PastaMania: Affordable Family Restaurant and Doughworkz Class



I grew up with PastaMania since my JC days. Back then when I was young(er), my girl friends and I loved hanging out at Lot One after classes (now you know which JC I was from) and most of the time, we would pick PastaMania for lunch. As for misterchewy, he would take the then newly opened Downtown line to PastaMania at Plaza Singapura with his friends after school. Till today, he has fond memories of tucking into a delicious plate of Chicken Bolognese at PastaMania. After a long day of attending lectures and tutorials in campus, what we really looked forward to after school, was a sumptuous hot meal that is affordable for the average student and PastaMania was our ideal choice. Most of the dishes cost about $10 only! My all-time favourites were Al Funghi, Carbonara and Creamy Chicken! Now that we are reminiscing about the past, we can’t believe that PastaMania has been around for more than 10 years already! I guess it’s because PastaMania is always keeping up with the latest food trends and expanding its menu, offering diners plenty of appealing food choices at reasonable prices! It is also a popular choice at my workplace because PastaMania is halal certified and we have Muslim colleagues, so we would sometimes order PastaMania delivery when we are too busy to head out for lunch!


Recently, The Chewys had lunch at PastaMania and the vast variety certainly made us feel spoilt for choice! There was so much that we wanted to try! I finally decided on the Salmon with Creamy Tomato Sauce and the thick slab of salmon was nicely pan-seared, moist on the inside and flaky with a golden brown crust. The linguine was al dente and the creamy tomato sauce was pretty addictive! This dish comes with a side of salad too! Will definitely order this again on our next visit!


The hubs knew that he just had to order the Salted Egg Soft-Shell Crab as he was flipping through the menu. Salted egg yolk is all the rage and we are glad that PastaMania made a good move by coming up with this dish! The pairing of salted egg yolk with soft shell crab was simply amazing!


PastaMania’s drinks menu is also quite extensive! Apart from the usual soft drinks, they have juices and really cool drinks like Milo Maniac and Choco-Licko Gelato Smoothie. It was a real treat for misterchewy and I!

PastaMania kids feast menu

Kids are not forgotten at PastaMania! The Kids Feast Menu consists of a half size pasta, side or dessert and a drink, at just $8.90! This is really affordable and value-for-money, plus there’s no need for parents to split their food portions with their kids. Choose from 6 different types of pastas (beef Bolognese, chicken Bolognese, cheesy meatball, cheesy chicken sausage broccoli, dory fish and carrot, mac & cheese) and either a snack (cheddar cheese sticks, waffle potato, cheesy garlic bread) or gelato (chocolate popcorn, marshmellow mango, vanilla berry).


We ordered the Cheesy Chicken Sausage Broccoli for Little misschewy because she loves broccoli. It’s served on such a cute plate! We were glad to see her enjoying her meal and she even offered to share some of her yummy pasta with us.


Waffle potato! Every child’s favourite!


Little misschewy totally enjoyed her kid’s meal!


PastaMania promotions

Every now and then, PastaMania comes up with enticing promotions that are really irresistible, so do keep a look out on their website and Facebook page!


Do you know that PastaMania has been conducting Doughworkz classes for about 4 years now? It is a pasta and pizza making program customised for children from 4 to 12 years old. The hands-on experience gained at each Doughworkz class helps to nourish your kids’ mind and body while the fun facts of food preparation and equipment are to expand their food knowledge. After the class, kids get to eat their pizza too! As PastaMania believes in family bonding, parents are welcome to join in! Doughworkz classes are available at PastaMania Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre, PastaMania Singapore Management University (SMU) and PastaMania NEX. I can’t wait for Little misschewy to turn 4 so that I can register for the Doughworkz class!


Take part in PastaMania’s lucky draw by spending a minimum of $40 in a single receipt and stand a chance to win a Doughworkz class! Alternatively, my readers can quote “MISSUSCHEWY” when signing up for the Nov or Dec classes, and get a special rate of $25 per child and $45 per parent & child pair for the family class. Only applicable for sign ups before 18 November 2016! Hurry down to PastaMania and have a great family bonding session over delicious food at affordable prices!

Mummamia Confinement Review


With the arrival of Mini misschewy, I went through confinement once again. At the end of my confinement period, the hubs and I agreed that having a confinement nanny this time round felt more like a luxury, probably due to the fact that we are no longer first-time parents. If we were ever to have a third child (hehehe), we are pretty confident that we can actually go for DIY confinement because there is Mummamia Confinement which has been around for a few years now! Mummamia Confinement aims to provide hassle-free confinement through all products and services to new mummies who are busy and lack the appropriate knowledge on how to confine traditionally. With references from 皇帝内经 and TCM Physician advisors, all products and services by Mummamia Confinement are designed to help mummies recuperate, strengthen, support breastfeeding, and also promote healthy body and diet care.


After 9 months of pregnancy and giving birth, post-partum women experience deficiency in blood and Qi, weakening uterus that leads to “coldness” in body, back ache, appetite disorders, discomfort from bloated stomach due to excessive wind, discharge of lochia/ heavy discharge, unable to produce breast milk due to blocked breast duct, fatigue-ness, constipation problem, as well as heavy water retention in body. Besides proper confinement care, it is important that mothers consume herbal tonics to strengthen their bodies. Professionally prescribed by TCM Physicians, Mummamia’s Pre-packed Confinement Herbs focus on 5 main confinement recovery stages, namely: Expel, Remove, Rejuvenate, Recuperate, Tonify. Each box of pre-packed herbs contains 10 packs of herbs for Days 1 to 5, for 2 weeks. Each pack of herbs is enough to yield two servings of soup, hence I had it everyday for lunch and dinner during my confinement period.

Day 1: Nourish “Qi” & Tonify Yin
Day 2: Strengthening Spleen & Kidney
Day 3: Boosting Milk Supply and dissipate stasis
Day 4: Rejuvenate “Qi” & Blood
Day 5: Invigorate kidney and Reduce Water Retention
Day 6: continues as the Day 1


Preparation of the confinement herbs is hassle-free. Meat is optional but I prefer to add meat for taste. All the different soups tasted bitter of course, but were full-bodied. I like the fact that instead of having to get my own herbs from Chinese medicinal halls, everything is packed nicely and all I need to do is simply tear open the packet and pour the contents into the slow cooker. Very convenient!

Credit: Mummamia

It is recommended that mothers consume red dates during their confinenemt to avoid excessive water retention or getting “cold” during this period. Red Dates are rich in Iron and Vitamin C. Every pack of Mummamia’s Pre-packed Red Dates Tea consists of Red Dates, Black Dates, Dang Shen, etc. For a day’s worth of red date tea, I just need to boil one packet with about 1.5 to 2 litres of water every morning. I drank this every single day of my confinement and did not touch even a sip of plain water!

Credit: Mummamia

I find it very amusing whenever my friends ask, “You not going to shower during your confinement?” And I will always reply, “AIYO! Can shower la! Use those herbal bath la!” In fact, Ban Kah Chai Mom Confinement Herbal Bath contains ingredients like Man Jin Zi, Balsamiferou Blumea Herb (Da Feng Ai) and Lemongrass which help mothers to expel wind, dispel cold, improve blood circulation and reduce after birth pain. Instead of having to boil the herbs and water in a large pot like what my previous confinement nanny did, with the Ban Kah Chai Mom Confinement Herbal Bath, my nanny added boiling water into a large pail and soaked the herbal bath sachet in it for at least 3 minutes. Then, she added more warm water to make sure that I have enough water to bathe with! I didn’t wash my hair everyday since I didn’t perspire much at home and I hated having to spend so much time drying my long hair. On days when I washed my hair, my nanny would use two herbal bath sachets. Because the herbal bath water is black in color, most people think it’s dirty or sticky which is obviously not true! For mummies who want to stay clean during their confinement period, please do not shower with normal water. Get the Ban Kah Chai Mom Confinement Herbal Bath!


I had a very bad start to my breastfeeding journey for my first child. Hence, this time round, I was determined to make things right. I must say that Mummamia’s Nursing Herbal Soup is super amazing! Before I delivered, I passed a pack to my MIL so that she could have it on standby and boil the soup for me once I had delivered. I only consumed one pack which was rich enough for 3 servings of soup. The next day, my milk supply kicked in! Even the lactation consultant looked amazed when she came by to check on my progress! Each box contains 5 packets and I have only consumed 2 packets so far because I’m quite happy with my current supply. I even have excess frozen breastmilk to feed my firstborn when she stays with us on weekends! Besides promoting milk supply, the Nursing Herbal Soup also helps to reduce engorgement discomfort and reduce the risk of breast related inflammation.


Mummamia’s products are halal-certified and are also suitable for vegetarians! Here is a list of retailers where you can purchase Mummamia’s products from:

Mount Alvernia Hospital Retail Pharmacy
Thomson Medical Centre (Parentcraft Shop)
Time Enterprise, Aperia Mall, 12 Kallang Ave #03-16
Mom Essentials, KK Hospital Retail Mall #01-22
Mom Essentials, Square 2 #02-74
1010 Mother & Child, The Seletar Mall #B1-02/03
1010 Mother & Child, City Square Mall #B2-45/46
1010 Mother & Child, Waterway Point #02-28
Isetan Scotts, Level 4 Children Dept
Spring Maternity Suntec City Mall Tower 4 #02-721
Takashimaya Dept Store #B2 Food Hall (Lo Hong Ka)

Alternatively, you can also choose to shop online at Mummamia’s website and have the products delivered right to your doorstep! DIY confinement is made possible with Mummamia!

Kenjo Korean Hair Salon Review & Discount Code!


Hello chewy friends! If you have been following me closely on Instagram and Facebook, you would know that I had a hair makeover a couple of weeks back! During my last trimester of pregnancy, my hair was in bad shape and not wanting to sit in a salon for hours with a humongous tummy, aching back and swollen feet, I randomly picked a hair dye off the shelves at NTUC and dyed my hair at home, hoping to cover up my black roots that had started to show. It was only a temporary measure because my previous hair colour was quite light, making the black roots very obvious, and I didn’t want to look awful for our family photoshoot that I had scheduled to take place after my delivery.


After my confinement, I was invited by Joseph Foo, Founder & Director of Kenjo Salon to try out their professional hair services. Kenjo Salon, located at the new wing of Plaza Singapura, is set against a sleek and modern ambience with a combination of local and Korean stylists. The salon has been around for about 2 years and keeps up-to-date by offering their valued customers numerous hair services such as Mucota colour, volume rebonding, omega oil therapy treatment perm and a whole lot more! When I walked into Kenjo Salon, I knew my hair would be in good hands!


I was shown to my seat and was immediately offered something to drink. Kenjo Salon has their own drinks menu with a wide selection of hot and cold beverages! There is also complimentary Wi-Fi so customers need not worry about exceeding their data plan while keeping themselves occupied at the salon!


Senior Stylist Justin Teo was assigned to take care of my hair. Obviously, DIY hair colouring was a very bad idea on my part! My hair looked like a total disaster! Although I had a hundred and one things I wished I could do to my hair, my top priority was getting a cut and colour. I didn’t know my hair was THAT long! How did I survive confinement with such long hair?!


Before getting down to business, Justin and I had a pretty in-depth discussion as to how we should go about achieving the hair colour that I want. Initially, I wanted to try ash colours but Justin informed me that bleaching is required to achieve optimal results. Also, bleaching would cause my hair to become as dry as hay and the aftercare maintenance is not something I think I can afford to invest time and effort in at this point in time. Another push factor is that the colour would probably last only about 2 weeks max, which in my opinion, is not worth the agony of sitting through 10 hours in the salon. We finally settled for 10-FB as the base color and 10-PG as the highlights. I really appreciated that Justin took time to explain, which helped me make an informed decision about picking the final colours for my hair.


As Justin snipped off a few inches of my hair, he could tell that I hadn’t trimmed my hair in a very long time. For a low maintenance mother, I had always thought that long hair is the way to go as I don’t have to keep visiting the salon to trim my hair. Justin taught me that it is important to blow dry my hair thoroughly especially the roots, while it is ok to leave the ends to dry on its own.


The colour for my highlights was applied first and Justin explained that the machine (in the middle photo) used has an ability to distribute heat evenly, thus enabling better colour absorption. Finally, the base colour was applied.


After more than 5 hours, we are done! Thank you Justin!


Stepped out of Kenjo Salon with smooth and silky hair!



Justin reminded me to use colour shampoo and try not to use hot water to wash my hair if possible. This is supposed to help hair colour last longer. I totally love how my new hair color looks under the sun!


Once again, a big thank you to Justin and Kenjo Salon! Quote “MISSUSCHEWY” and get 15% off your first visit at Kenjo Salon! Call 62388083 to make an appointment!

Kenjo Salon
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6238 8083

Opening Hours:
11am to 8pm (including Public Holidays)

Boost Milk Supply with Franjo’s Kitchen Tanker Toppers Lactation Cookies Plus Giveaway!


Being a new mother all over again, one of my top concerns and priorities is breastfeeding Mini misschewy exclusively for 6 months. As compared to my past breastfeeding experience, I had a pretty good head start this time because I nursed Cayla every two to three hours immediately after delivery and my milk supply kicked in the next day while we were still in the hospital. Besides frequent nursing and drinking sufficient warm water throughout the day, consuming lactation cookies is also another way that can help mothers boost and maintain their milk supply! If you don’t already know, lactation cookies contain galactagogues, which have been used for many years by breastfeeding mums to help with milk supply!


Shortly after my confinement, I received some lactation cookies from Wholesome Harvest Pte Ltd, a wholesaler distributing organic and natural food and drinks products in Singapore. They have recently started to distribute lactation cookies from Franjo’s Kitchen Australia, which is a joint business venture between two mothers, Fran and Jo. Their passion is in helping other mothers nourish their bodies while breastfeeding their little ones through consuming their lactation cookies.


Named Tanker Toppers, Franjo’s Kitchen lactation cookies are full of natural galactogogues – oats, brewer’s yeast, and flaxseeds. They also contain chia seeds, coconut oil and buckwheat flour which will load mothers and their babies with vitamins, minerals and good fats! Designed by Jo, who is a naturopath and nutritionist, these lactation cookies do not contain any additives, preservatives or colours and are made with only wholefoods. The cookies are also suitable for vegans as they are wheat, dairy and egg free.


Currently, there are two different flavours in the market – Fig & Almond and Choc Chip. Almonds help to increase milk supply while figs are high in calcium. Put these two together and you have the perfect breastfeeding snack! Everyone loves chocolate chip, me included! It’s impossible to say no to chocolate! Franjo’s Kitchen lactation cookies are fragrant, crumbly in texture and subtly sweet. It is recommended that mothers eat 2 to 3 cookies per day to help with milk supply.


Because Franjo’s Kitchen lactation cookies are full of natural and wholesome ingredients, they are a great snack for everyone! Packaged into lovely tins in peach and purple colors, these cookies also serve as wonderful gifts for mummy friends!

Franjo’s Kitchen lactation cookies can be purchased from the following:

– 10 10 Mother & Child Pte Ltd
– Four Seasons Organic
– Mothercare
– Thomson Medical Retail Pharmacy
– Smart Little One (S) Pte Ltd
– Agape Babies (online)
– Bakipa (online)
– Redmart Marketplace (online)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In collaboration with Wholesome Harvest Pte Ltd, I will be giving away FIVE cans of lactation cookies! Complete the steps in my Rafflecopter contest by 10th October! Contest is open to residents living in Singapore only. Winners will be drawn randomly and contacted via email. Good luck!

Top 10 Must Try Food at Grand Copthorne Waterfront’s Borderless Sunday Brunch


There’s something amazing going on at Grand Copthorne Waterfront every Sunday and we had just experienced it for ourselves! It is none other than the most extensive Borderless Sunday Brunch! The Integrated Dining Destination encompasses the interactive buffet restaurant, Food Capital, contemporary Italian grill, Grissini, as well as dynamic bar, Tempo. Every Sunday, guests get to enjoy THREE different dining experiences in a span of THREE hours! There is live entertainment and lovely balloon sculptures by their balloonist and face painting is also available by their professional face painters. You can choose to dine indoors or alfresco where you can appreciate the stunning view of the historic Singapore River. We have rounded up a list of Top 10 Must Try Food at Grand Copthorne Waterfront’s Borderless Sunday Brunch!



Start your epicurean journey with Asian and international fare at Food Capital. We recommend the seafood on ice specials especially the poached main lobster. Very meaty and succulent! Others include the freshly shucked Irish and Canadian oysters, chilled tiger prawns, New Zealand mussels and mud crab and scallop with roe.



Feast your senses at the interactive show kitchens where food is prepared “live” using fresh ingredients and original recipes. A selection of prime, veal and pork ribs are available at the Rotisserie station. Juicy cuts that are fall off the bone! Eat with your fingers for a finger lickin’ good experience!



Free flow foie gras? Need I say more? Take all my money! These melt-in-the-mouth foie gras will send you straight to heaven.



I am fan of Indian food but seldom have it because the hubs can’t really take spicy food. Imagine my excitement when I saw mutton curry, sambal prawns and naan! I relished every bite and it’s a sin not to eat the naan with curry!



Another spicy favorite of mine! The laksa broth was full-bodied, and served in a giant cup, made it hard to resist slurping some of that delicious broth!

Josper oven grilled meats


It was impossible for us to stay away once we found out about the Josper oven-grilled meats located outdoors. The Josper oven combines oven and grill in one and is fired by charcoal and flavoured wood to bring out the aroma and texture of the ingredients. Expect moist, juicy meat with a nice crisp exterior! Delicious grilled meats include baby spring chicken, Australian rack of lamb, prime wagyu beef ribeye, Mediterranean octopus and king prawns. There are three sauces to go with the grilled meats and we recommend the sun-dried tomato sauce.



I enjoyed watching one of the Chefs prepare my lobster linguine on the spot. Loved the fresh sweet chunks of Boston lobster meat and al dente linguine!



Instead of tomato sauce, white pizza is typically made of ricotta and mozzarella. Topped with black truffle paste, the white pizza is as good as it gets!



The dessert selection is very wide but the nonya kueh was my favorite. Must try the kueh dadar, rainbow kueh lapis, ang ku kueh and kueh lapis!



The buffet is inclusive of free-flow juices and soft drinks. After all that indulgent fare, wash it down with some refreshing fruit slushies! If you can’t decide between strawberry and mango, you can always mix them in a cup, like what I did!


Borderless Sunday Brunch (Food Capital, Tempo, Grissini)

Sundays, 12.30pm – 3.30pm

$98++ (with free-flow juices and soft drinks)
#138++ (with free flow of Perrier- Jouët Grand Brut Champagne, Strongbow ciders, cocktails, house pour wines, juices and soft drinks)

For reservations, please call 6233 1100 or email

Best Romantic Places in Europe to Discover

Europe is famous for its beautiful romantic cities. Usually, couples choose the most popular European destinations such as Paris, Venice, or Vienna and overlook some less known cities and places that are real hidden gems. If you want to spend your romantic weekend or honeymoon in some romantic non-mainstream place, get ready to explore the following European destinations.


Budapest, Hungary

Romance is already in the city’s name: Buda and Pest, two cities separated by the river Danube, were unified in 1873. Budapest is rightly considered to be a paradise for romantics. The city is filled with history and charming atmosphere. Cobblestone streets, medieval houses, gothic arches, and old bridges are the distinguished features of the Hungarian capital. The Chain Bridge over the Danube River is a perfect place for watching the sunset with your loved one. After an exciting day trip, relax in the city’s thermal baths whose history dates back as far back as the 12th century.


Copenhagen, Denmark

When in Copenhagen, take a walk in the Tivoli Gardens, the city’s iconic spot. It’s different from other theme parks you might have already visited. Typical parts of an amusement park (roller coaster or bumper cars) are harmoniously combined with some quiet places where you can just walk hand in hand and feel that magical ambiance of Tivoli. However, this is not the only attraction in Copenhagen. A colorful 17th-century waterfront Nyhavn with its museum ships and a line of restaurants is an ideal venue for an evening promenade. Copenhagen was once rated as the happiest city in the world, so why don’t you go there and check it?


Portofino, Italy

What makes Portofino such a romantic place is its picturesque location. This small town is often called a gem of the Italian Riviera and for a reason. Guy de Maupassant once described it as a small village that “stretches crescent-shaped along the edge of this calm bay”. Portofino sits on a rocky promontory surrounded by a harbor and the green hills covered with cypresses, palms, pines, and azaleas. The quay is lined with different boutiques, cafés, restaurants, and typical colorful houses. The best views can be caught from the water so take a boat ride along the harbor. Dolphins are frequent guests here so don’t miss the chance to see them in the clear seawater.


Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro is gradually gaining its popularity among travelers. It attracts mainly the tourists from Eastern Europe but more and more western travelers come here to contemplate mountainous landscapes and other attractions. There are a lot of picturesque places in this country and Kotor is one of them. This UNESCO-protected site resembles a canyon or fjord but still it’s unique and one-of-a-kind. When you first see this town, either from the sea or from the road, you’ll be impressed. The Old Town is protected by the thick and high walls that are crafted into the natural steep slopes of the hill. Climb the fortress and you’ll be rewarded by a breathtaking view from the top.


Bruges, Belgium

This city became more widely-known after the film In Bruges in 2008. Bruges is known for its medieval architecture and the network of canals. Due to the latter, it’s sometimes called “The Venice of the North”. It’s a small city so it’s possible to walk around on foot without using any transport. Splendid buildings reflected in the water create that special history-soaked atmosphere that will make you forget you’re in the 21st century. There are a lot of chocolate shops so treat your significant other to famous Belgian chocolate.

This article is provided by Ukrainian Site Meet Wife.

Cayla’s Newborn Shoot by Ashley Low Photography


Hello chewy chewy friends! I’m finally ready to share Cayla’s newborn photos that were taken by Ashley when Cayla was 7 days old! Ashley is the only photographer in Ashley Low Photography which was started about 4.5 years ago, specialising in Newborn and Baby Photography. She has undergone specialised Newborn Photography training both in UK 2013 and subsequently, in Australia 2015. Besides that, Ashley also provides photography services for maternity, babies (3-12 months old), and family.


Prior my delivery, I received very detailed preparation guidelines pertaining to the newborn shoot so that I know what is provided by the studio, the duration of the session, what to bring along to the studio, and what to expect after the photoshoot. I was certainly very impressed by all the concise details given in the guidelines and this made me feel at ease before the photoshoot. I didn’t have to ask a hundred and one questions and I definitely didn’t feel lost when we reached the studio. Ashley’s studio is located at Oxley BizHub, and it’s clean, cosy and spacious. It felt as though I walked right into someone’s home!


Ashley’s studio is very well-equipped and super baby-friendly. There’s a diaper changing station, complete with wet wipes and diapers sponsored by Merries! Parents need not panic if they forget to bring or run out of diapers at any point of the photoshoot. There’s also a private area for nursing, as well as hot water boiled in an airpot every morning, if you need to warm up or prepare milk for your little ones.


A pantry that is well-stocked with snacks and drinks!



Look at that huge array of props! It is also a nice area for children to get warmed up before a shoot. It didn’t take long for Chanelle to help herself to the toys!


Ashley was building rapport with Chanelle and that made Chanelle less shy during the siblings and family shoot.


According to Ashley, the best time to conduct a newborn photoshoot is when your baby is around 5 to 12 days old because they spend most of their time sleeping and hence, it’s easier to position them in various poses. Not forgetting putting on the cute outfits and accessories too! I was a little worried at first because Cayla was unusually awake at the studio even after her milk feed. To think I had told Ashley that Cayla could sleep hours on end at home! Haha looked like the little one was trying to prove something else! However, my fears were unfounded. It was an eye-opening experience watching how Ashley and Samantha (one of Ashley’s assistants) shush Cayla to sleep by gently rocking her and playing white noise that mimics the womb’s rumbly sounds. Takes plenty of patience too and that’s definitely one of the most important and inherent qualities of an amazing newborn and baby photographer.


Much to my relief, Chanelle was pretty cooperative during the shoot, despite going through the Terrible Twos stage. Hurhur. I’m also very glad that Ashley managed to make Chanelle smile genuinely, which made the siblings shots turn out extra nice!


Before the shoot, Ashley had also informed us that if Cayla was unsettled or showed signs of discomfort, she would not attempt to push the poses and would just move on and do what Cayla was comfortable with. It was evident that throughout the shoot, Ashley placed emphasis on Cayla’s well-being and safety, while striving to get the perfect shots at the same time. Despite Cayla staying awake for the first half of the shoot, the photos turned out much better than I had expected and I believe the following photos speak for themselves!


With the wide variety of props and setups available, Ashley aims to change up to 5 different sets/concepts for each newborn shoot. If you have any preference towards floral, prints, neutral or pastel colors, etc, you can always let Ashley and her team know at least one day prior the shoot so that they can get everything ready and start the shoot pronto. Setup wise, Ashley provides a variety such as fabrics, baskets, beds, beanbags, and themes.


Fabric setup. Love the bright sunshine yellow colors in this one!


Hahaha omg Cayla looks 100% like misterchewy here! XD

ALP_0070 option

Basket setup. This is definitely my favorite setup of all! So heart-meltingly sweet and there’s a whimsical feel to it.


I brought the name banner and donuts along because of the Donutella character and Ashley managed to incorporate them nicely!


Bed setup. Awww I could just sit and gaze at sleeping babies all day.





Theme setup. This was pretty impromptu and I borrowed the Singapore flag from my MIL when we picked Chanelle up for the shoot. Whenever I look at this photo, it will remind me of Cayla’s birth story!


We had our Family shoot to wrap things up! Chanelle is generally a very smiley and cheerful girl but it’s wonderful how Ashley captured her playful side through all her cheeky expressions! It really brightens up my day just by looking at these photos!




Our experience with Ashley Low Photography was nothing short of amazing! For more info on Ashley’s photography services, click here and also follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

*Mention MISSUSCHEWY and get $50 off the session fee for any shoots! Valid for full priced session only. Offer is till 30 June 2017.*