Fisherman’s Market: Japan’s Seafood Buffet Comes to Singapore!

Fisherman's Market exterior

Create Restaurants Co. Ltd, a well-established Japanese company with a portfolio of over 110 food concepts, has opened its very first restaurant outside of Japan and it is none other than… *drum roll* … Kobe’s and Yokohama’s premium seafood buffet restaurant, Fisherman’s Market! Located at The Central (Clarke Quay), the 10000 sq ft floor space is split over two floors. A la carte lunch is on the first floor while the buffet dinner is on the second 🙂

Fisherman's Market interior

Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s on the second floor! This is just a section of the entire buffet line. In fact, buffet goers will be thrilled to know that the restaurant has a pretty extensive selection of more than 90 food dishes! The area is very spacious with a sitting capacity of 300. Overlooking the Singapore River, Fisherman’s Market looks set to be a very inviting place to catch up with friends over food and a couple of drinks given its contemporary chic ambience.


Daniel, Leroy and Calvin were also present at the pre-opening! Yup, all of us were armed with our cameras! 😀

seafood range
Seafood freshly flown in from South Asia, Australia, North America and around the world!

Prawns, crabs, mussels and oysters are some of the usual fresh seafood offerings at buffets. Oysters are always my favorite of the lot! I don’t believe in adding Tobasco sauce; just a light squeeze of lemon and the oysters are good to go 🙂

sushi and sashimi
Sushi and Sashimi that are freshly prepared

Personally, I felt that the sashimi could have done better if the slices of raw fish were firmer and more chilled. However, I did enjoy chewing on the succulent slices of octopus. The emphasis is clearly on authenticity and freshness, as native Itamae (Sushi chefs) are at hand to prepare the sushi which were wiped out as quickly as they were replenished.

Vongole Bianco spaghetti

Out of the four different pastas available, we only got to try Vongole Bianco at the pre-opening. To my dismay, the spaghetti was clearly undercooked.

Marinara Pizza

As if the chilled seafood selection wasn’t enough, I even went for the Marinara Pizza! The Maple Honey and Margherita pizzas were equally popular with the other diners. The chef even urged me to grab a slice of the pizza that was fresh from the oven!

black pepper crab
Black Pepper Crab

To be honest, as much as I love my black pepper crabs, I gave them a miss after hearing that there wasn’t much meat. For those who don’t mind the effort required in breaking the shells can go for the chili crabs, which are touted as one of the specialities at Fisherman’s Market.

cheese fondue
Cheese Fondue – with boiled potato cubes, broccoli and croutons

I was completely blown away by this prepare-to-order cheese fondue! Rich and creamy in taste, it went perfectly well with the croutons, boiled potato and even broccoli! I even had to refrain myself from ordering another set in fear that I wouldn’t be able to fit into my wedding gown 🙁

Teppanyaki – Sausage and Salmon

There is also a cook-to-order live station for the teppanyaki selection. Both the sausage and salmon were nicely done but slightly on the salty side. Chewy Charles had a second round of sausage to go with his beer. Give that man a Tiger! 😛

ice cream
DIY Ice Cream – Choose your favorite toppings!

When I was busy eating… oh wait, I mean taking photos… Chewy Charles came back with this ice cream! I suppose this Do It Yourself Dessert thing is becoming the latest fad at buffets? And it’s very popular with both kids and adults alike!

Little dessert treats!

Take a nibble here and there! Apart from the chocolate fondue fountain that never fails to get everyone excited, there’s also chocolate banana crepe, creme brulee, tapioca coconut and tiramisu.


From now till 31st July 2011, as part of its opening special, Fisherman’s Market offers 10% off your total bill.

Thanks to Amanda from Word of Mouth Communications Pte Ltd for the invitation and to all the wonderful people at Fisherman’s Market.

Fisherman’s Market
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#01-15 & #02-17
The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6221 3177

Opening Hours:
11am – 11pm (Lunch – First floor)
5pm – 11pm (Dinner – Second floor)

Mon to Thu: Adult $39.90++ / Child (below 12) $22.90++
Fri to Sun: Adult $49.90++ / Child (below 12) $27.90++

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