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Premium Terrarium DIY Kit 001

Floral Garage Singapore, a two year old florist and gift company has recently launched its new product category, the Terrarium. There are three types of Terrariums for consumers to choose from, Succulent/Cacti Terrariums, Other Terrariums and DIY Terrarium Kits. If you are a hands-on person, the DIY Terrarium Kit ($79.90 – $89.90) or Premium DIY Terrarium Kit ($159.90) is highly recommended as it allows your creative juices to flow while you create your very own unique work of art!

Premium Terrarium Kit

The Premium DIY Terrarium Kit consists of the following:

Six plants
Two Glass Jars
One Spray Bottle
Gardening Tools
1.5 kg of Premium Terrarium Mix
1.25 kg of Gravel
250g of Activated Charcoal
Three packets of Decorative Pebbles, 800g each

Rainforest 1

Here are some simple steps to create your terrarium:

Step 1 – Wash the gravels and drain off excess water.
Step 2 – Place approximately 0.5cm to 1cm of gravels in the glass jar.
Step 3 – Lay a thin layer of activated charcoal.
Step 4 – Remove the plants from the pots. Loosen the soil and trim the roots to fit the jar.
Step 5 – Place the plants in and backfill with the premium terrarium mix.
Step 6 – Put in the decorative pebbles.
Step 7 – Mist the terrarium using the spray bottle.

And now you have your very own DIY Terrarium!



Floral Garage has an amazing variety of beautiful blooms and they have been categorized by the types of flowers to make your shopping easier! If you are shopping for a party, there are party packages, party decor, floral decor, balloons, pinata and party ware too! Thanks Floral Garage for the lovely flower arrangement for our outdoor maternity shoot.

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Happy shopping!

Get Better Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions with Income’s New Enhanced PreX Plans!



Shortly after Little misschewy was born two years ago, misterchewy and I decided to sign up for our own insurance plans as a family. We didn’t know much about insurance because it was all well taken care of by our parents until my good friend, who was our financial planner back then, walked through the basics with us and also addressed all our queries. One of the important things which we learned was that, if you have existing ailments such as high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, etc, it is considered a pre-existing medical condition and is typically excluded in most insurance policies. In simple layman terms, it means that should one fall ill and if this illness is caused by a pre-existing medical condition, one’s medical expenses will not be covered by his or her insurance provider. As avid travellers, we got to know that this non-coverage of pre-existing medical conditions applies to Travel Insurance as well. Good news is that Income is the ONLY insurer in Singapore to offer Travel Insurance policies that protect customers like me against pre-existing medical conditions!


The above gives us an overview as to what is being covered by Income’s Enhanced PreX plans. On top of that, you can still be covered for all other benefits not relating to pre-existing medical conditions, such as travel inconveniences, personal accident and medical expenses! Enhanced PreX plans also offer coverage for all ages and this includes coverage for children suffering from medical conditions such as asthma, to adults with hypertension and even elderly diagnosed with diabetes. It really is a plan worth considering and getting, especially when travelling overseas with children and the elderly. For bigger families like a few of our friends who have three or more children, it does not necessarily mean that you have to spend more on Travel Insurance. Opt for Family cover for greater savings as it will cover your families with unlimited number of children insured.

Enhance Coverage

This year, Income has launched new Enhanced PreX plans that comes with increased coverage to better protect you! Currently the good news is, in addition to the original Enhanced PreX Basic plan, you can now expect better coverage from the Enhanced PreX Superior plan and Enhanced PreX Prestige plan! Opt for these two plans to enjoy some coverage for trip cancellation, postponing of trip, shortening of trip and trip disruption. There is also coverage for overseas hospital allowances and compassionate visit under these two new plans.


For your next overseas trip, be covered with an Enhanced PreX plan so that you can travel with a peace of mind. Don’t limit your coverage even with pre-existing medical conditions! Sign up now via www.income.com.sg/insurance/travel-insurance!

Baby Cayla’s Birth Story – 9 August 2016


Chewy Junior #2 is finally here! Our second princess was born on 9 August 2016, which makes her a National Day baby. Just like her elder sister, Baby Cayla was also delivered on a CHEWSDAY (Tuesday lol) and is a 40w5d baby. Amazing, isn’t it? Many people told me that I might deliver earlier since this is my second child. On the contrary, I worked through 40 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy. My last day of work was on 5 August, Friday, and I was joking to my colleagues that I hope the situation would be exactly the same as two years ago. Last day of work on Friday, enjoy Saturday and Sunday, rest at home on Monday, and deliver on Tuesday. Only difference is that it would be extra special because of National Day. My wish came true!


When I was resting at home on Monday, I was wondering if there is even a possibility of delivering the next day because I didn’t feel anything at all. Knowing that lying down all day wouldn’t help, I decided to exercise as a natural way of inducing labour. I went to wash toilet! LOL. But not very hardcore kind la. Still no feeling. When the hubs came home from work, I told him, “Aiya until now no feeling leh. So sad. Confirm no chance to be the first National Day baby liao”. Hahaha XD Machiam I super patriotic kind.


The hubs went to bed early but I watched Korean drama until 3am. Then I went to sleep. At around 4am, I felt warm water gush out from you-know-where and I went O_O !!! I didn’t expect my water bag to burst at home because for my first pregnancy, my gynae burst my water bag for me. Initially, I was shocked, and then “National Day baby, here I come!” Hahaha siao I know. I woke the hubs up, “Eh! Zhihao! My water bag burst leh!” He jumped out of bed. I was quite calm on the other hand. Told him to switch on the water heater for me because I want to take a shower and wash my hair first! I think I took too long because he was waiting outside the bathroom and told me not to shower for too long. I even blow dried my hair before we made our way to Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Reached at around 5.30am and went straight to the Admissions counter. Upon knowing that my water bag had burst, the staff told me to sit on the wheelchair, much to my bewilderment. “NO NO I don’t need a wheelchair..!” But of course, I was being wheeled to the delivery ward after the staff said, “Mam, because your water bag has burst. Don’t worry, there’s nobody around at this hour to see you in a wheelchair.”


Got changed and a couple of nurses prepped me up. Felt a bit of contractions coming in and the intensity grew a little as time passed. Dr Chia Yee Tien, my gynae since my first pregnancy, arrived close to 9am and carried out the vaginal examination. Shall spare you the details but I knew something was amiss from the tone of Dr Chia’s voice as she was speaking to the nurses. Dr Chia said my water bag did not burst fully and instead of baby’s head, she felt baby’s fingers instead. This meant that baby was in a transverse-lie position, which is the most dangerous position before delivery. Dr Chia tried to turn the baby but baby was too high up. I was already panicking and screaming in pain. Both Dr Chia and another nurse pressed hard on my belly, trying to shift baby’s position but in the end, if I’m not wrong, the umbilical cord kinda blocked the delivery pathway too. Ok to cut the long story short, I had to be wheeled into the operating theatre for an emergency caesarian section. There was quite a bit of shouting going on and I nearly broke down. To make matters worse, the hubs wasn’t around because he had stepped out to buy some drinks. I reached out for my iPhone underneath the pillow and sobbed, “Where are you? I’m going for emergency caesarian now..!” I was so traumatised by the sudden turn of events that I started to shake uncontrollably. An anaesthetist arrived and he assured me that I will be alright. I was given anaesthesia to inhale and then I went out like a light.


When I regained my consciousness, my eyelids were very heavy and I had difficulty opening my eyes. I could only hear what was going on around me and I knew I was being wheeled somewhere. A male and a female, presumably nurses, carried and shoved me onto another bed. I cried out in pain because the area where I was operated upon really hurt! I was groggy and I remembered being super whiny about the pain. I could hear the hubs talking to me and holding my hands but I couldn’t really open my eyes for a while.. I felt cold and sleepy. After the anaesthesia wore off, the hubs showed me a couple of photos he took of Cayla when she was out of the OT.


Oh my! Cayla looks so much like her jiejie at birth! Hahaha. I pointed to the inhaler thingy and the hubs explained that Cayla was given some oxygen.


Cayla was 3.38kg and 52cm at birth. Very slightly bigger than her jiejie by 0.02kg and 1cm! Can’t believe they are so similar already!


Glad we bought the Singapore flag and managed to put it to good use! Never waste our 90 cents lol. And luckily I didn’t forget to bring this milestone card from Toddley Thoughts along!


Chanelle jiejie came to visit!


When we asked Chanelle if she wanted to carry meimei, her eyes lit up and her hands were outstretched, ready to carry Cayla.


A big sisterly hug.


I was really touched when I saw how lovingly jiejie was gazing at meimei.


Another big hug because I love you so much!


Well, it looks as though jiejie is ready to kick the arse of those who bully meimei. Haha let’s hope there’s no need for that.





This time I stayed in ward 4373. Two years ago, I stayed at the adjacent ward, 4375. If you are keen, you can read about Chanelle’s birth story here.








Our very first updated family photo taken on 9 August 2016 🙂
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The Chewys’ Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot 2016


HELLOOOOO! Just in case you guys are wondering, I have not delivered yet! Chewy Junior #2 is already overdue by a few days! Who says second one will come out earlier? Obviously not true! Haha. Ahlamak, both kids also find my womb too comfy! Shall keep this post short and sweet because it’s my bedtime! We had our outdoor maternity photoshoot with Dphotofolio when I was 37 weeks pregnant. Alvin was our photographer back then so we decided to contact him again. Enjoy the photos! 🙂 In the meantime, I will be updating my Instagram @missuschewy and Facebook www.facebook.com/missuschewy so see you guys over on the other side!





























Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant at Dempsey Hill


There is a possibility that I might go into labour on my birthday, so my in-laws and family celebrated my birthday in advance over the weekend. I had dinner with my family at Raikuichi Japanese Restaurant at Dempsey Hill on Sunday and decided to take some photos to share here because their menu is pretty extensive. I have dined at Rakuichi on a number of occasions, for lunch and dinner but mostly at the Far East Shopping Centre restaurant. I usually order their lunch or dinner sets.


Tuna salad appetizer.


We ordered four different dinner sets except for my mum who doesnt take raw food, and the sashimi was placed together and served to us for sharing. There were only two types of raw fish.



Sumiyaki Moriawase ($32)


Rainbow Sashimi set ($40.60)


Rakuichi Bento set ($48.60)



Gindara Teriyaki set ($40.60)


Didn’t take any photos of my brother’s mini course as the dishes were not served together and I was too busy eating already. Lol. As usual, I’m pretty satisfied with the Japanese food standard at Rakuichi. Have yet to visit their two other branches at Oasia Hotel and GreenWich V. Rainbow cake from parents while the fruits and ice cream platter was on the house.



When we were looking for a parking lot, I knew I just had to take an OOTD with this Ben & Jerry’s ice cream van to match my Rainbow Printed Nursing Dress from Jump Eat Cry! I’m starting to foresee that I will be getting the most mileage out of this dress because I’m so in love with its bright colors and bold prints! From now till 30th Sept 2016, quote “MISSUSCHEWY” upon checkout and enjoy $10 off minimum $60 spent! 🙂

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
Dempsey Hill
10 Dempsey Road #01-22
Singapore 247700
Tel: +65 6474 2143

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11am – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm

Brasserie Les Saveurs Afternoon Tea at St Regis Singapore


Ticked another afternoon tea place off my list! We met up with Mag to give her a belated birthday celebration and I suggested Brasserie Les Saveurs at St Regis Singapore since she chose afternoon tea over lunch. There was a small hiccup before we were whisked off to our table because there was no record of my email reservation but luckily, I didn’t delete the confirmation email so at least got proof la.


The interior of the restaurant feels a little chichi, but then again, it’s a French restaurant right? Haha. Perfect place for afternoon tea with the girl friends! Afternoon tea is served from 3pm to 5pm from Mondays to Saturdays, and 4pm to 6pm on Sundays.


While waiting for our afternoon tea tiers to be served to our tables, most of us got up to check out the buffet items near the entrance. This side of the buffet featured items such as scones, smoked salmon, pork terrine, pies, etc.


Classic scones, chocolate chip scones, orange scones, cranberry scones and pesto scones. So many types!


From the quintessential three-tiered silver stand, we nibbled on classic finger sandwiches from the bottom tier, savoury treats from the middle tier and a variety of sweet delights from the top tier. It was a little disappointing that we were not allowed to try out different teas and also, our tea was refilled with hot water only. I had the Grand Wedding Tea, which is black tea blended with sunflowers and breathtaking exotic fruits.


Smoked salmon, egg & mayonnaise and tomato, cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches. Good if you need to load up on carbs, but nothing to shout about really.


Items from the middle tier were more interesting. The Duck Foie Gras ‘Profiteroles’ tasted pretty subtle, so some people might like it. I also enjoyed the Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Quiche.


For obvious reasons, the Prawn, Lobster & Tarragon Cup Pie had to be served separately. We thought it might be French onion soup, given this is a French restaurant and all. So Mag asked the server what soup was this and the reply was a curt one, “This is not soup. This is a pie.”


Ok I know it’s a pie but tell me this isn’t soup as well? The soup was pretty rich tasting and if only we could go for seconds!


Desserts! My favourite of the lot was the Creme Caramel with Orange Compote. The other sweet delights were Raspberry Tarts, Classic Mocha Eclairs, and Homemade Chocolate Praline.




The other side of the buffet had a nice spread of desserts consisting mainly of cakes, pastries and a chocolate fondue fountain.








I feel that the afternoon tea at Brasserie Les Saveurs is quite reasonably priced. SPG members are entitled to 15% off but since we went on a public holiday, there wasn’t any discount. Nice ambience for romantic dates and hen parties.

Brasserie Les Saveurs
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247911
Tel: +6565066860
Email: bls@stregis.com

Afternoon Tea:
Mon to Fri
3pm – 5pm
SGD49++ per person

3pm – 5pm
SGD53++ per person

4pm – 6pm
SGD53++ per person

*One complimentary parking coupon for every $100 spent*

The Manhattan Fish Market Launches its Weekend Breakfast Menu

Invited Tasting


One of the greatest joys in life is to be able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast with family members and loved ones over the weekend. The Chewys had the opportunity to try out The Manhattan Fish Market’s newly launched first-ever weekend breakfast menu a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic food at affordable prices! Jump start your day with a cup of Marshmallow Cocoa ($4.50) Think rich, comforting hot chocolate topped with marshmallows lightly flamed before your eyes!


If you don’t fancy the sweet stuff, I urge you to try the Citrus Mint ($5.50). What could go wrong with a glass of refreshing smoothie made with fresh mint leaves and freshly squeezed lemon juice?


Little misschewy had the Nutella & Banana French Toast ($4.95) from the kids’ menu. I’m sure most kids have a sweet tooth, and Little misschewy was no exception! Simple, but so good!


If you like smoked salmon, the Salmon N’ Mushroom Sandwich ($8.95) might just work for you! Smoked salmon with sauteed mushrooms and a slice of cheese between oregano buns, complete with a poached egg in a crunchy tortilla bowl. Yummehhhhh!


We also had the Eggs Benedict Sharing Platter ($17.95) which consists of poached eggs, crispy turkey bacon with melted cheddar cheese, fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, hashbrown and snail sausage. It is really THE sharing platter for the whole family because there is something for everyone. While the hubs and I thought that the poached eggs and snail sausage were pretty good, Little misschewy kept asking for more hashbrown. A family that eats together stays together, so gather all your family members at The Manhattan Fish Market for breakfast next weekend! 😉