Valentine’s Day Celebration 2016 @ Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House, Gemmill Lane


Helloooo! We are back with a short update on how we spent Valentine’s Day this year! Since it coincided with 人日 and Chanelle also has music classes on Sundays, misterchewy and I decided to celebrate the occasion a day earlier.


A week before, I texted the hubs while at work that I wanted to try the lobster roll at Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House for our Valentine’s Day celebration, to which he replied, “Ok! Your call!” I bet he was secretly relieved that he was off the hook for being spared the responsibility and possibly, pressure, of having to search for a suitable lunch or dinner venue. Hehe. We opted for lunch because the lobster roll is only available during lunch and not dinner!



Our complimentary starter of mini corn bread served with homemade butter that was sprinkled with paprika was warm and crumbly.


We indulged in Half Dozen Oysters ($48) from Wellfleet, Marion Port and Katama Bay, which were featured on the ‘Special’ signboard. Our least favorite were the Wellfleet oysters as they were considerably less meaty and the taste was not as robust. I loved the Katama Bay oysters the most for its briny flavor which was a little too strong for misterchewy’s liking and he preferred the Marion Port oysters. We didn’t try the champagne vinegar that came with the oysters as we felt that just a squeeze of lemon juice was good enough!



We also ordered another side dish to share. The Lobster Mac & Cheese ($26) was interestingly topped with some crushed Ritz pretzels.


The macaroni was fairly al dente and the sauce was of a cheesy, creamy consistency. We found a few chunks of lobster meat and felt that this dish was pretty mediocre. Totally no wow factor there.


The husband had his Lamb Chops ($82) cooked medium. Although a little on the salty side, the well-marinated lamb chops were remarkably juicy and tender, with a wonderful smokey flavor.


I wasn’t exactly impressed by the size of my Lobster Roll ($48) for the price that we paid. But hey, at least it was quite well-endowed. Lol. To reiterate, the lobster roll is only featured on their lunch menu. I didn’t like that the bun was soft and would certainly have preferred it to be a little more toasted and crusty. The steamed lobster chunks with homemade aioli were firm and tasted buttery sweet.


Our total bill came up to about $240 after taxes.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy, @misterchewy and @little_miss_chewy :)

Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House
22 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069257
Tel: 6221 4468

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat
12pm – Midnight
(Last order at 11:45pm)
Closed on Sundays

Chinese New Year 2016

chanelle cny 2016

Happy Year of the Monkey, everyone! Psst.. I’m typing this post in the living room at 8 in the morning while misterchewy and Little misschewy are still asleep. I actually woke up at around 7am, no thanks to a toddler who kept whining for milk. So now that I’m wide awake and can’t get back to sleep, I decided to sterilize all the milk bottles and dump our load of bedsheet into the washing machine. Moving into our own place has kept us very occupied with nothing but household chores everyday! LOL! Even the simple task of folding clothes can take up quite a bit of your time and by the time we are done with everything, it’s time for bed. Haha!

chewys cny 2016

The hubs and I felt that the CNY atmosphere is somehow lacking this year.. Perhaps we should place some pussy willows around the house and blast CNY music next year la! But this year’s CNY is more enjoyable because Little misschewy is a toddler now and never fails to make us laugh with her silly antics! Here’s a photo of us on the first day of CNY. It just so happened that we were color coordinated! I wanted to wear something red or yellow this year but I ended up with dark colors when shopping on Zalora. See! Really no time to even shop outside. Haha. Online shopping is too convenient! 😛 Ok, gotta go iron clothes now. Tata! 😀

The Chewys’ Family Trip to Bangkok Day Four: Art in Paradise Museum, Unicorn Cafe, Alpaca View Farm & Cuisine and Chatuchak Weekend Market


Sawadee ka~~! I realized I made a mistake in my previous blog post. This isn’t my final update on our Bangkok trip because there’s still the last day of our trip but it’s gonna be a short and sweet concluding post, I promise! It was my birthday on our fourth day in Bangkok so needless to say, I was the Queen for the day! Lololol. We were dressed in my favorite colors, white and light blue! 😀 Here’s a quick wefie before we head out for the day! Wheeee!


As we were early for our visit to Art in Paradise, we went for breakfast at PunThai Coffee at a shopping centre nearby.




When in Thailand, drink Thai Iced Milk Tea! What else!


My Kurobuta Pork rice was fragrant and slightly spicy. However, the portion was too tiny!


Blogged about Art in Paradise museum separately because there are just too many photos to share. If you are keen, you may click here to read more about our experience!


After endless posing for shots at Art in Paradise museum, we took a cab to Unicorn Cafe! It’s the only place that I shortlisted for my birthday cake!


Simply love the interior of Unicorn Cafe!




This would be the ideal sofa set for our new home! My favorite shade of blue!


Please don’t let my photos fool you. Unicorn Cafe wasn’t empty when we visited. All tables were filled but I was lucky that there was enough time for me to snap photos when those people left their seats.





Little misschewy actually gave the blue unicorn a peck on the mouth. Hahaha.


My beautiful rainbow birthday cake! Almost couldn’t bear to eat it. Shared it with misterchewy and Little misschewy. Taste wise, nothing to shout about but I’m not complaining.





Thank you misterchewy and Little misschewy for the memorable birthday celebration! 😀

Unicorn Cafe Bangkok
Sathorn Soi 8,
44/1 Sathon 8 Alley,
Silom, Bang Rak,
Bangkok 10500
(Nearest BTS: Chong Nonsi)
Tel: +66 86 397 9262

Opening Hours:
Tue to Sun
12pm – 8pm
(Closed on Mondays)


Next, we went to Big C Supermarket opposite CentralWorld! Somehow, it feels similar to our Giant supermarket. We love shopping for snacks and bought so much for our family, colleagues, friends, and not forgetting the Nuffies! Because there were too many bags of food, we cabbed back to our hotel before going out for dinner.


Thanks to Little misschewy’s godma’s recommendation, we specially made a trip to Alpaca View Farm and Cuisine at Ladprao. The place is situated up north, quite close to Chatukchak I would say. If you wanna head there, plan these two places within the same day yeah!






Adorable little piglets!


Here’s the highlight – alpacas!



Close up shot of the alpacas. Prior to this, we had never seen an real alpaca before so it was pretty exciting for us. The only alpaca I came across was the alpaca plush toy. Hahaha. Anyway, I’m not sure what these two were doing. Any idea? LOL.












We chose to have our dinner indoors so that we could escape from the heat. For some strange reason which I can’t recall, we ordered fruit smoothies instead of beer. Haha.


Egg omelette


We tried the Pork Knuckle and to our surprise, it was really delicious! Damn, we should have ordered beer to go with it. It would be heavenly! The pieces of pork knuckle was crispy on the outside, yet wonderfully tender on the inside!


Doing a taste test on the fries to determine if it’s too salty for the little one.


Hehe Little misschewy was busy munching on her fries! She was wearing the dress that her godma Mag bought for her in Hua Hin!

Alpaca View Farm and Cuisine
11 Soi Ladprao-Wanghin 71,
Ladprao Rd,
Bangkok 10320
Tel: +66 81 406 6400

Opening Hours:
5pm – 1am


Since the night was still young, we hailed a cab to Chatuchak to see if it really opens on Friday night! Turns out to be true!


Not all the stalls were open though but it was quite good already I suppose.


Only bought a few souvenirs for friends and colleagues. Didn’t buy any clothes because we didn’t see anything that we liked :(


First time eating coconut ice cream! This wasn’t from the ‘legit’ stall because we couldn’t find it when we were there. I guess the stall only operates on Saturdays and Sundays. This was also quite good la!


Little misschewy fell asleep in the midst of all our coconut ice cream excitement. Hahaha. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
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Pince & Pints Singapore Food Review


Pince & Pints officially opened in July last year and refusing to jump onto the bandwagon like everyone else, here I am reviewing this lobster bar at Duxton Road more than a year later. LOL kidding. Truth is, we weren’t invited for any tasting (it’s ok la we can afford to pay hahaha) and this place doesn’t take in any reservations. We actually swung by Pince & Pints last year with two other friends but were told that the waiting time was estimated to be about 2 hours. Ridiculous or not? Anyway, Pince & Pints will be opening up a second level next month, which means more seats for everyone and shorter waiting time!


The hubs had always wanted to visit Pince & Pints, and given that our agenda was to celebrate his birthday, I was obliged to make him happy. Hahaha. Of course, we are still bummed out by the fact that we didn’t manage to try Burger & Lobster when we went to London for our Europe honeymoon trip in 2013. It was depressing because we specially made a trip to Burger & Lobster three nights in a row. Sad story but let’s not go into it.


After work, we wasted no time and chionged to Duxton Road. The place was relatively empty before 7pm and we were ushered to the second table nearest the entrance. There were only 4 items on the menu – namely Live Whole Lobster (Steamed or Grilled), Chili Lobster with Mantou and The Lobster Roll, all priced at $58++. When we visited, the new Truffle Lobster Roll ($68++) had not been launched yet which was a pity because WE LOVE TRUFFLES.


My date for the night! :)


When the servers offer you these aprons (or are they bibs?), do not turn them down! Eating the lobsters, especially if you order the chili lobster, can be a very messy affair 😉


The hubs initially wanted to order the Live Whole Lobster but he changed his mind and chose the Chili Lobster with Mantou upon knowing that I wanted that too. More variety for the blog mah! LOL. Very noble ah, misterchewy 😛


I wish they would come up with a black pepper lobster instead because I’m not the biggest fan of our Singapore style chili sauce. The hubs offered me half of his Chili lobster and surprisingly, the sauce wasn’t as crappy as what I had expected. Pince & Pint’s special chili sauce recipe uses ingredients like roma tomatoes, ginger, lemon grass, garlic and egg. The sauce was full-bodied and tasted a little spicy. Of course, this played an excellent supporting role to the star which was the freshly flown in lobster from North America. Firm, succulent and meaty best describe the lobster we had!


I was trying to decide if I should opt for the steamed or grilled version of the Live Whole Lobster and went with the latter. Served with mesclun salad, sour cherry, balsamic dressing, shoestring fries and herbed butter sauce, this dish was truly a beauty waiting to be photographed from all angles. No I’m just kidding because more than half the kitchen staff would look amused. #truestory 😛


I absolutely love how the lobster was grilled to perfection! It was still chunky and juicy, plus the natural sweetness of the lobster really shined through. Paired with the herbed butter sauce, the taste of the grilled lobster was totally divine. My only gripe, however, was that my lobster had giu chwee (shrunk in size)! There was significantly lesser meat than what we had for the Chili lobster. Maybe the steamed lobster would have been a better choice!


I rarely say this but service was attentive and top notch. Plates were changed, water was refilled, wet tissue packets were given out, all on a very prompt basis without us even having to ask!
Will we ever be back? Oh yes we will jio all our friends! Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

Pince & Pints
32/33 Duxton Road
Tel: 6225 7558 (No reservations)

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri
5pm – 11pm
12pm – 11pm
Open on Public Holidays, closed on Sundays

4th Wedding Anniversary Marina Mandarin Staycation Review


Happy 4th wedding anniversary to us! We celebrated the special occasion in advance by taking a day off work for a staycation at Marina Mandarin hotel last Friday. The husband and I didn’t have any concrete plans until I chanced upon Marina Mandarin’s flash deal on their Facebook page, promoting 50% off their usual room rates which was impossible to resist! Booked a room without having to think twice! 😛


We haphazardly threw in some clothes and other stuff into our mini luggage before leaving our house that morning. Reached Marina Mandarin around 1.30pm and there was already a queue at the check in counter. The check in procedure also took up quite a bit of our time.


We were given a room on the 16th floor which is pretty high! It was great because the room I booked promises a view of Marina Bay. Actually, Premier rooms are all located on higher floors of the hotel.



TADAH!! Our Premier Marina Bay View room was incredibly spacious and I appreciate it especially when Little misschewy is with us. She has more room to walk around and explore without bumping or knocking into hard surfaces. Of course, the bed looked way too comfy to her too 😉


Our well-appointed Premier room exudes contemporary elegance, with modern furnishings that feature a combination of glass and rich fabrics. I was so tempted to just put everything down and jump into bed.


From a blogger’s perspective, the executive desk and ergonomic chair provide a comfortable and organized area for you to work on your laptop or tablet. Hehe.


The marble-clad bathroom was super spacious, featuring a deep-soaking marble bathtub as well as a separate glass-enclosed shower.





Everything you need is within reach!



Housekeeping finally sent the baby cot to our room and it’s a great way to ‘confine’ the little one so that we don’t have to chase her around. Haha.



Time for milk!



We went round to explore the hotel and were intrigued by these bird cages that we saw.






There are a handful of dining options at Marina Mandarin, namely Aquamarine, Peach Blossoms, Atrium Lounge, Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Cafe Mocha. I have been to Aquamarine with my colleagues and their buffet dinner is pretty good!


One of the things that we like about Marina Mandarin is that it is linked to Marina Square, making it extremely convenient for hotel guests.


The little one fell asleep in the carrier while we were deciding what to have for lunch. We then went to Teppei Syokudo at Millenia Walk for our favorite kaisendon!


And also hazelnut chocolate honey toast at Dazzling Cafe!


Went back to our room to rest and freshen up before heading out again for dinner. Kiddy ride for Little misschewy to reward her for behaving well. Lol.


I had actually made reservations at Bread Street Kitchen but subsequently cancelled it after reading not so good reviews. In the end, we settled for Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant at Capitol Piazza! It wasn’t such a good idea because we were still full from our lunch and it’s tough to order Chinese dishes for sharing when there are only two people. We ordered half a roast duck with two bowls of plain rice.


By the end of the dinner, I was bursting at the seams. Haha.


Obviously the hubs is a bad influence because he suggested that we go for round two right after Little misschewy fell asleep.



Admired the beautiful night view of Marina Bay from our balcony before we slept.


The hotel gave us a complimentary chocolate cake to celebrate the special occasion but I forgot to take a photo of it. The little girl loved it and kept asking for more!


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Father’s Day 2015


Here’s sharing how we celebrated Father’s Day this year! 16 months on, I must say that misterchewy has been performing quite well as a hands-on father and he has more or less achieved all his KPIs. Hahaha. Chanelle is as attached to her dad as she is to me, or maybe she favors me a little more but I think she’s still quite fair when it comes to expressing her affection for the both of us. If she feeds me some of her snacks, she will feed her dad too. And when she kisses me on the mouth, she makes sure that misterchewy doesn’t get left out.


I’m really happy to see both father and daughter sharing a strong relationship. Little misschewy is always calling out, “Papa! Papa!” even when the hubs isn’t home from work yet. It’s such a joy watching her eyes light up when misterchewy appears at the door step.


As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we were invited for a staycation at Hotel Kai and we left Chanelle with my parents. I planned the entire day’s programme which was a pretty simple and chillax one. First, we went to Manzoku for lunch!



Must Instagram before eating! Haha.


The Chirashi ($25++) comes with miso soup and two slices of watermelon. I guess Manzoku should be quite well known by now for its thickly sliced sashimi, which nobody should be complaining about! Every mouthful was so satisfying!


We returned to our hotel room to relax because we were feeling lazy lol. About one to two weeks ago, I made dinner reservations at Cook and Brew at The Westin because I’m a SPG member and I wanted to take the opportunity to earn double Starpoints (got ulterior motive lol). Also, Cook and Brew is located on the 33rd floor, so the view of Marina Bay had to be good!





Kicking off our Father’s Day dinner celebration off with a pint of Erdinger each!


Sweet Potato Fries ($6)


Black Cod ($34)



The Chicken Farm ($27)


All in all, the food was very much overpriced and taste was mediocre. Would probably recommend Cook and Brew as a place to chill out with friends over some bar bites and a glass of beer or two.


The view was lovely though and we managed to catch a glimpse of the NDP rehearsal sans the fireworks.


We decided to do desserts elsewhere and headed to Snowy Village, which is relatively near the hotel we stayed. I had always wanted to check this place out because the dessert shop is housed inside a metal container! How cool is that?



Having tried only the Injeolmi Bingsu at Bing Go Jung, I wanted to introduce misterchewy to this supposedly fantastic Korean dessrert but the Injeolmi Bingsu at Snowy Village was kinda crappy and left me feeling disappointed.


The presentation of the bingsu was adorable though!


Pouring in condensed milk to make the bingsu sweeter.



The next day was Father’s Day and we celebrated the occasion with both families at a seafood restaurant at The Grandstand. Stay connected with us on and Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

The Chewys’ Family Trip to Hong Kong Day Three


As opposed to Australian Dairy Company which had been featured in my previous post, I was quite keen to try Capital Cafe at Wan Chai! This place also seems very popular and has garnered more positive reviews online.


We arrived pretty early and got a table almost immediately.




Scrambled eggs with black truffle! It was a pretty generous amount of black truffle shavings and the scrambled eggs were very creamy! It’s seriously damn good la.


We also ordered the Condensed Milk Bun which was very sweet but we like!


Next up we went for dim sum at two Michelin star Sun Tung Lok at Miramar Shopping Centre. We were not that hungry so we only ordered a few dishes to share.





Spent some time shopping at Harbour City! Seriously all the super atas brands are there!



At Toys R Us!


Afternoon tea at Intercontinental Hong Kong! They don’t accept reservations but we managed to get a table. Be there extra early if you want a table that gives you unobstructed view of the harbour! It’s really lovely! This is the Afternoon Tea Set for Two that we had. About SGD$130 to $140. We don’t usually spend money like this back in Singapore but since we are travelling, must enjoy right!








We saved a couple of scones for Little misschewy because she loves them.



We wanted to try Star Cafe and thanks to the help we found online, all we had to do was to look out for this neon signboard that says Dadol Hotel.


Walk straight ahead and take the stairs down.




I tried the Tomato noodles with pork chop. The tomato gravy was a bit watered down but the taste was still quite robust. This proved to be quite a comforting bowl nevertheless! Highly recommended!


That’s all for Day 3! Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)