Little misschewy’s Third Birthday Party!


Little misschewy turned THREE on 18th March! We held a mini celebration for her in school one day before her actual birthday! Two weeks ago, we told her that we would let her celebrate her birthday with her friends and she had been feeding information to her teachers about her “Peppa Pig birthday cake”! The day finally came and she was so excited that she began skipping and running towards her school. The hubs and I warned her incessantly to stop running because the road is uneven and we couldn’t hold her hand because we had the cake and gifts to carry with both hands. Poor girl fell and grazed her knees -_- Her teachers and auntie cleaner helped to clean her wound, and when she saw her classmates, she exclaimed, “Today is Chanelle’s Peppa Pig birthday party!” LOL. All her friends were jumping up and down (like how Peppa and family loved jumping up and down in muddy puddles HAHAHA) in excitement. So cute really! 😀


Big hugs and thank you to our favourite BakeAvenue for sponsoring Chanelle’s Peppa Pig birthday cake! Not only does Irene of BakeAvenue bake birthday cakes, Irene also bakes giant cupcakes, macarons, pushpops, Chinese New Year goodies, as well as conduct baking classes! The baking classes are held in a home environment at Hougang Avenue 3 and are great for teambuilding sessions and hen parties. BakeAvenue has been doing very well and they now have their own physical bakery at Blk 6 Hougang Ave 3 #01-66, Singapore!


I ordered some Peppa Pig coloring books and crayons for the children but shipment was delayed! Good thing my mum helped me to get two different types of Peppa cookies and some gummy candies as party favors!


Chanelle’s customised Peppa Pig party hat and Peppa dress arrived just in time for her party! Blur mummy ordered the wrong dress for her! I didn’t even realise until I snapped a photo and sent it to my mum, and she was the one who pointed this out to me!


I ordered size 2-3Y but the dress turned out to be way to short for her! Dug out another white tutu skirt for her and luckily they match quite well!


Group photo with all her friends before cake cutting!


Chanelle wasn’t the only one who was excited about her cake. Actually, the rest of their kids couldn’t keep their hands off the cake too and their laoshi had to remind them to stay away and remain seated while she helped to light the candles. Haha!


Laoshi switched off the lights before all of them sang the birthday song and the kids were all clapping in glee.


I wonder what Chanelle wished for? Hahaha her expression!



LOL don’t know what’s so funny?! Chanelle was like super high! Hahaha.



The chocolate sponge cake was really fluffy and moist, while the cream was light and airy. Peppa Pig came in the form of a chocolate macaron. How adorable! Hehe. And I was amazed that the kids are such good eaters! Almost all of them went for a second helping of the cake! :O Luckily, there was enough for all the teachers and staff too! For more info, check out BakeAvenue at! They also have a Facebook and Instagram account!


Come to think of it, this was Chanelle’s first time celebrating her birthday in school as we were in Japan last March with Cayla in my tummy! I was looking through our photos and realised that Chanelle has grown so much over the past year! She no longer looks like a little boy now. Hahaha! Ok, now I need to start planning Cayla’s party! 😀