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I thought this would never happen in a million years but thanks to The Plot Hostels, I can finally do this – stay in a hostel to my bucket list! Hurray! Prior to this hostel experience, the very idea of sharing a room with complete strangers is exceedingly intimidating and bothers me a lot. Even misterchewy was completely taken aback by my decision to review The Plot Hostels because he’s well aware of this unexplainable paranoia of mine. But I have to say that I was quite impressed by what I saw on The Plot’s website, so much so that I was convinced enough to give it a shot.


Now, the question is, “Why The Plot Hostels”?

The best stories have a great plot. And at The Plot Hostels, you will encounter lots of intriguing and interesting stories from other travelers and backpackers. Then, once you’re finishing interacting and sharing stories and your best travel adventures with other backpackers and travelers, it’s time to plot your future travels. Plotting journeys is part of the fun for backpackers! Plot your next solo adventure or join forces with one of the other adventure seekers that you’ll meet at The Plot Hostels. It’s a place to forge new friendships, to share stories and delightful conversation and it’s the perfect place to plot your journey and plan your next adventure!

Conveniently located within walking distance of Chinatown, Tiong Bahru and Outram, along with the local heritage area, travellers staying at The Plot Hostels will discover a unique blend of Singaporean cultures.


I didn’t see the need to wake up bright and early that Saturday (for the record, I woke up at 12.30pm) since the check-in could only be done from 3pm onwards. The husband and I took a cab from the East and reached slightly around 3.15pm. Guests had to produce either their identification cards or passports, of which a photocopy will be made upon checking in. We were each given a security access key which came in the form of a silicone rubber wristband.


One of The Plot’s friendly staff showed us up to our room on the fourth level, which is also the highest level.


This is how the access key looks like. Pretty cool right! And you don’t have to worry about misplacing it because you should be wearing it around your wrist everywhere you go, even in the shower since it’s waterproof. The wristbands come in two colors – blue if you are staying in a Mixed room and red for Ladies room.


The Plot Hostels consists of 11 rooms, all of which are air-conditioned. The mixed rooms are available in 3 different configurations – 4-Pod, 6-Pod, and 8-Pod, which you can select during your booking process. Room rates are around SGD35 to SGD50 per person per night, depending on room type, length of stay and stay period. We were assigned a 6-Pod mixed room which comes with an ensuite bathroom and shower. You can easily identify your own pod based on the alphabet indicated at the side of the personal lockers attached to each pod.


When we first stepped into our room, I knew for sure that pod B was occupied by another guest because the curtain had been drawn shut and told misterchewy, “Oh no! We have another male companion in our room!” He asked how could I be so sure that it’s a male and I went, “Why would any solo female traveller want to stay in a mixed room if there are ladies rooms available? Unless…”


I don’t sit on my bed if I’m not showered and in clean clothes but I made this an exception since we were only going to stay for one night. Besides, sitting at the side of the bed wouldn’t hurt right? 😛 I used to think that staying in a hostel is almost akin to staying under slum-like conditions but The Plot Hostels proved me very wrong. Our room was impeccably clean, reasonably spacious and brightly-lit. It really made me feel right at home.


The husband’s pod was just above mine. I was actually quite worried that he would roll off the bed in his sleep given the fact that he’s quite a heavy sleeper at times.


Every individual pod includes a personal locker which has ample space to store your bags, personal valuables, and definitely that precious tablet or laptop which you cannot live without.


There is an international electrical outlet for charging your devices and also a light switch if you wish to do some packing or reading within the comfort of your own pod. Blankets are provided for and if you need towels, you can request for one at the reception.


Washing up area at the other end of the room.




There are conditioning shampoo and shower gel dispensers in the shower room. And for those who are concerned, there definitely is hot water.


Guests are free to use the common bathroom and shower area located outside the rooms on each level. The Plot Hostels is also thoughtful enough to cater to travellers with physical disabilities.


Taking a selfie in the room. Darn, should have backfaced the green-tinted windows 😛


Taking the elevator down to fetch our guest of honour. Haha!


We were pretty much entralled by the futuristic outlook of the elevator. No chance to take photos earlier as we were accompanied by The Plot’s staff. Paisey la 😛


Communal TV lounge with movie screening


Comfy seating area


Complimentary use of iMac computers


Mini library


Hot & cold filtered drinking water dispenser


Chargeable snacks and mini bar


Guests are free to do light cooking in the kitchen. There is a refrigerator and a microwave, as well as cutleries and crockeries.


There is also a Laundry Area with a coin operated washing machine, coin operated dryer machine and communal drying area.



Still very fascinated by the elevator.


YP and I :)


Balcony area where you can get some fresh air, chill and exchange stories with fellow travellers.



We headed out for very late lunch around the area. It was almost 5pm and I had not eaten all day! Little misschewy must be very hungry but still had tremendous strength to kick me. LOL. Hopefully I will have time to do a separate review on The Orange Thimble :) There are plenty of cafes and eateries located near The Plot Hostels. Thumbs up for its strategic location!


After late lunch, we had late high tea at Drips Bakery Cafe, a place which specializes in tarts. I chose the Lemon Meringue tart which had just the right amount of sweetness and its zesty lemony taste was very refreshing.


We also shared the Chocolate tart (raspberry was from the lemon meringue) which was slightly bitter as it was made with dark chocoaltes. Reminded me of Awfully Chocolate’s dark chocolate truffles. Yummy!


By the time we were done with our mini pigging out session, it was 7pm but this didn’t stop us from wanting to eat dinner. We agreed that the best way to work up an appetite was to take a 2-hour nap 😛


The husband was teasing me, “Eh? You haven’t shower, so dirty leh. You dare to lie down on your bed ah?” -_-


YP highly recommended Tian Tian Seafood, a mere one-minute walk from the hostel. Fish head steamboat!


Ordered additional sliced pork, golden mushroom, fried yam and hotplate beancurd.



Decided to relax at the communal area after dinner. YP and I caught the last 20 minutes of Life of Pi while the husband updated himself with soccer news and MapleStory on the iMac. The three of us then trotted over to Cheers to get bottled water.


After a nice hot shower! Pardon my eyebrowless face and dark circles >_<


A group selfie before lights out :)


The guy at the reception sure wasn’t kidding when he emphasized that “simple breakfast” will be served.


Plain white bread or wholemeal bread with peanut butter, margarine or strawberry jam. You can also help yourself to the toaster.


I had cocoa krispies with milk. Headed back to our room to pack up and nua a bit more before checking out at 11am :)


It was a very delightful experience for us staying at The Plot Hostels for one night. The amenities were more than just basic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the seasoned backpacker found himself being pampered during his stay. I strongly recommend The Plot Hostels not only to travellers seeking maximum comfort and value at a low cost, but also to locals who are keen on organizing staycations for large groups on a budget.

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