Chewy Junior #2 is on the way!


YES WE ARE PREGNANT!! 😀 We have been keeping this a secret for the longest time!
This piece of good news totally caught us by surprise last year because misterchewy and I weren’t planning for a second child so soon as we wanted to wait till Chanelle is slightly older. However, what has happened has happened, and there’s no turning back lol. I have always wanted to have at least two kids by 30 but didn’t have the courage to do so. I guess it’s fated! 🙂 I’m currently in my third trimester and will be popping sometime in August! We are keeping baby’s gender a surprise for now! 😉 As with my first pregnancy, Chewy Junior #2 has been pretty kind to me and I’m constantly in high spirits, even at work. Haha! During my first trimester, I experienced only very mild morning sickness but I was extremely lethargic especially during the first 6 weeks when I didn’t know I am pregnant! It’s weird that I still do not have any weird or strong cravings, just the occasional fast food perhaps. I’m thankful for being pregnant because I can indulge in ice cream before bedtime without any guilt! LOL. You should check out our fridge! We have like 4 tubs and 2 boxes of ice cream!


I was about 5 months pregnant when we were in Japan, and it wasn’t the case that I wasn’t really showing yet. The thick layers of clothing helped to conceal my baby bump a little 😛 Here’s a clearer recent photo of 3 plus 1! 🙂 It feels really surreal that misterchewy and I are gonna be new parents all over again soon! Little misschewy is equally excited because we told her she’s gonna be a jie jie! Well, WE LOVE KIDS!! *Throws confetti and sprinkles baby dust* 😀