Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge: Warm Comfort Food

Seah Soon Teck Porridge_

Some people associate eating porridge with being ill, but I beg to differ. I grew up eating Teochew muay. No prizes for guessing! My parents used to take my brother and I to various porridge places for dinner and sometimes, supper. We always have a standard variety of dishes that we must order. Psst.. My favorite is braised pig ears! A bowl of piping hot teochew muay is purely my kind of comfort food.

Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge

We popped by Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge at Changi for dinner. The place was not exactly very easy to locate and parking proved to be a slight challenge. But if you look out for its well-lit signboards, you wouldn’t miss the place!


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Hot Dishes

Seah Soon Teck serves a wide variety of hot dishes that are replenished throughout their operating hours.

Pork Trotter Jelly $5+

I’m reviewing the Pork Trotter Jelly ($5+) first even though it was served last. This dish is usually eaten right at the beginning of the meal as it’s a cold dish and in fact, an appetiser to some. It was sold out when we arrived and they very kindly prepared it on the spot for us. Because of that, the jelly was not sufficiently solidified. This dish was clean tasting and was not overwhelming with too much pork flavour. Best eaten by dipping the slices into their tangy sauce!


The Stewed Vegetables ($1+) was soft with a little bit of crunch.

Cai Buey $1+

I really enjoyed eating the Cai Buey ($1+) which was not too salty and complements the porridge really well!

Handmade Meatball $1 each

All of us were full of praises for the Handmade Meatballs ($1 each) which were made with a combination of fish and pork. Taste of pork was more distinguished and I found this to be unique.

Baby Sotong $3+

These Baby Sotong ($3+) were delightfully chewy and crunchy.


Also a winner, this plate of Braised Pork Intestines ($4+) was full of flavor and I found comfort in sinking my teeth into its rubbery, stretchy texture. Definitely no odour from these! Thumbs up.

Braised Duck Meat $3+

I found the Braised Duck Meat ($3+) to be slightly disappointing as the braising wasn’t thick enough for my liking. It could also be that the braising had not been infused well enough into the duck slices. A little tasteless especially when you eat it with a mouthful of muay.

Black fish $15 to $18, additional $3 to steam on e spot upon ordering, very limited stock

As a Teochew, I love eating steamed pomfret. This was my first time having a Steamed Black Fish ($15 to $18) to go along with muay. It is very limited in stock, and you can choose to have it steamed on the spot upon ordering for an additional $3. Fish was remarkably fresh, with that little bit of oiliness within that was appreciated.

misterchewy & missuschewy

Another awesome Teochew porridge place in our revisit list! Coincidentally, Seah Soon Teck was previously located at Toh Guan, and my parents used to frequent this stall. Note that they are opened till the wee hours in the morning so it’s a perfect place to go to if you want to suppress your hunger pangs after midnight.
Thank you Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge for the invitation.

Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge (谢顺德潮洲粥)
283 Changi Road
Singapore 419762
Tel: 67490668

Opening Hours:
11am – 5am

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