Arteastiq: Unique High Tea Experience In The City!

Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery

It certainly is wonderful to be able to rest your feet and recharge yourself in a luxurious and relaxing setting after a long day of shopping. Essentially meaning ‘the art of teasing’ or ‘the art of tea that makes you tick’, Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery embodies the essence of self-indulgence with its modern lounge and designer furniture by Marxx. The husband and I were amazed by Arteastiq’s range of special, alcoholic, dessert and fruit tea, apart from its coffee and chocolate selections. There is also an assortment of savories and desserts such as premium gelato, cakes and scones to complete the entire high tea experience!

Self-shot @ Arteastiq

Here’s misterchewy and I getting too cosy on Arteastiq’s comfy couch 😛 The ambience of contemporary Europe gave us the opportunity to be lost in our own world! We kinda forgot that we were previously trying to seek shelter from the rain in Orchard.

Us @ Arteastiq

Oh hey. I gotta confess that the both of us had an Afternoon Treats Special for 2 ($52++) each. In other words, we had what was meant for four! 4 specialty teas, 2 wraps, 2 cakes and the list goes on. Do check out the November issue of Women’s Weekly for the 1-for-1 dining coupons!

Ginger Spice Tea

Wanting something more ‘adventurous’, I ordered a pot of Ginger Spice Tea which supposedly has plenty of health benefits. It is very warm and refreshing, slightly sweetened, thus there was no need for me to add more sugar to my tea. Hubby Chewy decided to play it safe and went for the Japanese Rice Green Tea which is seasonal on the menu.

Double Teasery mini bites

Let’s take a peek at some of the mini bites and cold cuts from the Double Teasery! Hubby Chewy and I loved the pieces of Crabmeat Salad served with volvant. So petite and bite-sized, we wish there were more! The Spicy Jumbo Top Shell with Chilled Mango Achar was a good combination of sweet and spicy but it somehow felt a little out of place and reminded us of one of those appetizers typically served in Chinese restaurants. Trivial matter aside, it was really addictive! Plus we couldn’t get enough of the Atlantic Smoked Salmon which had a rich savoury, buttery taste. Two neatly rolled Smoked Turkey Ham complete the lower tier. Wash it down with some warm tea!

Crab Salad Arteastiq Crispy Wrap & Arteastiq Famous Apple Cake

I had the Arteastiq Crispy Wrap with Crab Salad which basically is a probiotic prata and you get to choose your choice of filling. Pretty interesting to be eating oil-free prata as a wrap, and it’s very filling. The plain-looking Arteastiq Famous Apple Cake might not warrant a second look but the sticky and moist cake was really bursting with flavor!

Smoked Chicken Breast Arteastiq Crispy Wrap & Arteastiq Famous Orange Cake

Hubby Chewy had the Arteastiq Crispy Wrap with Smoked Chicken Breast which I personally felt was a tad dry for my liking while the husband had no complaints. Unlike the apple cake, the Arteastiq Famous Orange Cake was fluffy in texture, but otherwise normal. Two votes in favor of the apple cake!

Empress Xi Dessert Tea - Oolong Tea with Mint Lemongrass Tea Gelato

You know, the idea of drinking four types of tea isn’t that bad after all! Instead of ordering two more pots of warm tea, we chose to end things off on a sweet note by having dessert tea! This is misterchewy’s Empress Xi – Oolong Tea with Mint Lemongrass Tea Gelato. Comes with a cup of iced oolong tea at the side and a shooter of sweetener.

Monet Dessert Tea - French Rose Tea with Champagne Vanilla Gelato

The ginger spice tea is also available in the dessert tea range but I thought it wouldn’t be wise to overdo things. I guess something more feminine would be nice! Monet – French Rose Tea with Champagne Vanilla Gelato was too subtle for me to detect any hints of rose. The champagne vanilla gelato was lovely though, with vanilla bean specks!

Adding sugar to dessert tea

I like my dessert sweet sweet sweet! 😛

Our dessert tea

The husband and I spent close to 3 hours at Arteastiq! Most importantly, we left feeling satisfied and happy 😀

333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238897
Tel: 6235 8370

Opening Hours:
11am – 10.30pm

9 thoughts on “Arteastiq: Unique High Tea Experience In The City!

  1. the first photo is nice! so is the pour of sweet sweet into ur ginger spice tea! LOL

    i have been craving for scones ever since i come back from malacca, is the scones there nice?

    • Yeah we managed to finish everything! The waiter was like wide-eyed when the two of us wanted to go ahead with using the coupon 😛 It ends on the last day of November this year! Valid on Mondays to Fridays, anytime 🙂 Have fun Ellena!

    • Thank u Derrick! Hmm there are coupons for Anar, Fremantle Seafood Market, Graze, Spice Peranakan, The Jackson Plan, etc! Some are only for lunch 12 – 3pm on weekdays. We’re meeting soon right! I bring and show u la! Dun think I will have the chance to use all anyway 🙂

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