’t particularly impressed. She mentioned that at least the potato gratin was nice!


We came here for THIS. Actually, we were planning to order one each since it’s so Instagram-worthy but the price is.. Ouch. Instead of vanilla, we opted for Old School Nutella Banana ($16) for the best of both worlds – it looks aesthetically pleasing and tastes yummy too! Vanilla would be too boring for our taste buds.


HAHAHA did you notice that the cotton candy shrank and most of the iced gem biscuits rolled off the whipped cream?! I was also trying hard not to laugh out loud when a girl screamed because her ice cream cone fell out. LOLOLOL.


We split the bill which came up to about $40++ per person. Cafe hoppers, please take note. Haha. If you just wanna find out what the milkshake hype is all about, then skip the mains and go for the shakes! 😉 Stay connected with us on Facebook www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

The Benjamins
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
Singapore 238884
Tel: 6887 4117

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thu
10am – 9pm
Fri and Sat
9am – 10pm
9am – 9pm

2015 Breastfeeding Challenge on 29 August 2015

Breastfeeding Challenge

Hello mummies! The Rise and Shine Festival 2015 is coming up on the 28th – 30th of August 2015, which will be held at the Suntec Convention Centre. At this Festival, there will be an exciting plethora of events, such as enrichment workshops, a toys and books fair, the passport adventure for kids to have fun and win prizes and the parenting seminars.

Taking place concurrently with the event, in celebration of World Breastfeeding Month, Thomson Medical and Avent Philips, along with some major supporting government partners will be holding the 2015 Breastfeeding Challenge on 29 August 2015. It would be splendid if mummies and their babies could participate in this challenge to show support for breastfeeding and be part of a national record breaking event for a good cause!

Registration starts at 9am and the breastfeeding challenge starts at 10am.

Register at evnk.co/breastfeedingchallenge and enter promo code BMSG30 to enjoy 30% off if you are a member of the BMSG group on Facebook! :)

Bangkok for Kids: Art in Paradise Bangkok


Heyhey chewys! We have come to the third and final post of our three-part series on things to do in Bangkok with kids! As I had mentioned earlier, there are many child-friendly attractions in Bangkok but since we were only there for a few days, we had to plan carefully to make the most of our trip! We went to Siam Ocean World on the second day of our trip, and Kidzoona & Molly Fantasy on the third, but realized that we didn’t get many family snaps which was a pity. So, on the fourth day of our trip, which also coincided with my birthday, we decided to head to Art in Paradise, the first 3D art museum in Bangkok! What better way to take interesting photos that will serve as wonderful memories many years down the road? :)


Art in Paradise is located within Esplanade Shopping Mall, which is some walking distance from Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station. Silly me got it wrong and we walked all the way to Thailand Cultural Centre after we exited the station. Upon realizing that there’s no Art in Paradise there, we took a cab to Esplanade Shopping Mall. Please don’t get confused like I did! Admission for adult foreigners costs 400 baht and 200 baht for children above 100cm. All footwear are to be removed and deposited at the counter before entering the museum. There are over 150 paintings across various themes and we had so much fun posing for photos, Little misschewy included! Shall let our photos do the talking 😉















































Art in Paradise Bangkok is a great place for families to create memories through interactive 3D art. Even though Chanelle might be too young to know how to pose, her unintentional poses and occasional photobombing make the photos interesting! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Stay connected with us on Facebook www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Art in Paradise Bangkok
99 Esplanade Room No 408
4th Floor
Rachadapisek Road
Din Daeng Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 026-609-130
Email: aipbkk2013@gmail.com

Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm

Bangkok for Kids: Bangkok Sea Life Siam Ocean World


Helloooo daddies and mummies! Here’s our second of three-part series on things to do in Bangkok with kids! If you have missed our earlier post on Kidzoona and Molly Fantasy, click here to read it. You know how it’s kinda funny when misterchewy and I look back on our last trip to Bangkok in 2012.. We were trying to decide if we should visit Bangkok Sea Life Siam Ocean World while we were at Siam Paragon. After much deliberation, we both agreed to take our kid there the next time we visit Bangkok. Three years later.. HERE WE ARE! 😀


Little misschewy had not been to the S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa so we reckon this would be an eye-opening and engaging experience for her. Furthermore, she knows what a fish is so we thought it would be interesting to introduce different forms of marine life to her. The tickets are priced at 990 baht for adults and 790 baht for children 3-11 years old. We only needed to purchase a pair of adult tickets which worked out to be around SGD 80! We managed to save a bit by getting the Weekday Early Bird rate at 745 baht for adults, which is about SGD 60 for a pair. We saved $20! However, the small catch is that you have to enter before noon on a weekday! With proper planning, it wasn’t difficult at all.


Indeed, from the moment we stepped into Siam Ocean World, Little misschewy was so enthralled by all the different types of fishes that we spent quite a fair bit of time before moving on to the next species.




This Octopus is really ginormous!


Lionfish! Reminds me of my scuba diving days. I wanna go diving again! :(


We stepped onto a glass panel and watched various sharks swim underneath us. Pretty cool!


This seems to be meant for kids and it’s sooo cute!


Little misschewy was initially afraid and clung on to misterchewy tightly. But after awhile, she refused to leave! LOL.


Heyyy fishie fishie!


Now, that’s a different kind of ‘fish’! Hahaha.


The otters were just lazing around!


This is the part where visitors get to touch and feel marine life such as starfish and sea cucumber.




Going on board the Ocean Feeding Boat allows one to get up close and personal with sharks, stingrays and a great variety of fish. SEA LIFE staff will provide an insightful introduction while feeding the fish by hand. It costs 180 baht per person and this activity is available from 10.30am to 8pm.



Adorable penguins!


Some of them were just standing still for so long and I actually wondered if they were real. Haha.





There’s a mini playground within Siam Ocean World!




This part of Siam Ocean World took our breaths away. It’s really magnificent plus the music that was being played had that mysterious mood to it. Watching all these gigantic sharks swim around was such an amazing experience!



As compared to our very own S.E.A Aquarium, I would say that Bangkok Sealife Siam Ocean World wins hands down in more ways than one. If you have a young toddler like us, a visit to Siam Ocean World is highly recommended! 😉
Stay connected with us on Facebook www.facebook.com/missuschewy and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World
B1-B2 Floor, Siam Paragon,
991 Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand.
(Nearest BTS: Siam)
Tel: 662 687 2000
Email: marketing.bangkok@merlinentertainments.biz

Opening Hours:
10am – 9pm

Bangkok for Kids: Kidzoona and Molly Fantasy


When our friends knew about our plans to take Little misschewy along to Bangkok during my birthday week on the last week of July, many expressed their concern because Bangkok is popularly known as a shopping and eating paradise. Would having a young toddler in tow ruin our holiday plans? And more importantly, would Chanelle enjoy this trip or be bored to tears? Even though Chanelle is barely two years old, she sure knows how to play and have fun! With that, I planned our Bangkok itinerary with her interests in mind, in addition to ours. There are many things to do in Bangkok with kids but due to limited time, I shortlisted three main attractions in Bangkok for kids and families. I will first be introducing Kidzoona and Molly Fantasy in the first of my three-part series :)


There are a number of indoor playgrounds scattered all over Bangkok but I decided on Kidzoona based on two very important factors:

1. Kidzoona is highly accessible as it is located on the 5th floor of Gateway Ekamai Mall, right next to Ekkamai BTS Station. Kidzoona allows re-entry on the same day, so parents and children can take a break at any of the cafes or restaurants within the mall. A few other indoor playgrounds that I had researched on are located away from BTS stations which can be rather inconvenient.

2. Kidzoona’s play areas and play structures are age-appropriate for young toddlers like Chanelle. I feel that some other indoor playgrounds like Funarium and KidZania, on the other hand, target older children about 4 years and up.


Kidzoona and Molly Fantasy are two concepts under the Aeon Fantasy group, a Japan-based company which specializes in the operation of entertainment facilities for children in shopping centres. Apart from Japan and Thailand, Aeon Fantasy has also found its way around other Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. All I want to say is.. Please come to Singapore soon!!


Upon stepping into Molly Fantasy, we were greeted by a barrage of coin-operated kiddie rides and arcade games. Little misschewy loves to go on kiddie rides these days, but ain’t nobody got time for that! Besides the kiddie rides and arcade games, Molly Fantasy houses a large play area, Kidzoona, which is what we were there for. First, we had to fill in a form and pay upfront before entering Kidzoona. Adults pay a flat rate of 90 baht but the rates for children differ based on their height and are pricier on weekends.


The green lockers are for you to store your personal belongings and valuables while the white lockers are meant for footwear. We were unlucky that the green lockers were unavailable so we had to constantly keep an eye on our bags.


There are educational toys and books for the little ones. Saw a baby boy hammering away at a wooden xylophone. Super cute! It’s a great place for young ones to get warmed up before proceeding to the giant ball pool.



Lounge area where tired parents can take turns to rest and recharge. There’s even a massage chair to sooth those aching feet!


This inflatable giant ‘hamster wheel’ is so cool!



One of the reasons why I enjoy taking Chanelle to the indoor playground is because she likes watching other children play and it brings a smile to her face.



Hahaha. The look on Little misschewy is like, “Mummy, can I play now?” We have not been to many indoor playgrounds in Singapore but the ball pool at Kidzoona is hugeeeee and attracts children of all ages!







Inflatable bouncy castle!


Chanelle tried to climb up but it proved to be too steep!


Papa Chewy to the rescue!


WHEEEE! Chanelle asked to go on the slide at least another three more times! Good workout for Papa Chewy! Hahaha.


This section of Kidzoona is quite similar to KidZania, where children are free to experiment and take on various roles in the ‘working field’. It was adorable watching how kids served their parents who acted as customers or patrons.





Of course, we couldn’t resist a photo of Little misschewy in one of these cute outfits! Her first part-time job at a burger shop! HAHAHA.


“Hello! Burgers for you?” I whatsapped this photo to Chanelle’s godma, and she replied that she will BUY ALL THE BURGERS from Chanelle! So sweet can! LOL.


Ooh! Look who’s a sushi chef? Irrashaimase!



Mummy is going to post a photo of this sushi platter on Instagram while my personal sushi chef prepares some hot green tea for me!


The hubs and I are glad that the local children we met at Kidzoona are either well-mannered, or their parents are quick to intervene before things turn ugly between kids. Chanelle happened to pick up a toy which was left behind by a little boy and he took it back right out of her hands but his father immediately handed it back to Chanelle before pulling his boy away. This lovely girl didn’t push Chanelle out of the fire truck when Chanelle climbed in. In fact, she shifted herself to make more space for Chanelle. Her kind gesture truly surprised me because I have come across selfish kids who refuse to share.


It was a joy watching the two girls smile and interact with each other and they occasionally waved at misterchewy and I!



We spent close to 2 hours in Kidzoona and paid another 40 baht for Little misschewy to go on this carousel ride before leaving Gateway Ekamai Mall. Besides keeping the little ones happy, it’s also a fantastic way to expend their energy so that parents can have a peaceful meal when their kids conk out after a few hours at the indoor playground 😉
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Kidzoona and Molly Fantasy
Floor 5, Gateway Ekamai Mall, 982/22 Sukhumvit Road Prakanong, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
(Nearest BTS: Ekkamai)
Local Phone:02 108 2650
International Phone: +66 2 108 2650
Email: contact@aeonfantasy.co.th

Operating Hours:
10am – 9pm (last entry 8pm)

Adult – 90 Baht
Child under 105 cm – 180 baht on weekdays/300 baht on weekends
Child over 105 cm – 220 baht on weekdays/360 baht on weekends