The Chewys’ Europe Honeymoon Trip: Day 16 in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Oh yay! This post is a super duper happy one because it’s about our trip to Disneyland Paris! So far, I had visited Tokyo Disneyland with my family twice and also Hong Kong Disneyland with my university friends. Likewise for misterchewy who had also been to these two Disneylands before, so this means that we experienced the magic of our third Disneyland together, in the city of romance! :)


That morning, I woke up with a pretty bad headache but I brushed it aside, thinking that I would feel better after a while. The train ride to Disneyland Paris took about an hour and I slept all the way. When I woke up, the pain was still quite unbearable, so I popped a couple of Panadol pills on an empty stomach because I did not have any appetite to eat. Paid €79 per person for entry into Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio.


This is why I love love love Disneyland! It really feels as though I’m being transported to a totally different and magical world upon stepping in.



Love walking along these streets in Disneyland! It never fails to excite me even after all these years! 😛






I was keeping a lookout for Disney mascots roaming around but misterchewy was more keen on conquering as many thrill rides as possible. The Big Thunder Mountain queue was freaking long and I think we waited for about an hour. Friends would know that I’m not the most patient person on Earth. LOL.


The ride was mild but it was kinda worth the wait, as compared to some of the other attractions in Disneyland. I reckon the Big Thunder Mountain is suitable for kids too!






Before I could suggest anything else, misterchewy dragged me to the Space Mountain ride. We have tried the other Space Mountains before and loved it! It’s the most thrilling ride in Disneyland! 😀


Needless to say, the queue was even much longer than the one for Big Thunder Mountain. Oh yeah, I mentioned earlier that I was having a headache right?!


YES! Yours truly actually survived the crazy Space Mountain 360 degrees ride with a splitting headache! In fact, I had thought for a moment that my headache went away thanks to the ride. Haha!


The Chewys accomplished Space Mountain Mission 2! 😉





Next, we decided to check out the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride.




My memory is really poor! Realized that I had experienced this same ride before in the other Disneylands!


Basically, we were supposed to shoot down some aliens and stuff. Pretty lame but I suppose kids will love this.



When we were in Paris, my mum whatsapped misterchewy that I love churros and asked him to buy some for me in Disneyland. Sadly, I don’t think churros are being sold in Disneyland Paris. We didn’t see anyone else eating it so I settled for a crusty waffle with chocolate sauce! As I was still having a bad headache, I took more pills but apart from the headache, I was feeling quite nauseous because of taking Panadol on an empty stomach earlier in the day.




Of all characters, Darth Vader was the first out of the handful of mascots that we saw in Disneyland, before the parade. Quite pathetic and I don’t even fancy Darth Vader or Star Wars. Mehhhhh. And the trend in Paris seems to be getting these autographs from these characters rather than taking photos with them. Kinda weird I would say. Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland were much more happening because of all the high profile characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, etc, walking around.


Back view of the Disneyland castle.


At this point, I felt really weak and wanted to throw up every now and then but since we came a long way and paid so much for the tickets, I tried to force a smile and take as many photos as I could for memory’s sake. You have no idea. LOL. Told misterchewy that I felt like an old granny because I was finding somewhere to sit and rest every 10 minutes.







I seriously have no idea what’s with the husband’s act cute expression. Really unlike him. LOL.





I kept complaining that I wanted to vomit and faint, to the point that misterchewy announced that it was time to head back. But of course, I refused and told him I wanted to stay for the parade.


Since we had a bit of time to kill before the parade, we walked around Disneyland aimlessly and took more photos. It sucks to be sick. :(







The parade was scheduled to start at 5pm and about half an hour before that, the entire pavement was filled. Luckily, we managed to find somewhere to sit.


This 3 year old boy named Zack kept talking to me and he asked me a lot of funny questions! We started talking because he held on to me to balance himself as he sat down and I gave him a surprised look. He then smiled cheekily at me. Awwww..



All photos of the parade were taken by misterchewy while I took some videos. Enjoy! 😀

























We didn’t check out Walt Disney Studio in the end and went back to our hotel. The first thing I did was to throw up and that night, I ran a slight fever :( But I’m still very glad that I survived an entire day at Disneyland Paris because it’s my dream to visit all the Disneylands in the world! Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

The Chewys’ Europe Honeymoon Trip: Day 15 in Paris/The Louvre, Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame

Paris Day 15

TGIF chewy chewy peeps! I can’t wait to finish blogging about our honeymoon trip because I have so much other stuff to share with you guys! Our second day in Paris was spent visting a museum and two churches. It’s not just any museum or church, mind you! Do you see the iconic triangle in the picture? ;P


Yes it’s none other than the Louvre Museum or Musée du Louvre if you wanna act yi ge French. Lololol. As you can see, the weather was kinda dark and gloomy in the morning, which made it perfect for indoor activities such as… visiting the museum!


Bought tickets at €11 each! Thank goodness there wasn’t any queue.


The very first thing that we did once we were inside the Louvre was to check out the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci! Sadly, we couldn’t get anywhere near it! There was a barrier and we could only admire it from a few metres away.


The other visitors were all huddled in the other end of the room, trying to snap photographs of the Mona Lisa painting. Impossible to get a good shot, really.


The husband told me that one of his colleagues bought tickets just to look at Mona Lisa and that was it but of course we were not that extreme.






Our horoscopes!







I dared misterchewy to imitate this pose but I had to quickly stop him when he was about to raise his left arm. He not paisey I also feel paisey! LOL.



My attention span was too short and I started yawning away so misterchewy suggested we end our museum tour 😛





We were totally starving but the husband insisted on joining the queue at Angelina. Singaporeans love to queue but so does everyone else. *Gasp*


The interior of Angelina exudes elegance and charm.


Reminds me of Canele and Antoinette. *Ahem*


Here we have misterchewy pouring himself the best hot chocolate drink in the world. The Old-fashioned Hot Chocolate “L’Africain” (€7.90) is an Angelina classic and is unbelievably rich, thick and chocolatey.



Yours truly had the Omelette Angelina (€16) which was expensive for just eggs, ham, cheese and mushrooms. Very yummy but not filling.



The husband went for the Seafood Risotto (€26) which was not bad too!


There was absolutely no way that we would leave without having their desserts! There were so many desserts that we wanted to try but we narrowed it down to just two. The Tarte Praline Chocolat (€8.70) had a good mix of praline chocolate and chocolate ganache and had a nice crunch when bitten into.


Once you step into Angelina, you must try their signature pastry, Le Mont-Blanc (€8.80), other than their famous hot chocolate drink of course. For the benefit of those who don’t know what a mont blanc pastry is, it is made up of meringue, chantilly whipped cream and chestnut cream.


A pair of happy chewys! 😛


Our next stop was Sainte Chapelle, where we had to pay €17 for the both of us to get in. The most famous features of the chapel are the beautiful stained glass windows.






Skipped to Notre Dame Cathedral. Surprisingly, admission is free and not surprisingly, the queue was insanely long.






Decided to call it a day and wanted to head back to our hotel but there was an anti-gay demonstration going on and many roads and metro stations were closed! We had to alight a few stations away and walked a long way back :( It was kinda scary because the available routes got lesser and we almost thought we wouldn’t be able to reach our hotel by nightfall.



We eventually did of course, and tabao-ed dinner nearby. Guess what our next post is about? Disneyland Paris! Must read! Stay tuned ok! I’m gonna have a blast this weekend! Jay Chou concert and staycation! Whoohoo! Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy 😀

The Chewys’ Europe Honeymoon Trip: Day 14 in Paris/Arc de Triomphe & Eiffel Tower

paris day 14

Bonjour chewys! Hahaha I act yi ge French 😛 If you realize a different format for our blog title (it’s usually country/city), that’s because Paris was the only city in France that we visited during our honeymoon trip. We spent 4 days in this city of romance but it was actually shorter than that because I was holed up in bed on the last day being down with fever.. *Sigh* Despite this, I am still a happy girl because we went to Disneyland Paris and I got my Chanel loot! *Squeals* 😀 😀 😀


You know, everyday during our trip, I would tell misterchewy, “Omg today is day X liao” and as the number got bigger, I became more depressed. Day 14 meant that we had only one more week to enjoy! On the morning of day 14, we checked out of our hotel in Switzerland. Bought tickets at the bus stop and waited for the bus. Actually, we could walk about 20 minutes but with our luggages in tow, we decided against it.



This is Zurich Hauptbahnhof, otherwise known as Zurich HB, the largest railway station in Switzerland. It is also one of the busiest railway stations in the world, serving almost 3000 trains each day.


Have you heard of this phrase, “as punctual as a Swiss train”? They are indeed very very punctual, so be sure to arrive early so that you don’t miss you train!


This train is different from the ones we took previously during our trip because it is a double-decker train and the seats are a lot more comfier! We were seated on the higher level 😀



After a 4-hour train ride, we checked into Hotel Astrid Paris. I highly recommend it for its superb location. Walking distance to Arc de Triomphe and the metro station! :)



I wasn’t kidding when I said Arc de Triomphe was very near. We walked there but we took longer than expected to actually reach there because you can’t just cross the road to get to Arc de Triomphe. We had to go by some underground path and there were so many exits, we ended up at the wrong places many times!


I was pretty pissed by then because there was no escalator, only stairs and boy, I hate climbing the stairs. So we finally decided to seek directions from the people working at the metro station. Should have asked earlier right? Lol.


Admission to Arc de Triomphe costs €8 per adult and the queue was well-contained underground.


The Arc de Triomphe was built to honour soldiers who fought selflessly and died for France in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.


The inner and outer surfaces of the Arc de Triomphe are inscribed with the names of all French victories and generals.


Tomb of the Unknown Soldier beneath Arc de Triomphe.






Went up to top of Arc de Triomphe!



Spotted Eiffel Tower in the distance! It looked quite close because we zoomed in quite a bit 😛



Yes, Eiffel Tower was where we were headed for next! Do you know that it’s the tallest structure in Paris? And while we were there, we had to take many many photos! We reached in the evening and stuck around till night to watch the tower light up :)








We waited and waited, for what seemed like eternity and to our amazement, the tower finally lit up in a beautiful shade of gold. But this was not the best part!



Ok this is the best part! Video was taken off YouTube because the quality of ours is not fit for viewing lol. The Eiffel Tower sparkled when we were making our way to the train station! Very beautiful sight! You can fast forward to 0.54s in the video :)


Dinner was at Leon de Bruxelles! Had been wanting to try it ever since my friend recommended it to me :) This photo was taken when we left. The queue was actually quite long when we were waiting for a table!






Yes, this place specializes in mussels and it’s served in various ways.


The husband chose his mussels with cream and bacon which was delish!



Dinner was an extremely satisfying one and both of us felt very happy! 😀 Till the next post, chewys! Connect with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)