PrimaDeli Salted Caramel Christmas Logcake

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Deck the halls with a tempting array of sweet and savoury treats from PrimaDeli and get everyone in the right festive mood to welcome the exciting Christmas season! As usual, PrimaDeli has plenty to offer for their Christmas collection every year and this time, they have launched a trendy flavour – the Salted Caramel Logcake ($36.90)! It was delivered to my workplace in a beautiful light blue box.


This exquisite creation is set to charm with its gorgeous salted caramel cream on layers of fluffy vanilla sponge, made perfect with an almond spread dotted with crunchy chocolate pearls. The taste of salted caramel is actually quite light and my colleagues liked what they tried. We were all in favour of the crunchy chocolate pearls which made eating the cake a whole lot more interesting with the contrast in texture.


Back by popular demand, the Chef’s Supreme Pie ($11.90) is a must-try, consisting of a tasty mix of succulent chicken, potato and mushroom, spiced up with the chef’s special seasoning and baked to golden brown. I brought this home to share with my family members. The pie looked plain on the outside but we heated it up and the pie turned out to be packed with savoury goodness. Very delicious!

The PrimaDeli’s Christmas Collection 2013 will be available at all PrimaDeli outlets now to 25 December 2013. Orders must be placed at least four working days at the various outlets prior to collection. Closing date for orders is 20 December 2013.

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