Mambo the Roborovski Hamster’s One Year Old Photoshoot!


Hihi chewy humans! It’s Mambo the Roborovski hamster again! Happy to see me? 😛 I’m so excited because I’m ONE year old! Wheeeee! I’m of legal age to ummmm.. ok nevermind! Anyway, my human arranged for me to have my photos taken by a professional pet photographer recently. Mummy missuschewy won the Furry Photos Pet Photography Facebook contest and I was given a one hour photoshoot! Aiyo but she arrange on a Saturday morning.. I was still sleeping big time in my cosy home!


*Sigh* Still feeling very nua.. Was thinking, “Can we do this another day instead?” Hahaha.

photo (1)


Ok la I’m also quite shy! When Nicholas the photographer whipped out his Canon 5D M I and external flash, I hid myself in the bedding.


Desperately trying to hide my face. 不要拍先!I haven style my fur nice nice!


Hey, actually I look quite cute here right?!



Ok, faster groom myself! Want to look my best in the photos!


Let me act 一个 shuai! *Stealth mode* Machiam James Bond.


I think I move here move there, so they gave me something to eat. Ok actually what I’m eating is not food food. It’s a Vitamin C!



After nibbling for about 3 seconds, I ran all over the place. Sorry I just cannot keep still! Daddy Bert captured me as usual! Gahhhhhhh!


Hehehe. This is me giving the Puss in Boots big eye look 😛


Act 一个 cool! Show you my side profile!


Even though one hour might seem short for a photoshoot, I must admit that I was quite exhausted after a while!


Sat there and nua for a bit. Mummy missuschewy thinks that I look like Pokemon’s Blastoise in this photo! I got so fat mah?!?!


Nicholas also did a short blog post on me over at his website. Yay! Happy first birthday to me! I received cheese cubes and cotton blanket as birthday presents! *Wiggles butt* TGIF humans! 😀 😀 😀

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