The Chewys’ Europe Honeymoon Trip: Day 13 in Switzerland/Jungfraujoch


Greetings my beloved chewys! This will be our last post on Switzerland! Hurray! Again, we booked a tour with Viator and this time to Jungfraujoch. This place is definitely a must-visit for any traveller planning a trip to Switzerland because it is the only way to experience being on top of Europe, at more than 4000m above sea level. No trip to Switzerland is ever complete without a trip to Jungfraujoch! 😉


I think we were given about 40 minutes to take photos, buy souvenirs and do whatever business that we had to do during our short stopover at Interlaken.



This shot totally cracked us up big time. It’s either I’m really too heavy or misterchewy couldn’t handle my weight. I also wanna add that I was carrying my bag which was quite heavy. Lololol.



On board the railway train! We had to take two different trains and we spent more than 2 hours travelling, which was really quite tiring.


Enjoyed the beautiful views on the way up!


Just look! Breathtaking or what!



The husband commented that these houses look like gingerbread houses with cream on top. Hahaha 😛




We alighted at Eigerwand railway station as we were given about 5 minutes to snap photos.


Isn’t this mad pretty?! I could just stand there and look at this forever but of course we only had 5 minutes. LOLOLOL.



At Eismeer railway station.


Eismeer translates to ‘sea of ice’. Gorgeous view of the glacier.


We were disappointed that we were given only about a couple of hours on The Jungfrau! It is the third highest mountain of the Bernese Alps and it is very very steep. This photo was taken after we had our yummy lunch at the cafeteria! :) But this is not the highest point yet!




Dont see us look like very steady like that.. We were totally freezing in the cold! The wind was blowing straight into our faces and we just couldnt wait to get back indoors!




During our trip, we were crazy over buying snow globes to add to our small humble collection whenever it snowed and we were thrilled to see this ginormous thing! 😀


Inside the Ice Palace!










We started to panic when we realized we were running out of time to meet the tour guide at the designated area because this was the highlight of the trip! So no jump shots this time. Hahaha.


I posted this photo not for you to laugh at me hor, but to show you how freaking windy it was on the top of Jungfrau! I was like.. Ahhh my hair my hair!


Mandatory shot with the Swiss flag! :) This is our only one without all the extra ppl behind us. LOL.


A kiss from my favorite boy on top of Europe! :333






One last photo before we ran down (the stairs la duh) to meet the rest to board the train!







When we finally reached Interlaken, we were greeted by a beautiful view of the north face of the Eiger.



Thanks to a lovely Singaporean young couple who helped us with this shot! We started chatting happily and shared each other’s travel plans while on our journey back to Zurich :)


Hehe that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed our Switzerland travelogues! Stay connected with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy 😀

The Chewys’ Europe Honeymoon Trip: Day 12 in Switzerland/Zurich


Hello chewys! Here’s a relatively shorter travelogue on day 12 of our honeymoon trip spent in Zurich, Switzerland. The husband booked a half day city tour, which we felt wasn’t really necessary. LOL. Waste money only. It’s not that difficult to navigate around Zurich, at least that’s what I feel cuz misterchewy’s sense of direction and navigations skills are quite good 😛


As the city tour was scheduled to start only in the afternoon, we took a leisurely stroll from our hotel in search of breakfast before doing a bit of shopping.


We walked damn far before spotting Bäckerei Walter Buchmann! *Heaves a sigh of relief* The pastries were really good but mine was too sweet and misterchewy helped me finish it up. 😛


Love shopping? You gotta stop by Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. You will find various luxury brands and also shops selling jewellery and watches.





Lake Zurich is behind me!




Asked misterchewy to help me carry my bag while I adjust the camera on the tripod. Got the metrosexual look or not? LOL.


We went into the Grossmünster, a Romanesque-style Protestant church and is one of the three major churches in Zurich. Photography is not allowed inside the church.



Looks like a piece of vandalism done by someone who was trying to be funny. It says, “Human Charger”. LOL.


We walked to Sihlquai Bus Terminal for the afternoon city tour and our first stop was Zurich Harbour. Look closely, do you spot the word “Sentosa” anywhere in this photo? 😛


Next, we took the cogwheel train!




Passed by The Dolder Grand which is a 5 star luxury-class City Resort. The rates of a superior double room start from at least about SGD800 per night. We were told that many celebrities stay in this hotel. There were some female teenagers seen hiding in the lorry, apparently waiting to mob their idols. Haha.


Back at Lake Zurich! Told you that we didn’t need the city tour 😛




Ok to be fair, this experience of sailing across Lake Zurich was quite a novel one because cars, vans and coaches were also being ferried! The other tour members were also very excited and hurriedly got off the coach to snap photos.







We continued to Adliswil for an aerial cable car ride to Felsenegg at 800m and the ride was quite steep. Someone asked the tour guide what if the cable car stops halfway, to which the tour guide replied, “Don’t worry it’s made in Switzerland” and everyone laughed albeit a little nervously. Hahaha.



The tour ended and we scrambled to find somewhere to settle our dinner! Decided on Restaurant Swiss Chuchi because misterchewy wanted to eat cheese fondue and rosti 😀


We chose to sit outdoors for that shiok factor eating hot cheese fondue in the cold!


Ordered a cheese fondue, raclette rosti and two bottles of Erdinger! Our fondue contained wine. Really shiokkk! 😛





We were really satisfied with our awesome dinner and walked back to our hotel! Stay tuned to our next post on Jungfraujoch! Connect with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)

The Chewys’ Europe Honeymoon Trip: Day 11 in Switzerland/Lucerne and Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis

How’s everybody doing? Looking forward to the long weekend I hope! If you have not been following The Chewys closely, we are currently blogging about our 3-week long honeymoon trip in Europe and today, we will be relating our travel experience in Switzerland! You can still catch up on our travelogues about Italy if you have not done so and only if you are interested of course 😛


First, let me bring you back to Milan. Mentioned in our previous post that we did a bit of sightseeing before catching the afternoon train to Zurich, Switzerland. Collected our luggages from the concierge at Hotel Bernina and we walked to Milan Central Station.


Hehehe.. Very sweet and thoughtful of misterchewy to help me lighten my load in every possible way :)


Patiently waiting for our train to arrive! After close to 4 hours on the train, we reached Zurich. Omg the feeling was awesome because it was only our 2nd out of 4 countries that we had planned to visit! 😀


As I wasn’t feeling well (again) and was craving for something hot and soupy, we had Vietnamese pho at this small eatery called China Vietnam Shop run by an old Asian couple along Militärstrasse. ₣15 per bowl which is roughly SGD21! Freaking expensive but it was really good and I felt better after dinner. Bought bottled water and juices at a nearby convenience stall before walking back to easyHotel where we stayed for four nights.



Day 10 of our honeymoon trip was spent at Lucerne and Mount Titlis! The husband booked a guided tour with Viator online and we registered by presenting our confirmation email.


All ready to set off! There were a few other tourists in the minivan as well but not everybody booked the tour to Mount Titlis.


We stopped after about an hour’s ride because a number of people in the group had signed up to go to Mount Rigi and the tour guide led them to the train station. Alighted the minivan to stretch our legs for a bit while waiting for the tour guide 😛


Struggling to keep our eyes open because the shine was shining directly at us @_@





Continued our journey and passed by some beautiful Swiss chalet!



We had a bit of time for sightseeing in Lucerne and we went to see the Lion Monument, otherwise known as Lion of Lucerne which commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution.





Right after this shot, a lady from Switzerland Tourism approached us for our contact to do a short online survey after our trip and we were given Swiss chocolates for that :)


We were given about 30 to 40 minutes to walk around Lucerne’s Old Town but of course we spent more time taking photos so we didn’t get to walk very far.





The Chapel Bridge on the right is aprobably the oldest wooden bridge in Switzerland, spanning diagonally across the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne.






Continued making our way to Engelberg where we would be taking the cable car to Mount Titlis. We were totally awe-stricken by the beautiful view when we got off the minivan! 😀


At this point, it began to snow a little! We were so excited!


Here is a view of Engelberg as we ascended via the cable car.



We had to take three different cable cars before we could see and feel eternal snow and ice on top of Mount Titlis. The final cable car to the peak is the Rotair.


Inside Titlis Glacier. Actually, nothing much one. Haha. So we hurriedly snapped a couple of photos and went out.



It was snowing big time when we stepped out! Can you imagine how ecstastic we were?! 😀


Silly us started doing jump shots in the snow until one of our tour members told us that the ice flyer would stop operating soon.


Although it was a short walk to the Ice Flyer Chairlift, it was kinda scary because everything was just WHITE and we couldn’t see anything else! The husband almost led the wrong way which was a steep downslope meant for skiers. Ermahgerd! D:


We didn’t take any photos while on the ice flyer because we were freezing and trembling.



Of course, we continued with our jump shots! Not bad right? I still can carry bag and jump. LOLOLOL.







As with all other tours, we didn’t have all the time in the world at Mount Titlis. Our tour guide had briefed everyone on when we should be back in the minivan and we had set a bit of time aside for some winter fun! 😉






We got off somewhere mid slope. There is a huge Omega watch display which looks quite quirky to be seen at Mount Titlis.


Hahaha looks cool but this vehicle is for transporting skiing and snowboarding equipment I think?





The hubby decided to have a go at snow-tubing! :)




There is this travelator thingy so there’s no need to climb upslope!


“Wah! Very fun! I wanna go again!” and so he did. Still a kid at heart I suppose 😛





We really had so much fun at Mount Titlis! I think it’s one of my favoritestest places throughout our entire honeymoon trip! I wanna go back to Switzerland! 😀


Ending this post with a scenic view captured on our way down in the cable car. Enjoy the long weekend, chewys! Connect with us on Facebook and on Instagram @missuschewy and @misterchewy :)